Register of Marriage Applications 1908 - 1936

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Register of Marriage Applications 1908 - 1936
      A/58981 Queensland State Archives

      Bride                      Groom                        Year  Location

      Maudie                     George          Cummins      1908  Cloncurry
      Louise        Langlo       John            Triscott     1908  Cancelled
      Rosie                      Peter                        1908  Cairns
      Nellie                     Harry           Singapore    1908  Cairns
      May           Dawes        Albert          Maleeziennes 1908  C.P.A.
      Leesy         Craig        Goon Goo                     1908  Cairns
      Nellie        Dillon       Harry           Grey         1908  Longreach
      Maggie                                                  1908  Bowen
      Maggie        Turnbull     Jack            Nongfou      1908  C.P.A.
      Nina                       Joe             Ambrym       1908  Maryborough
      Maria                      Tom             Solomon      1908  Mapoon
      Mary                       Charley         Daley        1908  Thursday Is
      Jemima                     Alfred          Duce         1908  Rockhampton
      Ruby          Enoch        Barney          Delaney      1908  C.P.A.
      Judy                       Charlie                      1908  Cairns
      Topsy                      James           Taylor       1908  Cairns
      Nellie                     Jack            Ah Mat       1908  Cairns
      Fanny                      Joe                          1908  Cairns
      Lena                       Joe             Anning       1908  Cairns
      Mary Ann                   Harry           Ross         1908  Cairns
      Ruby                       Charles         Ah Mat       1908  Cairns
      Gertie        Bulong       Sam             Nabo         1908  Maryborough
      Annie         Harnet       Josiah          Sela         1908  Thursday Is
      Jessie                     Jim             Abraham      1908  Herberton
      Eliza                      Jimmy           Palmer       1908  Ingham
      Kitty                      Tarquin                      1908  Cairns
      Matilda       Brown        Alfred          Martin       1908  C.P.A.
      Maria         Cooke        Albert          Warde        1908  Thursday Is
      Rosie                      Teetou                       1908  Thursday Is
      Polly                      Podmore                      1908  Herberton
      Latu                       George          Kapure       1908  Thursday Is
      Monica                     Walter          Oram         1908  Rockhampton
      Lucy          McCullogh    Edward          Ruska        1908  C.P.A.
    * Sarah         Ah Quom      Tommy           Chong        1908  Burketown
    * Sarah         Sam          Tommy           Chong        1908  Burketown
      Lizzie        Tamlin       Ghoolin         Hosien       1908  Private
      Bella                      Patchy                       1908  Cairns
      Lily                       John            Wesley       1908  Thursday Is
      Nina          Amos         Joseph          White        1908
      Nuncleer                   George          Gorringe     1908  Cloncurry
      Lucy                       Bob             Ling         1908  Mapoon
      Mary                       James           Sweeney      1909  Winton
      Ada           Wyborn       Edward Bishop   Gasten       1909  C.P.A.
      Rosie                      David           Biddell      1909  Cooktown
      Nellie                     Samuel          Jackson      1909  Cooktown
      Winnie                     Dave            Abraham      1909  Herberton
      Lucy                       Sam             Lebo         1909  Herberton
      Annie                      Willie                       1909  Herberton
      Polly         Tottenham    John Chas       Smith        1909  Hughenden
      Taom          Tirua        John            Bourne       1909  Thursday Is
      Caroline                   Frederick Chas  Body         1909  Cloncurry
      Trixie                     William         Riley        1909  Rockhampton
      Flora         Wheeler      Fred            King         1909  Maryborough
      Lucy                       Watwah                       1909  Cairns
      Barley                     Lowqui                       1909  Cairns
      Lulu          Mungo        Thomas          Hassan       1909  Cloncurry
      Emma          Holder       John Francis    Roberts      1909  C.P.A.
      Aggie                      Jack            Santo        1909  Port Douglas
                                 Tommy           Chew Bing    1909  Normanton
      Biddy                      Dan             Connors      1909  Winton
      Nellie                     Tommy           Nikko        1909  Cairns
      Topsy         Cangi        Toby            Henderson    1909  Cooktown
      Lass          Mintan       Siman                        1909  Thursday Is
      Lizzie                     H Malone        Changer      1909  Cairns
      Beattie                    Johnny          Ta Famali    1909  Geraldton
      Polly                      Jack            Ah Win       1909  Cairns
      Weiana                     Johnny          See On       1909  Cairns
      Speo                       Jardine                      1909  Thursday Is
      Sitoe                      Harry           Tryville     1909  Thursday Is
      Ida           Curtis       Richard         Coleman      1909
      Annie                      Sow Sow                      1909  Cairns
  &&& Annie                      Daley                        1909  Cairns
  &&& Jessie                     Jack            Charter      1910  Mapoon
      Ellen                      Harry           Hodges       1910  Thursday Is
      Norah                      Charlie                      1910  Cairns
      Nellie                     Harry           Tanna        1910  Cairns
      Nellie        Barlow       Willie          Galaboy      1910  Mackay
      Eliza                      Harry           Williams     1910  Toowoomba
      Millie        Fuller       F W             Hayden       1910  Maryborough
      Polly                      Gow Sam                      1910  Herberton
      Bella                      Thomas          Walsh        1910  Maryborough
      Lottie                     John            Saltner      1910  Maryborough
      Maria         Ferguson     Bob             Lovelock     1910  Mackay
      Rosie                      Alick                        1910  Mackay
      Tillie                     Frank           Corry        1910  Maryborough
      Aggie         Santo        Jack            Obana        1910  Port Douglas
      Matilda Topsy Quaine       Alva                         1910  Thursday Is
      Cecilia       Conway       Peter L         Peterson     1910  Rockhampton
      Annie                      Matoko                       1910  Geraldton
      Nuncleer                   Geo             Gorringe     1910  Cloncurry
      Ada           Thompson     Chas            Bekno        1910  Maryborough
      Nellie        Princey      James           Williams     1910  Maryborough
   ** Annie         Princey      Harry           Blucher      1910  Maryborough
   ** Annie         Carlo        Harry           Blucher      1910  Maryborough
      Yer           Lebisop      Yelai                        1910  Thursday Is
      Charlotte                  Spisaio                      1910  Thursday Is
      Lucy                       Goom Goo                     1910  Herberton
      Tobby                      Hans            Neilson      1910  Maryborough
      Louisa                     Mallie                       1911  Thursday Is
      Sally                      Guchins                      1911  Thursday Is
      Sophy         Smithers     Sandy           Walker       1911  Roma
      Bella         Wallace      Bob             Mann         1911  Rockhampton
      Polly                      W A             Cross        1911  Normanton
      Daisy                      Louis           Samoa        1911  Mapoon
      Iyah                       Charlie         Davis        1911  Thursday Is
      Alice                      Tom             Delamo       1911  Cairns
      Connie                     Willie          Williams     1911  Rockhampton
      Nobie                      Fred            Clay         1911  Hughenden
      Nellie                     George          Samardie     1911  Burketown
      Bohona                     Tom             Solomon      1911  Trubanaman
      Sarah                      Willie          Lowah        1911  Thursday Is
      Maudie        King         Harry           Costello     1911  Barambah
      Nellie                     Jimmy           Trudo        1911  Innisfail
      Fanny         George       John William    Gates        1911  C.P.A.
      Sylvia                     Walter          Barney       1911  Maryborough
      Mideri                     Johnny          Longanow     1911  Thursday Is
      Maria         McKenzie     James           Lawson       1911  C.P.A.
      Jennie                     David           Williams     1911  Herberton
      Maggie                     Johnny          Drumdraw     1911  Port Douglas
      Angeline                   C               Spreadborough1911  Charleville
      Balo                       Bili            Magila       1911  Thursday Is
      Sarah         Williams     Alfred          Himstedt     1911  Toowoomba
      Liza          Hawkins      Peter           Hark         1911  Rockhampton
    # Annie         Ah See       Arthur          Hopkins      1911  Brisbane
    # Annie         Asaki        Arthur          Hopkins      1911  Brisbane
      Marie         Ross         Thomas          Graham       1912
      Bessie        Blair        Albert          Peters       1912  Maryborough
      Annie                      Albert          Aoba         1912  Ingham
      Gracey                     Tommy           Williams     1912  Roma
      Maggie        Carlo        Billy           Glenbar      1912  Barambah
      Mary                       Ramon                        1912  Thursday Is
      Gracie        Digarby      Thos Cameron    Duffy        1912  Rockhampton
      Mary          Goentjoel    Adam            Mossanip     1912  Thursday Is
   ## Sarah                      Willie          Assun        1912  Cairns
   ## Kitty                      Willie          Assun        1912  Cairns
      Polly                      Toby            Whittane     1912  Barambah
      Alice         Walker       Starlight                    1912  Barambah
      Elsie         Fitzgerald   James           Edward       1912  Barambah
      Lucy          Gracemere    Jacob                        1912  Barambah
      Ada           Pickles      Freddy          Beckett      1912  Barambah
      Rosie         Campbell     William         Chuckey      1912  Barambah
      Annie         Butterfield  Henry           Ferrier      1912  Rockhampton
      Myra          Kembill      Douglas         Pitt         1912  Thursday Is
      Mary Ann                   Ah Mat          Canto        1912  Herberton
      Maggie                     J               Gonsalve     1912  Herberton
      Lily                       J               Gonsalser    1912  Herberton
      Wonga                      Charlie         Pea          1912  Herberton
      Mary Jane     Moreton      Sunny           Sunflower    1912  Barambah
      Annie         Uhr          Fred            Dunne        1912  Barambah
      Alice         Tanna        George          Wakgo        1912  C.P.A.
