Home Office Inwards Correspondence Exemptions and Miscellaneous 1912 - 1930

Home Office Registers of Letters Received 1912 - 1935 Correspondence Referring to Exemptions and Miscellaneous Detailed reference Location at the start of each year below. Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1912 Item ID 17919 Previous System Location HOM/B40; PRV8622/1/2 Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. (a) Exemptions Name Action Notes Eunice Wallen A Geo. Reid A Dalton Exemption from Myora Saby Woods A Ivy Bailey R Half-caste from Cairns Mary Livermore R Mitchell Queenie Walsh Matilda Edmons R Larry Lane A Billy Fitz W. Lane R Intelligent behaviour Albert Skinner A 22 aborigines and half-castes refused. (b) Miscellaneous Name Notes Sarah Kendal Dooley Tracker at Warra. Recmd RO to Taroom Lucy May Young Re: Adoption of her child Katey Atkins RO from Kilkivan Settlement Agnes Johnson Lucy Gracemere Saxby RO Hughenden to Barambah Mary Sullivan Lucy Gracemere Winifred Brown H/C. Garnishee of wages Maggie Carlow King Toby Halifax Nora McDonald Nundah Edith Wilson Lucy Waters Blackall Eunice Wallen Exemption Certificate Tom Thumb ) RO Taroom to Barambah Jacol alias M. or H. Ruthven ) RO Taroom to Barambah Little Fanny RO Eidsvold to Barambah Matilda Booldoon George Reid H/C. Exemption Certificate Clarke River Amy Murray Mary Blackman Madge Ferguson Sophie Marmon Madge Ferguson Lizzie Alec Nellie ) Orphan of Hughenden Harold ) Orphan of Hughenden Dolly ) Orphan of Hughenden Lucy Waters Annie Uhr Order for transfer to Barambah Jun Darranga Innisfail Geo Speechley Maggie Ruby Alford Little Fanny Wife of a leper. Now in good hands Rosie RO Georgetown to Cape Bedford Mary Livermore Dalton Exemptions from Myora Mary ) RO Meteor Downs to Barambah Mary Tyson ) RO Meteor Downs to Barambah George Bengilla Saby Woods Recmd Exemption Certificate Daisy Ned's gin. Wants to join him at Normanton Ivy K 1/4C. Recmd Exemption Certificate Chas Foley H/C. RO Moreton Island to Taroom Kangaroo RO Stewarts Creek to Barambah Dorothy Salisbury H/C Dan Brodie Permission to marry a H/C aged 16y Fanny Little & children RO Eidsvold to Barambah Ned Cullen RO Brisbane Prison to Barambah Charley ) RO Longreach to Barambah Lucy ) RO Longreach to Barambah Mary Livermore Exemption Certificate issued Nellie Grogan RO Port Douglas to Yarrabah Mary A Carr Mary Pie Winton Percy Query RO Boggo Road Gl to Taroom Harry Jerome RO Brisbane to Taroom Ned Cullen Wants wife and kids to come to Barambah Ivy H/C. Removal to Barambah Dolly H/C. Brisbane Mitchell Exemption Certificate Queenie Walsh Exemption Certificate Nipper N.T. boy. will be sent to Camooweal with drovers Bertha Walsh Jas Dick Place dynamited last night Dolly Kobber Woombi Barambah Lucy Barambah Matilda Edmons Recmd Exemption Certificate Nipper Ivy Cairns ) Mary Cairns ) King Tommy Larry Lane Exemption Certificate Billy Fitz Exemption Certificate Goondool ) Matilda ) Polly Holdsworth Wishes to return to Cooktown to marry Phillip Tipo Eva Query For authority to bring her from Taroom to Roma hospital Winnie Barlow Lucy Re: Permission to marry Wombi Tommy Nerang Removal to Taroom Mukai Mary ) Not to return Mary Tyson ) to Meteor Downs Billy Goram That his wife Mary Brown be sent to him at Taroom Violet Enersey Jimmy Darranga James Dick House burnt down Madeline Ferguson W Lane H/C. Recmd Exemption Certificate Charley In Gaol for assaulting Police. Recmd removal of him and his gin Biddy Billy Murray RO Avondale to Taroom Bunberradubera Removal from Mitchell. (To Taroom) Jack New Fong RO to Barambah Friday RO Cooktown to Taroom or other Sandy Refuses to leave Mt Perry for Barambah Sarah Kendall Kitty Nanango. Very old. Charley RO of George from Weipa to Barambah, Murdering wife Ben RO Cloncurry to Barambah Toby ) RO Wrights Ck to reserve (Taroom) Amy ) RO Wrights Ck to reserve (Taroom) Bella RO Kanuna to reserve Jack New Fong Willing to live at Myora Binda Binda ) RO Burketown to Barambah Boxer ) RO Burketown to Barambah Fred ) RO Burketown to Barambah Wollolunga ) RO Burketown to Barambah Albert Skinner Exemption Certificate Bessie Broome H/C. RO Avondale to Barambah Nellie Brown That Corporal Gilbert's step-daughter be removed to a mission ------------------------------------------------------ Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1913 Item ID 17921 Previous System Location HOM/B42; PRV8622/1/4 Certificates of Exemption and Miscellaneous Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. (a) Certificates