Some Deaths Associated with Woorabinda 1943 - 1972

       Some deaths Associated with Woorabinda 1943 - 1972. 
       Shows reference for Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages.
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       Paul Mackett     2019

       Name     Mavis
       Father   Jellicoe
       Mother   Doris
       Died      8. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1110

       Name     George Mate Mate
       Father   Johnson
       Mother   Sarah Adams
       Died     10. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1109

       Name     Janet Murray
       Father   Toil
       Mother   Lily Murphy
       Died      3. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1102

       Name     Midget Gordonvale
       Died     11. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1112

       Name     Nina
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Vera
       Died     11. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1107

       Name     Peggy McLean
       Father   Charlie
       Mother   Darobel
       Died     11. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1108

       Name     Johnny
       Father   William
       Mother   Elizabeth
       Died     14. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1125

       Name     John
       Father   Major
       Mother   Konie
       Died     15. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1114

       Name     Dinnimore
       Father   Major
       Mother   Konie
       Died     15. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1116

       Name     Lena Baru
       Father   Baru
       Mother   Mabel
       Died     15. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1106

       Name     Kenneth Olandar
       Father   Olandar
       Mother   Kalgodan
       Died     16. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1113

       Name     Lily Major
       Father   Major
       Mother   Konie
       Died     16. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1115

       Name     Stanley Johnny
       Father   Johnny
       Mother   Millie
       Died     16. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1124

       Name     Bertha Barney
       Father   Barney
       Mother   Winnie
       Died     16. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1117

       Name     Alice Flinders
       Father   Bob
       Mother   Ruby
       Died     17. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1127

       Name     Ruth Carbus
       Father   Victor
       Mother   Ada
       Died     18. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1122

       Name     Millie Johnny
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Tarbitha
       Died     19. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1126

       Name     Dolly Yoren
       Father   Harry
       Mother   Annie
       Died     17. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1123

       Name     Henry Michael
       Father   Michael
       Mother   Eileen
       Died     19. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1128

       Name     Patrick John Mossman
       Father   Paddy
       Mother   Jessie Morgan
       Died     22. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1131

       Name     Biddy Jubilee
       Father   Peter
       Mother   Dolly
       Died     18. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/975

       Name     Simon Coolburra
       Father   Harry
       Mother   Lily
       Died     23. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1121

       Name     Bartie
       Father   Simon
       Mother   Tulo
       Died     24. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1120

       Name     Frank Billy
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Vera
       Died     26. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1129

       Name     Jack Chermside
       Father   Charles Chermside
       Mother   Mary
       Died     28. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1133

       Name     Daurou Deeral
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Lily
       Died     29. 1.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1132

       Name     Claude Solomon
       Father   Vivian
       Mother   Olive Cotherstone
       Died      3. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1135

       Name     Meta
       Father   Jimmy
       Mother   Bertha
       Died      7. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1136

       Name     Alec Phillip
       Father   Phillip
       Mother   Hannah
       Died      9. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1137

       Name     Charity Hope Ray
       Father   Peter
       Mother   Clara Leafong
       Died     12. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1138

       Name     Waibo
       Father   Frank
       Mother   Hettie
       Died     15. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1139

       Name     Ernest Hart
       Father   Roger
       Mother   Maud Bowen
       Died     19. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1141

       Name     Beverley Doyle
       Father   Cedric
       Mother   Pearl Kemp
       Died     18. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1140

       Name     Yimbatchie Olandar
       Father   Olandar
       Mother   Kalgodan
       Died     25. 2.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1144

       Name     Margaret Stuckey
       Father   Woibo
       Mother   Lily
       Died     5. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1145

       Name     Evelyn Joan Waterton
       Father   James
       Mother   Maud Leisha
       Died      5. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1143

       Name     Rosalyn Harriett Priestley
       Father   Brusha Priestley
       Mother   Effie Kemp
       Died      7. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1147

       Name     Norman Williams
       Father   Norman
       Mother   Rose Molly Solloman
       Died     12. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1146

       Name     June Murray
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Ruby Van Rook
       Died     17. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1148

       Name     James Joseph
       Father   Joseph
       Mother   Maria
       Died     22. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1150

       Name     Cedric Barnes
       Father   William
       Mother   Alice Solomon
       Died     23. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1149

       Name     Lily Coolburra
       Father   Freddy
       Mother   Elsie
       Died     26. 3.19
       Notes    1943/C/2555

       Name     Ronald Yoren
       Father   Barney
       Mother   Dolly
       Died     27. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2554

       Name     Roderick Freeman
       Mother   Rosie Freeman
       Died     28. 3.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2553

       Name     Elizabeth Ann Carbus
       Father   Victor
       Mother   Ada
       Died     13. 4.1943
       Notes    1943/C/1122

       Name     John Tyson
       Father   Sandy Tyson
       Mother   Mary
       Died     19. 4.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2558

       Name     Aileen Murray
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Ruby Van Rook
       Died     12. 5.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2561

       Name     Yorren Arthur
       Father   Arthur
       Mother		Tabea
       Died     19. 5.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2563

       Name     Arthur Barbie
       Father   Barbie
       Mother   Ballan
       Died     18. 6.1943
       Notes    1943/C/2564

       Name     Elizabeth Lillian Waterton
       Father   James
       Mother   Maud Leisha
       Died      6. 8.1943
       Notes    1943/C/4406

       Name     Muriel Guai
       Father   Guai
       Mother   Ethel
       Died      7. 8.1943
       Notes    1943/C/4405

       Name     Emily Burke
       Father   Charlie
       Mother   Hannah Thompson
       Died     13.10.1943
       Notes    1943/C/5872

       Name     Albert Saunders
       Father   Richard Saunders
       Mother   Caroline
       Died     18.11.
       Notes    1943/C/5877

       Name     Leslie Gibson
       Mother   Topsy
       Died     20. 1.1944
       Notes    1944/C/987

       Name     George Hill
       Father   George Hill
       Mother   Rosie
       Died      1. 2.1944
       Notes    1944/C/992 (Date of Birth 1870)