      Mary E A      Beattie      Hermann B       Tiemandorff  1912  C.P.A.
      Minnie                     Tommy           Quetta       1912  Ingham
      Latoo         Wassow       Willie          Muckan       1912  C.P.A.
      Gabo          Peteri       Alfred          Avieu        1912  Thursday Is
      Genne                      Jack            Insran       1912  Thursday Is
      Mena          Doila        Seden           Singapore    1912
      Maggie                     Charlie         Ah Cheong    1912  Normanton
      Norah         Buck         Neiger                       1912  Roma
      Sarah         Kendall      Harry           Anderson     1912  Morven
      Katey         Ross         Walter          Mira         1912  Barambah
      Mary          Cairns       Billy           Malone       1912  Barambah
      Beattie                    Gobi            Mier         1912  Herberton
      Polly         Holdsworth   Phillip         Tippo        1912  Cooktown
      Mary Agnes    Douglas      Jimmy           Hayner       1912  Rockhampton
      Minnie                     Johnson         Tana         1912  Mapoon
      Bella                      Ah Mat                       1912  Herberton
      Nellie        Martin       Jacob           Cardelli     1912  Herberton
      Polly                      Tom             Penticost    1912  Cairns
      Lucy          Holland      Billy           Wombi        1912  Barambah
      Elsie         Bombo        Willie          Goodchap     1912  C.P.A.
      Annie         Young        Targa           Singh        1913  Herberton
      Ada           Cuttia       Tommy           Ah Fat       1913  Thursday Is
      Amy                        Beasley                      1913  Townsville
      Edith         Wilson       Simon           Martin       1913  C.P.A.
      Norah                      Dick            Allen        1913  Townsville
      Daia                       Pedro Fred      Rotumah      1913  Thursday Is
      Lizzie                     Tommy           Tannan       1913  Ingham
      Nellie        Piggie       Big Sandy                    1913  Barambah
      Annie         Carlo        Bertie          Beckett      1913  Barambah
      Cecilia       Thompson     Victor          Light        1913  C.P.A.
      Flora         Rosser       Thomas          Condren      1913  Cloncurry
      Lena                       Jack            Ceibo        1913  Thursday Is
    @ Morgosse                   Jelup                        1913  Thursday Is
    @ Mongoose                   Jelup                        1913  Thursday Is
      Cecilia Mary  Morgan       Frederick       Neilsen      1913  C.P.A.
      Lexie         Moss         Mack            Cook         1913  Barambah
      Kitty                      Joe             Sarpos       1913  Herberton
      Emily         Foster       Frederick       Heinrich     1913  C.P.A.
      Rosey         Chooramano   Geo Meredith    Joyce        1913  Innisfail
      Maria                      Peter           Sean         1913  Cairns
      Minnie                     Charles         Mahonire     1913  Cairns
      Nellie                     Joe             Abdul        1913  Cairns
      Eliza                      John            Andrew       1913  Cairns
      Mary Ethel    Moss         Chas Wm         Clarke       1913  Innisfail
      Eva           Anderson     Wm              Hopkins      1913  Barambah
      Annie         French       Captain                      1913  Barambah
      Maggie                     Simon           Wells        1913  Barambah
      Alice         Heming       Joseph          Lucas        1913  Roma
   @@ Annie         Bright       Jack            Combo        1913  Barambah
   @@ Annie         Brirpy       Jack            Combo        1913  Barambah
      Sin Bad                    Billy           Anderson     1913  Barambah
      Kitty                      Charlie         Malander     1913  Cairns
      Maggie                     Tom             Amas         1913  Cairns
      Polly                      Tom             Tana         1913  Innisfail
      Annie         Roberts      Ernest          Cox          1913  Thargomindah
  @@@ Sophia        Marmion      Martin          Bligh        1913  Barambah
  @@@ Sophia        Mummins      Martin          Bligh        1913  Barambah
      Amy           Murray       Charley         Mummins      1913  Barambah
      Lucy                       Harry           Ban Ban      1913  Barambah
      Nellie        Ord          William         Williams     1913  Brisbane
      Minnie        Rolly        Tommy           Slocum       1913  Barambah
      Annie         Jackson      Tommy           Mareeba      1913  Barambah
      Jenny         Lann         Henry George F  Schneider    1913  Rockhampton
      Balo                       Jummy           Libana       1913  Thursday Is
  ### Lizzie        Alex         Freddy          Davis        1913  C.P.A.
  ### Lizzie        Anderson     Freddy          Davis        1913  C.P.A.
      Daisy                      Jimmy           Allinday     1913  Townsville
      May           Crimnist     Charley         Pentecost    1913  Herberton
      Sarah         Le Quay      Ah Mann                      1913  Burketown
      Mary          Tie          Toney           Mayboy       1913  Barambah
      Nellie        Faithful     Jimmy           Cairns       1913  Barambah
      Maudie        Norman       Major                        1913  Barambah
      Violet        Ennersey     Jimmy           Garvey       1913  Barambah
      Doreen        Bligh        Jack            Anderson     1913  Barambah
      Ruby          Rangee       Capt            Van Rook     1913  Barambah
      Theresa       Johnson      Walter          Wyman        1913  Cunnamulla
      Bella                      Geiran                       1913  Cairns
      Maria                      Sam             Soloman      1913  Ingham
      Nancy                      Willie          Fusee        1914  Innisfail
      Guni                       Saki                         1914  Thursday Is
      Jenny                      Johnny          Molsarrie    1914  Port Douglas
    $ Kupa                       Brisbane                     1914  Thursday Is
    $ Kupa                       Wybalmon                     1914  Thursday Is
      Bakoi                      Jack            Rotumah      1914  Thursday Is
      Topsy                      John            Lucas        1914  Roma
      Dolly         Hobler       James           Norton       1914  Rockhampton
      Eva                        Albert          Samardin     1914  Gregory Dwns
      Minnie        Young        John            Thomas       1914  Cairns
      Mary Ann                   Billy           Solomon      1914  Ingham
      Mary          Philomena    Jack            Fugiaci      1914  Thursday Is
      Paphillo      Francis      Joe             Kanaka       1914  Thursday Is
      Kitty                      Johnny          Massing      1914  Ingham
      Maud          Darlow       Edwin           Chambers     1914  Toowoomba
      Sia           Sela         Jim             Waiena       1914  Thursday Is
      Bessie        Johnson      A B             Lloyd        1914  Boulia
      Rosie                      Tommy           Ah Boo       1914  Thursday Is
   $$ Cissy                      Willie          Marath       1914  Cairns
   $$ Susannah      Newah        Willie          Marath       1914  Cairns
      Mary Ann                   Harry                        1914  Ingham
      Rosie                      Ada                          1914  Ingham
      Rosie                      Anamboon                     1914  Ingham
      Polly                      Chas            Doyle        1914  Port Douglas
      Ivy           Watson       Willie          Lee          1914  Barambah
      Maggie                     Silmawmas                    1914  Barambah
      Rosie         Null         Whyea                        1914  Port Douglas
      Polly                      Bob             Cingalee     1914  Atherton
      Saratta                    Solomon         Amboyn       1914  Thursday Is
      Para                       Quin            Chock        1914  Thursday Is
      Maggie                     Tommy           Louis        1914  Cairns
      Nellie                     Quetta                       1914  Ingham
      Angelina                   Charles         Swan         1914  Thargomindah
      Nellie                     Gordie          Marratti     1914  Cairns
      Annie                      Ah Yipp                      1914  Cairns
      Carrie                     Johnny          Maydon       1914  Thursday Is
      Mary Cecilia  Usop         Mathias         Remedis      1914  Thursday Is
      Sarah         Himstedt     Alfred          Collins      1914  Brisbane
      Maggie                     Alick           Tarampa      1914  Cairns
      Rosy          Andrews      Harry           Willoughby   1914  Barambah
      Cissey        Rilley       Toby            Platt        1914  Barambah
      Kathleen      Anderson     Alf             Black        1914  Barambah
      Polly         White        Tommy           Walters      1914  Barambah
      Maud          Gibbon       Bendy                        1914  Barambah
      Mary          Hemstadt     James           Paris        1914  Brisbane
      Clara                      Mayden                       1914  Mapoon
      Nellie                     Gordie          Marratti     1914  Cairns
      Annie         Edwards      John S          Manns        1914  Roma
      Dora          Turner       Fred            Guyah        1914  Cairns
      Kalis                      Tom             Gela         1914  Thursday Is
  $$$ Sybil         Combanga     George          Sublet       1914  Roma
  $$$ Sybil         Combanga     George          Subles       1914  Roma
      Paturam       Worles       John            Francis      1914  Thursday Is
      Annie         Robb         Frank           Fisher       1915  Barambah
      Averne        Taldorra     Albert          Blackman     1915  Barambah
      Edith                      Charlie         Mossman      1915  Barambah
      Nellie        Edwards      Samuel          MacDonald    1915  Roma
      Clara         Edwards      Robert          Munn         1915  C.P.A.