of Exemption Name Action Notes Nellie A Half-caste girl Jack Evans NR Selina Mitchell A R. Murphy A Half-caste M. Drumley A J. Bell A G.F. Stephenson A for his half-caste daughter Julia Bell Forwarding certificate John Brown R E.P. Coolwell A Robert Murphy R Joe Barnet A Williams A Williams girls Tom Jaro R Daisy Digarbie R Jas. Armstrong R Half-caste May Sandys A Emily Yorke R Lillian Edwards R Joseph Selim R Lily R Half-caste John Corkpau R Norah Clark R Frank Balcer R May Sandys Revoke Joe McGregor R (b) Miscellaneous Sergt. Brown Recommend removal Tewantin ) to a reserve ) Susan Brown " " ) Lizzie Hickson Exemption Monday Transport to Taroom Paddy Lisha Transport to Taroom Pompey Transport to Taroom Alick Molons Transport to Taroom Half-caste women and children Mt. Carbine to Barambah ------------------------ Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1914 Item ID 17923 Previous System Location HOM/B44; PRV8622/1/6 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Bessie Johnson R George Speechley Not recommend Clubbin Billy Goondiwindi R Bradfield A, and gin Bertie Dixon R Adelaide Drumley R Harold Gainsford R Albert Hill R Dinah Cunway R Nellie Spears R Frank Micklow R ) Alec Smith R ) Curtis Ford R Kitty R John Williams R Wm. Hart A Joe Craigie R Ester Ford R Jack Hazel R Chas. King R Chas. N. MacDonald R Black Barney R Fanny Constantine R Wm. Ah Kit R Geo. Sibley R E. Braikenridge A Thomas Williams Cancel Lucy Hull River R Hebert R Flo Kemp A ---------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1915 Item ID 17925 Previous System Location HOM/B46; PRV8622/1/8 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Braikenridge A Willie Lee A Chrissie Lucas R Clara Kelly R Willie Heron R ) Roger Nicol R ) Arthur Williams R S. Koosuer A Emily Campbell A Wilfred Brown R Willie Nicol A ) Roger Hiron A ) Charlie Addo Ingham A Joe Craigie R J. Johnson R ) Tabby Blucher R ) Willie Ah Duck R ) Thorpe A Nancy Horn A Johnny Patterson R David Wright Townsville R Skipper Koosuer R F. Braikenridge A Mabel Hislop R ) Roy Hislop R ) Bessie Mt. Garnet Cancel H/C J. Braikenridge A Jacob Braikenridge R Fred Braikenridge R Frank McInnes R Alick Sore R Jack Peak Mungallale A Wm. Hopkins Kanya R Frederick Blackman R A = Application R = Recommendation --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1916 Item ID 17927 Previous System Location HOM/B48; PRV8622/1/10 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Tommy Duncan R Cancellation Kate Ah Sam A Peake A Half-caste Bessie (Protests against cancellation of certificate) Wm. Brown Moray Downs A R. Cameron Moray Downs A F. Tier Grosvenor Downs A A. Braikenridge Mossman A Jas. Moore Ballon A Lulu Ross Brisbane R Annie Healy Brisbane R Joe Purcell R Sally Winchester R Charlie Clark Springsure R Wm. Brown Moray Downs R Kate Ah Sam Rockhampton R Frederick Tier Grosvenor Downs R Percy Dixon Springsure R Robert Cameron Moray Downs R Ned Butcher Comet R Walter Simpson A Alpha Paige A ) Lilly Paige A ) Peter Edwards A Wm. Leu A Billy Priestly A Andrew Downs A Jack Johnson A Marshall Hill R Annie Roberts Thargomindah A Jimmy Johnston Mossman R Jane Wiseman A John Peak Mungallala A Marine Station - Application fot 5 half-castes in his employ Joe Terare Maryborough R Albert Holt Springsure A Abe Woods Roma A Bessie Hill Comet A Sandy Murphy Cullen-la-Ringo Stn A Alfred Gadd Springsure A Jerry Collins Springsure A Gordon Hutchinson A Geo. Turner Augathella R Mick Dancie Angledool A R. Eckford Marine Stn A Jack Orcher Angledool A Geo. Orcher Noondoo Stn A Bert Eckford Marine Stn A Edward Phillips Noondoo Stn A Tommy Orcher Bella Springsure A Philip Frazer Cunginella Stn A George Frazer Collie Blue Stn A Walter Simpson A Arthur Jackson Honeycomb Stn A Bob Wallace Mt. Spencer Stn A Wm. Perrott Mt. Garnet A Robert Miller Bangalow Stn A T.C. Duffy Proserpine A Harry Tyson Meteor Downs Stn A Hry. Kelly Jundah A Wm. G. Brown Cairns A G. Frazer Cungelalla Stn A E. Mitchell Talwood A Percy Frazer Springsure A Edward Mitchell Talwood A ) Lucy Mitchell Talwood A ) B. Brown Boompa A Geo. Barker Nebo A Flossie True Eidsvold Stn A Rob Davis Recmd. cancel Mamie S. Williams Recmd. cancel John Teare Bulliwallah Stn A Willie MacMahon A Elsie Mildren Mt. Molloy A James Kettle Augathella A Ellen Langlo Goatlands A A. Butterworth Gleneva Stn A Thos. Harrison Charleville A ----------------------------- Page 9 Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1917 