       Name     Sinclair Barnes
       Mother   Ellen Barnes
       Died      3. 2.1944
       Notes    1944/C/990

       Name     Emma Cook
       Father   Charlie
       Mother   Jeannie
       Died      7. 2.1944
       Notes    1944/C/991

       Name     Esmond Fogarty
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Doris Barnes
       Died     21. 3.1944
       Notes    1944/C/997

       Name     Louie Powder
       Father   Powder
       Mother   Eva 
       Died      3. 4.1944
       Notes    1944/C/2395

       Name     Roly Captain
       Father   Joe Captain
       Mother   Annie
       Died     15. 4.1944
       Notes    1944/C/2398

       Name     Gloria Jean Antrim
       Father   Bob
       Mother   Maggie Doolan
       Died      7. 5.1944
       Notes    1944/C/2402

       Name     Ada Kemp
       Father   Harry Mumbin
       Mother   Harriet
       Died     10. 5.1944 
       Notes    1944/C/2403

       Name     Gussie Henry
       Father   Jack Tommy
       Mother   Cissie Henry
       Died     23. 5.1944
       Notes    1944/C/2404 (Date of Birth 1917)

       Name     Nellie Monkira
       Died     31. 5.1944
       Notes    1944/C/3852 (Date of Birth 1885)

       Name     Mabel Wilson
       Father   Billy Brown
       Mother   Topsy
       Died      2. 7.1944
       Notes    1944/C/3854

       Name     Jocelyn Faith Powder
       Mother   Dulcie Powder
       Died     11. 7.1944
       Notes    1944/C/3855

       Name     Jack Coombra
       Father   Jack Coombra
       Mother   Mary
       Died     20. 7.1944 
       Notes    1944/C/3856

       Name     Marjorie Doris Mi Mi
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Dulcie Barnes
       Died     14. 9.1944
       Notes    1944/C/3863

       Name     Janet Beth Punch
       Father   Keith
       Mother   Jane Hill
       Died     17. 9.1944
       Notes    1944/C/3864

       Name     Kathleen Freeman
       Father   Leo
       Mother   Rosie King
       Died     29. 9.1944
       Notes    1944/C/5182

       Name     Thomas Tomahawk
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Nellie
       Died      3.10.1944
       Notes    1944/C/5021

       Name     Emily McIvor
       Father   Paddy
       Mother   Rachel Thompson
       Died     10.11.1944
       Notes    1944/C/5185

       Name     Mary Richards
       Father   Andrew Richards
       Mother   Elsie Myers
       Died     19.12.1944
       Notes    1945/C/1042

       Name     Dora Yimbatchie
       Father   Tommy Confin
       Mother   Lena
       Died     26.12.1944
       Notes    1945/C/1045

       Name     Violet Williams
       Father   Jimmy Hennessy
       Mother   Rosie Sullivan
       Died     23.12.1944
       Notes    1945/C/1044

       Name     George Saunders
       Father   Dick Saunders
       Mother   Caroline Saunders
       Died     28.12.1944
       Notes    1945/C/1043

       Name     Phyllis Estelle Doolan
       Mother   Rachel Doolan
       Died     15. 2.1945
       Notes    1945/C/1051

       Name     Robin John Tiers
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Dorothy Collins
       Died     15. 2.1945
       Notes    1945/C/1052

       Name     Eunice Joan Prior
       Father   Peter
       Mother   Melda Blanket
       Died      6.4.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2299

       Name     Clara Sandow
       Father   Henry Seymour
       Mother   Maggie
       Died     20. 4.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2302

       Name     Percy Query
       Father   Cob Query
       Died      9. 5.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2306

       Name     Dawn Cynthia Blair
       Father   George
       Mother   Effie Doolan
       Died     19. 5.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2308

       Name     James McKinley
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Jinny
       Died     24. 5.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2307

       Name     Cedric Osbourne Doyle
       Father   Harold
       Mother   Amy Munns
       Died     24. 6.1945
       Notes    1945/C/2145

       Name     Guden Baru
       Father   Baru
       Mother   Mabel
       Died      8. 7.1945
       Notes    1945/C/3611

       Name     Eva Shields
       Father   Gatton Boney
       Mother   Kitty
       Died     13. 7.1945
       Notes    1945/C/3620 (Date of Birth 1896)

       Name     Tom Christie
       Father   Charlie
       Mother   Nellie
       Died     23. 7.1945
       Notes    1945/C/3619

       Name     Norma Fay Saunders
       Mother   Alice Langton
       Died     12. 8.1945
       Notes    1945/C/3621

       Name     Harold Bambie
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Lizzie
       Died      6. 9.1945
       Notes    1945/C/3624

       Name     Clive Brown
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Mildred Richards
       Died      5.11.1945
       Notes    1945/C/4960

       Name     Norman
       Father   Norman
       Mother   Martha
       Died     25.11.1945
       Notes    1945/C/4963

       Name     Agnes Joyce Mi Mi
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Dulcie Barnes
       Died     17. 2.1946
       Notes    1946/C/1051

       Name     Charlie Mummin
       Father   Harry
       Mother   Harriett Dutton
       Died      7. 4.1946
       Notes    1946/C/2455

       Name     Ada Carbus
       Father   Jocky
       Mother   Florrie
       Died     11. 4.1946
       Notes    1946/C/2457

       Name     Hartley Daniel Hamilton
       Mother   Florrie Kemp Hamilton
       Died     18. 4.1946
       Notes    1946/C/2456

       Name     Charlotte Robinson
       Father   Jim White
       Died     14. 7.1946
       Notes    1946/C/4125

       Name     Percy Shields
       Father   Norman
       Mother   Clara Sodbre
       Died     22. 8.1946
       Notes    1946/C/4127

       Name     Jack Myrtle
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Maggie
       Died      6. 9.1946
       Notes    1946/C/4129

       Name     Rosemary Alice Williams
       Father   Eric Williams
       Mother   Berlene Williams
       Died     19. 9.1946
       Notes    1946/C/4129

       Name     Alec Robinson
       Father   Barney Robinson
       Mother   Lucy
       Died     25. 9.1946
       Notes    1946/C/5557