      Katie                      Charlie         Santo        1915  Innisfail
      Maudie                     Harry           Marabodo     1915  Townsville
      Lucy                       Charley         Ackman       1915  Atherton
      Dorothy       Westage      James           Wilson       1915  Cloncurry
      Emily         Howling      Robert          Obi          1915  Maryborough
      Clara         Santos       A L             Mowlis       1915  Thursday Is
      Phoebe        Anderson     Walter          Hibbins      1915  C.P.A.
      Annie         Yunbin       Harry           Mabratta     1915  Innisfail
      Katie         Murrumbie    Johnnie         Santo        1915  Innisfail
      Minnie                     George          Marata       1915  Innisfail
      Topsy                      Bondy           Sandon       1915  Port Douglas
      Nellie                     George          Bannie       1915  Cairns
      Topsy         McCoy        Herbert         Crossing     1915  Birdsville
      Dora          Ord          Almat                        1915  C.P.A.
      Minnie        Morner       Charlie         Gandalang    1915  Innisfail
      Minnie                     Ah Mat                       1915  Innisfail
      Kitty                      Willie          Ambrym       1915  Atherton
      Jinon         Abrahams     John            Raymon       1915  Thursday Is
      Jenny                      Johnny          Santo        1915  Innisfail
      Mary          Whitmore     Charley         Blair        1915  Barambah
      Ethel         Davey        Herbert         Brown        1915  Barambah
      Nellie        Gundy        Lenny           Michael      1915  Barambah
      Dolly         Rosser       Paddy           Moreton      1915  Barambah
      Mary          Monkland     Robert          Law          1915  Barambah
      Rosie         Ferguson     Sam             Brown        1915  Barambah
      Mary          Reed         Stanley         Brown        1915  Barambah
      Ida           Hamilton     Tom             Buck         1915  Barambah
      Clara         Christy      Willie          Christy      1915  Barambah
      Daisy         Quicksilver  Willie          Malone       1915  Barambah
      Kitty         Clarke       Leandro         Illen        1915  Home Sec
      Topsy         Brown        Tom             Roma         1915  Innisfail
      Violet        Black        Richard         Campbell     1915  Barambah
      Maggie        Freeman      Robert Peter    Green        1915  Roma
      Janie         Lynch        Thomas          Desatge      1915  Cloncurry
      Molly         Buck         Billy           Malone       1915  Barambah
      Clara                      Jimmy           Bond         1915  Mapoon
      Mary                       John            Savo         1915  Mapoon
      Bella         Abasince     Charley         Spong        1915  Innisfail
      Lena          Horton       Emanuel         Appo         1915  Maryborough
      Florrie       Sandy        Lall            Singh        1915  C.P.A.
      Amcia         Usop         Ah Mat                       1915  Home Sec
      Clara         Wallace      Peter           Norman       1915
      Florrie                    John            Savo         1915  Thursday Is
      Lena          Taylor       Tom             Gaston       1915  Townsville
      Lina                       Charley         Solomon      1915  Atherton
      Nellie                     Charley         Addo         1916  Ingham
      Maudie                     Harry           Lefoo        1916  Herberton
      Vera          Brown        Richard         Perry        1916  C.P.A.
      Nellie        Edwards      Bob             McGowan      1916  Barambah
      Daisy         Button       George          Weazel       1916  Barambah
      Kitty                      Big Jack        Cooktown     1916  Barambah
      Ethel         Charleville  Fred            Burketown    1916  Barambah
      Maggie        Maher        Douglas         Riley        1916  Barambah
      Ida           Lynch        William         Dempsey      1916  Cloncurry
      Mabel                      Emanuel A       Jose         1916  Cooktown
      Maisie                     Leonard         Banks        1916
      Florrie       Edwards      Harry           Montrell     1916  Barambah
      Pigeon                     Frank           Smith        1916  Barambah
      Nellie        Foster       Toby            Fox          1916  Barambah
      Elsie         Williams     Christy         Hill         1916  Barambah
      Lucy          Jacobs       Paddy           McIvor       1916  Barambah
      Gipsey        Lawrie       Jackson                      1916  Barambah
      Nellie        Level        Dick            Moffitt      1916  Barambah
      Alice         Adjutant     William         Lake         1916  Barambah
      Alice                      Geo F           Lucas        1916  Normanton
      Jennie                     William         Dempsey      1916  Cloncurry
      Lena                       Thomas          Anderson     1916  Atherton
      Emily                      Thomas          Denyer       1916  C.P.A.
      Lucy          Cunningham   John            Watson       1916  Atherton
    + Nora          Baker        Taddy           Frazer       1916  Camooweal
    + Nora          Baker        Paddy           Frazer       1916  Camooweal
      Mary Ann                   Harry           Motlop       1916  Mapoon
      Jessie Ruth   Terare       Joseph          Terare       1916  C.P.A.
      Gertie        Summers      Fomin           Loban        1916  C.P.A.
      Rosie                      James           Kennedy      1916  Coen
      Edith         Hinch        Robert          McKenzie     1916  Barambah
      Jessie        Miller       Mick            Landers      1916  Barambah
      Maria                      Tom                          1916  Ingham
      Mary          Baul         Robert          Anderson     1916  Barambah
      Annie         Weazel       Dan             Cobbo        1916  Barambah
      Nellie        Cairns       Charley         Cairns       1916  Barambah
      Lena          Corbett      Fred            Dunne        1916  Barambah
      Maria         Assacruz     Wm Henry        Dubbins      1916  Thursday Is
      Elsie         Ban Ban      Bertie          Doolan       1917  Barambah
      Grace                      Willie          Creed        1917  Reg General
  *** Mary          Cook         Jack            Tanna        1917  Ingham
  *** Mary          Coot         Jack            Tanna        1917  Ingham
      Ada           Russel       John            Mack         1917  Barambah
      Lily          Matthews     Albert          Costello     1917  C.P.A.
      Annie         Anderson     Fred            Smith        1917  C.P.A.
      Esme          Hayward      Frank           Fisher       1917  Barambah
      Agnes         Talbot       Marshall        Hill         1917  Rockhampton
      Clara         Thompson     Leslie          Hoosan       1917  Birdsville
      Mary          Martin       Tom             Natoo        1917  Rockhampton
      Flossie       Drummond     Hassan          Gefferie     1917  Thursday Is
      Rebecca                    Alick           Nota         1917  Aurukun
      Nellie        Pea          Targa           Singh        1917  Atherton
      Bertha        Woodland     Manerial        Hartial      1917  Barambah
      Linda         Piggott      Myrtle          Douglas      1917  Barambah
      Marian        Mayden       William         Williams     1917  Thursday Is
      Fanny                      Albert          Hill         1917  Richmond
      Lucy          Monkland     Johnny          Thompson     1917  Barambah
      Totty         Waddy        Robert          Bon          1917  Barambah
      Lucy          Bringle      Thomas          Stuckey      1917  Barambah
      Amy           Saunders     Harold          Doyle        1917
      Katie         Santo        Charlie         Muratta      1917  Innisfail
      Bella                      Salirman        Ah Mat       1917  Gordonvale
      Dora          Edge         Fred            Mayo         1917  Urandangie
      Lucy          Pocetti      Charlie         Gaela        1917  Atherton
      Fanny                      Billie          Williams     1917  Thursday Is
      Rosie         Brown        Walter          Brown        1917  Barambah
      Johanna       Bowen        Joe             Purcell      1917  Taroom
      Nora          Craigie      Byron           Natham       1917  Urandangie
      Christina May King         Sofin           Jerome       1917
      Katie                      Leeing                       1917  Innisfail
      Violet        Campbell     Leonard         Lynch        1917  C.P.A.
      Maggie        Oakes        Mattie          Davis        1917  Barambah
      Themukisa                  Robert          Attow        1917  Thursday Is
      Lizzie        Davis        Harry           Motlop       1917  Thursday Is
      Theresa       Pollard      Charlie         Parkes       1917  Mitchell
      Daisy         Roberts      James           Lingwoodock  1917  C.P.A.
      Alice         Bond         John            Geary        1917  C.P.A.
      Annie         Morrison     John            Carter       1917  Winton
      Maggie        Drumdrow     Charlie         Solomon      1917  Thursday Is
      Chloe         Rowan        Charlie         Chillie      1918  C.P.A.
