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National Archives of Australia CRS D678 Item A1 PART 7 Aborigines Copyright P J Mackett 2009 Letter dated 17. 5.1961 from the Director of Social Services Adelaide to United Aborigines Mission Adelaide Mentions Isaac Hunter and Frederick Murray who reside together at Gerard Mission. ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 13. 6.1961 from Welfare Officer Ceduna to Department of Social Security Adelaide Pension for Lennie Murray and his wife. Aborigines who arrived back at Yalata from Cundeelee include Jack Windlass, 52 years Sinny Jim, 50 years Peter Jackson, 50 years Albert, 48 years Willie Grant, 50 years Tommy, aged 50 years ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 8. 2.1961 from the Aborigines Protection Board to Department of Social Services, Adelaide. Endowment Books held at the Coober Pedy Post Office in September 1960 Mick Dingaman (note states now living in Port Augusta) Biddie Dingaman Kaylene Welsh Fanny O'Toole Rita Dodd Nora Billy Maudie Brown Clarice Davey Angelina Wonga Angelina Kiltie Sheila Kiltie Sidney Strangways ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 13. 6.1961 from Director of Social Services to Coober Pedy Mentions Biddie Dingaman Kaylene Welsh Rita Dodd Nora Billy Maudie Brown Clarice Davey Angelina Wonga Angelina Kiltie ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 5. 7.1961 from the Department of Social Services Perth to Director of Social Services Adelaide Aboriginal Natives Ceduna, S.A. transfer to Cundeelee, W.A. Jack Windlass aged 52 years Jack Wynlass born 1892 - formerly of Yalata Mission, SA, transferred to this State 23. 2.1961. Wife Lucy, tribal marriage. Sonny Jim age 50 years ?Jim Yanu born 1. 7.1893. Born Loongana district, single, granted this state - age accepted from Mission records. Father Jilboo Mother Jinarry It is thought that this pensioner may be known as 'Sunny' as a long acquaintance form was witnessed by a Sunny Yanu at Cundeelee. May be the same as Sonny Jim. Peter Jackson age 50 years Peter Cumba Jackson born 1. 7.1891 at Loongana. Father Undijimbi Mother Ninguna Tribally married to Maggie Miarra 1919 at Loongana. Granted this State - age accepted from Mission records. Albert age 48 years Albert J Waggagie born 1. 7.1894 north of Loongana. Single. Mother Unnewnuju. Granted this State - age accepted - opinion of Mission Superintendent. Known to have visited Yalata Mission in August 1960, returned W.A. 5. 9.1960. Willie Grant age 50 years Royal William Grant born 1. 7.1892 Loongana. Father Nagooda Mother Monngoodina Single. Granted this State. Age accepted Department of Native Welfare census records. Tommy age 50 years Tommie Henry Doningoo born 1. 7.1885 Loongana. Father Munnaring Mother Jigoola Single. Granted this State. Age accepted - opinion of Mission Superintendent (knew claimant over 8 years). Known to have visited Yalata Mission August - September 1960. ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 31. 8.1961 from Department of Social Security Adelaide to Director Perth. Mentions The following WA Aborigines now sitting down at Yalata SA. Jacky Wynlass (Windlass) Jim Yanu (Sonny Jim) Peter Cumba Jackson Albert Waggagie William (Willie) Grant Tommie Henry Doningoo ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 11. 8.1961 from Ceduna to Aborigines Department Adelaide Recently I visited Yalata, and the six men who have been at Cundeelee and had received pensions there, were interviewed, and I herewith present the individual cases ... Jack Windlass It would appear that I have made a mistake regarding this man. Jack Windlass is definately eligible to receive pension. I mistook him for another man by the name of Fred Windlass. It is considered that Jack is at least 68 years old. Jack is now at Yalata. Sonny Jim Sonny Jim is now at Koonibba. The Koonibba records show that Sonny was born in 1908, that he was tribally married to Dolly Oodigah, and that Sonny and Dolly have adopted the name Riddle, and their children are Wanda, Lionel and James Riddle. I feel that Sonny intends to return to Cundeelee soon, again without his wife and children. I would recommend immediate cancellation of his pension, also a wrap on the knuckles for someone at Cundeelee. Peter Jackson This man is at Yalata. He had been at Cundeelee for several months, during which time a pennsion was granted to him. This man has spent most of the last 7-8 years at Yalata, so I find it hard to realise that there are records of him at Cundeelee. This man is in the same age group as Sonny Jim, so here again I would recommend that his pension be terminated. The Yalata staff and myself consider him no more than 50 odd years old. Albert This man, Jim Albert, is at Yalata now. He is a widower, and is another of the same age group as the last two-named men. I can remember this man at Yalata in 1954, and I have reason to believe that he has spent most of his life since then at Yalata. On two occasions, that I know of, he has been to W.A. for a while. Here again I would recommend termination of pension. Willie Grant This man is also at Yalata at present. I cannot say I remember this man. He does not appear to recognise the name Willie Grant. Neither do any of the other natives. Yet the tribal names of his mother and father are Ngagoodanu, and Munggundeena. Amongst his own people he is known as Munggu. I have been told that the Superintendent at Cundeelee calls him George. I am also told that he has been at Yalata a lot of the time the last 8 years, and that he and Albert and Peter and Fred Windlass were boys together. AT that rate he would not be eligible for pension. Tommy This is another of those at Yalata who had been to Cundeelee. To the staff and myself he has always been known as Henry, not Tommy. He is a widower, has often been at Yalata, and is not regarded as an old man, not even by his own tribe. In my opinion he does not qualify for Age pension. ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter dated 16.10.1961 from seven residents of Gerard Mission to Social Services Adelaide. Want Child Endowment books transferred from Gerard Mission to the Winkie Post Office. Mrs Jane Abdulla Mrs Margaret Abdulla Miss Daisey Disher Mrs Lily James Mrs June Noodoo Mrs Myra Watson Mrs Beatric Laura Lindsay ________________________________________________________________________________________