       Name     Sam Mole
       Father   Harry
       Mother   Topsy
       Died     29.11.1946
       Notes    1946/C/5562

       Name     Esther Naomi Swain
       Father   George
       Mother   Evelyn Joker
       Died     28.12.1946
       Notes    1947/C/1040

       Name     Big Jubilee
       Father   Jimmy Brown
       Mother   Mary
       Died     29. 1.1947
       Notes    1947/C/1045

       Name     Willy Wilson
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Daisy
       Died     15. 2.1947
       Notes    1947/C/1046

       Name     Mitchell Dalton
       Died     13. 3.1947
       Notes    1947/C/1050

       Name     Stella Combo
       Mother   Fanny Coomba
       Died     24. 6.1947
       Notes    1947/C/3636

       Name     Kevin Desmond Booth
       Father   Dempsey
       Mother   Muriel Cressbrook
       Died     16. 3.1947
       Notes    1947/C/1049

       Name     Ada Roberts
       Father   Bob
       Mother   Linda
       Died     30. 8.1947
       Notes    1947/C/3742

       Name     Cecil Jack
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Jamima Brown
       Died     11. 9.1947
       Notes    1947/C/3727

       Name     Topsy Lammermoor
       Father   Billy Anderson
       Mother   Polly
       Died     25.10.1947
       Notes    1947/C/5036

       Name     Eunice May Dooley
       Father   Hubert
       Mother   Dulcie Powder
       Died      7.11.1947
       Notes    1947/C/5037

       Name     Tom Teaswater
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Annie
       Died     21.11.1947
       Notes    1947/C/5038

       Name     Gregory James Booth
       Father   Dempsey
       Mother   Muriel Cressbrook
       Died     18. 1.1948
       Notes    1948/C/855

       Name     Nora Jacko
       Father   Barney Arthur
       Mother   Winnie
       Died      4. 3.1948
       Notes    1948/C/860

       Name     Frederick William Henry
       Father   Gordon
       Mother   Nellie Bulloo
       Died     17. 7.1948
       Notes    1948/C/3743

       Name     Ross Aflis Button
       Father   Ross
       Mother   Maria McPherson
       Died     30. 8.1948
       Notes    1948/C/3746

       Name     Toby Cunningham
       Father   Sandy
       Mother   Kitty
       Died     17. 9.1948
       Notes    1948/C/3747

       Name     Julia
       Died     21. 1.1949
       Notes    1949/C/1041

       Name     Harriet Dooley
       Father   Hubert
       Mother   Dulcie Powder
       Died     10. 3.1949
       Notes    1949/C/1044

       Name     Hubert Dooley
       Father   Hubert
       Mother   Dulcie Powder
       Died     10. 3.1949
       Notes    1949/C/1045

       Name     Joyce Algy
       Father   Algy
       Mother   Kate
       Died     10. 6.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3728

       Name     Bessie Beverley Charlie
       Father   Tom
       Mother   Ivy Gibson
       Died     12. 6.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3727

       Name     Christy Anderson Jack
       Father   Walter
       Mother   Lizzie Confin
       Died     14. 6.1949
       Notes    1949/C/2266

       Name     Jimmy Bandana
       Father   Tommy
       Mother   Maggie
       Died       2. 8.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3735

       Name     Lily Dunbar
       Father   Dick
       Died     31. 8.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3744

       Name     Tresa Keys
       Died      1. 9.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3743

       Name     Agnes Mary May Henry
       Father   Charles
       Mother   Maggie
       Died      1. 9.1949
       Notes    1949/C/3745

       Name     Johnson Bunda
       Mother   Polly
       Died     22. 9.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5067

       Name     Ralph Bill Jacko
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Vera Northcote
       Died     23. 9.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5068

       Name     Lily King
       Father   William Barnes
       Mother   Alice Barnes
       Died     26.10.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5070

       Name     Charles Keith Richardson
       Mother   Iris Richardson
       Died      5.11.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5071

       Name     Tyrone Frank Hill
       Father   Dick Hill
       Mother   Jean Priestley
       Died      6.11.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5073

       Name     Bernardine Daphne Purcell
       Mother   Bessie Priestley Purcell
       Died      7.11.1949
       Notes    1949/C/5072

       Name     John Williams
       Mother   Molly Solomon Williams
       Died     14. 2.1950
       Notes    1950/C/918

       Name     William George Haydon
       Father   George
       Mother   Alice Moonlight
       Died     14. 3.1950
       Notes    1950/C/922

       Name     Adams (M)
       Father   Yellow Boy
       Mother   Rosie
       Died     27. 3.1950
       Notes    1950/C/2232

       Name     Coral Christine Hill
       Mother   Myrtle Hill
       Died      5. 5.1950
       Notes    1950/C/2234

       Name     Rozzetta Rita Murdoch
       Father   Henry
       Mother   Connie Jack
       Died     25. 6.1950
       Notes    1950/C/3784

       Name     Roland Murray
       Father   Arthur
       Mother   Ruby Vanrook
       Died      9. 7.1950
       Notes    1950/C/3785

       Name     Bob Malcolm
       Father   Perry
       Died      1. 8.1950
       Notes    1950/C/3788

       Name     Arthur George Mt Webb
       Father   Willie
       Mother   Mary Coombra
       Died      2.10.1950
       Notes    1950/C/5120

       Name     May Miles
       Father   Paddy Ross
       Mother   Fanny
       Died     17.12.1950
       Notes    1950/C/5129

       Name     Eliza Williams
       Father   Harry Tolo
       Mother   Annie
       Died     27. 2.1951
       Notes    Married

       Name     Billy Ralston
       Father   Jim Neil
       Mother   Moonie
       Died     27. 3.1951

       Name     Phyllis Ann Henry
       Father   Gordon
       Mother   Nellie Bulloo
       Died     29. 4.1951

       Name     Meralinen McKinley
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Theresa Gulf
       Died     13. 6.1951
       Notes    1951/C/3814

       Name     George Hill
       Father   George
       Mother   Effie Freeman
       Died     16. 5.1951
       Notes    1951/C/2326