      Ethel         Brown        Roy             Close        1918  C.P.A.
      Garvie                     Tom             Mosby        1918  Thursday Is
      Clara         Anderson     Davie           Thompson     1918  Longreach
      Julia         Mitchell     Arthur          Riley        1918  Barambah
      Emily         Barlow       Billy           Delbin       1918  Barambah
      Clara         King         David           Lawrence     1918  Barambah
      Elizabeth P   Coulahan     Dick            Riley        1918  Barambah
      Edie          Lee          Charlie         Garling      1918  Innisfail
      Rose          Tull         Patrick         Bray         1918  Mt Morgan
      Tea           Foo          Autcria                      1918  Thursday Is
      Elsie         King         Henry           Carbine      1918  Barambah
      Lucy                       Peter           Clarke       1918  Barambah
      Etta          Lockett      Daniel          Hodges       1918  Thursday Is
      Florrie       Lefu         Harry           Motlop       1918  Atherton
      Maudie        Williams     Casey           Gundy        1918  Barambah
      Florrie       Walters      Harry           Baker        1918  Barambah
      Maggie        Fogarty      Josal           Williams     1918  Barambah
      Millie        Smith        Willie          McKenzie     1918  Barambah
      Annie         Morrison     John            Carter       1918  Winton
      Maggie        Drumdrow     Charlie         Solomon      1918  Thursday Is
      Agnes         Monkey       Jimmy           Hobo         1918  Thursday Is
      Lily          Ferguson     Frederick       Linskie      1918  C.P.A.
      Maudie        White        Bernard         Newman       1918  Townsville
      Daisy         McLean       Henry A         Williams     1918  C.P.A.
      Ruby          McKenzie     George          Bradley      1918  Barambah
      Elsie         Toby         George          Bunder       1918  Barambah
      Lena          Ross         Herbert         Brown        1918  Barambah
      Nelly         Larry        Jack            Cairns       1918  Barambah
      Gypsey        Jackson      Ned             Annan        1918  Barambah
      Raby          Gundy        Ossie           Dick         1918  Barambah
      Bella         Coolundra    Prince          Davey        1918  Barambah
      Eva           Webb         Sandy           Anning       1918  Barambah
      Ethel         Ban Ban      Paddy           Mooney       1918  C.P.A.
      Mabel         George       George          Foster       1918  C.P.A.
      Kitu          Filliman     George          Eroa         1919  Thursday Is
      Carmen        Seiko        Pedro           Guivarra     1919  Thursday Is
   ++ Jira          Ambryn       Henry           Dan          1919  Thursday Is
   ++ Jira          Amboyn       Henry           Dan          1919  Thursday Is
      Luisa                      Magno           Lloren       1919  Thursday Is
      Tina                       Jimmy           Toto         1919  Thursday Is
      Kitu                       George          Roa          1919  Thursday Is
      Mary                       Jimmy           Walsh        1919  Thursday Is
      Mabel         Kutch        Adam            Hopkins      1919  Barambah
      Bessie        Culham       Dave            Rolleston    1919  Barambah
      Eileigh                    Robert          Shepherd     1919  Barambah
      Daisy         Collins      Arthur          Murdock      1919  Barambah
      Sarah         Sunflower    Daniel          Wallace      1919  C.P.A.
      Topsy         Kerr         Joe             Craigie      1919  Birdsville
      Hion                       Harry           Nin          1919  Thursday Is
      Topsy         Croydon      Alick           Riley        1919  C.P.A.
      Maud          Murray       Gale            Simpson      1919  C.P.A.
      Atima         Ah Wang      Tom             Savage       1919  Thursday Is
      Cissy         Whelan       John            Crollick     1919  Bollon
      Dollie        Moreton      Frank           Mitchell     1919  Barambah
      Biddie        Waters       George          Shaw         1919  Barambah
      Nellie        Michael      Johnnie         Ryan         1919  Barambah
      Annie         Stanley      Willie          Crowe        1919  Barambah
      Madeline      Ferguson     Willie          Allen        1919  C.P.A.
      Ethel         Button       Benjamin        Manager      1919  C.P.A.
      Rosie         Bexton       Frederick       Meredith     1919  Cairns
      Liza          Miller       George          Laine        1919  Barambah
      Maggie        Williams     George          Swain        1919  Barambah
      Elsie         Carbine      Harry           Coutts       1919  Barambah
      Jessie        Hislop       Neville         Blackman     1919  Barambah
      Martha        Ross         Willie          Sandow       1919  Barambah
      Rosey                      Albert          Ebswort      1919  Nocundra
      Noressa       Usop         Olie            Dewis        1919  Thursday Is
      Elsie                      Bracky                       1919  Trubanaman
      Mary Frances  Bell         Martin          Bligh        1919  Barambah
      Atima         Ah Wang      Jan             Singapore    1919  Thursday Is
      Theresia      Mills        John Henry D    Woodhead     1919  Thursday Is
      Kita          Mack         Edward          Martin       1920  Adavale
      Violet        Barber       Harry           Thompson     1920  Rockhampton
      Mabel         George       George          Foster       1920  C.P.A.
      Annie         Noble        William         Pitt         1920  Yarrabah
      Daisy         McCulla      Ike             Handy        1920  Cunnamulla
  +++ Janey         Scraggs      Wm Thos         Hopkins      1920  Barambah
  +++ Janey         Scraggs      Teddy           Hopkins      1920  Barambah
      Lizzie        Murray       George          Fernamdo     1920  Mungindi
      Norah         Wharton      Willie          Narrow       1920  Proserpine
      Rose          Williams     Ben             Bridgewater  1920  C.P.A.
      Amy           Kenny        Ernest          Burke        1920  Cloncurry
   && Maud          Brierty      Robert Lion     Poncho       1920  Cunnamulla
   && Maud          Gather       Robert Lion     Poncho       1920  Cunnamulla
      Lecowra       Boota        Glamor          Gar          1920  Thursday Is
      Katie         Kenny        John            Wright       1920  Cloncurry
    & Maggie        Rouse        Paul            Lens         1920  Purga
    & Maggie        Rouse        Paul            Leno         1920  Purga
      Atima         Ah Wang      Jan             Singapore    1920  Thursday Is
      Theresia      Mills        John Henry D    Woodhead     1920  Thursday Is
      Maggie                     Peter                        1920  Mona Mona
      Lannie        Button       Duncan          Daniells     1920  Barambah
      Mary          Fitzgibbon   Mack            Cook         1920  Barambah
      Florrie       Don          Willie          Cummings     1920  Barambah
      Emily                      Frank           Hudson       1920  Georgetown
      Daisy                      George          Graham       1920  Bowen
      Ada           Baker        Harry           Sippie       1920  Mackay
      Fanny         Clegg        Theobald        Motzger      1920  Mt Garnet
      Jane          Beckett      Frank           Balser       1920  C.P.A.
      Tottie        Brown        George          Lacey        1921  Barambah
      Edith         McKenzie     Walter          Brown        1921  Barambah
      Ethel         Sweeney      Robert Samuel   Ah Sam       1921  Cloncurry
      Annie         Rolf         Harry           Thompson     1921  Purga
      Alberta       Coulston     Albert          Blackman     1921  Barambah
      Lena          Assacruz     Sweeney         Doman        1921  Thursday Is
      Gregoria      Assacruz     Willie          Walton       1921  Thursday Is
      Jane          Roberts      Evelyn          Ellis        1921  C.P.A.
      Bessie        Burke        William         You Yeh      1921  Gladstone
      Alice         Mitchell     Herbert         Foster       1921  Bollon
      Lizzie        Woodford     Arthur          Athorne      1921  C.P.A.
      Mary          Moreton      William         Turner       1921  C.P.A.
      Dolly         Bundle       Alex            Mummin       1921  Barambah
      Lucy          Samford      Billy           Grogan       1921  Barambah
      May           Don          Henry           Gilbert      1921  Barambah
      Jessie        Morgan       Paddy           Mossman      1921  Barambah
      Teresa        Moore        John            Beckett      1921  C.P.A.
      Cissie        Kadel        Harry           Boney        1921  Taroom
      Jane          Beckett      Frank           Balser       1921  C.P.A.
      Nellie                     William         Burchall     1921  Cooktown
      Leila         Smith        James           Lynett       1922  Cunnamulla
      Lexie         Dodd         Bernard         Pope         1922  Barambah
      Katie         Atkyns       Harry           White        1922  Barambah
      Doreen        Cootchie     Murphy          Sprinkle     1922  Barambah
      Daisy         Malone       William Bert    Brown        1922  Barambah
      Katie         Ah See       Yarry           Linedale     1922  C.P.A.
      Maggie        Veivers      Dan             Coleman      1922  Mona Mona
      Dolly         Saunders     Jim             Fisher       1922  Taroom
      Ruby          Smith        Pat             Murphy       1922  Augathella
      Jenny                      Jack            Tomiki       1922  Cardwell
      Kitty         Jamieson     Albert          Driscoll     1922  Canungra
      Lucy          Waters       Jimmy           Smith        1922  Quilpie
      Emily         Mortlup      Louis           Lammon       1922  Innisfail
      Lily          Broad        Samson          Bowda        1922  C.P.A.