Item ID 17929 Previous System Location HOM/B50; PRV8622/1/12 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Barney Mt. Morris Stn A Jack Walters Albany Downs A Thos. Smith A ) Harry Murray A ) Jupiter Mossman A Grace May Duffy A Archie Robertson A John Cavanagh Barambah A Logan McEvoy A ) George McEvoy A ) Charlie Ross Gracemere A Harry Murray Mitchell A Mamie Williams A Harry Sheridan A Wm. Pickering A Grace M. Duffy A Emily Kyle (Claussen) A N.E. Stephenson A Dup. Cert. Major Luco A Blanche Stanwell A Robert Martin R Half-caste Nancy A Half-caste Major Luco A Johnny Moldarah R Ranji Springsure A James Armstrong R Geo. Sheppard A George Thorpe Not. rec. Richard Brown A George McEvoy A ) Logan McEvoy A ) Dick West A George Sheppard A Toby Perry Saxby Downs A William McCormack Millungera A James Watson Goondiwindi A (Armstrong) George Budby Saltbush Park A George Budby A Dorothy Salisbary A Jack Rigby Goondiwindi R Louise Virtue A Dan Coleman (Asks to be allowed to work as a free man) Nicholas Macedon A ) Husband Topsy Macedon A ) Wife N.H. Gibson A ) Rose Roley R Tommy Nulla A Harry Harper R Cissie McDowall A John Martin Taroom R Dick Crain R H.T. Bollow R --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1918 Item ID 17931 Previous System Location HOM/B52; PRV8622/1/14 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Louisa Virtue (Asks why application refused) Banjo Born R ) Ranji Logan R ) Jinnie Fulton A Walter Barmey R Alick Armstrong R Paddy Brady Maryvale A Lena Pedris Mossman R Jack Street Nocatunga R Paddy Brady Maryvale Stn R Lilly Pollock St. George R Rob Plummer A Pearl Norton R Mick Fatten R Eddie MacGregor Purga R J. Kennedy Coen A J. Kavanagh Wondai A Family Gadd R Frank Johnson Frazers Island A Percy Rolfe R Namie Williams Kilrock A Fred Johnson Warbreccan Stn R Ida Johannsen Mt. Morgan R Gypsy (Employed by Mrs. M.J. Edwards of Mackay) Clara Carbine A Herbert Brown Barrondowne A Harold Yarrabah A Robt. Plummer Arabia Stn A H. Brown R Wm. Carney Innisfail R Lizzie Lewis Cunnamulla R Ada Hooper Cunnamulla R Kingie Horton Gin Gin R Lizzie Watson St. George R J. Morgenson Greenvale R --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1919 Item ID 17933 Previous System Location HOM/B54; PRV8622/1/16 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Frank Monkhouse Camooweal R Herbert Brown Barambah A Freddy Fox A ) L.P. Barrett A ) Jack Combo Jimbour A Wm. Carney Innisfail A R. Richards St. George A Alfred Burke Mitchell A J. Bray Surat A E. Mooney Alexandra A J. Crab Tambo A P. Frazer Camooweal A A. Turner Augathella A Thomas Norman Nocundra A Geo. Spooner Charleville A K. Brown Bonus Downs Stn A Ida Thorpe Townsville A Chas. Brierty Nocundra A Molly Ferguson Bowen A W. Lane (Asks to have C. of E., issued in 1912, cancelled) D. Lind A (Employed by F.C. Urquhart) Ned Kelly ( See removals. From Deebing Creek to Taroom) C. Carbine Rinnoul, Taroom Re-apply Annie Free Glen Innes A John Lee Camooweal A Frank Noble Goondiwindi A T. Fogarty Dulacca Stn A Charlie Chilly Landsborough A Bessie Bunn Greenvale A Florence Lancaster Cairns A Dora Craigie Winton A Madeline Ferguson (Asks for exemption. Protests against being under Department Control) Nancy Lee Rio A Frank Fallon A Jack Costello A H. Anderson Blackall A Lucy Costello Tilboroo Stn A Willie Rodgers Chillagoe A Robert Murphy Loraine Stn Renewal Harold Walsh Duaringa R Peter Davis Bloomsling R Robert Ah Sam Cloncurry R Byron Nathan Urandangie R Joe Fitzroy Charleville R Tommy Dodd Rocky Springs R ) Tilly Dodd Rocky Springs R ) Teddy Williams Hawkwood R } Mary Williams Hawkwood R } Willie Martin Beaudesert R Billy Burdekin Ingham A Harry Skene Blackdown Stn R Frank Morris Oxford Downs Stn R Dorothy Salisbury Brisbane A Harold Doyle Taroom R Henry Carbarngo Taroom R Adam Hopkins Boyne Side R Tabby Blucher Mossman R Alick Houston Lawn Hill Stn R John Wilde Urandangie R John Green Urandangie R Harry Lawson Urandangie R James Noble Goondiwindi R Frank Hudson Forest Home Stn R Billy Burdekin Stone River R Joseph Scrulton Turn Off Lagoon R Paul Parker Consuelo, Springsure A Niney McDonald Charleville R Annie Lee Edungalba R Jack Norman Avondale R Jessie Saville Croydon R James Houdah Lake Elphinstone R Frederick Collins Mitchell R Fred Fogarty Roma A Duke White Rio Stn R Henry Fuller Redbank Stn R Glen Combarngo Surat R ------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1920 Item ID 17935 Previous System Location HOM/B56; PRV8622/1/18 