Marriage Application Correspondence 1920

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications
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      Previous System Location A/69414; RSI14961/1/473; A1 Item ID 336459 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1920  
      End Date Circa 31/12/1920  
      Description Marriages 
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      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 2022

      Chief Protectors Correspondence
      Marriage Applications 1920
      A/69414 Queensland State Archives
      1.  Theobold Metzger              Fanny Clegg
      R                                 Gunnawarra Stn
      A                                 27 yrs
      B   Denmark
      F                                 Mr Clegg (white)
      M                                 Minerva
      Married 5. 1.1920 Mt Garnet

      2.  William Pitt                  Annie Noble
      R                                 Yarrabah
      C   Widower                       Widow
      A   49 yrs                        40 yrs
      B   Torres Straits
      Correspondence 1920 Cairns

      NB Both parties each have 2 children.
      Douglas Pitt is the brother of William Pitt.

      3.  Dick                          Rosie Braddle
      R   Ray Stn
      Married 1920 Eromanga

      NB Rosie was pregnant in 1919 and states Jack Morrisey was
      the child's father. Happened at Congy Stn.

      4.  Josephine Craballio           Anastasia de la Crux
      Correspondence 1920 Thursday Island

      5.  Tom Savage                    Atima Ahwang
      Correspondence 1920 Thursday Island

      6.  Glamor Garr                   Licoura Boota
      A   26 yrs                        22 yrs
      B   Thursday Is                   Mabuiag Is
      F                                 SSI
      M                                 Mabuiag Is
      Married 17. 7.1920 Thursday Is

      NB Glamor is a returned soldier and has the Military Medal.
      Licoura applied to marry Sweeny Doman in 1919, who was 22 yrs
      old and born in Cooktown. Sweeny's father is Seck Doman.
      There is no reason given for the marriage not taking place.

      7.  Abraham Johnson               Lizzie Thomas
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Widow
      A   38 yrs                        40 yrs
      B   Logan Downs                   Teresa Creek
      F   Harry Johnson                 Mr Howett (station manager)
      M   Mary                          Rosie
      Married 15. 4.1920 Barambah Baptist
      8.  Harry Solomon (Kanaka)        Nellie Solomon
      R   Yungaburra
      A   17 yrs in 1918
      F                                 Charlie Solomon
      M   (dec)
      Correspondence 1920 Cairns

      NB Charlie Solomon is actually Nellie's step-father. Her real
      father is dead.
      They applied to marry in 1918. Approved 1918. Did not want to
      marry in 1919. Nellie still does not want to marry.

      9.  Sam Gilmore                   Agnes Carbine
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Widow
      A   33 yrs                        40 yrs
      B   Coopers Creek                 Roma
      F   Jack Gilmore                  Billy Loader
      M   Jinnie Richardson             Mary
      Married 15. 4.1920 Barambah Baptist

      10. Charles Alley                 May Coulahan
      A   22 yrs
      Will not marry 1920 Mitchell

      11. William Thomas Hopkins        Janey Scraggs
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Spinster
      A   19 yrs                        21 yrs
      B   Kilkivan                      Jackson, Qld
      F   William Hopkins               Bill Scraggs
      M   Maud Buck                     Maggie
      Married 28. 4.1920 Barambah Baptist

      NB William Hopkins was a station manager and Bill Scraggs
      was a station owner.

      12. William Pitt                  Annie Noble
      R                                 Yarrabah
      C   Widower                       Widow
      A   49 yrs
      B   Torres Straits
      Married 15. 5.1920 Yarrabah

      NB William has 2 children and Annie has 3 children.
      They will live on the Bloomfield River.

      13. Ike Handy                     Daisy McCulla
      R                                 Tinnenburra
      A   39 yrs                        19 yrs
      B   Port Pirie
      F   American Negro
      M   White
      Married 31. 5.1920 Cunnamulla

      14. Jimmy Toto                    Tina
      A   38 yrs                        32 yrs
      B   Calicana                      Mabuiag Is
      F   Ambua                         Kapin Joe (dec)
      M   Altona                        Imu (dec)
      Married 9. 6.1920 Thursday Is

      15. Joe Hegarty                   May Coulahan
      Permission refused 1920 Dillalah

      16. Ben Bridgewater               Rose Williams
      Correspondence 1920 Brisbane

      17. General correspondence about marriages

      18. Evelyn Ellis                  Helena Nora
      C   Widower
      Correspondence 1920

      NB Evelyn has a pig farm at Myora.

      19. John Wright (white)           Katie Kenny
      A                                 19 yrs
      F                                 (dec)
      Correspondence 1920 Cloncurry

      20. John Henry Douglas Woodhead   Theresia Mills
      A   27 yrs
      B   Thursday Is
      Correspondence 1920 Thursday Is

      NB John is a white man. They have 2 children.