      Charlotte     Lena         Blucher                      1922  Port Douglas
      Flora                      Jimmy           Noild        1922  Bowen
      Topsy         Lovell       Oscar           Wallace      1922  Barambah
      May           Coulahan     Tom             Williams     1922  Purga
      Flora Rosie   Sailor       Amoy                         1922  C.P.A.
      Katie         Walsh        Bertie          Tobane       1922  Barambah
      Marjorie      Cootchie     Harvey          Albert       1922  Barambah
      Maggie                     Otto            Davis        1922  Innisfail
      Carrie                     Alfred          Gadd         1922  Springsure
      Dolly                      William         Buckland     1922  Croydon
      Molly                      Dick            Dunbar       1922  Croydon
      Lena          French       Bruce           Walker       1922  Barambah
      Lily          Williams     Jack            Harrison     1922  Barambah
      Connie        Doctor       Jack            Johnson      1922  Barambah
      Agnes         Roberts      Percy           Queary       1922  Barambah
      Lucy          Wombi        Reggie          Bundai       1922  Barambah
      May           Lee          Joe             Hegarty      1922  Barambah
      Laura         Busch        Nicholas        Rusu         1922  Mapoon
      Molly         Santo        Charlie         Mow          1922  Innisfail
      Ada           Foley        Ah Cum                       1922  Croydon
      Mareja        Doolah       Bora            Bin Juda     1922  Thursday Is
      Luna                       Manuel                       1922  Thursday Is
      Lottie        Gala         Joseph          Solomon      1923  Barambah
      Annie         Queary       Mattie          Davey        1923  Barambah
      Sadie         Ah Quey      William         Watson       1923  Burketown
      Mary          Ah Mat       Usop                         1923  Thursday Is
      Dolly         Chisholm     James Demutz    Rogers       1923  Cloncurry
      Mary Jane     Maher        Wm              Bateman      1923  C.P.A.
      Lena          Nora         Edward Patrick  Roderick     1923  C.P.A.
      Elsie         Drumley      Alfred          Coolwell     1923  C.P.A.
      Rosey         Wyman        Chas Alfred     McNevin      1923  Cunnamulla
      Bessie        Broad        Harold          Scott        1923  Mt Garnet
      Annie                      William         Yeatmann     1923  C.P.A.
      Mabel         Hippie       Dan             Petersen     1923  Proserpine
      Mary Ann      Judy         Robert          Chapman      1923  Hebel
      Nora          Morris       John            Crowlandy    1923  Maryborough
      Sussie                     Leslie          Albury       1923  Duaringa
      May           Howes        Tom             Forseller    1923  C.P.A.
      Tottie        Clements     Charlie         Collins      1923  Barambah
      Clorine       McKenzie     Willie          Bone         1923  Barambah
      Daisy         Casey        E E             Lovell-Shore 1924  Bedourie
      Tottie        Tenmile      Henry           Jessop       1924  Rockhampton
      Maggie        Alford       Frank           Wetherall    1924  C.P.A.
      Sibbie        Combie       Jack            Mahratta     1924  Innisfail
      Tei                        Johnny          Murray       1924  Thursday Is
      Ethel         Georgetown   Willie          Fisher       1924  Barambah
      Myrtle        Brown        Arthur          Williams     1924  Isisford
      Junie         Mossman      Walter          Scott        1924  Cloncurry
      Evelyn        Joker        George          Swain        1924  Taroom
      Ethel         Moorican     James           Taylor       1924  Innisfail
      Mary          Townson      Iopu                         1924  Thursday Is
      Margaret      Owen         Denny           Embrey       1924  Barambah
    = Maggie        Yarracurrie  Henry           Hio          1924
    = Maggie        Yarracurrie  Henry           Mio          1924
   == Minnie        Ah Mat       Jack            Hill         1924  S Johnstone
   == Minnie        Ah Mat       Jackll                       1924  S Johnstone
      Topsy         Jaro         Fred            Herbert      1924  Barambah
      Bridget       Sullivan     Jack            Falalwah     1924  Innisfail
      Jean          McLean       Ralph A         Dargin       1924  Quilpie
      Alice         Brown        Burnett         Pope         1924  Barambah
      Topsy                      Dick            Kerwin       1924
      Dolly         Mitchell     Roger           Bennett      1924
      Eva           Campbell     Fred            Norman       1924
      Jeannie       Mannicott    Ned             Annan        1924
      Maryann                    Johnson         Solomon      1924  Thursday Is
      Ellen         Ambryn       John            Mothe        1924  Cairns
      Pearl         Georgetown   Tommy           Bone         1924  Barambah
      Ruby          Richards     Charlie         Morton       1924
      Mamie         Williams     Charles         Kelly        1924
      Lizzie        Darby        Edward          Boyd         1924  Barambah
      Alice         Emerson      Charlie         Brown        1924  Barambah
      Bella         Moore        Sam             Murray       1924  Barambah
      Masalgi                    Frank           Mills        1924  Thursday Is
      Sylvia        Dalton       Arthur          Fox          1924  C.P.A.
      Zoe           Crabb        Strathspey                   1924
      Lulu          Dalton       Teddy           Waddy        1924  C.P.A.
      Jessie        Hegerty      George          Bell         1925  Barambah
      Nazareth                   Santiago                     1925  C.P.A.
      Mary                       Sam             Brown        1925  Port Douglas
      Cissie        Walsh        Tennyson        Thompson     1925
      Lulu          Dalton       Moses           Gulf         1925  Taroom
      Elliott                    Camel           Frank        1925  Bedourie
      Maudie        Sandow       Leslie          Hatfield     1925  Barambah
      Posse         Usop         Harry           Lawn         1925  Thursday Is
      Matilda       Bowie        Maresan         Ah Mat       1925  Thursday Is
      Elsie         Rouse        Fred            Fogarty      1925  C.P.A.
      Ivy           Bosun        Hughie          Gadd         1925  Springsure
      May           Hardyman     Henry J         Begg         1925  Springsure
      Ellen                      Dick            Clarke       1925  Ingham
      Irene         Underwood    Charlie         Palmer       1925  Yarrabah
      Tidja         Assam        Adam            Musuip       1925  Thursday Is
      Daisy         Walker       Samuel Edward   Chambers     1925  Barambah
      Norah         Mitchell     Fred            Collins      1925  Cloncurry
      Gertie        Skene        Dan             Cobbo        1926  Barambah
      Daphne                     Jack No 2                    1926  Ingham
      Nelle         Sanders      Thomas James    Shakespeare  1926  C.P.A.
      Besta         McEvoy       Isaac           Gundy        1926  Taroom
      Maudie        Brierty      Martin          Blyth        1926  Barambah
      Melba         Casey        Wm Henry        Long         1926  Boulia
      Mabel         Roberts      Joseph          Daniels      1926  Mitchell
      Nellie        Adoo         Peter           Eromanga     1926  Ingham
      Ethel         White        Alf             Garret       1926  Rockhampton
  === Kitty         Morwell      Jim             Nalia        1926  Innisfail
  === Kitty         Morwell      Jim             Nalia        1926  Innisfail
      Queenie       Malone       Paddy           Hero         1926  Ayr
      Dinah         Davidson     Norman          Woolley      1926  C.P.A.
      Ruby          McKellar     James           Richardson   1926  Cunnamulla
      Ethel                      Moses                        1926  Charters To
      Eliza         Tangle       Frank           Williams     1926  Ayr
      Anna          Manantan     Waria                        1926  Mapoon
      Nellie        Williams     George          Rowley       1926
      Daisy         Casey        William         Wilson       1926  Cloncurry
      Jessie                     George          Speechley    1926  Duchess
      Ruby          Knockler     Charlie Louie   Yuk          1926  Alpha
    ^ Sia           Ah Wong      Hassan          Bin Awal     1926  Thursday Is
    ^ Lia           Ah Wong      Hassan          Bin Awal     1926  Thursday Is
      Mary Ann      Solomon      Towan           Sandal       1926  Ingham
      Agnes         Pope         Jimmy           Chapman      1927  Barambah
      Rose          Boulia       Hector          Rutherford   1927  Rockhampton
      Lavinia       Nufong       Alfred          Moreton      1927  Myora
      Cora          Emmerson     Taro                         1927  Proserpine
      Ivy           Malayta      Seaborn         Coakley      1927  Mackay
      Nita          Quinn        Teddy           Fewings      1927  Barambah
      Dorseena      Jia          Assan           Bin Garape   1927  Thursday Is
      Rona          Ah Mat       Budda                        1927  Thursday Is
      Maude E       Thomas       Henry           Ludwick      1927  Mt Surprise
      Nellie        West         Snowy           Fraser       1927  Longreach
      Gretty        Brown        A               Pickett      1927  Augathella
      Alice                      Daniel John     Lucas        1927  Croydon
      Eileen                     Eric                         1927  Springsure
   ^^ Violet        Rollands     Robert Charles  Cook         1927  C.P.A.
