Aboriginal Case Files Victoria

National Archives of Australia Series B337 Aboriginal Case Files Victoria The series comprises case files created by the Boards for each aborigine with whom the agencies had dealings, and on whose behalf assistance of some kind was requested and often given. In the main, the series consists of correspondence between aborigines and the Boards and between the Boards and outside organisations and persons involved in each case or able to assist in certain circumstances. The subject matter of the files relates mostly to welfare work performed for Victorian aborigines, both on and outside the established stations, and encompasses material on assistance in such areas as hospitalisation arrangements, payment of funeral expenses, requests for child endowment, invalid pensions, workers' compensation, arrangements for accommodation and housing, requests from individual aborigines for increases in rations, and assistance in gaining employment. Other matters, such as requests from aborigines for permission to leave or be admitted to a station and questions relating to the various Aborigine Acts are also included. To 1968 conventional file covers were not used, the correspondence relating to each case being clipped together by file paper binders with a cardboard backing sheet. Some of the files have half sheets of paper as the top folio on which is printed the name of the aborigine concerned. ALBERTS, Angus & Roderick W H Alberts, Annie Marion ALBERTS, Beatrice ALBERTS, George ALBERTS, Henry Alberts, Jessie Alberts, Joe ALBERTS, Keith ALBERTS, Lynette ALBERTS, Mary ALBERTS, Peter ALBERTS, Sally AMBROSE, Tom ANDERSON, Andy ANDERSON, William ANDY, Dora Andy, Robert Andy, Rose ANDY, Mrs ANGIE, Noel ANDREWS, Mrs R. APPLETON, Maureen APPLETON, Shirley APPS, Jeanette ARDEN, Andrew (Walter) (Andy) ARDEN, Arthur ARDEN, James and family ARDEN, Marie ARDEN, Robert ATKINSON, Mrs B. ATKINSON, Ellen ATKINSON, Henry ATKINSON, Peter ATKINSON, Veronica AUSTIN, Ada AUSTIN, Cyril AUSTIN, Gwen AUSTIN, Jean Austin, Mary (wife of Chris) AUSTIN, Mary AUSTIN, Maureen Nellie Austin AUSTIN, Nellie AUSTIN, Noel Bonaventure AUSTIN, Steve AUSTIN, Walter AUSTIN, William Hector AUSTIN, William Jnr. BAKSH, Tom BALLANGARRY, Mary BAMBLETT, Mrs Barak BARAK, William BARBER, Bernice BARKER, Alan BARKER, Henry BARRETT, Elsie Barrett, Maggie BARTON, Archibald Baxter, Grace BELL, James BELL, Ronald BERG, Esma BERG, Mrs. James BERTOTO, Barry BINGAPORE, Irene Blair, Nellie BLAIR, Renee BLANDFIELD, Ada BLOOMFIELD, Hector BOLTON, Ken Bond, Helen Bond, James Bowden, Ernest Bowden, Ernest William BRAUMAN, Clarice BRIAR, Raymond BRICE, Walter BRIGGS, Evelyn Circa BRIGGS, Graham BRIGGS, Heather BRIGGS, Leslie BRIGGS, Selwyn BRIGGS, Wally BRIGGS, William BRINDLE, Ken Brindley, Mary BRINKMAN, Hyman BRITTEN, Irene Brown, Patrick William Brown, Stella BRUMBY, Family BRYANT, Joseph Richard Bryant, Maggie BULL, Connelly BULL, Dennis BULL, Elliot BULL, Hector BULL, William BURNS, Evelyn Burrows, Coral BYRNE, Mrs. Pat