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Nellie Cameron Proserpine A S. Willie Croydon A Wm. Anderson Townsville A Hubert Thompson Edmonton A Dorothy Salisbury Brisbane Richard Hayden Wandagee R John O'Donnell Wandagee R Wm. Heathwood Eidsvold R ) Patrick Perkins Eidsvold R ) Roy True Eidsvold R ) Nelson Carabie Eidsvold R ) Jane Clark Meerawa A } William Clark Meerawa A } Husband Searriaco Ravina Mossman R Thos. Gruibarra Mossman R John Simpson Eidsvold R Myrtle Combarngo Surat R ) Ollie Combarngo Surat R ) Nellie Combarngo Surat R ) Billy Combarngo Surat R ) D. Barry Surat A O. Mingo Kyuna Renewal Lucy Hayes Moore Telegraph Stn R Victor Parker Gilbert River R Nigger McDonald (See removals. Brisbane to Barambah) Johnny Moldarah R Jack Oliffe Clarenton R Dick Dunbar Vanbrook Stn R ) Dick Sterling Vanbrook Stn R ) Satanic Nicholas Mossman R Willie Riley Gordon Downs R Rosie Obah Cairns A Otto Davis Cairns A Tommy Murray St. George R Victor Johnson A Molly McCarthy Innisfail R B. Bell Croydon A Albert Hagan Toompine R William Dempsey Yelvertoft Stn R James Wilson Barclay Stn R Robert Collis Normanton R George Thorpe Undina R Chris Papier Cluny Stn, Boulia R Paddy Bignell Normanton R Tommy Saville Turn off Lagoon R Dalby Barry Croydon R Topsy Macedon Cooktown R ) Nicholas Macedon Cooktown R ) Tommy Miller Herberton R Thos. W. Simpson Wondai R Tom Smith Mitchell R Walter Scott Normanton R Albert Samardin Lorraine Stn R Alick Woodley Normanton R Nelson Colless Inverleigh Stn R Geo. West Auburn Stn R John Bara Eidsvold R Arthur Blackenridge (See removal orders) Frank Burdekin Hillgrove Wm. Newman Walgra Arthur Budden Stonehenge Stn Pincher Cerrita Stn Jubilee Locus Page Boulia Mick Ambrym Kairi Stn Johnny Cake Pine Creek Jack Wallace Innisfail Wm. Joubert Barry Kings Plains Stn Alick Houston Lawn Hill Stn Paul Parker Consuelo, Springsure A James Lingwoodock Toomoo Stn W. Simpson Edmonton, Cairns A Wm. Massey Rokeby Stn Nellie Asaki Carpentaria Downs A Frank Stewart St. George Talentine Reid Normanton Emma Nicol Bowen Ahwang Saptu Thursday Island Wakky Boin Stn Eric Samardin Burketown ) Ondong Samardin Burketown ) Bemi Bell Croydon Wm. Clarke Gordonvale Charlie Cavanagh Dagwood Stn Bert Brown Gayndah Recd. Revoke Paddy Maund ) Thos. Roger ) Biddie Tommy ) Churataka Charlie ) (See removal orders) Jas. Craigie Wrangangin Wm. Buckland Normanton Frederick Martin Walgra Stn George West Emerald Jas. Williams Eidsvold John Barry Urandangie Harry George Valley of Lagoons Theresa Parker Atherton Jessie Saville Croydon Duplicate Harry Roberts Hillview Sandy Connors Maytown Willie Ah Duck Recmd. cancel Ruby Cressbrook Spong Cairns Not recmd. Atima Ahwong A Fred Rummage Charleville A John McAlister Carpentaria -------------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1921 Item ID 17937 Previous System Location HOM/B58; PRV8622/1/20 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action David Wombi Gum Holes Stn Amy Dodd Bollon Tommy Nulla Saxby Downs Unnamed Cairns (Application by Mrs J. Connors from Cairns for half-caste girl so she can take her to Brisbane) Alf Black Murgon Daisy Lind Brisbane Fred Smith Taroom Edward Smith Mitchell George Saunders Mitchell Dorothy Salisbury Sydney Recmd. defer Jane Williams Charters Towers Tommy Mitchell Yelvensoft Stn Victor Johnson Mitchell A Jack Kearns Mitchell Leslie Prosser Carlton Hills Tommy Dodd Bollon Alfred Garrett Duaringa Phillip A. Jose Ayrton, Bloomfield Rv A Henry Biguell Normanton Victor Johnson Mitchell John Wilson Urandangie Figaro Laura Stn John Campbell Urandangie Charles Parkes Mitchell Kate Campbell Charleville Alick Little Rockybar Stn Olive McCarthy Brisbane A Arthur Douglas Cooktown Minnie Gough Innisfail A Arthur Isles Meteor Downs Joseph Braikenridge Recmd. cancel Davey Kelly Gayndah Thomas Ferguson Urandangie Nellie Cameron Proserpine Ruby B. Spong Cairns Dorothy Salisbury Sydney Minnie Gough Innisfail George Foster Bollon George Reid Charters Towers Money owing Peter Caldwell Davenport Downs Kathleen Ellen McIllwraith Brisbane Dinah Gordon Aramac (Mrs. Fred Johnson) Alf McCarthy Forest Vale, Mitchell Willie Wag Gayndah Alfred Watty Cairns George Couchy Eidsvold Or Conchy Cora Burketown Alice Nicholson Brisbane ----------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1922 Item ID 17939 Previous System Location HOM/B60; PRV8622/1/22 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Fred Fogarty Brooklands A Alfred Foster Bollon R Edmund Gootchie Gayndah