Colonial Secretary - Frazer Island 1897 - 1901

Colonial Secretary COL /483(a) Queensland State Archives Missions - Frazer Island Extracts 26.11.1901 Tom McKenzie should be removed to Yarrabah 28. 3.1902 Charlie Bushman, a northern Aborigine, arrived 21.12.1899 Darby is serving in Victoria as a Tracker 5. 3.1901 Escapees from Frazer Island Sandy Bob Tommy Pickle Dick Doyle Jimmy Bennett Archie Spider 21. 2.1901 Bendigo & Monty 31. 7.1901 Jack and Lizzie are in service at Petri Terrace. Also known as Warwick Jack and wife Lizzie Also mentions Cambeeba and Girrbow 2. 8.1901 Darky and wife. Authority needed to issue rail pass at Maryborough to Kilkivan 11.12.1900 Re: Child Ethel Woods, step-daughter of David McIvor 29. 3.1900 Four children have recovered sufficiently to leave hospital. One is Nevil, son of Rosie whose other two children are in Nudgee Orphanage. Nevil is to be sent there The other three children are to be sent to Frazer Island 18. 8.1898 Eleven more Aborigines removed to Frazer Island. Some of these are Charlie Chambers - just finished a four month sentence at Boggo Road Gaol. Came as a boy from Norman River in the Gulf. Taken to Victoria when he was about four years old Tom Pickle Peggy and daughter Minnie from Deebing Creek Percy H/C 19. 7.1897 Report mentions the following Clara Rosie Joanna Polly All are girls 17 - 20 years old. Removed from Brisbane to Frazer Island Annie Lifu, girl Nancy, woman Both to be removed Brisbane to Frazer Island Mary Ann - Returned to White Cliffs Maria - Sent to Maryborough Hospital Larrikin and gin Nora Willie - 12-13 years