Marriage Application Correspondence 1917

      Chief Protector of Aborigines
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications
      Item ID 336455 
      Previous System Location A/69434; RSI14961/1/469 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1917  
      End Date Circa 31/12/1917  
      Description Marriages 
      Access Category 100 years
      Queendsland State Archives
      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 1995

      Abbreviations used are

      R     Residence
      C     Marital Status (Condition)
      A     Age
      B     Place born
      F     Father
      M     Mother
      W     Witness (where Aboriginal)
      39.  William Green                  Daisy
      R                                   Barambah
      Correspondence 1917 Barambah

      NB There is no Daisy of marriagable age on the settlement.

      40.  Fred Murray                    Nellie
      A    45-50 yrs                      18 yrs
      F                                   Captain (at Sonora Stn)
      Permission refused 1917 Bowen

      NB Fred was previously married. Two of his children
      are at Barambah.

      41.  Billy Anderson                 Mary Sullivan
      Correspondence 1917 Barambah

      NB May marry when Mary is well.

      42.  Harry Motlop (SSI)             Lizzie Davis
      C                                   Widow of a SSI
      A    35 yrs                         26 yrs
      B    Motlop Island                  Thursday Island
      F                                   (dec)
      M                                   (dec)
      Correspondence 1917 Thursday Island

      43.  Robert Attow (SSI)             Themukisa
      R    Prince of Wales Island         Naghir Island
      C    Widower
      A    40 yrs                         23 yrs
      B    Epi Island                     Mabuiag Island
      F                                   (dec)
      M                                   (dec)
      Correspondence 1917

      44.  Mattie Davis                   Maggie Oakes
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    27 yrs                         30 yrs
      B    Cooktown                       Brunette Downs
      F    Jimmy Davis (dec)              Cobbo
      M    Maggie                         Kittie
      Married 13.11.1917 Barambah Church of England

      45.  Charlie Muratta                Katie Santo
      C    Widower                        Widow
      A    40 yrs
      Will not marry 1917 Innisfail

      NB Charlie Santo, husband of Katie, died 16. 6.1917
      at Innisfail.
      Charlie Muratta's wife died at Barambah about 14 years ago.
      She was a native of Mackay and her name was Fanny. They were
      married in Townsville 18 or 20 years ago. Fanny cleared out
      with Harry Marsumi? and then was sent to Barambah.
      Correspondence dated 11. 2.1915 states there is no objection 
      to the marriage of Dorothy Desatge, aged 17-19 yrs, to
      James Wilson, aged 21-22 years, both H/C of Urandangie.
      46.  Charlie Santo                  Katie
      R    Daraji                         Daraji
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    45 yrs                         32 yrs
      B    Santo, SSI                     Goondi
      F    Tabi                           Yarri
      M    Na-ti                          Ba-goo
      Married 27. 2.1915 Innisfail

      47.  Leeing                         Katie
      R                                   Innisfail
      B    Malay
      Correspondence 1917 Innisfail
      NB They have lived together for some years and have 
      2 children.

      48.  Ted Currapoon                  Lucy
      A    21 yrs
      B    Upper Murray River             Upper Murray River
      F                                   Charlie (Kanaka)
      Correspondence 1917 Cardwell (no permission needed)

      49.  Billie Williams                Fanny
      A    17.10.1865                     35 yrs
      B    Red Island                     Hammond Island
      F    (white)
      M    Mainland Aborigine
      Married 20.10.1917 Thursday Island

      NB Lived together for some years.

      50.  Tom Thumb                      Zoe
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Widow
      A    35 yrs                         29 yrs
      B    Cunnamulla                     Ellsley
      F    Button                         Willie Watson
      M    Jenny                          Mary Ann
      Married 14.12.1900 or 14.12.1908 Barambah Methodist

      NB Zoe is a H/C Maori.
      Zoe is the mother of Private Arthur Murdock, 8th Reinforcements
      41 st Batallion.

      51.  William Williams               Marian Moyden
      A    1864                           19 yrs
      B    Somerset
      F    (white)
      M    Mainland Aborigine
      Will not marry 1917 Thursday Island

      NB Will not marry. Seek permit to allow Fanny
      to marry Williams.

      52.  Joe Purcell                    Johanna Bowen
      Correspondence 1917 Taroom

      53.  Byron Nathan                   Nora Craigie
      R    Urandangie                     Urandangie
      A                                   20 yrs
      Correspondence 1917 Urandangie
      54.  Walter Brown                   Rosie Brown
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Widow
      A    25 yrs                         31 yrs
      B    Gympie                         Burdekin
      F    Peter Brown                    Jimmy (dec)
      M    Lucy                           Kittie Ferguson
      Married 9.10.1917 Barambah Church of England

      55.  Frank Fisher                   Esmie Hayward
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Widower                        Spinster
      A    38 yrs                         30 yrs
      B    Claremont                      Tornhill Stn, Gulf
      F    Jack Cowie (dec)               Hayward (dec)
      M    Mary Ann Darlow                Jenny
      Married 14. 3.1917 Barambah Church of England

      56.  Salirman Ah Mat                Bella
      R                                   Gordonvale
      A    52 yrs                         50 yrs
      B    Sumatra                        Russell River
      Married 3. 8.1917 Cairns

      57.  Charlie Gaela (SSI)            Lucy Pocetti
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A                                   35-40 yrs
      Correspondence 1917 Atherton

      58.  George Brown                   Gracie Murray
      A    40 yrs                         35 yrs
      No permit needed 1917 Taroom

      59.  Correspondence 1917 Westbourne  

      NB Mr Barry of Ray Station, Adavale, wants a wife
      for his boy.