A Logan Rangis Gayndah A Vincent Blackman R ) Jessie Blackman R ) Fred Fogarty Purga R Tom Kirwin Buckingham Downs R Clara Anderson Brisbane R Ivy Anderson Brisbane R Daisy May Brisbane R Peter Wallace Ingham R Arthur Isles Recmd. revoke (Drinks to excess) Jack O'Donnell Southport R ) Annie O'Donnell Southport R ) Henry Bowen Nive Downs R Clara McLennan Wilsons Plains A Charlie King Currumbin R Sophia Nulla Roma A Joe James Bluff, Duaringa R Ben Roberts Byzantium, Bolton Dis R Sydney Roberts Dingwall Stn R Peter Wallace Ingham R Michael Flick Goondiwindi R Robert Cameron Clermont Half-caste (Already under exemption. ? Continue this) Charlie Sore Innisfail R Fred Pitt N.S.W. R ) Walter Quinn N.S.W. R ) Harry Haines N.S.W. R ) Fred Johnson Springsure Recmd. revoke Frank Hudson Georgetown Recmd. revoke George Noble Mona Mona R ) Molly Noble Mona Mona R ) Harry Grogan Mona Mona R ) Rose Grogan Mona Mona R ) Clara McClennan Wilsons Plains (Mrs. Costello requests exemption for.) Elsie Rouse Ipswich A Clara McLennan Wilsons Plains A Leslie Lawton Augathella R Edward Williams Beaudesert R Joe Junior Chillagoe A George Ah Sam Cloncurry R Annie Mascoyan Innisfail R Darcy Prosser Duchess R Willie Collins Innisfail R Ned Motlop Harvey Creek A --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1923 Item ID 17941 Previous System Location HOM/B62; PRV8622/1/24 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Ned Motlop Harvey Creek A Frank Whitford Bollon R Ned Motlop Harvey's Creek Not Recmd. Jessie Thorpe Cloncurry A Harry Wilcox Innisfail R Arthur Bundi Mitchell R Bob Romelo Goondi A Larry Manning Edmonton R George Dennis Blackrock nr. Ingham A Wm. Ivory Camboon Refused Willie Bowen R Lightning Willie Bowen R John W. Beckett Glenhaughton Stn R James Fuller Camboon R Logan Ranji Camboon R Kingie Thompson Rokeby Stn R Freddy Dodd Camboon R Bunda Collins Eidsvold R Bob Romelo Cardwell R Timmie Albury Duaringa R Tottie Quicksilver Beaudesert A Minnie Edith White Red Hill A Albert MacKenzie Ayr R Fred Braikenridge Mossman (Recommends certificate be revoked and removal to Palm Island) Archie Roberts Forest Vale Stn Recmd revoke Minnie White Brisbane R Florrie Beckett Beaudesert A Peter Gibson Mapoon R Joseph Braikenridge Mt. Molloy A Jinny King Tarzali R William Priestly St. George R Flinders Thompson Dolswood State Stn R Bertie Cameron R ) Willie Cameron R ) Johnson O'Neill Jundah R Walter Couchy Gayndah R Joseph A. Darvue Ardoch Stn A Dolly McDonald Lochnegar R Robert Busch Thursday Island R Dan Owens Mt. Surprise R Adam Hopkins Recmd. revoke George Sibley Mt. Molloy Recmd. revoke Daniel Wall jnr. Tabe Tin Mines A Cherry O'Keeffee Millungra Stn, Croydon A Mary Blair Karumba R Tom Anderson Five Mile R Willie Busch Mapoon R Patrick M. Keating Gordonvale R Jimmy Johnston Mossman Recmd. revoke George Hooper Cunnamulla R James Joyce Innisfail R Cyril Waite Mitchell R Etta Hodges Thursday Island R Harry Dunn A ------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1924 Item ID 17943 Previous System Location HOM/B64; PRV8622/1/26 Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Harry Bunn (Asks why not exempted) Peter Wallace (For certificate) David Endoyn Merluna Stn R Harold Gainsford Ravenswood Junction R Dan Wall Chillagoe R Roy Morris Cooroora, Blackwater R Jack Olliffe Taroom Recmd. revoke Ivy Kearns South Brisbane A Lottie Lane Brisbane R Shelby Groves Mt. Molloy A ) Patrick Groves Mt. Molloy A ) Janet Benson Cunnamulla R Lilly M. Brown Cairns R Jack Edwards Innisfail R Sam Watson Nebo R Bob Hardiman Springsure R Harry Mi Mi Wondai R James Hubbard Cunnamulla R Nellie Spears Recmd. revoke Snapshot Jack McRae Glenormidon A Tommy Jaro Gayndah Recmd. revoke Nellie Miller ) Dorothy Salisbury ) Ivy Warroo ) (Report on application of the above three by J. Dinning ) Frank Ivory Mt. Perry R Archie Campbell Ravenshoe R Maggie Dixon Ravenshoe A Mick Speedy Bollon R Rose Anderson Mt. Molloy R Arthur Frackelton Lawn Hills Stn R Dan Peterson Gregory Rv, Proserpine R Jimmy Kennedy Rokeby Stn, Coen R Robert Plummer Banana Stn (Exemption granted 10.10.1918. Asks for fresh certificate) Ted Elwood Mickavilla Stn, Quilpie R Smiler Hoosan Burketown R Charles S. Coates Harveys Ck near Cairns R Harry Nolan Mt. Funnell via Koumala R Bertie Fergusan Rookwood Stn R ) Harry Wilson Rookwood Stn R ) Wm. Carney Daradgee A George West Auburn Stn R Geoffrey Carbine Taroom R ------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1925 Item ID 17945 