CALDWELL, George Cameron, Bella Cameron, Donald Cameron, Haines CAMERON, Lola CAMERON, Ronald CAMPBELL, Alec CAMPBELL, D.A. CAMPBELL, Merva CARMICHAEL, Des Carmichael, Fred Carmichael, Frederick John Maxwell CARROLL, Leslie CARTER, Beverly CARTER, Charles CARTER, Cynthia CARTER, Gwen CARTER, Harry Carter, Vernon CARTER, Vivienne CARTER, William Chapman, Richard CHARLES, Betty M Charles, Cynthia CHARLES, Daphne CHARLES, Leonard CHARLES, Nola Evelyn CHARLES, Nora Charles, Thomas CHARLES, William Albert Maurice Cheers, Joseph CHRISTIAN, Donald and Doreen CLARKE, Albert Clarke, Alice CLARKE, Alice Maude CLARKE, Dorothy CLARKE, Ella CLARKE, Ellen Winters CLARKE, Eric CLARKE, Fay Clarke, Fleetwood Clarke, Frank CLARK, Fred Harold CLARKE, F. Norman Clarke, George CLARKE, Harry CLARKE, Herbert CLARK, Jack CLARKE, John Norman CLARK,Leslie Clarke, Lloyd CLARKE, Mary Anne CLARKE, Norman Clarke, Norris Snr and family CLARK, Norris Andrew CLARKE, Patricia CLARK, Pearl CLARKE, Phyllis Norma CLARK, Raymond CLARKE, Rosie CLARKE, Sydney CLARKE, Thomas CLEMENTS, Teresa Priscilla COLGER, Albert COLLIS, Olive Connolly, Mrs J COOK, David Coombs, Albert (Snr) COOMBES, Albert COOMBES, Hughie (Hugh) COOMBES, James COOMBES, Kevin COOPER, Adam (inc Sheila & Bertha Harrison) COOPER, Alice COOPER, Ann Cooper, Edgar COOPER, Jennifer Cooper, Lily Cooper, Marcus Cooper, Phyllis Cooper, Rupert COOPER, C(S)issy COOPER, Vivian Cooper, William CORTWINE, Dan Cortwine, Edward COTTLE, Rita Couzens, John Couzens, Nicholas D CRIMMONS, Joe Crompton, Maggie CROSS, Anne May Crowe, JFamily (Colac) CROWE, Phyllis CUMMINGS, Gordon CUSACK, Thomas CUTMORE, Dorothea DALY, Patrick Darby Family (Children) Darby, Fred Darby, Mary Nellie Darby, Nellie and children DAVIS, Alf Snr. DAVIS, A.C. Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Jim and John Davis, Lennie Davis , Sam DAY, Harrison DAY, Stan (incorporates Sampson, Cora Charel, Leonie & Iris Atkinson, Mrs. DAY, Tracy (including Tom) DAYLIGHT, Ruth DELANEY, Stephen DENNISON, Priscilla DIVOLA, Kevin Edward DODD, Stephen DOMASCHENZ Domino, Laurie DONAGHUE, Clairfield DONLON, Mary DRUMLEY, Gill DUNOLLY, David Mrs J Dunolly William Edmond Edwards, Clive Edwards, Connie EDWARDS, Eliza EDWARDS Emily Edwards, Gail Edwards, Julia EGAN, Alfred EGAN, Avis EGAN, Edmund EGAN, James Wilkie Egan, John EGAN, Paul EGAN, Robert Egan, Robert Wallace ELLIS, Ruth FARRANT, Tom and Margaret FARY, Mary Con Fenton FENTON, Edward FENTON, Emily FISH, Shirley FOGARTY, Maggie FORSTER, Charles FOSTER, Ada Charles M Foster FOSTER., Christina Mrs Clara Foster FOSTER, Edward and Rose FOSTER, Edward (son of Tom) FOSTER, Edward (son of William) FOSTER, Lisle Foster, Peter Foster, Phyllis Foster, Thomas Edward FOSTER, Vivian William FOSTER FOX, S.D. FRANKLAND, Dick FRASER, Bennie FREEMAN, Bruce FREEMAN, Ernest FRESHSWATER, MRS YVONNE FULLER, Mick Gallagher, Patricia GAY, Agnes GIBSON, Doris GLYNN, Rona GORMAN, Rhonda GORRIE, William and Emily GRAHAM, Sonny Green, Charles (& Lydia) Green, George GREEN, Jack GREEN, John