       Name     Edward Hill
       Father   Hill
       Died     25.10.1951
       Notes    1951/C/5145

       Name     Billy Hill
       Died      1.11.1951
       Notes    1951/C/5245

       Name     Leona Fay Doyle
       Father   Harold
       Mother   Violet Myers
       Died     11.12.1951
       Notes    1951/C/5223

       Name     Booyah McDonald
       Mother   Janie
       Died      7. 1.1952
       Notes    1952/C/1000

       Name     Edith Sylvia Waterton
       Father   James
       Mother   Maude Leisha
       Died     11. 1.1952
       Notes    1952/C/1001

       Name     Greta Yoren
       Father   Arthur
       Died     18. 2.1952
       Notes    1952/C/964

       Name     Edna Adam
       Father   Adam
       Mother   Laura
       Died     29. 2.1952
       Notes    1952/C/984

       Name     Topsy Saunders
       Father   Martin Woods
       Mother   Maggie
       Died     28. 3.1952
       Notes    1952/C/2297

       Name     Billy Peter
       Died     28. 4.1952
       Notes    1952/C/2211

       Name     Ethel Moore
       Mother   Myrtle Moore
       Died     31. 7.1952
       Notes    1952/C/3925

       Name     Edgar Morris Williams
       Mother   Enid Williams
       Died      7. 8.1952
       Notes    1952/C/3926

       Name     Donald Tiers
       Father   Charlie Tiers
       Mother   Jinnie
       Died     10.10.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5424

       Name     Alfred Noel Walker
       Mother   Jean Walker
       Died     16.10.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5312

       Name     Christopher Murray
       Father   George
       Mother   Eva
       Died     17.10.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5325

       Name     Norman Moore
       Mother   Myrtle Moore
       Died     21.10.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5425

       Name     Leonard Banks
       Father   Peter
       Mother   Lizzie
       Died      7.12.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5431

       Name     Maud Conway
       Father   Charlie Tiers
       Mother   Jinnie
       Died     21.11.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5430

       Name     Irene Betty Gray
       Mother   Bessie Gray
       Died     14.12.1952
       Notes    1952/C/5432
       Name     Paddy Williams
       Father   Henry
       Mother   Lilly Cavanagh
       Died     16. 3.1953
       Notes    1953/C/928

       Name     Unnamed Roma
       Mother   Mary now Roma Williams
       Died     16. 3.1953
       Notes    1953/C/929

       Name     Billy Huggins
       Father   Bill
       Mother   Jenny
       Died      2. 4.1953
       Notes    1953/C/2257

       Name     Ivan Campbell Naylor
       Father   John
       Mother   Elsie Jacko
       Died     15. 4.1953
       Notes    1953/C/2156

       Name     Lynette Fay Ross
       Father   Charlie
       Mother   Aileen Katie George
       Died     23. 4.1953
       Notes    1953/C/2258

       Name     Ada Phillips
       Father   Henry
       Mother   Rita
       Died     24. 4.1953
       Notes    1953/C/2158

       Name     Eringie (M)
       Father   Charlie Copra
       Mother   Jinny
       Died     19. 5.1953
       Notes    1953/C/2263

       Name     Robin Lawrence Hamilton
       Mother   Florrie Kemp Hamilton
       Died      3. 7.1953
       Notes    1953/C/5301

       Name     Ivy Powder
       Father   Ernest Wharton
       Mother   Jessie
       Died     19. 7.1953
       Notes    1953/C/3844

       Name     Ellen Murray
       Father   Bull Sharpley
       Mother   Nancy
       Died     26. 7.1953
       Notes    1953/C/3846

       Name     Harry Pilot
       Father   Pilot
       Died      4.11.1953
       Notes    1953/C/5311

       Name     Pricella Joyce Iffley
       Father   Tommy Iffley
       Mother   Eliza Hegarty
       Died     23. 1.1954
       Notes    1954/C/952

       Name     William Charles Hill
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Milda Daisy
       Died      7. 3.1954
       Notes    1954/C/955

       Name     Reynold Matthew Dobbinson
       Mother   Rosemary Dobbinson
       Died      7. 6.1954
       Notes    1954/C/2351

       Name     Timothy Clark McKinley
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Theresa Gulf
       Died     18. 6.1954
       Notes    1954/C/2350

       Name     Bowman Malcolm Mate Mate
       Mother   Melsa Mate Mate
       Died     27. 6.1954
       Notes    1954/C/4051

       Name     Norman Mitchell
       Father   Harvey
       Mother   Aggie Naylor
       Died     26. 6.1954
       Notes    1954/C/4050

       Name     Clement John Saunders
       Mother   Elsie Saunders
       Died     12. 8.1954
       Notes    1954/C/4054

       Name     Delphine Margaret Mi Mi
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Dulcie Barnes
       Died     25. 8.1954
       Notes    1954/C/3987

       Name     Arthur Miles
       Father   Johnny Miles
       Died     17.11.1954
       Notes    1954/C/5479

       Name     Terence Mitchell
       Father   Harvey
       Mother   Aggie Naylor
       Died     20. 4.1955
       Notes    1955/C/2337

       Name     Felicity Blair
       Father   George
       Mother   Effie Doolan
       Died     24. 4.1955
       Notes    1955/C/2232

       Name     Clarence Percy Hayden
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Lizzie Solomon
       Died     17. 5.1955
       Notes    1955/C/2340

       Name     Barney Olliman
       Father   Tom
       Mother   Kitty
       Died      6. 6.1955
       Notes    1955/C/2343

       Name     Raymond Hobbler
       Father   Bertie
       Mother   Emily Weiba
       Died      5. 7.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3726

       Name     Norma Joclyn Duncan
       Father   Leslie
       Mother   Nancy Fuller
       Died     18. 8.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3912

       Name     Susan Armstrong
       Father   Roly Armstrong
       Mother   Effie Coombra
       Died     15. 8.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3822

       Name     Willie Jones
       Father   Tom
       Mother   Topsy
       Died      4. 9.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3914

       Name     Rene Bloomfield
       Father   Johnnie Johnson
       Mother   Lena Smith
       Died     12. 9.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3879

