Marriage Application Correspondence 1921

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage ApplicationsItem 
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      Previous System Location A/58769; RSI14961/1/474 
      Description Marriages 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1921  
      End Date Circa 31/12/1921 
      Access Category Open
      Queensland State Archives 

      Abbreviations used in the following pages are

      R     Residence
      C     Marital Status (Condition)
      A     Age
      B     Place born
      F     Father
      M     Mother
      W     Witness (where Aboriginal)

      1.  Charlie Naroom (Waroom)

      R   Winton
      1921, wants to go to Palm Island to get a wife

      2.  Romeo                              Laura

      R   Greenvale Stn                      Greenvale Stn
      A                                      16 yrs
      Seek permission to marry 1921 Greenvale

      N.B. Laura just had a baby. Father is Hector Thomas,
      the Native Tracker for the Clarke River Police.

      3.  Bob                                 Rosie

      R   Greenvale Stn                       Greenvale Stn
      A                                       16 yrs
      Seek permission to marry 1921 Greenvale

      N.B. Rosie just had a baby. Father is William Ernest Jack,
      who is now at Mt Emu Stn, Hughenden.

      4.  Broncho (Broaker)                   Sarah

      R   Mt Garnet                           Yarrabah
      Seek permission to marry 1921 Mt Garnet

      N.B. Sarah absconded and is living with a man in the
      Cooktown District.
      Broncho was removed to Yarrabah about 1920.

      5.  Billy Knobs                         Blanche

      Permission to marry refused 1921 Duaringa

      6.  Jack Abdullah                       Nellie Solomon

      R   Atherton                            Palm Island
      A   56 yrs                              Young
      B   Zanzibar, South Africa              
      F                                       Kanaka (dec) } Legally
      M                                       (dec)        } married
      Permission to marry refused 1921 Atherton

      N.B. Removal order dated 29.12.1920 Atherton to Palm Island
      Mary Ann Hughes, 18 yrs
      Nellie Solomon, 18 yrs

      7.  Harry Boney                         Cissie Kadel

      R   Taroom Settlement
      A   23 yrs                              15 yrs in 1919
      Correspondence 1921

      N.B. Attached to this correspondence is a Report dated
      1916 by Mrs Sullivan of an inspection of girls in the
      Western District. This covers Cunnamulla, Charleville,
      Mitchell, Roma, Taroom, Dalby, Toowoomba and Dirranbandi.
      Names mentioned are
      Ethel Hooper, H/C, Moolga Stn, Cunnamulla
      Ruby Johnson, Cunnamulla
      Ada Hooper, H/C, Kahmoo Stn, Cunnamulla
      Lizzie Lewis, H/C, Wyandra
      Totty Waddy, Mt Morris near Charleville. Mother at Taroom
      Kate Koosney, Mt Morris near Charleville
      Kate Campbell, H/C, Langlo Crossing
      Norma Raper, H/C, Glenevis, Charleville. Has an uncle and
        aunt named Combarngo at Surat.
      Elsie Myers, H/C, Charleville
      Agnes Massey, Milly Stn, Charleville
      Norah, Rosewood, Charleville
      Ethel Cobbo, H/C, Narrawong, Charleville. Gone to Blackall
      Cissie Kadel, H/C, Charleville, aged 12 years
      Emma Clarke, H/C, Charleville
      Sophie Nulla, H/C, Mitchell
      Jessie Hislop, H/C, Roma
      Ruby Combarngo, H/C, Surat
      Lizzie Woodford and child, H/C, Drillham. Child attends
        school daily
      Ruby Waddy, H/C, Jundah
      Agnes Johnson, H/C, Malara near Taroom
      Lena Buck, H/C, Hornett Bank
      Agnes Ferguson, H/C, Eurumbah Stn, Taroom
      Ruby McPhie, H/C, Taroom
      Amy Saunders, H/C, Taroom
      Alice Hart, H/C, Carabah Stn, Taroom. Has children named
        Daisy Burns or McLean
        Lily Burns or McLean
        Paddy Burns or McLean
        These were last heard of at Deebing Creek
      Nancy Saunders, H/C, Carabah Stn, Taroom
      Janie Beckett, H/C, Wallabeha Stn, Yuelba
      Thelma Carbine, H/C, Dalby
      Lucy Samford, Dalby
      Madeline Ferguson, H/C, Dalby
      Annie Kearns, H/C, Bon Accord, Dalby
      Mary Morton, H/C, Rosevale, Jandowae
      Ethel Button and child, H/C, Bilboa near Bell
      Rose Williams, Diamondy near Jandowae
      Totsy Graham, H/C, Kaimkillenbun. Mother at Ipswich
      Nancy Horn and child, H/C, Kilrock near Jandowae
      Jessie Walker, Kennerley, Warra
      Maud McGowan, Maroona, Warra
      Clara Anderson, Lauriedale near Jandowae
      Mabel George, Mangalore, Charleville
      Francis, Goondiwindi
      Gladys, Goondiwindi, aged 10 years

      8.  Charlie Morgan

      Married after return from war before 1921.

      N.B. In 10th Reinforcements of the 49th Battalion.
      Mother was Mrs Bella Morgan of Ipswich who died 1. 6.1918
      at Deebing Creek. Sister is Mrs Nuggin of West Cleveland.

