WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Rockhampton


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Rockhampton and Districts Format - Name, Town, Occupation Return civilised male aboriginals between the ages of 18 and 45 years, 1915. Charlie Burbank, Rockhampton, Stockman George Brown, Rockhampton, Stockman Johnny, Alpha, Stockman William Mitchell, Alpha, Stockman Jack Murtle, Alpha, Stockman Diver Mitchell, Alpha, Stockman Tommy Black, Alpha, Stockman Charlie Anderson, Alpha, Police Tracker Charley Barber, Rockhampton, Police Tracker Jack Grey, Banana, Labourer Jack Sheridan, Banana, Labourer Jack Anderson, Banana, Labourer Harry Williams, Banana, Labourer George Williams, Banana, Labourer Joker, Banana, Labourer Jack Clancy, Banana, Labourer Colly Toby, Banana, Labourer Sydney Toby, Banana, Labourer Freddy Toby, Banana, Labourer Victor Sandow, Calliope, Labourer Charlie Catherstone, Capella, Stockman Willie Bradley, Capella, Stockman Larry Riley, Capella, Stockman Willie Riley, Capella, Stockman Merryman, Capella, Stockman Dunrobin, Clermont, Stockman Billy Stapleton, Clermont, Stockman Tommy, Clermont, Stockman Tommy Abro., Clermont, Stockman Donald, Clermont, Stockman Arthur, Clermont, House Boy Prince Albert, Clermont, Stockman Joe Flynn, Clermont, Stockman Albert Twist, Clermont, Stockman Long George, Clermont, Labourer Billy Grenier, Clermont, Labourer Johnny, Clermont, Horse Boy Buller, Clermont, Police Tracker Albert Albury, Duaringa, Stockman Alfred Tyson, Duaringa, Station hand Alick, Duaringa, Station hand Billy Toby, Duaringa, Stockman Charlie Anderson, Duaringa, Stockman Donga, Duaringa, Horse Boy Eric Miller, Duaringa, Stockman George Hill, Duaringa, Stockman Jack, Duaringa, Horse Boy Joker, Duaringa, Stockman Leichardt, Duaringa, Horse Breaker Miccelo, Duaringa, Station Hand Martin, Duaringa, Stockman Jack Bradley, Emerald, Labourer Jumbo, Emerald, Labourer Jack Podge, Emerald, Labourer Scratcher, Emerald, Labourer Cobra, Emerald, Labourer Albert, Emerald, Stockman Jacky Powel, Emerald, Stockman Charley Burns, Emerald, Stockman Leonard Bank, Emerald, Police Tracker Alfred Hector, Marlborough, Stockman James Brandy Brodie, Marlborough, Stockman Charlie Geddes, Marlborough, Stockman Jimmy, Springsure, Labourer Rheubin, Springsure, Labourer Carbine, Springsure, Stockman Sandy Solomon, Springsure, Stockman Hector Watson, Springsure, Scalper Jack Gilbhert, Springsure, Stockman Billy Hill, Springsure, Scalper Raymond, Springsure, Stockman George Solomon, Springsure, Stockman Peter, St Lawrence, Stockman Fred, St Lawrence, Stockman Harry Thompson, St Lawrence, Stockman Albert, St Lawrence, Stockman Johnnie Bowman, St Lawrence, Stockman Arthur Jackson, St Lawrence, Stockman Laurie, St Lawrence, Stockman Eddy, St Lawrence, Stockman Sam, St Lawrence, Stockman Charlie Campbell, St Lawrence, Stockman Aleck Smith, St Lawrence, Stockman Barney, St Lawrence, Stockman Jack Naylor, St Lawrence, Stockman Powder, St Lawrence, Fencer George Budby, St Lawrence, Fencer Charlie Ross, St Lawrence, Fencer William Wilson, St Lawrence, Stockman Charlie Clarke, St Lawrence, Stockman Albert Snow, St Lawrence, Stockman Willie Bradley, St Lawrence, Stockman Albert Huet, Yaamba, Stockman Langtail, Yaamba, Stockman Fred, Yaamba, Stockman Toby, Yaamba, Stockman Dan, Yeppoon, Stockman Oscar Bradfield, Westwood, Stockman E J Sweetman, Protector of Aboriginals. Return of all aboriginals and halfcastes with money to credit in Bank, or other property. Format - Name, Sex, Adult(A)/Child(C) Annie Lee, F, A Louisa Virtue, F, A Blanche, F, A Florrie Kemp, F, A Elsie Hutchinson, F, A Charlie Burbank, M, A Tommy V, M, A William Mitchell, M, A Bobby White, M, C Mahdi, M, A Jack Murtle, M, A Tommy Black, M, A Jack, M, AColly Toby, M, A Freddy Toby, M, A ALice of Beresford, F, A Billy Stapleton, M, A Albert Albury, M, A Donga, M, A George Hill, M, A Harold, M, A Jack, M, A Joker, M, A Sandy, M, A Trixie Percy, F, A Charlie Burns, M, A Tommy Struber, M, A Eva Keating, F, C Maggie Bundle, F, A Rheubin, M, A Jack Conway, M, A Albert Holt, M, A Bertie Bundle, M, A Eddie Bundle, M, A George Fraser, M, A Philip, M, A Percy, M, A Gerald, M, A Mrs Gilbert, F, A Jack Pearce, M, A Billy Barnes, M, A Billy Hill, M, A Charlie Mulligan, M, A Dave Thompson, M, A Ellen, F, A Harry Lane, M, A Dan, M, A Mick McPherson, M, C Ada, F, C Mary Martin, F, A Sarah, F, A Topsy Black, F, A Maudie, F, A Albert Haydon, M, C Billy Ralston, M, A Brandy, M, A Billy Grenier, M, C Clare, F, C Donkey, M, A Emma Ferguson, F, C Ethel Laurie, F, C Eric, M, C Eliza Daniels, F, C Eva, F, C Emma, F, C Daisy Bell, F, C Carrie, F, C Annie Anderson Anderson Alice McKenzie Frank Tyson Flora Budby Fanny Gobo George Brown Henry Harriet Mummen Hector Rutherford Ivy Joe Ralston Jack Jarro Kitty Kate Ah Sam Leopold Long Jerry Long George Long George (2nd) Maizie Mick McIntyre Margaret McEvoy Miccelo Maud Johnston Nellie Nellie 2nd Nellie Hector Percy Hill Peter 3rd Perry Percy Paul Phylis Darcy Toby Tom Croydon Trixie Topsy Barron William Green E J Sweetman, Protector of Aboriginals. ________________________________________________________