Marriage Application Correspondence 1923

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications
      Item ID ITM336462
      Previous System Location A/58771; RSI14961/1/476; A1 Item ID 336462 
      Description Marriages 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1923 
      End Date Circa 31/12/1923
      Access Category Open
      Queensland State Archives

      Abbreviations used in the following items are

      R     Residence
      C     Marital Status (Condition)
      A     Age
      B     Place born
      F     Father
      M     Mother
      W     Witness (where Aboriginal)

      1.  Niney McDonald                     Ettie Sunflower

      R   Keeroongooloo Stn
      Want to marry 1923 Adavale

      N.B. Niney is now only friends with Eileen Edwards.

      2. George Stott                 


      N.B. Also mentions George lived with Maud Culham who 
      formerly lived with Campbell Coolwell. Maud had a child
      to George, which died shortly after birth. Maud is now
      pregnant to George again.

      3.  Willie Bone                         Clorine McKenzie

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   23 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Nanango                            Gayndah
      F   Boondoon                           Billy McKenzie
      M   Maggie                             Bella Davey
      Married  5.12.1923 Barambah Methodist

      4.  William Yeatman                    Annie

      Married  2.11.1923 Cooktown

      N.B. William is a white man. They have been living together
      for about 17 years. They have 3 boys and 1 girl. The two 
      eldest boys were taken to a mission some years ago. The
      other boy is 11 years and the girl is 3 years.

      The following children were removed from Rossville, Bloomfield
      River and China Camp in 1915. William and Annie's boys may be 
      among these.
      4.  Thomas (Frank) Neary                Topsy Neary

      A   45 yrs      
      F                                       Gala (kanaka at Pialba)
      Want divorce 1923 Barambah

      N.B. Removal Order Frasers Island to Barambah 11. 5.1920
      Topsy Neary, refuses to return to husband.
      Also mentions Roger Bennet, native of Frasers Island.

      5.  John Crowlandy                      Nora Morris

      R   Pialba                              Pialba
      C                                       Spinster
      B   Solomon Islands                     Frasers Island
      F                                       Jack Morris
      Married 15.10.1923 Pialba

      6.  Johnny                              Gladys

      R   Mt Surprise
      A   32 yrs                              19 yrs
      Dated 1923

      N.B. Johnny is the Tracker at Mt Surprise.
      Also mentions Minnie, native of the Murray River. She lived
      with Johnny for a while. Aged about 70 years.

      7.  Colin                               Phoeba Anderson

      Dated 1908 Yarrabah. Not legally married.

      N.B. Phoeba left Cairns in 1914 with Billy McMahon.
      Removal Order Cairns to Barambah 27. 3.1914 for
      Colin and Phoeba, his wife.

      8.  Mr Hibbins (white)                  Phoeba Anderson

      Married May, 1915 Chinchilla.

      9.  Meer Mahomet                        Rosie Baker

      R   Cloncurry                           Cloncurry
      A   35 yrs                              30 yrs
      B   Jelim, Punjaub, India
      Permission to marry refused 1923 Brisbane

      N.B. Rosie is having a child. Mr A E Grimley, stock
      inspector, white, is the reputed father.
      Rosie had a female child born 7. 3.1919.
      Rosie had a male child, Jack, born 9 years ago to a
      Mr Dearness.

      Removal Order Cloncurry to Palm Island for
      Rosie, aged 30 years
      Maggie, aged 4 years, her child.

      Rosie again pregnant in 1923 and child born 16. 2.1923.
      Meer Mahomet is probably not the father.

      10. Charles Alfred McNevin              Rosie Wyman

      A   24 yrs
      B   NSW
      Married 10. 7.1923 Cunnamulla

      11. Paddy Fraser                        Norah

      Correspondence 1923 about bank accounts.

      12. Manuel                              Luna

      C                                       Widow
      B   Manilla                             Badu Island
      Permission to marry sought 1923 Thursday Island

      13. Leo                                 Lucy

      R   Normanton
      C                                       Widow
      Married Normanton

      N.B. Report on a fatal accident at Pictavia Stn.
      Carbine died 21. 6.1921 Normanton Hospital, aged 35 years.
      Wife was Lucy, aged 28 years.
      Daughter was Elsie, aged 13 years, now married to Sweat, 1923.
      Daughter was Maudie, aged 9 years.
      Also mentions Bino, present at accident.

      14. Frank Turner                        Tottie Quicksilver

      R                                       Beaudesert
      Permission to marry sought 1923 Beaudesert

      15. William Turner                      Mary Turner

      R   Kandanga                            Wyumbyn
      Mary left husband in 1923

      N.B. Mary was previously Mary Moreton.

      16. Jack Edward                         Annie Mascoyan

      F                                       Malay
      M                                       Aborigine
      Married 23. 1.1923 Innisfail

      N.B. Annie got an Exemption in 1922.
      Also mentions Jack Mewa.

