Marriage Application Correspondence 1919

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications
      Item ID 336458 
      Previous System Location A/69434; RSI14961/1/472 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1919  
      End Date Circa 31/12/1919  
      Description Marriages 
      Access Category 100 years
      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 1995

      1.   Dick Mahratta                 Nellie Mahratta
      A                                  20 yrs
      F                                  Harry Mahratta (SSI)
      M                                  Lucy
      Married 4.12.1919 Gwynne Ck Methodist, Yungaburra

      NB Removal Order 8. 5.1918 from Woree to Barambah
      for Nellie Mahratta.

      2.   Bracky                        Elsie
      R    Rutland Plains                Rutland Plains
      F    Chinese
      M    F/B
      Married 4.10.1920 Mitchell River Mission

      3.   Jack Kearns                   Vida Thompson
      R                                  Purga
      F                                  Harry Thompson
      Correspondence 1919 Purga

      4.   Harry Grogan                  Rosey
      R    Mt Molloy 
      A                                  16-17 yrs
      Permission refused 1919 Mona Mona

      5.   Willie Sandow                 Martha Ross
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Spinster
      A    21 yrs                        17 yrs
      B    Tiaro                         Woodford
      F                                  Dick Ross
      M    Belle                         Cissie Jones
      Married 4.11.1919 Barambah Baptist

      6.   Neville Blackman              Jessie Hislop
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Spinster
      A    26 yrs                        23 yrs
      B    Gin Gin
      F    Tom Blackman                  George Hislop
      M    Rosie                         
      Married 4.11.1919 Barambah Baptist

      7.   Harry Coutts                  Elsie Carbine
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Spinster
      A    30 yrs                        25 yrs
      B    Townsville                    Springsure
      F    Paddy                         Joe Genai King
      M    Nellie                        Cungie
      Married 4.11.1919 Barambah Baptist

      8.   George Swain                  Maggie Williams
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Widow
      A    26 yrs                        23 yrs
      B    Taroom                        Deebing Creek
      F    George Swain                  Masher Ross
      M    Dollie                        Sarah
      Married 4.11.1919 Barambah Baptist
      9.   George Lane                   Liza Miller
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Widower                       Widow
      A    40 yrs                        50 yrs
      B    Frazer Island                 St George
      F    Tommy Lane                    Mick Michael
      M    Kitty                         Jinnie
      Married 4.11.1919 Barambah Baptist

      10.  Correspondence 1919 Bowen

      NB Correspondence dated 25. 7.1919 from Strathmore Station
      states the following died during the last 5 days from flu
      Jennie, wife of Charlie Hippi
      Maria, employed by Mrs Johnstone
      Yandi, an old man living in the camp
      Polly, recently came from Kirknie and was the wife of Johnny
      who died there lately.
      Correspondence dated 26. 9.1919 from Bowen states
      Charlie Hippi and Jennie were married on 1.12.1914 in Bowen.

      11.  Joe Hegarty                   May Coulahan
      A    Under 21 yrs
      Correspondence 1919 Barambah

      12.  George Eroa (Roa)             Kitu Filemon
      A    38 yrs                        18 yrs
      B    Rotumah                       Yam Island
      F    Liu Rotumah                   Sam Fillimon (dec)
      M    Emily Rotumah                 Gada (dec)
      Married 22. 7.1919 Thursday Island

      NB Sam Fillimon is from Rotumah.
      Correspondence dated 10. 9.1919 mentions Tom Savage and Atima
      Ahwang plan to marry.
      Correspondence dated 7. 2.1919 states the following plan to 
      Jimmy Toto and Tina
      Magno Lloren and Luisa

      13.  Willie Crowe                  Annie Stanley
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Spinster
      A    39 yrs                        30 yrs
      B    Kenilworth                    Degilbo
      F    Nudler (dec)                  
      M    Mary                          Emily
      Married 12. 8.1919 Barambah Baptist

      14.  Johnnie Ryan                  Nellie Michael
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Widow
      A    50 yrs                        52 yrs
      B    Cooktown                      Kilkivan
      F    Hero
      M    Noblen                        Maria
      Married 12. 8.1919 Barambah Baptist

      15.  George Shaw                   Biddie Waters
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Widow
      A    40 yrs                        30 yrs
      B    Cooktown                      Kuranda
      F    Sandy (dec)                   Tambo
      M    Maggie                        Diggie
      Married 12. 8.1919 Barambah Baptist

      16.  Frank Mitchell                Dollie Moreton
      R    Barambah                      Barambah
      C    Bachelor                      Widow
      A    24 yrs                        22 yrs
      B    Mitchell River                Cooktown
      M                                  Nellie
      Married 12. 8.1919 Barambah Baptist

      17.  Yarrabah man                  May Burnett   
      R    Yarrabah
      A    18 yrs in 1918                21 yrs in 1918
      B                                  Darnley Island
      F                                  (Jamaica)
      Correspondence 1919 Yarrabah

      NB Edward Pitt jnr says he is engaged to May but no one 
      else does. He apparently went back to the Torres Straits
      and married one of his own people.

