Aborigines - Pensions

National Archives of Australia CRS D678 Item A1 PART 6 Aborigines Copyright P J Mackett 2009 Letter dated 29. 3.1960 from Hugh S Robertson to Clyde Cameron, Parliament House, Canberra. Mentions Mr and Mrs Varcoe who are residing on a Government Settlement. -------------------------------------------------------------- Letter dated 16. 3.1960 from Clyde Cameron,Parliament House, Canberra to H S Robertson, Minister for Social Services, Canberra. Mentions Mr and Mrs Wilfred Varcoe at Point Pearce Aboriginal Settlement, South Australia. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pensions being paid to various missions in South Australia Letter dated 10. 6.1960 to the Aborigines Protection Board Adelaide. Ernabella Mission Pensioner Type of Pension Ayawa Age Anawari Age Tommy Dodd Age Kukika Age Ted Malkiti Age Mayaru Age Nyapatjari Age Naputja Invalid Ngulitjara Invalid Tommy Ngunanti Age Peter Piyun Age Jimmy Tjuwintjara Age Ukayitja Age Frank Wintima Age Willy Wirkuma Age Ethadinna Station Pensioner Type of Pension Alice Oldfield Age Sandy Oldfield Age Finniss Springs Mission No payments have been made on the mission which is closed because of a water shortage. Some natives who normally reside there have been granted pensions as fringe natives. Gerard Mission Pensioner Type of Pension Isaac Hunter Age Frederick Murray Age Granite Downs Station Pensioner Type of Pension Minnie Lennon Age (Paid direct, married to a white.) Koonibba Mission Pensioner Type of Pension Melba D Coleman Age Bertha F Guerkin Widow 'B' Dora E McCarty Widow 'B' Margaret L Mundy Widow 'A' Viola Pompey Widow 'A' Herman V Willoughby Invalid Nepabunna Mission Pensioner Type of Pension Alice Coulthard Age Freda Coulthard Invalid Sam Coulthard Invalid Annie Coulthard Wife's Allowance Ethel Elliott Widow 'A' Fred Johnson Age Reachel Johnson Age Elsie Jackson Age Alice McKenzie Invalid Rosie Pondi Widow 'A' Aggie Ryan Age Edward Wilton Age Dulcie Wilton Widow 'A' Eva Wilton Wife's Allowance Yalata Mission Pensioner Type of Pension Pensioner Type of Pension Lame Alec Invalid Nellie Baker Age Henry Bridley Age Charlie Bryant Age Nellie Bumar Age May Cobby Widow 'B' Charlie Chamberlain Age Micky Chamberlain Age Fanny Darbirree Widow 'B' Minnie Edwards Widow 'B' Lame Charlie Gurney Invalid Nellie Gurney Age Jacky Hart Age Jimmy Illi Age May Joseph Widow 'A' Lennie Murray Invalid Nellie Nunga-Nunga Widow 'B' Charlie Nungoodie Age Old Pingly Age Old Tobee Age Freda Prayter Invalid Charlie Queamer Age Ruby Queamer Age Henry Stewart Age Nellie Stewart Age Sugar Billy Age Wodila Widow 'A' Jackie Wynlass Age Charlie Williams Age Jacky Young Age ---------------------------------------------------------------- Payment of Pensions to/for Aboriginal Natives on remote pastoral properties Letter dated 17. 8.1960 from C G Atkinson, Director, to the Director general, Melbourne. Age and Invalid Pensions Name Location Richard C Kropinyeri Goolwa Ruby P Lampard Aldgate Janet Smith Tailem Bend Tom Bagot Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Paddy Brown Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Brian E Buzzacott Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Andrew Davis Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Bob Giles Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Clara Hull Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Polly Kite Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Walter Lenny Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Mick McLean Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Lame Paddy Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Lobbie Pepper Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Tom Scobie Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Jack Secretary Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Joe Shaw Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Ada Pepper Coober Pedy George Bulgunia Andamooka Topsy Bulgunia Andamooka Thomas Marsh Marree Mick Hamilton Andamooka Charles Traveller Andamooka Bob Finke Marree Jessie Finke Marree Rosie Larking Port Lincoln Willie Samuels Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Bobby Muller Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Ginny Smith Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Norah Lovegrove Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Wife's Allowance Name Location Kathleen McLean Umeewarra Mission, Port Augusta Widows Pensions Name Location Edna M S Sansbury Andamooka Ruby A Richards Meningie Dora Parker Marree ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter dated 8.12.1960 from F McMillan, Special Magistrate Eligibility for additional pension for children of widows' pensioners on aborigine settlements. Sarah Jane Jackson H/C at Point McLeay Aborigine Settlement. Husband died on 4. 9.1960 at Tailem Bend Hospital leaving ten children in her custody, care and control. Before the husband's death, he was employed by the Aborigines Department on a block at Narrung and lived there with his family in a house rented from the Department. It has been learned that he and the pensioner spent most of their married life in this way, as fringe natives, away from reserves. Because of the pensioner's parlous financial state following her husband's death, the Aborigines Department arranged for her and her family to be transferred to the Point McLeay Settlement where they were provided with free accomodation and were fully maintained.