      17. James Demutz                        Dolly

      Married 29. 3.1923 Cloncurry

      N.B. They were married under the names of
      James Demutz Rogers and Dolly Chisholm.

      18. Nicholas Rusu                       Laura Busch

      R                                       Mapoon
      A                                       27. 5.1907
      B   Romania
      F                                       Charles De Poos
      M                                       H/C European
      Permission to marry denied 1923 Thursday Island

      N.B. Charles De Poos also known as Charles Busch was a
      French Samoan, and is dead.

      19. Frank A Campbell                    Bulka
      R   Birdsville                          Birdsville
      Not allowed to be legally married 1923 Birdsville

      N.B. Bulka now at Birdsville Police Station living with
      Tracker Corporal Tommy.

      20. Fugite                              Lizzie Romelo

      B   Japan
      Permission to marry denied 1923 Innisfail

      N.B. Lizzie's husband was sent to Goodna Mental Asylum
      some years ago.

      21. Charlie Douglas

      Wants to go to Palm Island for a wife 1923 Winton

      22. Usop (Joseph Malay)                 Mary Ah Mat

      R                                       Mabuiag Island
      C                                       Widow
      B   Malay
      Married  5. 3.1923 Thursday Island

      N.B. Mary is the widow of Ah Mat who died in 1919.

      23. James Demutz                        Dolly

      A   40 yrs                              23 yrs
      B                                       Cloncurry
      F   White
      M   African
      Correspondence 1923

      N.B. Dolly gave birth to an illegitimate male child 
      on 21. 9.1919. James Demutz was the father.
      Dolly is described as H/C Chinese.

      24. George Broncho (Martin)             Polly Gray

      R   South Brisbane                      South Brisbane
      C   Bachelor                            Widow
      A   21 yrs                              41 yrs
      B   Cooktown                            Blackall
      F   Jimmy Martin                        Barney White
      M   Jinny                               Jinny Fisher
      W   Erica Ida St Clair Karresch
      W   Annie Eleanor Sullivan
      Married 17. 5.1918 Registry Office, Brisbane

      25. Fred Coolwell                       Jessie Walker

      R   Beaudesert
      Want to marry 1923 Beaudesert

      26. Charlie Douglas

      R   Winton
      Wants to go to Palm Island for a wife 1923 Winton

      27. Paddy                               Daisy

      R   Butchers Hill                       Cooktown
      Daisy does not want to marry Paddy 1923 Cooktown

      N.B. Daisy had Paddy's child on 16. 9.1922. Child was
      born dead.

      28. William Watson                      Sadie Ah Quey

      A   21 yrs
      Married 10. 1.1923 Burketown

      29. Mattie Davey                        Annie Queary

      R   Barambah                            Barambah
      C   Bachelor                            Widow
      A   25 yrs                              25 yrs
      B   Kenilworth                          Hebel
      F   Davey                               Bob Hibbert
      M   Annie Crow                          Emily Toon
      Married 25. 1.1923 Barambah Methodist

      30. Joseph Solomon                      Lottie Gala

      R   Barambah                            Barambah
      C   Bachelor                            Spinster
      A   22 yrs                              21 yrs
      B   Duaringa                            Pialba
      F   Joe Solomon                         Jack Gala
      M   Sarah                               Annie Morris
      Married 25. 1.1923 Barambah Methodist

      31. Andrew Geedrick                     Alice McKenzie

      R   Yeppoon                             Rockhampton
      C   Divorced
      A   38 yrs
      B   Ceylon
      Married 22. 1.1923 Rockhampton

      N.B. Alice has a child to Andrew.

      32. Johnny Anderson (Smith)             Widgee

      R                                       Chillagoe
      A                                       15 yrs in 1922
      B   Georgetown                          Croydon
      F                                       Lefthand Charlie
      M                                       Topsy
      Marriage approved 1921 Croydon. Never took place.

      N.B. Widgee's parents at Rosebush Plains Stn, Croydon.
      Topsy is from Georgetown.
      Also mentions 
      Dan from NSW
      Big Eye Jack

      33. Ah Kum                              Ada Foley

      A                                       20 yrs
      B                                       Croydon
      F                                       Chinese
      M                                       Aborigine
      Married  5.12.1922 Croydon

      N.B. Ada has a 3 month old baby. Father unknown but
      probably Ah Kum.

      34. Bora Bin Juda                       Mareja Doolah

      A                                       18-19 yrs in 1920
      B   Malay                               Murray Island
      F                                       Malay
      M                                       Native of Darnley Is
      Married 29.12.1922 Thursday Island

      N.B. Removal Order from Thursday Island to Darnley Island
      dated 11. 2.1921 for Mareja Doolah.
      Mareja's sister is Mrs Sedin of Thursday Island.
      Mareja had a child September 1921. Father is Bora.