Charles Green, Leslie GREEN, Lydia GREEN, Rhonda GRIMMETT, Alf GRIMMETT, Rhonda HABY, Diana HALL, Hilda HAMILTON, Christopher HAMMOND, James Hammond, Kate HAMPTON, William Harradine, Ralph HARRADINE, Rex HARRISON, Ada Harrison, Agnes Harrison, Alex Harrison, Alexander Harrison, Amy Maud Harrison, Athol Harrison, Bertha Harrison, Bruce Lance Captain Harrison & Wife HARRISON, Edna HARRISON, Eunice Harrison, Everar HARRISON, Frederick HARRISON, Jessica HARRISON, Jillian Harrison, Lance HARRISON, Lillian HARRISON, Margaret Harrison, Maxwell and Cecily HARRISON, Murray Harrison, Nancy Harrison, Phyllis Harrison, Robert C Harrison, Roy HARRISON, Sarah Louise HARRISON, Sheila Harrison, Syd Harrison, Violet Harrison, Wally HAYES, Albert HAYES, (Cox) Bernice HAYES, Dorothy HAYES, Harry Hayes, Nora HEARNE, Peter & Martha HELAND, Harriett HELAND, John S HELAND, Maisie/May HILL, George HOLLINGSWORTH, John Francis Hood, Allan HOOD, Clive Hood, Colin Hood, Dorothy Edrick Hood Hood, Jewell HOOD John/Jack Christie Hood, Julian HOOD, Kevin and Rita Hood, Stewart HOOD, W. HOSKINS, Ian HOUGHTON, Mary HUDSON, John (wife nee Charles, Thora) Hunt, Clara Hunter, Dinah HUNTER, Sarah IVANOV, Avis IZZO, Catherine Jack, Gladys JACKSON, Allan JACKSON, Barbara Una JACKSON, Charlotte JACKSON, Gertrude JACKSON, Gloria M. (Daughter of Jones, Murray) JACKSON, Irene JACKSON, Lee JACKSON, William F James, Albert Victor JAMES, Ian JAMES, Shadrach Livingstone JAMMISON, Ivy M. JARRETT, Edwin JARRETT, Mrs. Oliver JEROME, Emily Jerry Jerome JOACHIM Colleen JOHNSON, Billy Johnson, Campbell JOHNSON, Colin JOHNSON, Edward JOHNSON, Evelyn JOHNSON, Fred C JOHNSON, Gladys JOHNSON, Leonard JOHNSON, Maggie JOHNSON, Michael Arthur JOHNSON, Molly JOHNSON, Priscilla JOHNSON, Robert JOHNSON, William JOHNSTON, Ernest JONES, Coral JONES, Gladys JONES, Margaret JONES, Murray JONES, Sydney William KARPANY, Keith KARTINYERI, R.J. KARTINYERI, Ruth KAY, Yvonne KELLY, Tom (ex Murrin Bridge) KENNEDY, Annie Kennedy, Dolly (known as Morgan) KENNEDY, Edward KENNEDY, Olive KENNEDY, Patrick KENNEDY, William Patrick KENNIWELL, Violet KENNIWELL, William KERRY, Jock KERWIN, Ethel KHAN, Joan KINA, Douglas G. King, Elizabeth King, Mrs Harriet (Widow of Angus King) KING, Joan KING, John Angus King, John Junior King, Robert King, William KINNEAR, Edmund KINNEAR, Hedlich KINNEAR, Mr R KUHL, Isobel KUHL, John KUNOTH, Rosalie LAKE, Christopher LAKE, Patrick LANDERS, Leonie Grace LANG, Archie LAW, Marjorie LESTER, Nelly LEWIS, Miss B. LINDSAY, Brian LITTLE, Fredrick LOGAN, Alice LOGAN, Charles LOGAN, June LOGAN, Natalie LOGAN, Otto LOGAN, Priscilla LOGAN, William Lovett, Alfred LOVETT, Allan LOVETT, Anne LOVETT, Eben LOVETT, Elsie LOVETT, Evan LOVETT, Fred.A. LOVETT, John Lovett, Leo LOVETT, Marie Emily LOVETT, Nora Agnes LOVETT, Norman Lovett, Samuel LOVETT, William Lowe, Robert LYNDEN, Kathleen LYNETTE, Gladys McCreadie, Mrs McCready, Walter Senior McDonald, Alf McDonald, Alice McDonald, Euphemia MCDOUGALL, Alan McDougall, Archie MCDOUGALL, Joe McDougall, Lance