WW1 Aboriginal Census for Home Duties Cairns


Queensland State Archives Item ID ITM2043631 Start Date 01/01/1915 (approximate) End Date 31/12/1916 (exact) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58922; SRS4354/1/14; A1 Item ID 2043631 "Lists of Aboriginal people living at various settlements to be used for war census purposes. Census purposes refers to using Aboriginal people for home front duties such as, labourers and stockmen." (Full digital copy availavle at Queensland State Archives.) Cairns and Districts Format - Name, Residence, Occupation List of civilised Male Aboriginals between the ages of 18 and 45 years residing in the Cairns sub-District, including Kuranda, Edmonton, Gordonvale and Babinda. George, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Starlight, Kuranda, Houseboy Charlie King, Kuranda, Houseboy Darby Bungara, Gordonvale, Labourer Dick, Babinda, Labourer Toby Yeringy, Kuranda, Labourer Tommy Marabuck, Gordonvale, Labourer Joe Meeba, Cairns, Houseboy Billy Warachubara, Edmonton, Labourer Barney Mingo, Kuranda, Labourer Harry, Cairns, Labourer Tommy Bellmer, Gordonvale, Labourer Percy Dandy, Gordonvale, Labourer Frank Chiwee, Edmonton, Labourer George Wilkinson, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Willie Pyne, Edmonton, Labourer Tommy Yurramba, Gordonvale, Labourer Jimmy Mayamber, Gordonvale, Labourer Toby Yerungee, Babinda, Labourer Billy Marapa, Gordonvale, Cane Cutter George Gaymee, Edmonton, Labourer Peter Jabey, Babinda, Labourer Alex Boorambah, Labourer Charlie Morakee, Edmonton, Labourer Louis Narrki, Gordonvale, Cane Cutter Willie Alley, Gordonvale, Cane Cutter George, Cairns, Houseboy Toby Borona, Edmonton, Labourer Percy, Cairns, Houseboy Frank Merry, Gordonvale, Labourer Larry Growley, Edmonton, Houseboy Willie, Cairns, Out of work Charlie, Cairns, Out of work Jerry, Cairns, Out of work Paddy, Cairns, Out of work Duncan, Cairns, Out of work Bob, Cairns, Out of work Jimmy King, Cairns, Out of work Charlie Bell, Edmonton, Labourer Charlie Europe, Edmonton, Labourer Charley Warringer, Gordonvale, Labourer Jack McGuigan, Edmonton, Labourer Harry Noggy, Gordonvale, Labourer Jack Murramyee, Gordonvale, Labourer Peter Pannikin, Cairns, Labourer Willie Cororeger, Cairns, Labourer Willie Blindeye, Babinda, Houseboy Darby Neemby, Gordonvale, Labourer Mickie See Chin, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Andy See Chin, Gordonvale, Labourer Captain, Babinda, Labourer Toby Neiro, Gordonvale, Cane Cutter Willie McKenzie, Edmonton, Labourer Bobby Derringer, Babinda, Labourer Willie Burnett, Edmonton, Labourer Tommy Ningby, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Tommy O'Brien, Gordonvale, Houseboy Charlie Hammond, Edmonton, Houseboy Geo Walkerstone, Cairns, Houseboy Billie Boolami, Edmonton, Houseboy Joe Polgen, Gordonvale, Labourer Albert Youreebe, Gordonvale, Labourer Billy Cockran, Edmonton, Houseboy Jimmy Mallett, Cairns, Labourer Hector, Cairns, Houseboy Paddy Morley, Edmonton, Canecutter Narapon, Edmonton, Houseboy Charlie Yurrangi, Edmonton, Houseboy Jimmy Mulgie, Gordonvale, Labourer Jackey Browne, Cairns, Houseboy Toby Shamrock, Cairns, Houseboy Jimmy Frewett, Cairns, Houseboy Charlie Donald, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Tommy Reid, Cairns, Houseboy George Koiki, Cairns, Houseboy Tommy Koiki, Cairns, Houseboy Sambo Cherio, Cairns, Houseboy Peter Cherio, Cairns, Houseboy Jackey Kuranda, Kuranda, Houseboy Willie Hobbler, Kuranda, Houseboy Larry, Kuranda, Houseboy Dick Hobson, Cairns, Houseboy Harry Mungulla, Edmonton, Labourer