Previous System Location HOM/B66; PRV8622/1/28 Queensland State Archives Correspondence re: Certificates of Exemption N.B. A = Application for C. of E. R = Recommended for C. of E. Name Place Action Tommy Chin Fat Thursday Island R Arthur Iles Springsure A Bertie Wilson Charleville R Sprinkle Murphy Jundah R Alick Reid Gracemere, Rockhampton R Dolly Murray Dirranbandi A Linda Ferguson Mareeba R Wm. Carney Innisfail R George O'Brien Normanton R Victor Leftwich Yarrabah R Blanche Davis Brisbane A - not recmd. Frank Jose Bloomfield River A Johnson O'Neill Barambah Recmd. revoke C. Bribanks Rockhampton A Jack Lynch Purga R Nancy Wilston Recmd. revoke Frederick Martin R Kerr Cooper Hughenden R Dora Quinn A Wm. Barrett Augathella R Oliver Ayr R N. Ross Ayr R ) E. Stell Ayr R ) Harry Roberts Rockhampton R Tom Anderson Ingham Recmd. revoke Alfred Martin Dunwich R Willie Doyle Goondi R Joe Boland Kyawanna R George Wake Bowen A Hughie Gadd Springsure Recmd. revoke -------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters received, 1926 Item ID 17947 Previous System Location HOM/B68; PRV8622/1/30 Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Christian Name Surname Location Year Action Charles Turner Eromanga 1926 R Paddy Groves Mt. Molloy 1926 R Roy Close Dunwich 1926 R Alex Sing Carlton Hills 1926 R George Hooper Mitchell 1926 R Stanley Luco Hughenden 1926 R George Ah Sam Cloncurry 1926 R Roy Smith Purga 1926 R Fred Carbine Weulba? 1926 R Jack Kippen Carlton Hills 1926 R Lowney Kelly Charleville 1926 R Bessie Bowie Grasstree 1926 R Bella Gundy Rockhampton 1926 A Caroline O'Brien Mt. Molloy 1926 R Sprinkle Murphy Longreach 1926 Revoke Oscar Munns Taroom 1926 R Willie Ah Wong Mossman 1926 R Joe McGregor Goondiwindi 1926 R Sprinkle Murphy Longreach 1926 R Wm. Hatton Beaudesert 1926 R John Williams Beaudesert 1926 R Alick Lyall Mungana 1926 R Minnie Thomas Rockhampton 1926 A (Mrs.) Jessie Brown Beaudesert 1926 R James Barley Atherton 1926 R George Fogarty Beaudesert 1926 R Wm. Drumley Beaudesert 1926 R Wm. Williams Beaudesert 1926 R Herbert Brown Purga 1926 R Peter Gunnawarra Stn 1926 R Wm. Brown Beaudesert 1926 R Gladys Bowler Richmond 1926 R Joe? Brook Millea Millea 1926 R George Hooper Charleville 1926 R Frazer Kruger Augathells 1926 R Harold Munns Taroom 1926 R Leslie Armstrong Winton Stn 1926 A Sarah McGrath Gladstone 1926 A Clyde Combo Barambah 1926 A Albert Mitchell Alpha 1926 R -------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters received, 1927 Item ID 17949 Previous System Location HOM/B70; PRV8622/1/32 Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Christian Name Surname Location Year Action Arthur Bird Tallwood 1927 R Frank Ranji Peeramon 1927 R Joe Purcell Charleville 1927 A Lizzie Bowen Goomeri 1927 R Jack Bennett Betoota 1927 R Thomas Clancy Gayndah 1927 Revoke (Deceased) Harry Rouse Ipswich 1927 R George Law Gayndah 1927 A Mr. Law Gayndah 1927 A Mrs. Law Gayndah 1927 A Mr. Wagg Gayndah 1927 A Mrs. Wagg Gayndah 1927 A Mr. Cobbo Gayndah 1927 A Mrs. Cobbo Gayndah 1927 A Application for the Exemption of the child adopted by Thomas Battle of Malanda. Shin Ah Gow Woondoola Stn. 1927 R Shin Ah Mum Woondoola Stn. 1927 R George Ah Gow Woondoola Stn. 1927 R Richard West Riverleigh 1927 Removal Elsie Malanda 1927 Not Granted (Half-caste adopted by T.W. Battle of malanda. Recommmend Exemption not granted but permit to retain the child be given, provided she is placed under his married daughter's care) Albert Burke Marlborough 1927 R Ned Parker Croydon 1927 R Alice Cameron Heathwood 1927 R William Cameron Heathwood 1927 R Cherry O'Keefe 1927 R Goldern Croydon 1927 R Jack Williams Kinnoul Stn. 1927 R William Ah Duck Mossman 1927 R Jimmy Williams Kinnoul Stn. 1927 R Albert Jackey Beaudesert 1927 R Blanche Davis Brisbane 1927 A (Gives her money to a man) Cameron Finnegan Chillagoe 1927 A Agnes Hegerty Tambo 1927 A Mick McCabe Springvale Stn. 1927 R Harry McCabe Springvale Stn. 1927 R Reggie McCabe Springvale Stn. 1927 R Bill Sullivan Springvale Stn. 1927 R Teddy Waddy Woorabinda 1927 R Freddy Waddy Woorabinda 1927 R Ruby Waddy Woorabinda 1927 R Willie Wag Eidsvold 1927 R Doreen Wag Eidsvold 1927 R George South Mitchell 1927 R Kathleen Koosnay Blackall 1927 A Vincent F. Law Gayndah 1927 A --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters received, 1928 Item ID 17951 Previous System Location HOM/B72; PRV8622/1/34 Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Christian Name Surname Location Year