   ^^ Violet        Brown        Robert Charles  Cook         1927  C.P.A.
      Alexandra G   Drumley      James Robert    Currie       1927  C.P.A.
      Norah                      Sambo                        1927  Ingham
      Sarah         McGrath      Dick            Cobbo        1927  Barambah
      Jessie        McAvoy       Lennie          Malone       1927  Barambah
      Jane          Blanco       Willie          Lightning    1927  Ingham
      Lena                       Tom             Savage       1928  Burketown
      Harriet       Dancey       Frank           Hudson       1928  St George
      Maudie        Benarvis     Willie          Gorham       1928  Barambah
  ^^^ Tilly         Dawson       Oscar           Collins      1928  Barambah
  ^^^ Tilly         Hennessy     Oscar           Collins      1928  Barambah
      Nellie        Woods        George          Munro        1928  C.P.A.
      Ida           Clancey      Crabby          Chapman      1928  Barambah
      Stella        Blay         Ranji           Logan        1928  Barambah
      Eva Mary      Bosun        Alfred          Walker       1928  Rockhampton
      Nancy         Smith        Douglas         McPherson    1928  Rockhampton
      Minnie        Van Rook     Norman          Shields      1928  Purga
      Gracie        Malone       Willie          Jerome       1928  Barambah
      Maggie        Kina         Peter           Byers        1928  Barambah
      Jessie        McAvoy       Lenny           Malone       1928  Barambah
      Laura         Bradly       Johnny          Gee Gee      1928  Barambah
      Elsie         Johnson      Denis           Masse        1928  Charters T
      Nellie        Night Island Johnson                      1928  Lockhart Rv
    ] Alice         Smith        Frank           Whelan       1928  C.P.A.
    ] Alice         Smith        Frank           Monaghan     1928  C.P.A.
      Tottie        Quicksilver  Walter          Geary        1928  C.P.A.
      Alma          Gerthal      Jack Hilton     Thomas       1928  Yarrabah
      Evelyn        Coolwell     Tim             Chapman      1928  Barambah
      Grace         McPherson    Reginald        Weribone     1928  St George
      Dina                       Johnny          Daniel       1929  Thursday Is
      Edie          Kina         Harry           Brunette     1929  Barambah
      Thelma        Cavanagh     Charles         Payne        1929  Toowoomba
      Maria         Koosney      Frederick R     White        1929  Longreach
      Wilma M       Costello     Philip Michael  Yetman       1929  Yarrabah
      Mabery        Richards     Ernest          Schulz       1929  C.P.A.
      Jannie                     Charlie         Nelson       1929  Silkwood
      Pearl         Norton       Roy             White        1929  C.P.A.
      Ruby          Munday       William         Clevins      1929  Goondiwindi
      Winnie                     Dick            Lee          1929  Eromanga
      Alice                      Frank           Atto         1929  Clermont
      Alice         Duke         Allan           Thompson     1929  Purga
      Dolly         Murray       Herbert         McPherson    1929  Dirrinbandi
      Rachel        Coolwell     Walter Percy    King         1929  C.P.A.
      Grace         Hennessy     Jimmy           Daisy        1929  Woorabinda
      Millie        Mow          Johnnie         Multawa      1929  Yarrabah
      Florence Rose Ruska        Sydney Edward   Coolwell     1930
      Lizzie        Spoopendyke  James           Brodie       1930  Woorabinda
      Rene          Kavanagh     Leslie          Armstrong    1930  Goondiwindi
      Minnie        Kina         Alexander John  Murphy       1930  Rockhampton
      Nancy         Roberts      Dick            Coleman      1930  C.P.A.
      Eileen        Jacobs       Albert          Brown        1930  Barambah
      Maggie        Dixon        Robert          Go Sam       1930  Herberton
      Marjory       Roberts      Alex            Colin        1930  Palm Is
      Ivy           Henry        Freddy          McTavish     1930  Palm Is
      Grace         Robin        Albert          Kyle         1930  Palm Is
      Elsie         Kyle         Charlie         Alley        1930  Palm Is
      Nellie        Robin        Clive           Beckett      1930  Palm Is
      Ethel         Dalton       George          Bowen        1930  Palm Is
      Dora          Banyan       Joe             Riley        1930  Palm Is
      Lee           Fong         Ray             Burns        1930  Palm Is
      Trixie        Booter       Henry           Gulf         1930  Woorabinda
      Mabel         Sullivan     Mahomet         Mate Mate    1930  Woorabinda
      Nellie        Monkira      Albert          Cornish      1930  Woorabinda
      Daisy                      Arthur          Henderson    1930  Innisfail
      Cecilia       Hatton       Charley         Banks        1930  C.P.A.
      Marie         Cook         Stanley         Mickelo      1930  Woorabinda
      Bessie        Nipper       Tommy           Ryan         1930  Palm Is
      Ina           Darwin       Charles         Budby        1930  Mackay
      Louisa        White        Monday                       1930  Palm Is
      Flossie       Bligh        Charlie         McGregor     1930  C.P.A.
      Marie         Campbell     Leonard         Collings     1930  C.P.A.
      Gladys        Gundy        Barki           Sailor       1930  Palm Is
      May                        Toby            Perry        1930  Cloncurry
      Linda                      Jock            Cloncurry    1930  Palm Is
      Eliza         Possum       Albert          Allen        1930  Maryborough
      Ruby          Murray       Robert          Anderson     1930  Woorabinda
      Linda         Daniells     Jack            Cloncurry    1930  Palm Is
      Doris         Busch        Frederick       Miller       1930  Thursday Is
      Alice                      Charlie A                    1930  Croydon
      Milda         Blanket      Peter           Prior        1930  Palm Is
      Louisa        Nufong       Albert          Jones        1930  Myora
      Annie Loomber Cairns       Harry           Combo        1930  C.P.A.
      Cissie        Serico       Tim             Mason        1930  Woorabinda
      Dora          Crawley      James           Lomas        1930  Purga
      Molly         Williams     Jonnie          Haines       1930  Herberton
      Lily          Barnes       Siddie          King         1930  Springsure
      Esther        Blair        Charlie         Thompson     1930  Purga
      Alice         Bowman       Jacky No 2                   1931  Charters T
      Violet        Dillyboy     Billy           Hughes       1931  Palm Is
      Ethel         Rosendale    Michael         Murphy       1931  Palm Is
      Ruby          Merandi      Billy                        1931  Longreach
      Beatrice                   Arthur          Isles        1931  Springsure
      Nellie        Brown        James           Daylight     1931  C.P.A.
      Ursula        Kemp         Jack            Leisha       1931  Woorabinda
      Milda         Richards     Billy           Brown        1931  Woorabinda
      Dinah                      Charlie         Peters       1931  Thursday Is
      Emily                      Fred            Keating      1931  Charters T
      Winifred A    Couchy       Jack            Graham       1931  Maryborough
      Maud          McGowan      Jim             Keogh        1931  C.P.A.
      Nellie        Wilson       Jimmy           Sargourie    1931  Lockhart Rv
      Ruth          Davis        Percy           Bond         1931  Barambah
      May           Tye          Arthur          Purcell      1931  Barambah
      Nellie        Solomon      Sandy           Kessler      1931  Palm Is
      Jesspe        Frog         Major           Clumpoint    1931  Palm Is
      Nellie        Queensland   Robinson                     1931  Palm Is
      Dora          Riley        George          Miro         1931  Palm Is
      Nellie        Bamboo       Frank           Mitchell     1931  Palm Is
      Minnie        Thomas       Fred            Queary       1932  Cherbourg
      May                        Edwin Ernest    Satge (de)   1932  Mitchell Rv
      Katie         Ross         Clive           Martin       1932  Myora
      Alma          Mitchell     Horace          Wondunna     1932  Maryborough
      Eileen        Davidson     Carl Salvadore  Barnett      1932  C.P.A.
      Helen         Hopkins      Gillie          Roberts      1932  C.P.A.
      Norma         Hegerty      Norman          Bird         1932  Cherbourg
      Queenie       Annings      Steve           Hart         1932  Cherbourg
      May           Tye          Arthur          Purcell      1932  Cherbourg
      Princey       Glenbar      Roy             Jacobs       1932  Cherbourg
      Sarah         Sawney       Johnston        Mate Mate    1932  Cherbourg
      Olga          Anderson     Livingstone     Chambers     1932  Cherbourg
      Nellie        Stanley      Jack            Thomas       1932  Cherbourg
      Daisy                      Arthur          Henderson    1932  Innisfail
      Lucy          Martin       Lanny           Jerome       1932  Cherbourg
      Kathleen      Starlight    Danny           Embrey       1932  Cherbourg
      Dolly         Dodd         Jack            Maytown      1932  Palm Is
      Mary Ann      Noble        Ropeyarn                     1932  Palm Is
      Maud          Ah Koon      William         King         1932  Burketown
      Katie         Gagen        Reggie          Dodd         1932  C.P.A.