      60.  Harold Doyle                   Amy Munns
      Married 6. 8.1917 Taroom

      61.  Hassan Gefferie                Flossie Drummond
      A    36 yrs                         17 yrs
      F                                   Batavia
      M                                   Boigu Island
      Married 30. 7.1917 Thursday Island

      62.  Fred Johnson                   Dinah Gordon
      Permission refused 1917 Barambah

      NB Dinah is already married.

      63.  Alex McPherson (white)         Nellie
      R                                   Toorak Stn
      A    29 yrs
      Permission refused 1917 McKinlay

      64.  Thomas Stuckey                 Lucy Bringle
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    27 yrs                         28 yrs
      B    Laura                          Normanton
      F    Solomon Stuckey
      M    Maggie
      Married 17. 7.1917 Barambah Methodist

      65.  Robert Bon                     Totty Waddy
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    26 yrs                         27 yrs
      B    Cooranga                       Taroom
      F    John Bon                       James Waddy
      M    Amy                            Fanny Sandy
      Married 17. 7.1917 Barambah Methodist

      66.  John Thompson                  Lucy Monkland
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    56 yrs                         46 yrs
      B    Barron Downs                   Kenilworth
      F    Thompson                       Jim Crow
      M    Kitty                          Maggie
      Married 17. 7.1917 Barambah Methodist

      67.  Charlie Burns                  Maudie Williams
      R    Emerald Downs Stn, Emerald
      Permission refused 1917 Emerald

      68.  John Lucas                     Bella Trooper
      Will not marry 1917 Quirindi

      69.  Targa Singh                    Nellie Pea
      C    Widower                        Spinster
      A                                   32 yrs
      B    India
      Married 31. 5.1917 East Barron, Atherton

      NB Targa was previously married to an Aboriginal now
      deceased. Her name was Annie.

      70.  Jim Fiddler                    Emma Somerset
      C    Bachelor
      Will not marry 1917 Kilkivan

      NB Jim is exempt.
      Correspondence dated 1916 states Jim was married to
      Ada. They had children. They parted and Ada married
      a South Sea Islander at Crawford.

      71.                                 Lucy Brangle (Moss)
      Correspondence 1917 Barambah

      NB Lucy already has a child.

      72.  Myrtle Douglas                 Linda Piggott
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Single
      A    27 yrs                         30 yrs
      B    Laura                          Burketown
      F    Billy Douglas                  Frank Pigott
      M    Jessie                         Darcy
      Married 27. 5.1917 Barambah Methodist

      73.  Leslie Hoosan                  Clara Thompson
      A    21 yrs                         25 yrs
      Married April or May 1917 Birdsville

      74.  Marshall Hill                  Agnes Talbot
      R                                   Marlborough
      A    50 yrs
      B                                   Brisbane
      F                                   Tolbert (Talbot) (white)
      M                                   H/C
      Married 11. 5.1917 Rockhampton

      NB They have been living together for 25 years and
      have 11 children namely
      Ethel Hill, 24 yrs, exempt, married to Frederick Williams
      Amy Hill, 23 yrs, exempt
      George Hill, 20 yrs, exempt
      Robert Hill, 17 yrs, exempt
      Beatrice Hill, 15 yrs, at home
      Ruby Hill, 13 yrs, at home
      Morgan Hill, 11 yrs, at home
      Samuel Hill, 10 yrs, at home
      Richard Hill, 7 yrs, at home
      John Hill, 5 yrs, at home
      Mary Hill, 2 yrs, at home

      75.  Alick Neta (SSI)               Rebecca
      R                                   Aurukun
      A                                   17 yrs
      Correspondence 1917 Aurukun

      76.  Alick Riley
      Correspondence 1917 Gin Gin

      NB He has sent for his wedding clothes.

      77.  Nicholas Macedon               Topsy Nancy Henderson
      C                                   Widow
      Correspondence 1917 Cooktown

      NB Topsy has 3 children

      78.  Fred Smith                     Anne Anderson
      R                                   Mt Morris Stn
      Correspondence 1917 Langlo Crossing

      NB They have a child.

      79.  Andrew Illich
      F    (white)
      Correspondence 1917 Hull River

      NB The woman Andrew wants to marry is married with a 4 month
      old child. She is the wife of Jimmy Mulugee of Hull River.

      80.  John Mack                      Ada Russell
      R    Barambah                       Barambah
      C    Bachelor                       Spinster
      A    24 yrs                         22 yrs
      B    Duaringa                       Clermont
      F                                   Tonie Russell
      M                                   Mitchell
      Married 14. 2.1917 Barambah Church of England

      81.  Harry Ord                      Topsy Ord
      No legal marriage 1917 Purga

      NB Topsy wants to leave Harry

      82.  Jack Tanna (Kanaka)            Mary Coot (H/C Kanaka)
      R    Halifax                        Halifax
      C                                   Widow
      A    22 yrs                         23 yrs
      Correspondence 1917 Ingham

      NB Mary has 3 children.
      Mary's husband Tom Coot died 28. 1.1915 leaving 3 children.
      Mary had a female child on 14. 7.1916. Jack Tanna is the 

      83.  Anterea (SSI)                  Teafoo
      A    40 yrs                         17 yrs
      B                                   Murray Island
      Marriage deferred 12 months 1917 Thursday Island

      84.  Jack Scott                     Myra Leslie
      R    Collarenabri
      Getting married 1917 Sydney

      85.  Tom Solomon                    Maria
      C                                   Widow
      B                                   Ingham
      Married 19. 1.1917 Ingham

      NB Maria is the widow of Sam (SSI) who died 2 months ago.

      86.  Willie Creed                   Grace
      Married 13.11.1917 Boulia