      9.  William Turner                     Mary Moreton

      B   N.S.W.
      Seek permission to marry 1921

      10. Paddy Mossman                      Jessie Morgan

      R   Labourer                           Labourer
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   25 yrs                             19 yrs
      B   Mossman                            Woodford
      F   Jimmy                              Denny Morgan
      M   Jennie                             Ruby
      Married 27. 7.1921 Barambah C of E

      11. Henry Gilbert                      May Don

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   21 yrs                             19 yrs
      B   Woodford                           Springsure
      F   Gilbert                            Luke Don
      M   Alice                              Clara
      Married 27. 7.1921 Barambah C of E

      12. Billy Grogan                       Lucy Samford

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   31 yrs                             25 yrs
      B   Thornbury                          North Queensland
      F   Fred Grogan
      M   Dina
      Married 27. 7.1921 Barambah C of E

      13. Alex Mummin                        Dolly Bundle

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   21 yrs                             19 yrs
      B   Duaringa                           Springsure
      F   Harry Mummin                       Bertie Bundle
      M   Harriet                            Maggie
      Married 27. 7.1921 Barambah C of E

      14. William You-Yeh                    Bessie Burke

      R                                      Boyne Is
      A                                      45-50 yrs
      B   Kanaka
      Married 14. 6.1921 Gladstone

      N.B. Lived together for many years. Children are
      Willie You-Yeh, 26 yrs
      Peter You-Yeh, 23 yrs
      Bob You-Yeh, 18 yrs
      Dan You-Yeh, 17 yrs
      Bessie You-Yeh, 9 yrs
      Cissy You-Yeh, 7 yrs
      Myrtle You-Yeh

      15. Willie Walton                      Gregoria Assacruz

      B   Samoa
      Married 23. 5.1921 Thursday Island

      16. Willie Carney                      Agnes Johnson (Dean)

      Married 17. 1.1921 Palm Island

      N.B. Uncle of Agnes is W Nichols of Banana Pocket.
      Agnes came to Palm Island from Yarrabah in 1918 on
      removal order dated 20.11.1918
      Also mentions
      Sailor Toik, native of Murray Is, aged 28 yrs
      Robert Pitt, native of Murray Is, whose wife died
      recently leaving twin babies.
      17. Alf Black

      R   Coraki, NSW
      Wanted his marriage certificate and birth certificates
      for his two children.

      18. Johnson Palo                       Sidoi

      R   Thursday Island                    
      C                                      Widow
      A   40 yrs
      B   Pacific Islander
      Refused permission to marry 1921 Thursday Island

      N.B. Sidoi is a widow with 5 children, the eldest
      being 16 years old.

      19. Thomas P Nio                       Anna Manantan

      B   Malaya ot Ambryn
      F                                      Philipina
      M                                      Aboriginal
      Refused permission to marry 1921 Thursday Island

      20. Sweeny Doman                       Lena Assacruz

      A   6. 7.1897
      B   Cooktown
      F   Seck Doman, native of Bombay, India
      M   Aborigine
      Married  2. 5.1921 Thursday Island

      N.B. Sweeny's mother died some years ago. his parents
      were married at Normanton in May 1894. He has father,
      married sister and brother in Normanton.
      Shortly before Christmas Lena gave birth to a child
      on Darnly Island. Lena's sister is Mrs Conendo who
      is living in open adultery with a Filipino named
      Sebelo Ramon.

      21. Ah Sue                             Rosey
      R   Touchstone Stn, Burketown
      A   55 yrs                             50 yrs
      B   China
      Permission to marry refused 1921 Burketown

      22. Mick                               Ruby

      R   Lyndhurst Stn                      Mona Mona
      Correspondence 1921 Mona Mona

      23. John W Beckett                     Teresa Moore

      R   Condamine
      Permission to marry granted 1921 Condamine

      24. Harry Sippie                       Ada Baker

      A                                      30 yrs in 1920
      B                                      Strathleven Stn
      F                                      Scotsman
      M                                      Aborigine
      Married 24. 2.1921 Mackay

      N.B. Ada has children aged 11, 6 and 2 years. Previous 
      husband killed in war. She gets a pension. Eldest two
      children are Baker's and youngest is Sippie's.
      Previous husband was a white man who was killed in the 
      war. Also mentions
      Mrs Eva Pickles

      25. Albert Blackman                    Alberta Coulston

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Widower                            Spinster
      A   31 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Townsville                         Frasers Island
      F   Ted Blackman                       Percy Coulston (dec)
      M   Lizzie Romulus                     Millie Liefus
      Married 16. 2.1921 Barambah

      26. Albert Ebsworth                    Rosie

      R   Naryiloo Stn
      A   43 yrs in 1919
      B   Bulloo Downs, Thargomindah
      F   Englishman
      M   Aborigine
      Correspondence 1920, Tibooburra, NSW

      N.B. Have three children aged 10, 7 and 3 yrs.

      27. John Crollick                      Cissy Whelan

      R   Bendana Stn, Nebine Creek
      A   Over 70 yrs                        30 yrs
      B   Europe
      Married 29.11.1920 Cunnamulla

      N.B. Has 2 children, 4 1/2 yrs (belongs to Crollick) and
      5 mths.

      28. Harry Thompson                     Annie Rolf
      A                                      10 yrs in 1914
      Married 25. 1.1921 Brisbane

      N.B. Annie is pregnant. Annie was sent to Purga from Aramac 
      in 1914 aged about 10 years.

      29. Walter Brown                       Edith McKenzie

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Widower                            Widow
      A   27 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Gympie                             Goondiwindi
      F   Tatoo Brown                        Jim Lynch (dec)
      M   Lucy (dec)                         Kitty
      Married 30.12.1920 Barambah Methodist

      30. George Lacy                        Tottie Brown

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Widower                            Spinster
      A   30 yrs                             19 yrs
      B   Georgetown                         Charters Towers
      F   Billy Lacy                         Bert Brown
      M   Lucy                               Linda Massa
      Married 30.12.1920 Barambah Methodist