      May           King         Tommy           Curley       1932  C.P.A.
   ]] Elsie         Dolo         Eddie           Ross         1932  C.P.A.
   ]] Elsie         Dolo         Eddie           Bungarra     1932  C.P.A.
      Cecilia       Hatton       Ernest          Smith        1932  C.P.A.
      Anai                       Douglas         Pitt         1932  Thursday Is
      Rosenina      Sabasio      Albert E        Christian    1932  Thursday Is
      Dorothy       Warnes       James           Stanley      1932  Cherbourg
      Teresa        Coote        Abraham         Sailor       1932  Palm Is
      Jean          Laurence     Ted             Mathieson    1932  Mona Mona
      Edie          Rabbits      Langton Jack                 1932  Cherbourg
      Mary Madeline Skeen        Evan            Evans        1932  Gordonvale
      Tilly         Rogers       T T             Fuller       1932  C.P.A.
      Gladys        Malone       Christy         Taldora      1932  Cherbourg
      Nellie        Stewart      Harry           Bluewater    1932  Palm Is
      Elsie         Ernst        Tommy           Kelly        1932  Palm Is
      Edith         Sargent      Archie          Quinn        1932  Palm Is
      Maudie        Bristow      Alec            Tear         1932  Palm Is
      Lucy          Clark        Wilkie                       1932  Palm Is
      Nina          Cooktown     Harry           Chookie      1932  Palm Is
      Betsy         Clark        Paddy           Flynn        1932  Palm Is
      Agnes         O'Brien      Albert          Cape Bedford 1932  Palm Is
      Louie         Lucas        Nimrod                       1932  Palm Is
      Freda         Yarrabah     Jack            Dunbar       1932  Palm Is
      Maudie        Perry        Slim                         1932  Palm Is
      Eliza         Andrews      Joe             Salmon       1932  Palm Is
      Gipsy         Croydon      Jack            Olville      1932  Palm Is
      Bessie                     Willie                       1932  Boulia
      Georgina      Mamoose      George          Wilson       1932  Thursday Is
      Eileen        Edwards      Edward          Willis       1932  C.P.A.
      Ethel         Lucas        Alfie           Deen         1932  St George
      Ivy           Gala         Dasher                       1932  Quilpie
      Alma          Yarrie       Dick            Bostok       1933  Palm Is
      Ivy           Nixon        William         Mitchell     1933  Charleville
      Pearl         Davey        Bernard         Turner       1933  C.P.A.
      Maud          Victor       Harry           Mailman      1933  Augathella
      Janet         Rennie       Tennyson        Thompson     1933  Yarrabah
      Pearl         Carlo        Larrie          Leddie       1933  Cherbourg
      Rosie         Bond         Willie          Conlon       1933  Cherbourg
      Pearl         Darby        Willie          Rookwood     1933  Woorabinda
      Mabel         Query        Ted             Maranoa      1933  Woorabinda
      Dolly         Saunders     Norman          George       1933  Woorabinda
      Eileen        Bowman       Marshall        Henry        1933  Woorabinda
      Eva           Pickles      Jack            Patterson    1933  Palm Is
      Lily          Lenskie      Charles F G     King         1933  C.P.A.
      Nellie        Yarrabah     Frank           Laura        1933  Palm Is
      Tubau         Anson        Sam             Solomon      1933  Thursday Is
      Ethel         Mamoos       Norrunnie                    1933  Mapoon
      Mona          Donald       Steven          Fagan        1933  Mona Mona
      Edith         Hazel        Fred            Wilmott      1933  Cherbourg
      Maud          Parry        George          Thorpe       1933  Cloncurry
      Ethel                      Reginald N      Douglas      1933  Cloncurry
      Blanche       Brunette     Freddy          Cobbo        1933  Cherbourg
      Agnes         Massery      William         McGrath      1933  C.P.A.
      Kate          Koosney      Thomas          Cassisey     1933  Longreach
      Dolly         Attenborough Tommy           Chong        1933  T O Lagoons
      Madge         Bernavis     Charlie         Warnes       1933  Cherbourg
      Maimie        Cressbrook   Jacky           Smith        1933  Cherbourg
      Carrie        Nyne         Reg             Daylight     1933  Purga
      Mary                       Echo                         1933
      Madeline      Lucas        George          Newman       1933
      Winnie        Williams     Freddie         Dawson       1933  C.P.A.
      Elsie         Wallace      Willie          Ninger       1933  M Millaa
      Kathleen      Daylight     Joe             Rankin       1933  Woorabinda
      Lexie         Beckett      Frank           Roma         1933  Cherbourg
      Biddy         Monkey       Genami          Gai          1933  Palm Is
      Molly         Soloman      Norman          Williams     1933  Woorabinda
      Nellie        Bulloo       Vivian          Solomon      1933  Woorabinda
      Florrie       Tomahawk     Frank           Booth        1933  Woorabinda
      Joan          Lewis        Alec            Tears        1933  Palm Is
      Florrie       Kemp         James           Hamilton     1933  Woorabinda
      Irene         Gilbert      Roman           Burke        1933  Woorabinda
      Louie         North        Peter           Link         1933  C.P.A.
      Josie         Ray          Jack            Naylor       1933  Woorabinda
      Minnie Edith  Ah Yet       Wm Roderick     Shaw         1933  Yarrabah
      May Adeliade  Kuranda      Frank Cecil     Davidson     1933  Yarrabah
      Monica Madge  Fourmile     Cornelius       Walter       1933  Yarrabah
      Greta                      Samuel Joseph   Kynuna       1933  Yarrabah
      Lyndus                     Gregory                      1933  Mitchell Rv
      Alison                     Teddy                        1933  Mitchell Rv
      Ellen                      Victor                       1933  Mitchell Rv
      Hilda                      David                        1933  Mitchell Rv
      Gladys        Coutts       Douglas         Fooks        1933  Palm Is
      Nina                       Tommy           Cooktown     1933  Richmond
      Alice         Bowman       Jacky           Allingham    1934  Charters T
      Annie         Daley        Jack            Hansen       1934  Boulia
      Muriel        Yeatman      Stephen         Dabah        1934  Yarrabah
      Charlotte                  Richard         Hide         1934  Yarrabah
  ]]] Vera          Mitchell     Harold          Tyson        1934  Woorabinda
  ]]] Vera          Mitchell     Ten Mile        Tyson        1934  Woorabinda
    [ Rosie         Hall         Andy            Kyle         1934  Palm Is
    [ Rosie         Dinduck      Andy            Kyle         1934  Palm Is
      Ena M         Bryant       Geo             Ryan         1934  Palm Is
      Sissy         Geebung      Dan             Mailman      1934  C.P.A.
      Nancy         Perrett      Lambert         Cockie       1934  Palm Is
      Norah                      Dick            Brookdale    1934  Burketown
      Norah                      Doctor Jack                  1934  Boulia
      Marjorie      Woologram    Ned                          1934  Palm Is
      Violet        Mortensen    Rody            Cassidy      1934  Palm Is
      Bessie                     Paddy                        1934  Burketown
      Eileen        Gala         William         Rainbow      1934  Maryborough
      Muriel        Fox          Alex            Bulwarra     1934  C.P.A.
      Lena          Fogarty      Sidney          Yarrie       1934  C.P.A.
      Lucy                       Herbert                      1934  C.P.A.
      Susan         Dow          John E          Lock         1934
      Malvina       Fourmile     Barnabas V      Coghlan      1934  Yarrabah
      Claudina      Brown        Mesac                        1934  Yarrabah
      Ruby          Tanna        Moses           Obah         1934  C.P.A.
      Minnie        Hart         William         Lawton       1934  C.P.A.
      Lulla         Wilson       Archie          Quinn        1934  Palm Is
      Jessie        Atherton     George          Ketchup      1934  Palm Is
      Grace         Camp         Alfred          Isaacson     1934  C.P.A.
   [[ Norah         Yoole        Jemy            Larry        1934
   [[ Norah         Riley        Jemy            Larry        1934
      Nancy         Power        Jack            Mittabong    1934  C.P.A.