Action James McEvoy 1928 R Jack Hansen 1928 R (Recommend 6 month trial of Exemption) Percy Edwards 1928 R Freddy Murdoch 1928 R Leslie Prosser Carlton Hills 1928 R Peter Pacey Shorven 1928 R Susan Lifu Mossman 1928 A Susan Sioux Mossman 1928 A Henry Croydon Gordonvale 1928 R Freddy Waddy Cunnamulla 1928 R Willie Rodgers Blackdown Stn. 1928 Revoke Joe Dosatto Chillagoe 1928 Revoke Hector Rutherford Clermont 1928 R Georges Rosa Noondoo Stn. 1928 R Rosa Georges Noondoo Stn. 1928 R Lorna Clarke Glen Eva Stn. 1928 R Mary Barker Glen Eva Stn. 1928 R Joe Purcell Charleville 1928 Revoke Elsie Monday Wallshot Stn. 1928 R Charry O'Keeffee Croydon 1928 R George Ryan Hughenden 1928 A Sid Willis Ayr 1928 R Shelley Grover Mt. Molloy 1928 R Isabel Lane Winton 1928 R Herbert Ross Elgin Vale 1928 R Jack Dasou Thursday Is. 1928 R Emanuel A. Jose Mossman 1928 R Leresa Kee Woorabinda 1928 R Alfie Stanley Bowen 1928 R Herbert Nixon Rosevale Stn. 1928 R Walter Nixon Rosevale Stn. 1928 R Jack Street Eromanga 1928 Revoke Mogadan Lobermory Stn. 1928 R Adlam Bowen 1928 R Adlems Bowen 1928 R Harry Murray Mitchell 1928 Revoke Bertie Lana Neumayer Valley 1928 R Eric Gracemere Brisbane 1928 R Michael L. Mitchell Alpha 1928 R Thomas Samuals Deeral 1928 A Carabee Nelson Eidsvold 1928 R Saltner Nelson Eidsvold 1928 R Louis Mothe Deeral 1928 A Donald Coffey Magnetic Is. 1928 R Tommy Mitchell Yungaburra 1928 R Gordon Weatherall Dirranbandi 1928 R ----------------------------------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters received, 1929 Item ID 17953 Previous System Location HOM/B74; PRV8622/1/36 Certificate of Exemption Correspondence Queensland State Archives Christian Name Surname Place Action Walter Couchy Gayndah Revoke Jessie Winks Longreach A Dorothy Winks Longreach A Doris Mitchell Taroom R Nina Combarngo Surat R John Mothe Deeral R Combarngo Surat Cancel family Tom Cassidy Emerald R Albert Mitchell Alpha Revoke Eric Millar Meteor Downs R Elsie Roberts Curraghmore Stn R William McKinlay Marida Not recommend Albert McKenzie Ayr Revoke Robert Logan Woodlawn R Bob Andrews Toonpan R Daisy Howard Bowen R Duke Howard Bowen R Albert Jones Boonooroo R Leslie Ross Dingo R Bart Camaron Barwon Lake A Joe Carfar Ayr R Gladys Myquick Thursday Island R Nellie Addo Ayr R Claude Anderson Baralaba R Cecil Rolleston R Fred Dodd Camboon Revoke Jessie Winks Longreach R Dora Winks Longreach R Morris Serico Charleville R Jack Hansen Urandangie R Snapshot Urandangie R Teddy Chinchilla A Eric Hatton Chinchilla A Alex Hayden Gracemere R Richard Brown Biggenden R Nellie Addo Ayr Cancel Johnny Tooth Mt. Garnet R Lizzie Tooth Mt. Garnet R Charles Considine Monstraven R Elliott Lefo Gordonvale A Eric Bond R Percy Saltner R Alex Haden R Albert Brown Tara A Hugh Blow Beaudesert R Kitty Blow Beaudesert R Roy White Baralaba R A = Application R = Recommendation ------------------------------------------------ Home Office Register of Letters received, 1930 Item ID 17955 Previous System Location HOM/B76; PRV8622/1/38 Certificate of Exemption Correspondence Queensland State Archives Christian Name Surname Place Action Laura Casino Mt. Garnet R Roy Close Dunwich R Albert J. Sweeney Diamantina Lake New Exemption Charlie Archer Mt. Mulligan A Daisy Archer Mt. Mulligan A Roy White Baralaba R Norman Clark Barambah R Chas. Richards Niva R R. Anderson Purga A Nellie Adoo Revoke Alex Sore Innisfail A Laura Casino Mt. Garnet A Maurice Aplin Planet Downs S R Roy Murphy Augustus Downs R Alex Sore Innisfail Cancel Leonard Law A Freddy McKenzie Malagarga R T. Blackman Murgon A Alice Harris Ingham R Cyril Possum Miriamvale A Ada Collins Mitchell R Laura Casino Mt. Garnet A Leonard Law Gayndah Not recommend Willie Ivory Camboon Cancel Jessie Saville Cloncurry Cancel Clem Hazel Mundubbera R Leonard Law Gayndah A Laura Casino Mt. Garnet A Jack Anderson Barambah Stn A Ned West Chinchilla R Albert J. Sweeney Diamantina Park New Cert. Jack McDowell Mt. Garnet R N. Clarke Re - Money owing Laura Casino Mt. Garnet A E. Lefo Why not granted Garvey Port Coen A William Evans Coen A L. Bell Purga A F. Wolfgram Strathmore R Moses Obah Saltwater R Ruby Helpman Fishers Creek R Harry Davis Urangan R Bob Anderson Purga R Albert Burke Revoke A = Application R = Recommendation -------------------------------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1931 Item ID 266747 Previous System Location A/4736; RSI211/1/1 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Moses Dallachy Gainsford Stn