       Name     Verginia Anne Hayden
       Father   George Hayden
       Mother   Alice Moonlight
       Died     11.10.1955
       Notes    Died Baralaba in ambulance

       Name     Joan Duncan
       Father   Leslie
       Mother   Nancy Fuller
       Died     22. 7.1955
       Notes    1955/C/3766
       Name     Tommy Iffley
       Mother   Rosie
       Died      2. 1.1956
       Notes    1956/C/957

       Name     Elsie Mary Saunders
       Mother   Elsie Naylor Saunders
       Died     21. 1.1956
       Notes    1956/C/964

       Name     Janice Carol Roberts
       Mother   Clare Saunders Roberts
       Died     17. 3.1956
       Notes    1956/C/2303

       Name     Ruby Murray
       Died     20. 3.1956
       Notes    1956/C/2427

       Name     Michael McPherson
       Father   John Henry
       Mother   Minnie Hector
       Died     30. 3.1956
       Notes    1956/C/2254

       Name     George Swain
       Father   George
       Mother   Molly Mate Mate
       Died     23. 5.1956
       Notes    1956/C/2432

       Name     Oscar Wallace
       Father   Limbundy
       Mother   Judy
       Died      8. 8.1956
       Notes    956/C/4138

       Name     Gilbert Marks
       Father   George
       Mother   Nellie
       Died     10. 8.1956
       Notes    1956/C/4137

       Name     Geoffrey Carbine snr
       Father   Jack Carbine
       Mother   Clara
       Died     21. 8.1956
       Notes    1956/C/2987

       Name     Lilly Tiers
       Father   George Frazer
       Mother   Teresa
       Died     17. 9.1956
       Notes    1956/C/5697 (Date of Birth 1892)

       Name     Edith Richardson
       Father   Henry Sheppard
       Mother   Violet
       Died     21. 9.1956
       Notes    Sheppard

       Name     Christine Dorothy McGregor
       Mother   Bridget McGregor
       Died      5.10.1956
       Notes    1956/C/5699

       Name     Nora Ann Murray
       Father   John
       Mother   Mirianm Crow
       Died      7. 1.1957
       Notes    1957/C/993

       Name     Leslie Anthony Gray
       Mother   Sylvie Gray
       Died     19. 2.1957
       Notes    1957/C/973

       Name     Roman Carl Dooley
       Father   Hubert
       Mother   Dulcie Powder
       Died     28. 4.1957
       Notes    1957/C/2281

       Name     Jack Long
       Father   George
       Mother   Rosie
       Died     29. 5.1957
       Notes    1957/C/2375

       Name     Jocelyn Grace Hill
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Milda Daisy
       Died     20. 6.1957
       Notes    1957/C/4035

       Name     Eric William Williams
       Father   Eric
       Mother   Berlene Murray
       Died      2. 7.1957
       Notes    1957/C/4033

       Name     Roger Clarke
       Father   Sandy
       Mother   Lily
       Died     15. 8.1957
       Notes    1957/C/3949

       Name     Jack Pearce
       Father   Jack Laurie
       Mother   Polly
       Died     16. 9.1957
       Notes    1957/C/4043

       Name     Angus George Hayden
       Father   George
       Mother   Alice Moonlight
       Died     23.10.1957
       Notes    1957/C/5498

       Name     Sheila Mate Mate
       Father   Johnson
       Mother   Sarah Sawney
       Died     13.11.1957
       Notes    1957/C/5503

       Name     Alice Barnes
       Father   Mimiger
       Mother   Lizzy Mimiger
       Died      3. 3.1958
       Notes    Married1958/C/952

       Name     Dolly Bob
       Father   Allendale Johnny
       Mother   Minnie
       Died     17. 4.1958
       Notes    1958/C/2193

       Name     Lucy Builyan (Raymond)
       Mother   Kitty Palmerston
       Died     16. 5.1958
       Notes    1958/C/2319

       Name     Besta Gundy
       Father   George McAvoy
       Mother   Mary
       Died     12. 6.1958
       Notes    1958/C/2321

       Name     May Priestley
       Father   Tom Kavanagh
       Mother   Bella
       Died     17. 6.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3866

       Name     Fred McKinley
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Nellie Monkira
       Died     13. 7.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3869

       Name     Ada Teaswater
       Father   Dick
       Mother   Molly
       Died     10. 8.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3872

       Name     Butcher (M)
       Father   Tommy Anderson
       Mother   Maggie Clarke
       Died     26. 8.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3875

       Name     Milda Brown
       Father   Andy Richards
       Mother   Jessie Thompson
       Died      1. 9.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3879

       Name     Billy Brown
       Father   Billy Brown
       Mother   Mary Tommy Tommy
       Died     26. 8.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3798

       Name     Mabel Maranoa
       Mother   Sarah Bell
       Died     22. 9.1958
       Notes    1958/C/3880 (Date of Birth 1896)

       Name     Daniel James Hill
       Mother   Myrtle Hill
       Died     14.11.1958
       Notes    1958/C/5279

       Name     Dellene Yvonne Tobane
       Father   William Tobane
       Mother   Ivy Gala
       Died      3. 1.1959
       Notes    1959/C/917

       Name     Lorna Munns
       Mother   Ruby Cressbrook
       Died      7. 1.1959
       Notes    1959/C/920

       Name     Eddie Budby
       Father   Charlie Budby
       Mother   Lizzie Hatfield
       Died     20. 1.1959
       Notes    1959/C/1046

       Name     William Creed
       Father   Tantrim
       Mother   Grace
       Died     21. 1.1959
       Notes    1959/C/1047

       Name     Kevin John Riley
       Father   Charlie Riley
       Mother   Joan Daylight
       Died      2. 6.1959
       Notes    1959/C/2580

       Name     Grace Daisy
       Father   William Hanson
       Mother   Violet Garvey
       Died      4. 6.1959
       Notes    1959/C/2581

       Name     Kathleen Rankin
       Father   Charlie Burke
       Mother   Polly
       Died     15. 7.1959
       Notes    1959/C/4416

