Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1923

Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1923 Item No ITM336285 Dates 01/01/1923 (approximate) - 31/12/1923 (approximate) Access Status Summary Open A/58706; RSI14961/1/299; A1 Item ID 336285 Queensland State Archives NO NUM Albert Hazzard died at Mugan Stn on 20. 7.1923. Buried on 21. 7.1923 at Mugan Stn. His wife is Isabella Hazzard and they were married in Roma. They had 6 children, the oldest being 19 years. The eldest son is in Dalby Hospital with a broken thigh. One son is George Alfred Hazzard Alberts parents are George Hazzard, West Indian, and Kitty, Aboriginal. Isabella's parents are Tom Kerr, white, and Maggie, Aboriginal. Kitty also said to be Kitty Phlick whose father is Johnson Phlick, a West Indian American. Albert was born about Coomrith Stn. Also mentions Troutman, a N.S.W.Aborigine. Henry James Hazzard (known as George Hazzard) married Sarah Brennan on 11. 1.1922. George was suposedly married to Nellie Bradshaw at Moree some 20 years ago. Marriage only lasted a short time. There is no record of the marriage. George's father or brother is Albert Hazzard. George is 44 years and Sarah is 36 years. They have 6 children. Sarah's putative father is Michael Brennan of Jandowae. She was born at St George. NO NUM Dick aka Dick Cannes died in Longreach Hospital on 20.11.1923. His wife is Minnie Cannon. 23/6144 Lily died at Clermont Hospital on 14. 7.1923. Her husband Alfie and daughter Ivy both died in the last 12 months. Lily's mother is Nellie at St Anns Stn. Lily's son is Paddy, 13 yrs, at St Anns Stn. 23/5534 Topsy A died at Croydon August/September 1923. Has a daughter Mitty who is too young to work. 23/5412 Lena Anning, aged about 48 yrs, died on Norman Hill's Selection, Mazlins Creek, 3 miles from Atherton on 11. 7.1923 Buried at Atherton. Her husband is Joe Anning. Joe and Lena had 9 children. Six are still living. 23/5164 William Pitt aka Yellow Billy died at Adavale Hospital on 16. 5.1923 23/5135 Mudgery Dick, aged 70 years, died on 16. 8.1923. Buried at Kean's Crossing about 200 yrds from where he died. Also mentions Jimmie Skinner. 23/5052 Dan Casey, aged about 65 years, died on 7. 7.1923 at Cloncurry Hospital. NO NUM Topsy died on 30. 6.1923 at Meteor Downs Stn. Her husband is Willie Cubby. They had a 10 year old child. 23/4870 Topsy Clayton, wife of Willie Clayton, died on 23. 7.1923 at Cloncurry Hospital. 23/4803 Jack McGuigan committed suicide on 4. 6.1923 at White Rock. His wife was Ida Cameron. 23/4802 George Chamber died on 15. 7.1923 at Bamboo Creek Camp. His wife is Maudie Weinert of Edmonton. His brother is Tommy Mera of Edmonton. His mother is Maggie who lives in the Atherton Protectorate. 23/4673 Caroline died on 16. 4.1923 at Goondiwindi Hospital. Her niece is Ethel Manley of Talwood. Her nephew is Drilly Manley of Talwood. These are brother and sister. Name may be Marley. Also mentions Sarah who died in Goondiwindi Hospital. 23/4639 Jenny died on 23. 7.1923 at Nanrook Stn. Her husband is Brook. 23/4341 Alick Webb died on 14. 7.1923 at Maidavale near Ayr. His wife is Maggie Webb who lives at Lockinvar with Paddy Malone's wife. 23/4195 Joseph Moore was found dead on 26. 6.1923 near Rockhampton. Aged about 70 years. Buried at Rockhampton. Also mentions Tommy Lovell. 23/5597 Sarah died on 19. 6.1923 at Goondiwindi Hospital. She was very old. 23/4015 Jackie or Hayjack or Ajax died on 22. 6.1923 at Rockhampton Hospital. 