MCGEE, Colin MCGEE, Frances MCGEE, Freda MCGEE, George Reginald MCGEE, Pearl MCGEE, Phyllis MCGEE, Valda MCGLADE, Beryl MCGUINESS, Arthur MCINERNEY, Leslie & Daisie MACKENZIE, Sago MCKINNON, James McLeod, Jack & Ethel MCRAE, Alex McRae, Angeline (Angelina) McRAE, Lucy McRAE, Maggie McRAE, Family (Alex) MADDEN, Kenneth MANN, T. Bruce Manton, Lankey Marks, Alex Marks, Alfred MARKS, Charles MARKS, Daniel MARKS, Denise (daughter of Norman) MARKS, Frank MARKS, Joyce Marks, Lester Marks, Mickey Marks, Norman (see also Peters, Vincent) Marks, Paul MARKS, Phyllis Marks, Richard MARKS, William MARLOW, Frederick Martin, Alan Martin, Kay METCALF, Cora MILLER, John MITCHELL, Allan MITCHELL, Brent MITCHELL, Olive MITCHELL, Thomas MITCHELL, Thomas G. MOBOURNE, Claude Effie Mobourne MOBOURNE, Lindsay Mobourne, Maggie Moffatt (Moffat), Bessie MOFFATT, Foster Moffatt (Moffat), Mrs Jean Moffatt (Moffat), Laurie Moffatt (Moffat), Marina E V MOFFATT, Regina MONGTA, Mrs. K MONGTA, Leslie MOORE, Eileen MOORE, James MOORE, Michael MOORE, Victor MOORE, William MORGAN, Adrian Morgan, Alfred Morgan, Charles MORGAN, Mick MORGAN, Sarah MORGAN, Theo and Dolly MORGAN, Yvonne MORRISON, Betty MOYLE, Maude MUIR, Charles MUIR, Fred MUIR, Midge MUIR Mrs (sister of S L James) MUIR, Mrs MULLETT, Boys MULLETT, Alex MULLETT, Annie MULLETT, Brenda MULLETT, Clive Mullett, David Mullett, Edward (Ted) MULLETT, Euphemia (See also Mullett, Edward (Ted) ) MULLETT, Gilbert MULLETT, James (Senior) MULLETT, James Junior Mullett, Joe MULLETT, John MULLETT, Kelvin MULLETT, Matilda MULLETT, Tom Mulga Fred MULRANY, Margaret (Mrs) ? Milray MUNDAY, Laurence Murray, Barbara Lyal MURRAY, Barry MURRAY, Beatrice MURRAY, Herbert and Evelyn MURRAY, John (1 page) MURRAY, Reg (also Merle MURRAY) MURRAY, Ted NAMATJIRA, Albert NELSON, Carmel (Cross Reference Penrith) NELSON, Elsie NELSON, Robert NICHOLLS, Walter (deceased) NICHOLSON, Walter NOVAK, Ray O'CALLAGHAN, Ron O'DELL, (Mr) ONUS, Eric ONUS, William O'ROURKE, Alice O'Rourke, Edna Grace O'ROURKE, Edna Grace O'ROURKE, Edwin O'ROURKE, Gordon O'ROURKE, Grace Mabel O'ROURKE, James O'ROURKE, Leslie O'ROURKE, Mirrell O'ROURKE, Norman O'ROURKE, Oswald O'ROURKE, Sharon Rose O'ROURKE, Victor and Ellen Orr, Hamilton OWEN, John - shearer (includes Desmond Sumner and Vernon Carter, shearers) OWENS, Joanna PARKER, Margaret PERSONS, Cedric & Louisa PARSONS, Mrs. Chas. PATTEN, Edgar PATTEN, George PATTEN, John Thomas PATTEN, Minny PATTEN, Selina PATTERSON, Alex PATTERSON, Dicky PATTERSON, John PEARCE, Barry PEARCE, John PEARCE, Thomas PENDRITH PENRITH, Clem PENRITH, Irene PEPPER, Adrian Pepper, Cliff PEPPER, Dulcie PAPPER, Nicholas Pepper, Percy Pepper, Mr & Mrs PETERS, Cheryll PETERS, Harry PETERS, Vincent PETERS, Vincent and Robert PIKE, Noel PINKIE, Ada PITT, Vera May PLANK, Margaret PODHAM, Victor POTTER, Victor POWDER, Tippo PROCTOR, Lionel PURCELL, Beryl Purcell, Maggie PYKE, Olive PYKE, Walter RABELLA, Maria RAMSAY, Leo Rankin, Violet Rankin, Mr W Rawlings, Elizabeth REYNOLDS, Agnes Margaret Richards, David