Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1921

Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1921 Item ITM336281 Dates 31/12/1920 (approximate) - 31/12/1920 (approximate) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58703; RSI14961/1/295; A1 Item ID 336281 Queensland State Archives 21/6496 Brazil Tully is dead. Was married and his daughter is married to Dick Ray at Eromanga. 21/6495 Kitty, 45 years, died on 30.10.1921 at Cloncurry Hospital. Her husband was Billy Chisholm. Their children are Maudie (single), Remas (single, male), Dolly (single) and Ettie (single). 21/6437 Sam died on 22.11.1921 at Townsville Reception House. There was a removal order for Sam from Proserpine to Palm Is. 21/6436 Murray, 45-50 years, died at Nockatunga Stn. His wife is Nellie Murray. 21/6338 Phyllis Darcy died on 26.10.1921 at Rockhampton Hospital. Had been in Diamantina Hospital in 1919 and Westwood Sanitorium in 1921. 21/6095 Moses, native of Coconut Is, died in the Torres Strait Hospital (Thursday Is). 21/5904 Rika Nebo, H/C aged 17 years and female, died on 3.11.1921 at Gayndah. Her mother is Gertie Barra. Her step-father is John Barra. Also mentions Robin Cobbo (male). 21/5722 Harry Neilson died on 23. 9.1921 at Hughenden Hospital. His wife is Cissie Neilson. 21/5721 Maria died on 19. 6.1921 at the Cairns Black's Camp. 21/5252 Ellen Black of Beaudesert aged 80-90 years died on 9. 9.1921. Lived in the Black's Camp at Hillview. Resident of the district for the last 50 years. Also mentions Ellen Black, Emily Price and Nellie Roberts. 21/5203 Correspondence from Chillagoe. Jimmy Jimmy died on 8. 9.1921 Tommy Murphy died 12. 9.1921 Hughie died 13. 9.1921 Annie, wife of Willie Kingsborough, died 15. 9.1921 Maggie died 16. 9.1921 Alice, wife of Hughie, died 20. 9.1921 Also mentions Mary Ann who was the wife of Tommy Murphy who died on 12. 9.1921. 21/5177 Maisie, wife of Albert Wilson, was buried on 19. 7.1921. Isobel Bundy, infant, was buried on 24. 8.1920. Willie was buried on 30.11.1920. All were paupers. Place of burial not given. 21/5029 Jimmy Spencer died on 11.11.1920 at Mackay. His wife is Ada Spencer and they have 2 children. 21/4866 Nancy died on 26. 8.1921 at Mt Surprise following the birth of a stillborn child. She was the widow of Willie who died 2 years ago. 21/4524 Mary Jarret died on 25. 7.1921 at Dunwich Hospital. Harry Jarret died some years ago. Her step-brother is John Allen. Her step son is George Costello. Also mentions Edward Moreton, Clive Martin, Bethel Bulsey, Rosie Martin. 21/4358 Charlie Wilson died about 10/11. 5.1921 at St Arnaud Hospital, Melbourne. He was a Queensland Aborigine. 21/4357 Johnson died on 19. 6.1921 at Cooktown Hospital. His mother, Maggie, is very old and lives at Morehead River, Laura District. 21/4356 Redgie died in July 1921 at Cooktown Hospital. His Brother is Percy on the McIvor. 21/4156 Bluey, female and very old died on 20. 7.1921 on Strathmore Station. Buried on the Station. Her children are Frank and Ben at Strathmore Stn. 21/3987 Ruby Langlo died on 18. 7.1921 at Springsure Hospital. Native of the Springsure District. 21/3921 Mitchell, injured at Jessie Vale near Quamby died on 3. 5.1921 at Cloncurry Hospital. His mother died at Grenada Station 5 years ago when Mitchell was 4 years old. 21/3742 Violet Couchy gave birth to a stillborn male child at Gayndah on 7. 7.1921. Also mentions Emily Couchy, mother of Violet, and Mrs Walsh. 21/3381 Charlie Kelly died in May 1919 at Tinnenburra. This was reported by Jack. Charlie Kelly had a brother called Big Alick at Tinnenburra in 1919. Also mentions Jack Brennan of Boorara and Tommy Coleman of Caiwarro. 21/3314 Berdie Cootchey, aged 7 years, died on 19. 6.1921 at Oakey Creek, Gayndah. His parents are Edward Cootchy and Agnes Cootchy. 21/3313 Oscar, aged about 40 years, died on 17. 5.1921 at Kamilaroi Station. Buried the same day at the Station. 21/3002 Thundah died of old age on 19. 5.1921 at Tanbar Stn. NO NUM Harry is dead. Mantions a brother and nephew. Also mentions 2 sons and a daughter in the Windorah district. The daughter is married to Tenham Charlie. 21/2607 Lizzie Gordon died on 27. 2.1921 at Lockinvar Station. Buried in the Ayr Cemetery. Had a husband, Herbert, and children. 21/2016 Sambo died on 3. 9.1920 at Tanbar Station. 21/2267 Polly died on 9. 4.1921 at Kangaroo Hills Station. She was aged about 50 years. Husband is Norman. No children. 21/2113 Lily Punch's male infant, aged 7 days, died 18. 4.1921 in the Springsure area. The child was born on 11. 4.1921. The father is Punch. 21/2056 Dolly died on 1. 4.1921 near Edmonton. Her husband is Willie Pyne and their son is Hector aged 6 years. 21/1860 Topsy died about the 13. 3.1921 at Barron River. She absconded from Mareeba about the same date. Also mentions Sandy. 21/1353 Peter Stucky died on 29.12.1920 in Cooktown Hospital. His relatives wanted to take his body away and bury it according to their own custom. 21/1221 Donkey died at Barambah. His widow is Topsy Donkey. NO NUM Joe Andy died in August 1921 at Myora. He is a Kanaka born at Rockhampton aged about 42 years. His wife was Lizzie, a native of Duaringa, who died about 15 years ago. Children are Joseph (Joe Solomon) at Barambah, Mary (dead) and Ethel (dead). 21/890 Mona Cheeks, H/C, died in January 1921 at Muttaburra Hospital. Father is Hindu and mother is F/B. 21/701 Limerick died on 6. 1.1921 in Rockhampton Hospital. She is about 60 years old and was a native of the Normanton district. Her only relatives are Sam Johnson and Harry Campbell who are both deceased. 21/457 William Pickering, aged 18 months, died on 22. 1.1921 at Oakey Creek, Gayndah. His parents are William Pickering and Lucy Pickering. Also mentions Jack Hazel. 21/324 Nina Carseldine died in Herberton some time ago. Her father is Jack who is blind in one eye. 21/323 Kitty died on or about the 3.12.1920 at Norley Stn, Thargomindah. Her husband was Bismark. They came from South Comongin Stn to Norley Stn. Also mentioned are Tracker Miller, Toomore of Norley Stn and Wallace of Morley Stn. 21/39 George died on 16.11.1920 at the Barron River. Buried where he died. ________________________________________________________