      18.  Joe Craigie                   Topsy Kerr
      R    Bedourie                      Bedourie
      A                                  19 yrs
      F    James Craigie (dec)
      Married 3. 7.1919 Birdsville

      NB In 1912 when Joe applied for exemption he had a 
      gin Annie. Joe also claimed relationship with another gin
      at Bedourie named Dinah.
      Joe and Annie lived together for 18 months before 1912.
      19.  Alexander Anderson            Fanny Donnelly
      R                                  Dunwich
      Correspondence 1919 Dunwich

      20.  George Vall                   Norma Raper
      R                                  Raby Bay
      B    Seychelles Islands
      Permission refused 1919 Brisbane

      NB George Vall married Mary Lavinia Vall at Roma 
      on 27. 6.1901. Mary's mother is Mrs Mary Young of Roma. 
      George deserted his wife about 15 years ago. Never divorced.

      21.  Willie                        Ada
      R    Herberton                     Herberton
      Correspondence 1919 Herberton (Do not need permission)

      22.  Alfred Pigin Ware             Pirota Niu
      A    32 yrs                        17 yrs
      F    SSI                           Harry Niu (SSI)
      M    TSI                           Alion (H/C SSI/TSI)
      Correspondence 1919 Moa Island
      23.  Jimmy Walsh                   Mary
      Married 16. 4.1919 Mapoon

      24.  Magno Lloren                  Louisa
      R    Thursday Island               Darnley Island
      A    38 yrs                        18 yrs
      F    Manilla man                   Manilla man
      M    Manilla woman                 H/C
      Married 17. 5.1919 Thursday Island

      25.  Henry Dan                     Jira Amboyn
      A    24 yrs                        19 yrs
      B    Jamaica
      F                                  Solomon Amboyn (Malay)
      M                                  Saratta (Naghir Is)
      Married 21. 3.1919 Thursday Island

      26.  Daniel Wallace                 Sarah Sunflower
      F    Joe Wallace
      Married 17. 5.1919

      NB Also mentions
      Madeline Ferguson
      Willie Allen, H/C, soldier
      Herbert Jerry, aka Herbert Robert, soldier

      27.  John O'Donnell                 Annie Hunter
      A                                   18 yrs
      Married 15. 3.1919 Innisfail

      NB No permission was given.

      28.  James Sailor                   Sep
      Correspondence 1919

      NB James and Sep have lived together for some years.
      Want to marry
      The following names are for the same person , aged 25 yrs
      in 1906 and born in the Phillipines
      Lucio de Rosino
      Lucio del Rosano

      29.  Robert Shepherd                Eileigh
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    22 yrs                         30 yrs
      B    Redcliffe                      Benara
      F    Shepherd                       Lawrence
      M    Nellie                         Jullong
      Married 9. 4.1919 Barambah Baptist

      30.  Dave Rollston                  Bessie Culham
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Widower                        Spinster
      A    25 yrs                         41 yrs
      B    Springsure                     Beaudesert
      F    Bob                            Billie Long
      M    Minnie                         Lily
      Married 9. 4.1919 Barambah Baptist
      31.  Adam Hopkins                   Mabel Kutch
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    22 yrs                         21 yrs
      B    Kilkivan                       Gayndah
      F    William Hopkins                Jim Fiddler
      M    Maudie Buck                    Ada Kutch
      Married 9. 4.1919 Barambah Baptist

      32.  Eli
      R    Lumley Stn, Isisford
      Correspondence 1919 Isisford

      33.  Pedro Guivarra                 Carmen Seiko
      A    24 yrs                         21 yrs
      B    Phillipines                    Darnley Island
      F                                   (dec) (Phillipines)
      M                                   (dec) (Murray Is)
      Married 29. 1.1919 Thursday Island

      NB Already have a small child

      34. Jack Collins
      R    Karoori via Townsville
      Correspondence 1919 Townsville

      35.  George Eroa (SSI)              Kitu Fillimon
      R    Moa Island                     St Paul's Mission
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    38 yrs                         18 yrs
      B                                   Yam Island
      F    Tiu (dec)                      Sam Filliman (dec)
      M    Emily (dec)                    Gada (dec)
      Correspondence 1919 Thursday Island

      NB George's parents lived and died on Rotumah.
      Sam Filliman died on Thursday Island.

      36.  Kruger
      R    Mt Garnet
      A    20 yrs
      Correspondence 1919 Mt Garnet