       Name     Robert Algy
       Died     27. 7.1959
       Notes    1959/C/4311

       Name     Beverley Joyce George
       Father   Norman
       Mother   Ethel Britcher
       Died     22. 8.1959
       Notes    1959/C/4358

       Name     John Doolan
       Father   Larry
       Mother   Rose
       Died      6. 9.1959
       Notes    1959/C/4427

       Name     George Daylight
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Annie
       Died     22. 9.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5703

       Name     Merril Joyce Freeman
       Father   Percy
       Mother   Esther Beth Thompson
       Died     25. 5.1958
       Notes    1958/C/2258

       Name     Arthur Marshall
       Father   Dick
       Died      7.10.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5890

       Name     Alexander Mummims
       Father   Harry Mummins
       Died     10.10.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5173

       Name     Tommu Lulu
       Died     13.10.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5891

       Name     Lillian Bloomfield
       Father   Henry
       Mother   Maudie Nunn
       Died      4.11.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5790

       Name     Vera Carbine
       Father   Billy Hill
       Mother   Tottie
       Died      7.11.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5894

       Name     Ruby Johnson
       Father   Jerry King
       Mother   Nellie
       Died     24.11.1959
       Notes    1959/C/5836

       Name     Noretta Nunn
       Father   Paddy
       Mother   Jean Sykes
       Died     29.12.1959
       Notes    1960/C/938

       Name     Barry James Row Row
       Father   Jacky
       Mother   Marjorie Gray
       Died     10. 1.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1056
       Name     Laurence Edward Roberts
       Father   Lindsay Murray
       Mother   Rosalyn Roberts
       Died     14. 1.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1055

       Name     Norma Jocelyn Mate Mate
       Father   Leslie Duncan
       Mother   Melsa Mate Mate
       Died     16. 1.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1057

       Name     Peter James Barry
       Father   John
       Mother   Mona Toby
       Died     28. 1.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1058

       Name     Les Coombra
       Father   Jack Coombra
       Mother   Fanny
       Died     29. 1.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1004

       Name     Betty Joyce Williams
       Father   Archie
       Mother   Ethel Mi Mi
       Died      4. 2.1960
       Notes    960/C/1060

       Name     Daniel Melvin Roberts
       Father   Lindsay Murray
       Mother   Rosalyn Roberts
       Died      6. 2.1960
       Notes    1960/C/985

       Name     Margaret Rose Mi Mi
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Dulcie Barnes
       Died      4. 3.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1018

       Name     Lawrence Murray
       Father   Ned Cullen
       Mother   Elsie Palmtree
       Died     20. 3.1960
       Notes    1960/C/1681

       Name     Leo Freeman
       Father   Mick Freeman
       Mother   Myra Freeman
       Died      4. 5.1960
       Notes    1960/C/2480 (Date of Birth 1894)

       Name     Eva Simpson
       Father   Johnny Tyson
       Died     18. 6.1960
       Notes    1960/C/2449

       Name     Carol Margaret Booth
       Father   Phillip
       Mother   Louisa Bloomfield
       Died     21. 6.1960
       Notes    1960/C/2487

       Name     Leeroy Friday
       Father   Jerry
       Mother   Emma Swain
       Died      8. 7.1960
       Notes    1960/C/4183

       Name     Tommy Broadbent Marbdaw
       Father   Tommy Broadbent Pointnetinya
       Mother   Martiprettan Minoota
       Died     10. 7.1960
       Notes    1960/C/3997

       Name     John Derek Burke
       Mother   Kathleen Burke
       Died     12. 7.1960
       Notes    1960/C/4003

       Name     Stephen Lloyd Burke
       Mother   Kathleen Burke
       Died     12. 7.1960
       Notes    1960/C/4002

       Name     May Carbine
       Father   Jimmy Waterton
       Mother   Arway Mary
       Died     31. 8.1960
       Notes    1960/C/4130

       Name     Ivy Thornton
       Father   Billy Howard
       Died     10.11.1960
       Notes    1960/C/5584

       Name     Harry Green
       Father   Jimmie
       Mother   Mary Ann Myer
       Died     27. 1.1961
       Notes    1961/C/1061

       Name     May Conway
       Father   Ned Colin
       Died      2. 2.1961
       Notes     1961/C/1062

       Name     Dave Collins
       Died     19. 2.1961
       Notes    1961/C/990

       Name     Ina Madeline Bounghi
       Father   Big Coby
       Died     27. 5.1961
       Notes    1961/C/2541

       Name     Leslie Williams
       Father   Jack Griffiths
       Mother   Lily
       Died     11. 6.1961
       Notes    1961/C/2622

       Name     Darcy Robert Richardson
       Mother   Veronica Richardson
       Died     19. 6.1961
       Notes    1961/C/2624

       Name     Ronald John Corporal
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Elizabeth Roma
       Died     11.10.1961
       Notes    1961/C/5822

       Name     Natalie Ann Weazel
       Father   George Weazel
       Mother   Valda Tobane
       Died     15.10.1961
       Notes    1961/C/5705

       Name     William Lawrence Hill
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Milda Daisy
       Died     18.10.1961
       Notes    1961/C/5823

       Name     Hugh Allan Saunders
       Father   Ray
       Mother   Elsie Naylor
       Died     20.10.1961
       Notes    1961/C/5824

       Name     Alex Collins
       Father   Jim
       Died     13.11.1961
       Notes    1961/C/5826

       Name     Helen Jean Barry
       Father   John
       Mother   Mona Toby
       Died     23. 1.1962
       Notes    1962/C/1044

       Name     Ida Booth
       Father   Bill Curry
       Mother   Louie Armstrong
       Died     30. 1.1962
       Notes    1962/C/978

       Name     Harry Raymond
       Father   Paddy Yudja
       Died      8. 2.1962
       Notes    1962/C/1157

       Name     Vance Harold Tilberoo
       Father   Harry
       Mother   Heather Fisher
       Died     28. 1.1962
       Notes    1962/C/1053

       Name     John Earl Freeman
       Father   Percy
       Mother   Esther Thompson
       Died     30. 3.1962
       Notes    1962/C/2643

       Name     Cissie Henry
       Father   Sam Henry
       Died      1. 4.1962
       Notes    1962/C/2644 (Date of Birth is 1891)

