Marriage Application Correspondence 1916

      Chief Protector of Aborigines Correspondence
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications 1916 Extra
      Item ID 336454 
      Previous System Location A/69433; RSI14961/1/468 
      Start Date Circa 1/1/1916  
      End Date Circa 31/12/1916 
      Description Marriages 
      Access Category 100 years
      Queensland State Archives

      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 1995

      Abbreviations used are

      R     Residence
      C     Marital Status (Condition)
      A     Age
      B     Place born
      F     Father
      M     Mother
      W     Witness (where Aboriginal)
      16/     Mary E. Baul or Bone to Robert Anderson, her
      parents Andrew and Annie Baul of Barambah, also mentions
      Curtis Ford. Mary's date of birth 19 Nov 1896.

      16/3761 Marriage  certificate of Dan Cobbo and Annie Weazel
      both of Barambah, 28.11.1916. His parents, Cobbo Father.
      Her parents, Weazel and Alice Buck.

      16/3608 Lucy of Atherton and Thomas  Anderson of Atherton
      married on 16.9.1916. Anderson's occupation, miner near
      Russell River. Also mentions marriages of Thomas Denyer and
      Emily (16.9.1916 at Atherton) and John Wason to 
      Lucy Cunningham (18.10.1916 East Barron near Atherton).