Harry Bimber, Edmonton, Labourer Harry, Cairns, Houseboy Tommy Lyona, Cairns, Houseboy Barney, Cairns, Houseboy Jimmy Lalley, Babinda, Labourer Tommy Wurinie, Edmonton, Labourer Billie Calico, Edmonton, Canecutter Joe Winter, Edmonton, Houseboy Peter One Leg, Edmonton, Houseboy Charlie Lorrager, Babinda, Labourer Paddy Terriger, Edmonton, Labourer Toby Maimbow, Babinda, Labourer Tommy Waralugra, Babinda, Labourer Billy Lamont, Edmonton, Houseboy Dicky Yerringee, Gordonvale, Labourer Albert Diamo, Gordonvale, Labourer William McGuigan, Edmonton, Houseboy Joe Thomas, Cairns, Houseboy Davey, Babinda, Labourer Bally Nurraga, Babinda, Labourer Jackey Baringer, Babinda, Labourer Christy Mighell, Gordonvale, Labourer Tommy Waters, Cairns, Labourer Tommy Sturt, Cairns, Houseboy Willie King, Gordonvale, Houseboy Jimmy Brockham, Gordonvale, Labourer Charlie Navy, Edmonton, Labourer Jimmy Naraga, Edmonton, Labourer Billy Barlow, Edmonton, Cane Cutter Willie Nerawee, Babinda, Labourer Daddy Wingie, Babinda, Labourer Willie Neyway, Babinda, Labourer Johnny Colombo, Babinda, Labourer Bob Pook Daringi, Babinda, Labourer Peter Wewalla, Babinda, Labourer Billy Bullimin, Babinda, Labourer Jimmy Nurringi, Babinda, Labourer Dick Burall, Babinda, Labourer Charlie Garaball, Babinda, Labourer Jack Minge, Babinda, Labourer Johnny Hangee, Gordonvale, Labourer Charlie Spencer, Gordonvale, Labourer Jackey, Gordonvale, Cane Cutter Mack Womby, Gordonvale, Labourer Willie Moywee, Cairns, Houseboy Willie Gerringee, Cairns, Houseboy Major, Cairns, Houseboy Harry Yangee, Cairns, Houseboy Harry Burangun, Kuranda, Houseboy Jimmy Goorikee, Babinda, Labourer Jack Kebo, Babinda, Labourer Toby Kybow, Babinda, Labourer List of all aboriginals and halfcastes with money to credit in the State Savings Bank at Cairns, including Aboriginals and halfcastes from Kuranda, Edmonton, Gordonvale and Babinda. Females marked F Tommy No 1 Massey May, F Rosie, F Molly, F Etherl, F Edie, F Annie Weazel, F Ruby, F George Geo. Oakey Starlight Harry Frank Jack Willie Walker Willie Dinah, F Charlie Tommy Longdon Dick Hoole Jackey Cannon Bobby Cannon Charley Emanuel Bobby Splayford Darby Crawford Willie Miller Paddy Bewin Toby Boopan Bob Alison Tommy Veivers Tommy Newbury Tommy Hobson Charlie King George Louie, F Lizzie Melomi, F Minnie Gough, F Nellie, F Polly, F Molly, F Minnie, F Johnny Newke Jimmy Farel Jimmy Hornby Charlie Winkie Bobby Toby George Tommy Tommy Tommy Rob Louis Maggie, F Jimmy Long Mich Richards Riley Tarby Tommy Burraway Jackey Nuckle Jimmy Bungabula Dick Wakey Eliza, F Darby Bungara Charlie Tommy Dick George Robert Charlie Stranks Mick Draper Charlie Draper Jack Taylor Willie Burnett Jimmy Sorrensen Willie Lehmann Evan Yackburn Toby Lehmann Tottie, F Toby Teringy Tommy Marabuck Jimmy Warake Cecil Biddy, F Andy Butler Rosey, F Joe Billy Dick Buckley Tommy Gray Geo. Yeari Cissy, F Rosey, F Biddy, F Minnie, F Jane, F Barney Willie Jerry Jinny, F Chorlie Combo Tambo Cherley Haarry Lucy, F Archie Blue Rosie Cardwell, F Jinny, F Dolly, F Tommy Silver Tommy Bellmer Dotty Nuramnah, F Jimmy Egan Harry Buckley Percy Dandy Johnny Meringe Bertie Douglas Toby Jimijon Tommy Burangee Bemo Charley Nurringe Tommy Wabbe Jack Yeramber Dick Butcher Jemima, F Ivy Killarney, F Edwin Maggie, F Frank Tommy McKenzie George Wilkinson Willie Pyne Willie Winger Albert Jerry Bobby Hartley Harry Jerrimey Nsimbey Tommy Yarramba Jimmy Mayamber Toby No 1 Rommy Meringo Dick Terina Billy Marapa George Mambey Geo. GaymeeToby Gerjor Peter Jabey Alex Charlie Morakee Louie Narrki Willie Alley Jackey