Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1920

Chief Protector of Aborigines Deaths 1920 Item ITM336281 Dates 31/12/1920 (approximate) - 31/12/1920 (approximate) Access Status Summary Open Previous System Identifiers A/58703; RSI14961/1/295; A1 Item ID 336281 Queensland State Archives 1920/5414 Zoe, aged 51 years, died on 6. 9.1920 at Springvale Stn. Her husband is Walpra. 1920/5156 Albert Curle died on 12. 1.1920 at Adavale Hospital. His wife is Nancy, now married to another boy. His mother is very old and lives at Poolperrie Stn. Her name is Mina. Nancy died about August, 1920 at Adavale. 1920/5155 Tommy Seagren died on 16. 9.1920 at Cooktown Hospital. His wife is Polly Seagren. 1920/5067 Freddy, aged 10 years, died on 17. 9.1920 at Telemon Stn, Springsure district. 1920/4878 Ruby, aged 6 years, died on 27. 8.1920 at Charters Towers Hospital. Her father is Pompey, Native Tracker at Charters Towers. Her mother is Lizzie. 1920/4788 Quandong died on 9. 4.1920 at Townsville Hospital. His wife is Pigeon at Millungera Stn. 1920/4287 Peter died on 13. 4.1920 at Turn Off Lagoons. His wife is Bony Maggie. They have children. 1920/4106 Jack Brown died on 20. 7.1920 on Belair Station in the Mungindi district. He wasnt under control of the Department. 1920/3882 Maria was admitted to Cooktown Hospital on 27. 5.1920 and died a fortnight later. 1920/3781 Sylvia Dalton gave birth to a male infant on 7. 7.1920 at Toowong. It died on 7/8. 7.1920. 1920/3727 Nellie died on 18. 8.1920 at the Isolation Hospital in Cairns. She was married to a Kanaka called Frank Moratta of Kamma. No Num Annie Lee, aged 35 years, applied for Exemption. Father was white and mother was Aboriginal. 1920/2009 Alice Dodds, 38 years, died on 25. 3.1920 at Bollon. She was buried in Bollon Cemetery. Her husband was Tomas Dodds and they had 5 children. 1920/1820 Douglas Long, 5 months, died on 5. 4.1920 at Buddai Race Course, Beaudesert. His parents were Peter Long and Queenie Long. 1920/1776 Johnnie, a native of Murray Is, died on 28. 2.1920 at the Torrestraits Hospital, Thursday Island. Also mentions Sapey. 1920/1166 Charlie Taldorah died on 7. 2.1920 or 9. 2.1920 at Ipswich Hospital. He had a wife who left him 7 years ago and lives with a half-caste at Tweed Heads. No Num Sapey, a native of Murray Is, died on 26. 2.1920 in the Torres Straits Hospital. 1920/873 Dan Brodie died on 21.12.1919 at Cloncurry Hospital. ________________________________________________________