Cecil RIGNEY, Mary (Maureen) RIVERS, Malcolm ROACH, Francis John ROACH, Stanley Robinson, Family RODGERS, Douglas RODGERS, Edward Rose, Adelaide Eileen ROSE, Esther ROSE, George (Cross Reference 1 - AUSTIN, Ella - 2 - ROSE, Adelaide Rose, James ROSE, John Henry ROSE, Mrs ROSE, Stephen James ROSE, Vera ROWAN, Samuel RUSSELL, Billy Russell, Daniel Russell, Jean RUSSELL, Joan Russell, Tom SADLER, Hugh SAMPSON, Mrs. Ivy SAMPSON, Sheila SAMPSON, Sydney SAMPSON, Walter Saunders, Julie Saunders, Keith Saunders, Lorna Saunders, Marilyn SAUNDERS, Reg SAUNDERS, Theo SCOTT, Cyril SCOTT, Emily and THOMAS, Joan Scott, James SCOTT, Vera SHEPHERD, Robert Short, Robert Smith, Andrew Smith, Donald Smith, Jim Smith, Kate SMITH, Mary - Cross Reference ATKINSON, Evelyn (Deceased) Smith, Norma SMITH, Ted Smith, Walter Smith, Walter James Smythe, Harriott SNYDER, William SOLOMON, Camelia SOLOMON, Laurie and Vera SOUTHERN, Lorraine STANLEY, Noel James STAPLETON, Rita STEEL, Shirley STEHPENS, Alfred Stephens, Bert STEPHENS, Dorothy STEPHENS, Gilbert STEPHENS, Henry STEVENS, Bert STEWART, Alan STEWART, Hugh STEWART, Jackson STEWART, Jessie STEWART, Les SUMNER, Desmond TAYLOR, Dorothy Taylor, Lorraine TAYLOR, Ruby Taylor, Stephen Patrick Taylor, Wallace TERRICK, Olive TERRICK, W M TERRICK, Winnifred Evelyn Thomas, Albert THOMAS, George THOMAS, Robert James Thomas, Vincent THOMAS, William Thompson, Mrs Ernest THOMPSON, Mary THORPE, Reginald (See also file: Connolly, Mrs J.) THORPE, Sarah THORPE, Vernon TONKS, Carol Anne TRAVERS, Leah Tregonning, Louisa Florence TREGONNING, Olive TUCKER, Margaret TUDAWALLI, Robert TURNBULL, Darcy (Cross reference McCormick, Kitty) TURNBULL, James TURNER, Carl TURNER, Dorothy TURNER, Marina UNIAPON, David (UNAIPON) VAN DE BERG, Rosemary VICKERY, Barry VICKERY, Robert VINCENT, Heather (Incorporating Vincent, Robert) Walker, Cheryl WALKER, Frank WALKER, Fred Herbert WALKER WALKER, Minnie Hillys (Mrs) WALKER, Ricky WALLACE, Phillip Walsh, Melva WANDIN, Barry Wandin, Bessie WANDIN, Christina WANDIN, Elsie WANDIN, Evelyn Wandin, James WANDIN, Joe Wandin, Kathleen WANDIN, Patricia WANDIN, Rex WANDIN, Robert (Bob) WANDIN, Robert (Snr) Wandin, William WANDIN Brothers Frank and Joe WANGANEEN, Everard WATERS, Arthur WEETRA, Tom WEIGARD, Olga (Guardian of Reginald Moffatt) WELDON, Mrs Val WESTON, Alice WESTON, Merle WESTON, Yvonne WHITE, Ada WHITE, Granny White, Jessie Lena White, Joseph WHITE, Neville White, Stanton WHYMAN, Emma WHYMAN, Jack (Mr and Mrs) WILKINSON, Alice Williams, Charlie Williams, Coral Williams, Gladys WILLIAMS, Irwin Williams, Joan Williams, Margaret WILLIAMS, Mary WILLIAMS, Mervyn WILLIAMS, Norman Harold WILLIAMS, Patricia WILLIAMS (given name not recorded) WILLOUGHBY, John Wilson, Denise Wilson, Reuben Leslie WINTERS, Theodore WITCHEDY, Dick Wright, Children Framlingham WRIGHT, Ivy (Cross Reference Karpany, Maurice) Wyselaski, Mrs Harriet YATES, William Roland YOUNG, Alice YOUNG, Hilda YOUNG, James (also YOUNG, Lawrence) Young, Lawrence Young, Nansen Young, NHS (Nansen)