       Name     Janet Beech
       Father   Roger Bell
       Mother   Ada
       Died     29. 4.1962
       Notes    1962/C/2646

       Name     Hilda Lillian Tiers
       Mother   Violet Tiers
       Died     30. 4.1962
       Notes    1962/C/2647 (Date of Birth is 1961)

       Name     Bruce James Mi Mi
       Father   Fred
       Mother   Dulcie Barnes
       Died      9. 7.1962
       Notes    1962/C/4205

       Name     Joe Rankin
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Cissie Fitzroy
       Died     21. 7.1962
       Notes    1962/C/3009

       Name     Edmund David Freeman
       Father   Percy
       Mother   Esther Thompson
       Died      9. 8.1962
       Notes    1962/C/4246

       Name     Beverley June Reid
       Father   Victor
       Mother   Alma Twaddle
       Died     21. 8.1962
       Notes    1962/C/4289

       Name     Geoffery Carbine
       Father   Geoffrey
       Mother   May Waterton
       Died     23. 9.1962
       Notes    1962/C/5916

       Name     Isobelel May Hill
       Father   Billy
       Mother   Milda Daisy
       Died     24. 9.1962
       Notes    1962/C/4334

       Name     Gary Lewis Row Row
       Father   Jack
       Mother   Marjorie Gray
       Died     17. 1.1963
       Notes    1963/C/974

       Name     Pammela Rose Munns
       Mother   Gwen Munns
       Died     18. 1.1963
       Notes    1963/C/2564

       Name     Nellie Henry
       Died     14. 4.1963
       Notes     1963/C/2417

       Name     Deborah Margaret Hill
       Father   William
       Mother   Melda Daisy
       Died     21. 5.1963
       Notes    1963/C/2486

       Name     Oscar King
       Father   Joe
       Died      6. 7.1963
       Notes    1963/C/4244

       Name     Jessie Collins
       Father   Davey
       Mother   Kitty Davis
       Died      6. 8.1963
       Notes    1963/C/4460

       Name     Karen Gail Brown
       Father   John Brown
       Mother   Elizabeth Daisy
       Died     11. 8.1963
       Notes    1963/C/4459

       Name     Arthur Murray
       Father   Bob
       Mother   Eadie
       Died     14. 9.1963
       Notes    1963/C/4463

       Name     Kevin James Williams
       Mother   May Violet Williams
       Died     14. 2.1964
       Notes    1964/C/1082

       Name     Rosalind Anne King
       Father   Reggie
       Mother   Florence Brown
       Died     15. 2.1964
       Notes    1964/C/1166

       Name     Bertie William Tobane
       Father   Billy Tobane
       Mother   Jane Darlow
       Died     25. 5.1964
       Notes    1964/C/2647

       Name     Jean Hill
       Father   Edward Priestley
       Mother   Mabel
       Died     23. 6.1964
       Notes    1964/C/4819

       Name     Sarah Mate Mate
       Father   Mahomet
       Mother   Venes Williams
       Died     22. 7.1964
       Notes    1964/C/4639

       Name     Frances Healey
       Father   Ealbrett
       Died     26. 7.1964
       Notes    1964/C/4821

       Name     Willie Zebra
       Father   Charlie
       Died     21. 9.1964
       Notes    1964/C/4799

       Name     Gavin John Brown
       Father   John
       Mother   Elizabeth Daisy
       Died     26.10.1964
       Notes    1964/C/6379

       Name     Barney Pender
       Father   Alick
       Died      8.11.1964
       Notes    1964/C/6502
       Name     Harry Tilberoo
       Father   Kelly
       Died     21.12.1964
       Notes    1964/C/6481

       Name     Fred Mi Mi
       Father   Willie Mi Mi
       Mother   Elbey
       Died       3. 1.1965
       Notes    1965/C/1036

       Name     Loyola Margaret Henry
       Father   Spider Henry
       Mother   Esther Murray
       Died     19. 1.1965
       Notes    1965/C/933

       Name     Arthur Fogarty
       Father   Frank Fogarty
       Mother   Teresa
       Died     11. 2.1965
       Notes    1965/C/1039

       Name     Albert Dundoo
       Father   Ippi
       Mother   Jenny
       Died      9. 5.1965
       Notes    1965/C/2368

       Name     Cecil Charles Daisy
       Father   Lennie Daisy
       Mother   Myrtle Moore
       Died     14. 5.1965
       Notes    1965/C/2474

       Name     Harry Hornet
       Father   Jack Hornet
       Mother   Mabel
       Died      8. 8.1965
       Notes    1965/C/4512

       Name     Mary Ann Bloomfield
       Mother   Adelaide Bloomfield
       Died     28.10.1965
       Notes    1965/C/6090

       Name     Jessie Zebra
       Father   Danny Morgan
       Mother   Ruby Van Rook
       Died     13.11.1965
       Notes    1965/C/6194

       Name     Dick Hill
       Father   George Hill
       Mother   Effie
       Died     29.11.1965
       Notes    1965/C/6130

       Name     Veronica May Daylight
       Father   Edward Charles
       Mother   Lola Reid
       Died     30.12.1965
       Notes    1966/C/1139

       Name     Thomas Leslie Henry
       Mother   Thelma Henry
       Died     31.12.1965
       Notes    1966/C/993

       Name     Tennyson Charles Bloomfield
       Father   Norman Bloomfield
       Mother   Cora Powder
       Died     13. 6.1966
       Notes    1966/C/2674

       Name     Charlie Phillips
       Father   Henry Phillips
       Mother   Rita Johnny
       Died     10. 9.1966
       Notes    1966/C/4695

       Name     Willie Rookwood
       Father   Harry Rookwood
       Mother   Julia
       Died     20. 9.1966
       Notes    1966/C/4681

       Name     Roy Hank Winkle
       Father   Roy Winkle
       Mother   Esther Cowell
       Died     21. 9.1966
       Notes    1966/C/6291

       Name     Wilson Broome
       Father   Jack Broome
       Died      1.10.1966
       Notes    1966/C/6424