R Fred Saltner Auburn Stn R Emily Miller Longmorn Stn R Prince White Baralaba R - and family Alice Roberts Mt. Molloy R Elvie Hutchinson Alroy Stn R Tom Blackman Sexton R Willie Pickering Gayndah Duplicate Alex Sore A Harry Davy Babinda R Tabina Possum Beryonda R Elsie Fox Herberton R Lizzie Jose Mossman R Dolly Anderson Purga R John Barry Urandangie Cancel A. Sore Innisfail Not Recommend J. Davey Babinda A ) J. Till Babinda A ) J. Ferguson Cairns R William Ivory Camboon R John Cummins Dobbyn R Jack Till Babinda R Malley Charters Towers R Edward Mi Mi Gayndah R Thomas Mitchell Recommend cancel Vincent Blackman Cancel Wm. Woods Gayndah R J. Bogle Ayr R E. Fewings Mulgeldie R A. Kenny Dobbyn R ) J. Scott Dobbyn R ) E.G. Law Gayndah R A = Application R = Recommendation ---------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1932 Item ID 266748 Previous System Location A/4737; RSI211/1/2 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Billie Britcher A Thomas Saville Cancel Robert Anderson Woorabinda R Albert Skinner Gayndah R Nellie Robbins Cloncurry A Leonard Law Cherbourg A. for 6 months Jack Baker Cloncurry R Hector Tommy Tommy Mt. Gordon R C. McDowell Mundingburra Revoke (Revoke and remove to Palm Island) Charlie Sailor Cairns R Dick Hoolihan Stoneleigh R Muriel Anderson A ) May Anderson A ) Muriel Anderson R ) May Anderson R ) David Endoyn Revoke Alf Hector Kunwarra A George Wake Bowen A P. Perkins Eidsvold Re: cancellation Agnes Ross Rockhampton R Joe Purcell Mackay R Mrs. Mailman Cherbourg (Release from Cherbourg to go to her son at Babbiloora) Ida Croyden R A. Rowe Barambah A and wife Maggie Kee Colombo Stn R John Williams Thursday Is R Jack Hall Dirranbandi R F. Wolfgram Cancel A = Application R = Recommendation --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1933 Item ID 266749 Previous System Location A/4738; RSI211/1/3 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Jimmy Bogle Cairns R David Henderson Cooktown A Owen F. Lucas Normanton R Joe Purcell R'cmd not revoke Arthur Locke Gordonvale R Lennie Law Gayndah R Bob Power Townsville R George Beckett Purga A D. Henderson Cooktown R'cmd 12 months Charles Mow Deeral A Jack Lander Arrabury A T. Waroo Brisbane A and daughter Charles Mow Deeral R B. Beckett Re: daughter Charles Alley Charters Towers R Harry Roberts Cancel William Evans Coen Cancel Reg Dodd Many Peaks R Mandayongi Silkwood ) Removal to Sambo Silkwood ) Palm Nellie Silkwood ) Island Abraham Sailor Halifax R Marie Mitchell Mitchell R Michael Murphy Babinda R A = Application R = Recommendation --------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1934 Item ID 266750 Previous System Location A/4739; RSI211/1/4 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Paddy Perkins Eidsvold R J. Hughie Mourangie A Moses Obah R'cmd revoke A. Carney Darrdgee A A. Wilson Mt. Garnet R Sarah Staines Indooroopilly R Susie Mitchell Dunwich A Maud Thorpe Cloncurry A nee Parry Thomas F. Conway Innisfail R T. Blackman Sexton R'cmd revoke Agnes Carney R James Hobbs Innisfail R Ivy Waroo Ashgrove R ) Marjorie Waroo Ashgrove R ) W.H. Butler Boulia R James Mitchell Alpha R Allan Thompson Croftley A George Clarke Charleville A Dick Clarke Mt. Garnet R Jack Fortune Palm Island R Fred Reid Biloela R Bob Roberts Charters Towers R Harry Mailman Augathella R Willie Pagel Mackay R Jessie Clarke Oorindi A Barney Holt Alpha R George Hookey R ) Charlie Hookey R ) Willie Hookey R ) Gracie Camp Camooweal R A = Application R = Recommendation ------------------------------- Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1935 Item ID 266751 Previous System Location A/4740; RSI211/1/5 Access Category 30 years Certificates of Exemption Queensland State Archives Name Place Action Maggie Buller Gladstone R Georgina Buller Gladstone R William McKinley Barcaldine R Robert Miller Goondiwindi Revoke Victor Ross Wynnum R Frank Birtles Quilpie A Jack Edward Innisfail Re-apply Annie Edwards Innisfail A Kozlan Assan Innisfail A George Sie Mow Deeral A Annie Mow Deeral A Mary Dennis Deeral A Harry Epong Innisfail A E. Moothe Deeral A Joe Morganson Greenvale Stn R Willie Masina A John Blooranta A Joe Mooner A Edith Garling A Jerry Croydon A Chas. Mow A (Mrs.) G. Weatherall A J. Williams Cancel M. Ramsey A Danial Mow A May Mow A James H. Draper G.G. Nichols A James Hobbs Innisfail A D. Richards A Annie Ross A (Mrs.) Sarah Moreton Not Recommend Jack Albert A J. O'Neill A renewal C. Holt A A = Application R = Recommendation