      21. Olie Dewis                    Noresa Usop
      A   30 yrs                        18 yrs
      B   Teitia, Dutch East Indies     Bago Is
      D   (dec)                         Ah Mat Usop (Malay)
      M   (dec)                         Marya (Bago (Boigu) Is)
      Married 8. 7.1920 Thursday Is

      22. Evelyn Ellis                  Ellena Nora
      R                                 Myora
      C   Widower
      Correspondence 1920 Brisbane
      NB Evelyn is the step-brother of
      Bertie Levinge
      Mary Tripcony
      Sam Rollands

      23. Peter                         Maggie
      R   Mona Mona                     Mona Mona
      A   22 yrs                        18 yrs
      Correspondence 1920 Mona Mona

      24. Tappo
      Correspondence 1920 Palm Island

      NB Removal Order dated 4. 8.1920 for Tappo to Palm Island.
      Letter from Mareeba dated 14. 7.1920 mentions
      Maggie Anderson
      Letter dated 14. 9.1920 from Mareeba mentions Annie Green,
      wife of Jack Madigan who is in Stewarts Creek Gaol. She has
      three children to Madigan. They are not legally married.
      Annie is now living with Tim at southedge Station. They are
      not legally married.
      Annie Green now has another child.
      Tappo claims Annie Green's latest child is his.
      25. John Henry Douglas Woodhead   Theresa Mills
      Married 23. 9.1920 Thursday Island

      26. Mac Cook                      Mary Fitzgibbon
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Widower                       Spinster
      A   40 yrs                        24 yrs
      B   Cooktown                      Mareeba
      F   James Cook                    Jimmy
      M   Jennie                        Nellie
      Married 11.10.1920 Barambah Baptist

      27. William Cummins               Florrie Don
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Spinster
      A   21 yrs                        20 yrs
      B   Stannary Hills                Springsure
      F   John Cummins                  Luke Don
      M   Annie                         Clara Tyson
      Married 11.10.1920 Barambah Baptist

      28. Cobra                         Jenny
      R   Emerald                       Barambah A S
      Correspondence 1920 Emerald

      NB Cobra is a Tracker.
      Some time ago Jenny was sent to Barambah as she and Cobra
      didnt get on. They were never legally married. Cobra says
      his brother married Jenny years ago. When the brother died
      Cobra and Jenny lived together.

      29. William Nuggin                Maud Morgan
      R   Myora                         Myora
      Not legally married 1920 Myora

      NB Removal Order to Barambah dated 30. 6.1920 for
      Willie Nuggin
      Maud Nuggin, his wife
      Tom Nuggin, 10 yrs, their son
      Female baby, 3 yrs, their daughter

      30. Paul Leo / Leno               Maggie Rouse
      R   Gatton                        Deebing Creek
      Married 7.10.1920 Ipswich

      NB Maggie has 2 male children.

      31. George Graham                 Daisy No 1
      R   Bowen                         Strathmore Stn
      A   35 yrs                        25 yrs
      Correspondence 1920 Bowen

      NB Letter dated 31.10.1920 states Daisy gave birth to a 
      still-born child at Kennedy Hospital, Bowen this week.

      32. Clarence James Hill           Ellena Nora
      R   Rosemount Hospital, Brisbane  Cleveland
      Correspondence 1920 Brisbane

      NB Ellena Nora previously applied to marry Evelyn Ellis
      but the marriage never took place.
      Clarence and Ellena will live in Lismore, NSW.
      33. Richard Kirkby                Emily Denyer
      C                                 Widow
      B                                 Russell River
      Permission refused 1920 Atherton

      NB Letter dated 31. 6.1916 states Thomas Denyer applied to 
      marry Emily. Marriage was to take place in September.
      They had been living together for 5 years.
      Thomas Denyer died some 6 months ago.
      Charles Civery (white) is married to Emily's sister.
      Emily has a daughter married to L Illin, a Russian.
      Richard Kirkby ia a white man.

      34. Frank Balser                  Janey Beckett
      R   Benarkin
      Correspondence 1920 Benarkin

      35. Prince                        Maggie Dundoo
      R   North Comongin Stn
      Correspondence 1920 Quilpie

      NB Charlie Dundoo died at Claverton Stn on 7. 6.1919.
      Maggie was his wife. Charlie is buried at Claverton Park
      Stn, Wyandra.

      36. Willie Podmore                Polly
      Permission refused 1920 Atherton

      NB Polly was married to a Malay named Joe Kambain (or
      something like that) at Atherton in November 1908. Joe went
      back to Java a couple of years ago and is still there.

      37. Paddy Bailey                   Angel Motaga
      R   Gordonvale
      Married 3.12.1920 Gordonvale