       Name     Peter John Henry
       Father   Spider Henry
       Mother   Esther Murray
       Died      2.11.1966
       Notes    1966/C/6357

       Name     Judith Anne Tranby
       Father   Edward Tranby
       Mother   Elizabeth Brown
       Died     26.12.1966
       Notes    1967/C/1061

       Name     Patricia Margaret Cowell
       Father   Fredd James Cowell
       Mother   Patricia Agnes Murray
       Died     18. 2.1967
       Notes    1967/C/2818

       Name     Tom Twaddle
       Father   Tom Twaddle
       Mother   Tottie Flicks
       Died     20. 4.1967
       Notes     1967/C/2817

       Name     Jack Bell
       Father   Roger Bell
       Mother   Ada
       Died      7. 7.1967
       Notes    1967/C/4698

       Name     Snowy Oliver
       Died      5. 8.1967
       Notes    1967/C/4604

       Name     Ossie Dick
       Died     20. 2.1968
       Notes    1968/C/1142 

       Name     Venita Rose Friday
       Father   Jerry Friday
       Mother   Emma Swain
       Died     23. 2.1968
       Notes    1968/C/2772

       Name     Arthur Richardson
       Father   Johnny Richardson
       Mother   May Conway
       Died      5. 3.1968
       Notes    1968/C/1173

       Name     Katherine Merle Hill
       Father   Billy Hill
       Mother   Milda Daisy
       Died     14. 3.1968
       Notes    1968/C/1182

       Name     Dempsy Booth
       Father   Frank Booth
       Mother   Toney Willis
       Died     19. 3.1968
       Notes    1968/C/1212

       Name     Willie Toolban
       Father   Frank William
       Mother   Polly
       Died      7. 5.1968
       Notes    1968/C/2751

       Name     Rosie Williams
       Father   Willie Williams
       Mother   Nancy Bates
       Died     18. 5.1968
       Notes    1968/C/2867

       Name     Wesley Terrence Friday
       Father   Jerry Friday
       Mother   Emma Swain
       Died      3. 6.1968
       Notes    1968/C/2820

       Name     Marcus Roberts
       Father   Reedy
       Mother   Tilly Roberts
       Died     17. 8.1968
       Notes    1968/C/5047

       Name     Willie Healey
       Father   Fred Healey
       Mother   Molly
       Died     29. 8.1968
       Notes    1968/C/5014

       Name     Ivy Veronica Booth
       Father   Colin Booth
       Mother   Dawn Walker
       Died     13. 9.1968
       Notes    1968/C/5050

       Name     Steven Saunders
       Father   George Saunders
       Mother   Katie
       Died     16.10.1968
       Notes    1968/C/6927

       Name     Stanley Skene
       Father   Johnny Skene
       Mother   Polly
       Died      4.11.1968
       Notes    1968/C/6931

       Name     Alexander Tiers
       Mother   Violet Tiers
       Died     21.11.1968
       Notes    1968/C/6402 (Date of Birth is 1955)

       Name     Arthur John Daylight
       Father   Eddie Daylight
       Mother   Lola Reid
       Died     12.12.1968
       Notes    1968/C/6912

       Name     Linden David Brown
       Father   Colin Brown
       Mother   Peggy Nero
       Died     24.12.1968
       Notes    1969/C/1041

       Name     Selwyn Roy Barnes
       Mother   Pauline Henry
       Died     11. 4.1969
       Notes    1969/C/2811

       Name     Christopher David Watson
       Father   Ken Watson
       Mother   Delia Langlo
       Died     10. 7.1969
       Notes    1969/C/4843

       Name     William Ronald Mi Mi
       Father   William Mi Mi
       Mother   Beryl Phillips
       Died     24. 8.1969 
       Notes    1970/C/1202

       Name     Rene Ann Winkle
       Father   Roy Winkle
       Mother   Esther Cowell
       Died     11. 1.1970
       Notes    1970/C/1156

       Name     Maria Marcella Cameron
       Father   Maurice David Cameron
       Mother   Alma Saunders
       Died     22. 2.1970
       Notes    1970/C/1157

       Name     Hoopiron
       Father   Jimmy
       Mother   Emma
       Died      5. 5.1970
       Notes    1970/C/3069

       Name     Donald Murray
       Father   Arthur Murray
       Mother   Dolly Daylight
       Died      7. 6.1970
       Notes    1970/C/7487

       Name     Melinda Dawnn Accoom
       Father   Francois Accoom
       Mother   Colleen Rose Reid
       Died     11. 1.1971
       Notes    1971/C/1308

       Name     William Terrence Hill
       Father   Billy Hill
       Mother   Melda Daisy
       Died      2.12.1970
       Notes    1971/C/1234
       Name     Stafford Dwayne Britcher
       Mother   Barbara Ann Britcher
       Died     15. 4.1971
       Notes    1971/C/3180

       Name     Jimmy Jacobs
       Died     15. 4.1971
       Notes    1971/C/3177

       Name     David John Williams
       Mother   Matilda Williams
       Died     18. 5.1971
       Notes    1971/C/3236

       Name     Nuggett Swan
       Father   Zulu Swan
       Mother   Mary Hanlon
       Died     30.12.1971
       Notes    1972/C/1277

       Name     Caroline Grace Williams
       Father   David John Williams
       Mother   Fay Rosetta Saunders
       Died     22. 2.1972
       Notes    1972/C/1233

       Name     Norman George
       Father   Charlie George
       Mother   Katie
       Died      2. 3.1972
       Notes    Married1972/C/3113

       Name     Kenneth Watson
       Father   Albert Watson
       Mother   Grace Saunders
       Died     15. 4.1972
       Notes    1972/C/3041

       Name     Dulcie Mi Mi
       Father   William Barnes
       Mother   Alice Barnes
       Died     25. 7.1972
       Notes    1972/C/5261

       Name     Johnson Mate Mate
       Father   Davey Mate Mate
       Mother   Dolly
       Died     29. 8.1972
       Notes    1972/C/7186

       Name     Bob Robin
       Father   Bob Robin
       Died     29. 6.1972
       Notes    1972/C/5209