      Minnie        Brady        Freddie         Lewis        1934  Palm Is
      Chloe         Douglas      Archie          Matthews     1934  Mt Garnet
      Alice         Wilson       Harry           McCabe       1934  Boulia
      Nora          Moonlight    Chris           Napier       1934  Boulia
      Lila          Earl         Bob             Roberts      1934
      Emily                      Arthur                       1934  T O Lagoons
      Agnes Eileen  Reid         Maurice         Cedric       1934  Yarrabah
      Dolly         Creed        Harry           Wilson       1934  Palm Is
      Lulu          Brunette     Gordon          Peters       1934  Cherbourg
      Maudie        Brunette     Percy           Conlon       1934  Cherbourg
      Florrie       Watson       Kennie          Duncan       1934  Cherbourg
      Vera          Weazel       Tom             Nuggin       1934  Cherbourg
      Beatrice      Simmonds     Tom             Dodd         1934  Cherbourg
      Muriel        Franks       Harold          Armstrong    1934  Cherbourg
      Janey         Charleville  Duker           Harte        1934  Cherbourg
      Mary          Williams     Fred            Roma         1934  Cherbourg
      Charlotte     Wragge       Leslie          Bligh        1934  Cherbourg
      Kitty         Williams     Frank           Fisher       1934  Cherbourg
      Doris         Smith        Hugh            Ross         1934  Cherbourg
      Mabel                      Gilbert                      1934  C.P.A.
      Lily          Burke        Ernest          Lymburner    1934  Palm Is
      May           Ezzy         Bob             Brown        1934  C.P.A.
      Bessie D                   Spoof                        1934  C.P.A.
      Polly                      Johnny          Bardiall     1934  Thursday Is
      Edie          Powder       Herbert         Leopold      1934  Woorabinda
      Topsy                      Sam             Owens        1935  Croydon
      Norde                      Lawn            Hills        1935  Hughenden
      Clara         Mi Mi        Alex            Mumbin       1935  Woorabinda
      Grace         Anderson     Bertie          Walker       1935  Woorabinda
      Peter         Underwood                                 1935
      Kathleen                   Peter           Underwood    1935  C.P.A.
      Rosina C      Richards     Thomas          Allen        1935  Yarrabah
      Alice         James        Richard         Holden       1935  Thursday Is
      Dolly                      Jubilee A                    1935  Normanton
      May                        Jock                         1935  Normanton
      Daisy         Collins      Georgie         Bowman       1935  Mareba
      Charity V     Palmer       Patrick David   Stanley      1935  Yarrabah
      Jessie        McTavish     Walter Robert   Chong        1935  C.P.A.
      Ivy                        McGilvary                    1935  Normanton
      Lena                       Jacob                        1935  Normanton
      Lorna         Mitchell     Willie          Jahl         1935  Woorabinda
      Henry         Alberts      Jean            Stuckey      1935  Cherbourg
      Jack          Cobbo        Agnes           Platt        1935  Cherbourg
      Arthur        Stanley      Chloe           Button       1935  Cherbourg
      Harry         Phillips     Maudie          McEvoy       1935  Cherbourg
      Jimmy         Mailu        Faum?           Wag          1935  Thursday Is
      Louisa        Mi Mi                                     1935
      Alice         Palmer       Jack            Nugent       1935  Palm Is
      Irene         Clumpoint    Jimmy           Walsh        1935  Palm Is
  [[[ Nancy         Burns        Genami          Gia          1935  Palm Is
  [[[ Biddy         Monkey       Genami          Gia          1935  Palm Is
      Laura         Woods        Adrian          Richardson   1935  Woorabinda
      Mona          Hazzard      Jack            Brown        1935
      Bella Neevil  Topoka       Sambo           Robinson     1935
      Ivy                        Daniel          Myngha       1935  C.P.A.
      Bertha        Allen        Sid             Carroll      1935  Palm Is
      Hope          Marian       Jack            Douglas      1935  Yarrabah
      Gretty        Brown        Alfred          Peckett      1935
      Bessie        Williams     Mosie           Mason        1935  Woorabinda
      Vera          Loder        Ronald          Blacker      1935
      Agnes         Lorna        David           English      1935
      Judy                       Alick           McDermott    1935  Normanton
      Nancy         Kuranda      Carl            Starky       1935
      Stella        Hennessy     George          Hill         1935
      Bella                      Jimmy           Airey        1935  Herberton
      Maggie        Darwin       Michael         Angus        1935  Nebo
    { Jessie                     Johnny                       1935  Normanton
    { Jessie                     Johnny          Casey        1935  Normanton
      Venus                      Gordon                       1935  Normanton
      Ida                        Peter           Campbell     1935  Normanton
      Sarah                      Moonlight                    1935  Normanton
      Janet         Dodd         Teddy           Fuller       1935  C.P.A.
      Myrtle        Billevue     Nolan           Joshua       1935  Yarrabah
      Lily          Mi Mi        Walter          Hill         1935  Woorabinda
      Jessie        Barlow       Billy           Weare        1935  Atherton
      Lena                       Jacob                        1935  Normanton
      Cissie        Sibley       Mick            Miller       1935
      Agnes         Cockie       Major           Cooktown     1935  Palm Is
      Bessie        Dallachy     Jack            Anderson     1935
      Rosie         Himstedt     Jack            Williams     1935  Esk
      Dorothy       Blackman     Causey          Anderson     1935  Maryborough
      Mabel         Sheppherd    Willie          Green        1935  Mona Mona
      Alice Mona    McKenzie     George Gregory  Noble        1935  Cairns
      Ann           Whiteman     Albert          Duncan       1935
      Annie         Rob          Jack            Parapine     1935  Palm Is
      Lily          Mi Mi        Walter          Hill         1935  Woorabinda
      Thelma        Cavanagh     Red Hatchie                  1935  Cherbourg
      Maud          Gala         Roy             Solomon      1935  Woorabinda
      Emily         Clarke       Jack            Walsh        1935  C.P.A.
      Mary          Cavanagh     Redatchie       Crozen       1936  Cherbourg
      Rita          Davis        Leslie          Jerome       1936  Cherbourg
      Sarah                      Bynoe B                      1936  Normanton
      Hettie        Williams     Caesar          Anning       1936  Woorabinda
      Angelina      Rocklands    Harry           Gallagher    1936  Camooweal
      Elsie                      Joe             Morganson    1936  Ingham
      Lily          Deighton     Arthur          Cooktown     1936  Palm Is
      Jean                       Butcher                      1936  Normanton
      Ida           Larry        Charlie         Towers       1936  Palm Is
      Vera          Puller       Henry           Quinn        1936  Ayr
      Thelma                     Jupiter                      1936  Burketown
      Ivy                        Willie          Sailor       1936  Normanton
      Ivy           Julian       Peter           Ross         1936  Palm Is
      Alice         Yarrie       Sunlight        Evans        1936  Palm Is
   {{ Madge         Barney       Willie          Thaiday      1936  Palm Is
   {{ Maudie        Barney       Willie          Thaiday      1936  Palm Is
      Polly         Tippo        Joe             Dossetta     1936  Palm Is
      Annie         Robb         Jack            Parapine     1936  Palm Is
      Greta         Bardon       Tom             Anderson     1936  Palm Is
      Mollie        Ben          Robbie          Daniels      1936  Palm Is
      Alma          Yarrie       Dick            Bostok       1936  Palm Is
      Susie         Pluto        Nimrod                       1936  Palm Is
  {{{ Elsie         Walker       Willie          Mattessey    1936  Palm Is
  {{{ Elsie         Cooktown     Willie          Mattessey    1936  Palm Is
      Norah         Murray       Arthur          Ketchup      1936  Palm Is
      Nancy         Parot        Oscar           James        1936  Palm Is
      Maggie        Densley      Bluey           Roberts      1936  Palm Is
      Jessie        Hughes       Jack            White        1936  Palm Is
      Maudie        Smith        Charlie         McLean       1936  Palm Is
      Jennie        White        Tommy           Duncan       1936  Palm Is
      Ruby          Van Rook     Arthur          Murray       1936  Palm Is
      Emily         Tracker      Tommy           Huddy        1936  Palm Is
      Dinah                      Paddy           Ryan         1936  Palm Is
      Nellie        Harts        Joe             Salmon       1936  Palm Is
      Nancy                      Hector                       1936  Burketown
      Kaduga                     Bob             Augustus     1936  Palm Is
      Mabel         Garbutt      Jack            Cinnebar     1936  Palm Is
      Gracie        Illich       Hector          Gibson       1936  Palm Is
      Clara                      Norman                       1936  Georgetown
      Daisy         Fuce         Harold          Conway       1936  Palm Is
      Ruby          Van Rook     Arthur          Murray       1936  Palm Is
      Mabel         Britcher     Arthur          Miles        1936  Woorabinda
      Phyllis       Ferguson     Snider          Ketchup      1936  Palm Is
      Josephine     Hall         George          Washington   1936  Dirranbandi
      Stella        Carrol       Willie          Thompson     1936  Mona Mona
      Thelma        Fourmile     Ned             Parker       1936  Yarrabah
      Maud Eliz                  Hector          Seymour      1936  Yarrabah
      Elsie         Ernest       Bob             Robertson    1936  Palm Is
      Maggie        Thomas       Billy           Anderson     1936  Palm Is
      Emily         Barry        Jack            Barry        1936  Palm Is
      Jessie        Anderson     Ernie           Williams     1936  Palm Is
      Katie         Langdon      Billy           May          1936  Palm Is
      Rebecca       Blooranta    Robert          Romelo       1936  Innisfail
      Florrie       Hall         James           Taylor       1936  Dirranbandi