WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Toowoomba


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Toowoomba List of male aboriginals between the ages of 18 and 45 years in the District. Format - Name, Town, Occupation Willie Cummings H/C, Cambooya, General Useful, Licenced out to Mr Wm Clark, Harrow Starlight, Chinchilla, Police Tracker Weribone Jack, Goondiwindi, Stockman Joe McGregor, Goondiwindi, Labourer Billy McGregor, Goondiwindi, Labourer Gunter, Goondiwindi, Stockman Fred Tommy Tommy, Goondiwindi, Stockman Bob Tommy Tommy, Goondiwindi, Stockman Jim Armstrong, Goondiwindi, Stockman Joe Boland, Goondiwindi, Stockman Walter Knox, Goondiwindi, Labourer Fred Armstrong, Goondiwindi, Stockman Bobby Miller, Goondiwindi, Stockman Frank Noble, Goondiwindi, Stockman Jimmy Noble, Goondiwindi, Stockman Jack Rigby, Goondiwindi, Stockman Arthur Bird, Goondiwindi, Stockman Joe Murray, Jondowae, Labourer Myrtle Douglas, Jondowae, Labourer Davey Lawrence, Jondowae, Labourer Willie Malone, Jondowae, Home Boy Billy Collins, Oakey, General Hand Toby Wilson, Tara, Police Tracker Tommy Black, Warra, Police Tracker Gilbert, Yarraman, Farm Labourer List of aboriginals and halfcastes with money to credit in bank or other property Format - Name, Sex, Adult/Child, Property Willie Cummins, M, C Jes Fuller, , F, A Mabel Ferguson, F, A Annie Canns, F, A Lucy Samford, F, C Polly Darlow, F, A Thelma Carbine, F, A Begall George, M, A, 3 Horses Drilly Marley, M, C Tommy, Twaddle, M, A Francis, F, C Gladys, F, C Joe McGregor, M, A, Wagonette and 2 Horses Billy McGregor, M, A, Sulky and 2 Horses Gunter, M, A, 2 Horses Jimmy Armstrong, M, A, 1 Horse, Saddle & Bridle Joe Boland, M, A, 1 Horse, Saddle & Bridle Bob Tommy Tommy, M, A, 1 Horse, Saddle & Bridle Fred Armstrong, M, A, 1 Horse, Saddle & Bridle Bobby Miller, M, A, 2 Horses, Saddle & Bridle Frank Noble, M, A, 2 Horses, Saddle & Bridle Eddy Noble, M, A, 1 Wagonette and 2 Horses Chas. Bird, M, A, 1 Wagonette and 2 Horses Jimmy Noble, M, A, 2 Horses, Saddle & Bridle Elsie Ban Ban, F, C, M, A, 2 Horses, Saddle & Bridle Jessie Walker, F, A, M, A, 2 Horses, Saddle & Sarah Sunflower, F, A Nellie Miler, F, A Billy Collins, M, A Lina Pigott, F, A May Coulhan, F, C Blanche Davis, F, A Agnes Johnson, F, A Cissy Rollie, F, A Accounts Government Savings Bank at Toowoomba Format - Name, Address Harry Williby, Unknown Duncan Walsh, Maryvale Hubert O'Connor, Unknown Gordon Tommy Tommy, Unknown Walter Campbell, Unknown Willie Malone, Jondowae ______________________________________________________