George Tommy George Norman Senner Toby No 2 Darby Colenjoe Percy Slick Tommy Dicky Frank Nerrinka Blackwell Sam Maudie Potts, F Annie Sangarra Larry Charlie Hall Charley Europe George Alley Charley Jimmy Moreley Tommy Grimshaw Charley Walker Willie Birriby George Werriby Toby Daniel Jack McGuigan Ida Cameron, F Maudie, F Lilly, F Harry Noggy Jack Peter Pannilin Willie Toby Maimbow Willie Blindeve Davie Bluey Collinson Tommy Allen Jack Bulgum Tommy Maybe Tommy Merringi Darby Neemby Bob Browne Tommy Needie Mickey Weebrie Sandy Barrikee Harry Dainger Jack Berrigee Bobby Petersen Mickey Bodaree Nipper Yarrakee Mickey See Chin Andy See Chin Johnny Neeby Jack Ross Captain Minnie Hunter Toby Neiro Willie McKenzie Willie Neripah Frank Harrichew George Birriby Willy Birriby Jimmy Daley Bobby Derringer Tommy Berringer Dan Nebo George Weneby Tommy Dodd Toby Campbell Willie Burnett Alex Neamo Willie Colin Tommy Ningby Lucy, F Tommy O'Brien Willie Nelson Nancy, F Kitty, F Clarris, F Charlie Hammond Charlie Woree Annie, F William Geo. Walkerstone Toby Bangy Billie Boolami Joe Polgen Albert Yourembe Paddy Doiro Jack Dorrah Jimmey Billy Cockran Charlie Hilda, F George Egan Maggie Huddy, F Jimmy Mallett Bert Bob John Hector Paddy Morley Narapon Charlie Yurrangi Dick White Jimmey Jinny Hartigan, F Rosey, F George Draper Jackey Browne Jinny Hanson, F Ida Butterworth, F Kitty Wood, F Jinny Connors, F, child Jack Stranks Rosie Kerr, F Toby Shamrock Jimmy Prewett Charlie Donald Tommy ReidJenny Bulcook, F Charlie Koiki George Koiki Tommy Koiki Murty Lily Foster, F Sambo Cherio Peter Cherio Lily Browne, F Emily, F Dick Lucy Hamilton, F Louie Collinson, F Willie Kuranda Jackey Kuranda Willie Hobbler Larry Topsey, F Jackey Eden Eva, F, child Maggie, F Biddy, F Dick Hobson Ned Kiddenjay Harry Mungulla Joe Harry Binber Harry Toby Kelsall Frank Esow Tommy Lyons Meena, F Betsey, F Barney Toby Roberts Dinah Miller, F Florrie McKarall, F Mick Lilly Forbes, F Willie Bunting Willie Wanger Jimmy Lalley Tommy Wurinie Dickie Billie Calico Joe Winter Nora Nurabone, F Willie Cowyer Peter One Leg Charlie Lorrager Paddy Terriger Toby Maimbow Hector Cairns Louis Lotte, F Tommy Sandwich Jackey Banning Duncan Christina, F Geo. Koiki No 2 Lucy Murphy, F Billy Lamont Tommy Wurnie Jack Newgulla Jinny McGavin, F Dickie Yerringee Albert Diamo Hilda Murphy, F Darby Burrawee Bella Waringer Larry Charlie Tenni Robert Barney Alex Boorambah Billy Neripan Jimmy Normby Sambo Kitty Meldon, F, child Kitty Lawrence, F Charlie Lawrence William McGuigan Joe Thomas Lizzie, F Davey Barney Bally Billy Warringee Kitty Simpson, F Charlie Nellie Charlie Manson Sandy Cope Julia, F Nellie King, F Nellie Harringa, F Jackey Barringa Mary Ann, F George Wingin Willie Hampton Christy Mighell Napier Kitty Hopkins, F Tommy Waters Tommy Sturt Maude Morgan, F Babbie, F Frankie Fruit Salts, child Maggie, F Tim Stewart Nellie Mareral, F Nellie, F Willie King Jimmy Brockham Charlie Navy Jimmy Naraga Topsy Yachamilla, F Billy Barlow Willie Nerawee Daddy Wingee Willie Neyway Tommy Colombo Bob Pook Daringi Peter Wewalla Billy Bullimin Charlie Daere Jimmy Nurringi Lucy Jacomin, F Jimmy Brown Dungal Dick Burall Charlie Garaball Jack Mingi Johnny Hangey Charlie Spencer Charlie Minnie Johnny McKay Jacky Jimmy Mack Wombiy Willie Nellie Mollamolla Kongena, F Mary Ann Wongledee, F Willie Moywee Toby Nanga Kitty McGrath, F, child Willie Gerringee Major Harry Yangee Brumby Topsy, F Dinah Ulgin Harry Burangun Maggie Jeram, F Jimmy Goorikee Jack Kebo Peter Wilson ________________________________________________________