23/3955 Polly Wilson, wife of Tommy Smyth, died in Herberton Hospital in June/July 1923. 23/3594 Frank is camped at Neumayer Valley. He is aged about 60 years and weighs 15 stone. His wife died recently of old age. 23/3934 Topsy Cuddy died on 30. 6.1923 at Meteor Downs Stn. Her husband is Cuddy who is working at Springwood. Also mentions Long George and Paddy. 23/3904 Joe died on 24. 6.1923 at Fishery Creek Camp. Aged about 70 years. Buried at Fishery Creek. Also mentions Tommy. 23/3830 Peter Alley died on 22. 2.1923 at Cairns Hospital. An uncle of his is Wallie who is 55 years old and a camp 23/3829 Mickey See died 2 to 3 years ago. Relatives at Edmonton are Father - Billy Binger, aged Mother - Bella, aged Brother - Andy See Chin 23/3777 Short Bob, aged 80 years, died on 15. 6.1923 at Saltbush Park Stn. Buried on the Station by George Budby. His wife is Judy who is aged about 80 years. Buried about two miles from the station where other Aboriginals have been buried from time to time. 23/3668 Maggie died on 30. 3.1923 at Betoota. She was about 80 years old. Also mentions Mick receiving rations. 23/1937 Susy died in 1923 on the Kendall River. She was on a Removal Order to Palm Island. 23/3319 Monitor died on 7. 2.1923 at Bulloo Downs Stn. He was single, aged 39 years, and a native of the Bulloo River. His brother is Wallace Norley who has a wife and 5 children. 23/3051 Charlie Bell and Dalby Young both died on Strathmore Stn shortly after the gin Cinderella. Echo is the brother of Charley Bell. Charley (Tafe) is the brother of Dalby Young. Bank accounts not operated on since 1921. 23/2675 Cinderella died on Red River, about 70 miles from Croydon about mid 1922. Has a brother and sister. 23/2231 Cudnappa Mick died on 4. 4.1923 at Tinnenburra Stn. Was very old. Buried by natives at Tinnenburra. 23/1593 Maggie Jeram (Jones), aged, died at Edmonton about 1922/1923. Her sons are William McGuigan and Billy Cockrem. 23/1893 Tiger Shaw died on 29. 1.1923 on Valley of Lagoons Stn from a diseased foot and lockjaw. His gin is Minnie Tiger employed at the Station. 23/1408 Kanaka Jack died on 31. 1.1923 at Normanton Hospital. He was aged 55 years and single. 23/1035 George Massey died at Coen on July 1922. His wife is Rosie Ross. 23/855 Johnny Campbell, aged 90 years, died on 20. 1.1923 at Pyramid Cattle Stn. Buried on 21. 1.1923 at the Station. His wife is Mary Ann Campbell. 23/790 Charlie Cooliman died on 7.11.1922 at Emerald Hospital. A friend is Charlie Mulligan. Also mentions Joe Ralston. His sister is Nina Pearce, wife of Jack Pearce who is in the Springsure district. Jack Pearce is also known as Big Jack. Page 10 23/563 Charlie King died on 15. 3.1922 at Dalgonally Stn. Aged about 75 yrs. Buried on 16. 3.1922 at Dalgonally Stn. Davie died on 18. 3.1922 at Dalgonally Stn. Aged about 65 years. Buried on 19. 3.1922 at Dalgonally Stn. Also mentions Maggie and Sandy. All these had been on the Station for a long time. 23/418 Harry Welsh died on 22.12.1922 at Croydon Hospital. His wife is Lucy Welsh. 23/257 Lily died on 7. 1.1923 at Hughenden. Buried at Hughenden. She and her husband Nimble were struck by Lightning. Nimble was injured. 23/184 Flora Gamble, aged, died on 13.11.1922 at Tinnenburra Stn. 23/163 Bony Young died on 21. 6.1922 at Sheep Station Creek, about 150 miles from Thargomindah. Buried at Sheep Station Creek. He was married. 23/88 Willie, a native boatman of Thursday Island died on 18.12.1922. __________________________________________________