Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1922

Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1922 Item No ITM336284 Dates 31/12/1922 (approximate) - 31/12/1922 (approximate) Access Status Summary Open A/58706; RSI14961/1/298; A1 Item ID 336284 Queensland State Archives 22/6965 Nancy Lee died on 18.12.1922 at Rockhampton Hospital. Applied for exemption in 1919 and was granted in 1920. Also known as Annie Lee. 22/6687 Billy Stephens died on 26.11.1922 at Bamboo Creek Camp near Edmonton. His children are Toby Potts, Peter One Leg and Maudie Weinert. 22/6422 Malcolm Brown, a H/C infant aged 6 hours, died on 16.11.1922 at a camp in Denman's Paddock, 4 miles from Boonah. His parents are Herbert Brown, aged 29 years, and Lena Brown. The parents were legally married 4-5 years ago at Barambah. They also have 2 other children aged 3 yrs and 1 yr 4 mths. Lena's father is Edward Ross and her mother was a F/B. 22/6337 Florence died on 13.11.1922 at Tinnenburra Stn. She was aged 29 yrs. Buried on the Station. 22/6336 Charley No 2 died on 21.10.1922 at the Lower Burdekin Hospital. Aged 70 years. 22/6263 Jimmy Powell died on 13.11.1922 at North Comongin Stn. He was aged about 80 years. He has a brother Bulloo Jack who has a wife and several children at Comongin Stn. 22/5878 Willie King drowned in the Mulgrave River, Gordonvale, on 29. 8.1922. His parents are Tommy King and Nellie King. His sisters are Sarah Merringi and Alice Tanner, both married. Sarah's husband is Tommy Merringe. Alice's husband is Tanner, a Kanaka. 22/5772 Neddie died on 18.10.1922 at Tinnenburra Stn. Aged 70 years. 22/5593 Durham Sambo died on 24. 9.1922 at Nockatunga Stn. His wife is Nellie Murray. She was tribally married to Durham Sambo after the death of Murray who died 21.11.1921. 22/5592 Winty died at Thargomindah Hospital on 21. 6.1922. Injured at Nockatunga Stn falling from a horse. Full name is Wentworth Dutton. His mother is Charlotte who is aged 55 years. 22/4995 George Reid, aged 48 years, died on 8. 9.1922 at Charters Towers Hospital. His wife is Sadie Johnston and They have 3 children. 22/4889 Julia Civry died on 16. 3.1922 at Goodna Asylum. Her husband is Chas Civry of Boonjie near Peeramon. They were married about 18 years ago. 22/4741 Dolly died on 14. 8.1922 at Millungra Stn. Very old. 22/4686 Laura, aged about 50 years, drowned in the Warrego River near Augathella on 13. 8.1922. She lived with a cousin named Mrs Turner, H/C. "Aboriginals were not buried in the Augathella Cemetery but they were buried on the sand ridge 3 miles from Augathella where there is an Aboriginal Cemetery." 22/4416 Bob II died on 4. 3.1922 at Burketown. His wife is Bessie. Joe died on 22. 7.1922 at Burketown. His wife is Polly. 22/4403 Peter, aged about 85 years, died on 9. 8.1922 at Georgetown. 22/4189 Jimmy Wyambie died recently. His wife is Bella Hides. Joe Woodleigh died and left a wife, Betty, and 3 children. 22/4153 Buttick, 22 yrs, died on 26. 3.1922 at Charters Towers Hospital. 22/3714 Tommy No 2 died on 21. 6.1922 at Barrier Reef, about 250 miles from Mackay. Post Mortem on 25. 6.1922 at Mackay Morgue. Also mentions Tommy No 1, Joe, Jack and Jimmy. All worked on the boat "Acton" with 5 Japanese and the Captain. 22/3062 Katie Murray died on 25. 5.1922 at Laglan Stn, about 85 miles from Clermont. Buried at Laglan on 26. 5.1922. She was 38 years old and a native of Clermont. Her husband was Sam Murray and they have an adopted daughter named Doreen aged 5 years. 22/2887 Annie Indee died a short time ago. She has a daughter named Nellie Ameur. 22/2886 Henry Murray, 45 yrs, died on 28. 5.1922 at St George. He is a native of the district, married with a 16 year old child in N.S.W.. His wife died some years ago. 22/2580 Dora, wife of Fred, gave birth to a F/B male child on 7. 2.1922 at Green Hills, Georgetown. The child died on 16. 3.1922 at Green Hills. Also mentions Jemima. 22/2533 Ethel Donnelly died on 18. 3.1922 in Aramac Hospital from the plague.Jack Donnelly, 30 yrs, married Ethel Cobbo on 23.11.1921. Jack's parents are John Revill, white, and Annie Georgina Kirk, H/C of St George. Jack's parents were married about 1881 at St George. Jack is also known as John George Donnelly. 22/2478 Yanterbunnie, a young married gin aged 18 yrs, died on 30. 4.1922 at Norley Stn from the effects of confinement. The child is well. Her husband is Barney. She has a sister Nellie aged 16 yrs. Her husband and sister are both on Norley Stn. 22/2408 Lizzie McCauley died on 22. 4.1922 at Mitchell. She was 70 years old. Her husband is Bob McCauley. 22/ 2407 Tommy Dodd died on 25. 4.1922 at Edmonton. His parents are dead. Emma is a full sister who is aged and has 5 children. Nancy is a full sister who has no children. Willie Pyne and George Weneby are step-brothers. 22/2272 Sam Widder died on 30. 4.1922 at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane. Has a child, Alfred Widder, who is c/o the State Childrens Dept. 22/2083 Silver died on 1. 1.1922 at the Aborigine's Camp, Coppermine Creek, Cloncurry. Aged about 50 years. Wife is Maggie and son is Major. 22/1853 George died in May 1921 at Mount Gason Stn Black's Camp, South Australia. About 160 miles from Birdsville. His wife is Mary Ann who is at the Black's Camp, Birdsville. 22/698 Mr A S Wilkins, candidate for a Torres Strait Island School died suddenly. In 1921 he was at the Aboriginal Station, Angledool, N.S.W.. He stated he was willing to work on Saibai Is at a C of E Mission. __________________________________________________