WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Maryborough


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Barambah Aboriginal Settlement, Murgon Format - Name, Residence, Occupation (Unsure what Dr. means, possibly account in debit as accounts are listed for all people.) List of civilised aboriginals between the ages of 18 and 45 years in he Maryborough District Niger McDonald, Maryborough, Tracker Andrew Morrison, Maryborough, Labourer Willie Lee, Maryborough, Labourer Sam Cess, Yandaran, Labourer Joe Terare, Yandaran, Labourer Johnny Williams, Murray's Creek, Kangaroo Shooter Jim Williams, Murray's Creek, Kangaroo Shooter Jim Possum, Murray's Creek, Stockman Victor Blackman, Murray's Creek, Stockman Sam Blackman, Murray's Creek, Stockman Thomas Broom, Tantitha Bundaberg, Labourer John Geary, Tantitha Bundaberg, Labourer Woppi, Childers, Fisherman John Bara, Eidsvold, Stockman William Wag, Eidsvold, Stockman Tom Clancy, Eidsvold, Stockman Tommy Dodd, Eidsvold, Stockman Harry Hart, Eidsvold, Stockman George Rankin, Eidsvold, Stockman James Williams, Eidsvold, Stockman Billy Ivory, Eidsvold, Stockman Crabbie, Eidsvold, Stockman Jack Wragg, Gayndah, Labourer Frank Petersen, Gayndah, Labourer Byalong, Gayndah, Labourer Edmond Cootchie, Gayndah, Labourer Willie Boy, Gayndah, Labourer Nicholas Wragg, Gayndah, Labourer Sam Nebo, Gayndah, Labourer Davey Kelly, Manar, Stockman Vincent Law, Gayndah, Stockman Eric Law, Gayndah, Stockman Fred Dodd, Cooranga, Stockman Harry Mi Mi, Cooranga, Shooter Jack Combo, Cooranga, Shooter Billy Jones, Cooranga, Shooter W Cootchie, Cooranga, Shooter George Munro, Gin Gin, Stockman Sam Gilmore, Gin Gin, Stockman Bunda, Gin Gin, Stockman Alick Craven, Gin Gin, Stockman Frank Southwood, Gin Gin, Labourer George Richards, Gin Gin, Labourer Sergeant Breen, Gin Gin, Cow Boy Albert, Gin Gin, Labourer Ippy, Kilkivan, Stockman Frank Smith, Nanango, Stockman Jack Skinner, Tiaro, Labourer Jim Fiddler, Tiaro, Labourer Jack Hazel, Tiaro, Labourer William Hopkins, Tiaro, Labourer Cobbo, Yarrabine, Labourer Norman Whylie, Miva, Labourer List of aboriginals and half-castes in the Maryborough District, with money to their credit in Bank and other property showing. NB Format - Namke, Sex, Location, Adult / Child Willie Wondunna, M, Maryborough, Adult Alf Maryborough, M, Maryborough, Adult Andrew Morrison, M, Maryborough, Adult Barbara, F, Bundaberg, Child Woppi, M, Childers, Adult James Williams, M, Eidsvold, Adult John Bara, M, Eidsvold, Adult William Wag, M, Eidsvold, Adult Tom Clancy, M, Eidsvold, Adult Tommy Dodd, M, Eidsvold, Adult Paddy Perkins, M, Eidsvold, Child Roy True, M, Eidsvold, Child Nelson Caraba, M, Eidsvold, Child Crabbie, M, Eidsvold, Adult Flossie True, F, Eidsvold, Adult Jack Wragg, M, Gayndah, Adult Frank Petersen, M, Gayndah, Adult Byalong, M, Gayndah, Adult Edmond Cootchie, M, Gayndah, Adult Willie Boy, M, Gayndah, Adult Nicholas Wragg, M, Gayndah, Adult Sam Nebo, M, Gayndah, Adult Davey Kelly, M, Gayndah, Adult Vince Law, M, Gayndah, Adult Eric Law, M, Gayndah, Adult Harry Mi Mi, M, Gayndah, Adult Fred Dodd, M, Gayndah, Adult Jack Combo, M, Gayndah, Adult Billy Jones, M, Gayndah, Adult Garry Diamond, M, Gin Gin, Adult Queenie Horton, F, Gin Gin, Adult Alick Craven, M, Gin Gin, Adult Harry William Spicer, M, Gympie, Adult John Simpson, M, Kilkivan, Adult John Skinner, M, Kilkivan, Adult Tom Simpson, M, Kilkivan, Adult Ippy, M, Kilkivan, Adult Ada Bucker, F, Kingarpy, Adult William Hopkins, M, Tiaro, Adult Eva Hopkins, Tiaro, Adult Cobbo, M, Tiaro, Adult Nina Gundy, F, Tiaro, Adult Florrie Sandy, F, Cooroy, Adult Bob White, M,-, Adult Kitty Womoio, F, Tiaro, Adult Jenny, F, Tiaro, Adult Frank Simpson, M, Tiaro, Adult Gracie Brown, F, Tiaro, Adult Kitty Ah See, F, Nanango, Adult Boatey Quicksilver, M,-, Adult May Baul, F, Tuchekoi, Adult Schneider, M, Taunton, Adult Bertie Brown, M, Boompa, Adult Walter Cootchie, M, Wondai, Adult Annie Bourke, F,-, Adult Bessie, F, Owanyilla, Adult Lexie Dodd, F, Maryborough General Hospital, Adult Kinoomie Ross, F,-, Adult Billy Mi Mi, M,-, Adult Bunda, M, Lowmead, Adult Burnett Pope, M,-, Adult Annie, F,-, Adult Maud Jeffries, F,-, Adult R Brown, M,-, Adult Teddy Brown, M,-, Adult Nugget, M,-, Adult Paddy Miva, M,-, Adult ________________________________________________________