Marriage Application Correspondence 1909, 1911

      Chief Protector of Aborigines Correspondence
      Correspondence for Marriage Applications 1909 - 1911.
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      Queensland State Archives

      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 1995
      NB        R   Residence
                A   Age / Born
                C   Condition
                B   Born
                F   Father
                M   Mother

      1.   Arthur Hopkins                   Annie Ah See

      A    28 yrs                           19 yrs
      Permission to marry requested 1911

      2.   Johnny Drumdrolo (Drumdraw)      Maggie Solomon

      R                                     Bailey's Ck with mother
      A    40 yrs                           21-22 yrs
      B    Pacific Islands
      Married  4.12.1911 Mossman.

      3.   Bili Magila                      Balo

      A                                     35 yrs
      B    Solomon Islands                  Badu Is
      Married 20.11.1911 Badu Island.

      4.   Johnny Ronganow                  Mideri

      B    SSI                              Moa Island
      Married 27. 9.1911 Quetta Memorial Church.

      5.   Jimmy Trudo                      Nellie

      B    Japan
      Married 22. 9.1911 Innisfail.

      6.   Willie Lowah                     Sarai

      B    Solomon Islands                  Murray Island
      Married  8. 9.1911 Thursday Island.

      7.   William Carter                   Eva Santo

      B    N.S.W.
      F    White                            Kanaka
      M    Maori                            Aborigine
      Permission to marry not granted 1911 Charters Towers.

      8.   Harry Costello                   Maudie King

      R    Barambah                         Barambah
      C    Bachelor                         Spinster
      A    23 yrs                           20 yrs
      B    Herberton                        Burdekin
      F    Tommy                            Willie
      M    Jinnie                           Emily
      Married 28. 8.1911 Barambah Methodist.

      9.    Sai                             Masiam

      B     Singapore
      F                                     Malay
      M                                     Native of Boigu Is
      Permission to marry not granted 1911 Thursday Island.

      10.   George Samardin                 Nellie

      B     Java or Island off South America
      Married 31. 8.1911 Burketown.
      George was previously married to an Aboriginal who has been dead
      for 10 years. Has 3 children from that marriage.

      11.   Sandy Walker                    Sophy Smithers

      Married 25. 5.1911 Roma
      They have lived together for a long time. They have 3 children.
      The youngest child died lately aged about 4 months.
      Also mentions the marriage of an Aboriginal man named McCarthy 
      some years ago.

      12. Fred Murray                       Nellie Hart

      R   Aboriginal Settlement             Barambah
      C   Bachelor                          Spinster
      A   25 yrs                            24 yrs
      B   Tully River                       Normanton
      F   Johnnie Murray
      M   Nellie
      Married  2. 6.1911 Barambah Presbyterian.

      13. Tom Delamo                        Alice

      B   Solomon Islands                   Saltwater
      Married 25. 5.1911 Cairns.

      14. Fred Clay                         Nobie

      Permission to marry granted 1911 Hughenden.
      Nobie gave birth to a child whose father is Fred Clay.

      15. Charlie Davis                     Iyah

      B   SSI
      Married  7. 4.1911 Thursday Island.

      16. Jacko Daylight                    Polly Straughton

      R   Barambah                          Barambah
      C   Bachelor                          Spinster
      A   23 yrs                            26 yrs
      B   Bell, Dalby                       Georgetown
      F   Jack Daylight                     Ted Straughton
      M   Matilda Daylight
      Married 12. 5.1911 Barambah.

      17. Mastaro Moree (Mori Masturo)      Kaffa Savage

      A   35 yrs
      B   Japan
      F                                     Sam Savage of Darnley Is
      M                                     Mary Ann (nee Pitt)
      Permit to marry not granted 1911.

      18. L Lethbridge

      Einasleigh, 1911. Request for female employee to marry
      Aboriginal Yulabilla Jack.

      19. Mallie                            Louisa

      A                                     19 yrs
      B   Rotumah                           Moa Is
      Married  1. 2.1911 Thursday Island.

      20. Charles H Niechleberg

      Murgon, 1911. Seeks an Aboriginal wife. Refused. Was living at
      Murgon at the time.

      21. Harry Davies (Black Harry)        Rosey Martin

      R   Barambah                          Dunwich
      C   Bachelor                          Widow
      A   40 yrs                            40 yrs
      B   Walkerston                        Redland Bay
      F   Jerry Davies                      Jim Bain
      M   Polly                             Eliza Jungerboi
      Married 22. 2.1911 Registry Office, Brisbane.
      Rosey has two children
      Alfred Martin, son
      Rosey Martin, daughter
      They are supposed to leave Myora after the marriage.

      22. Jumi Hann                         Sally

      R                                     Johnstone River
      B   Punjaub, India
      Permission to marry refused, 1911.
      Sally used to live with a kanaka at the Herbert River 7 or 8 years
      ago. He died 2 years ago.

      23. Jack Mann (H/C kanaka)            Bella Wallace

      A   27 yrs                            24 yrs
      B   North Rockhampton
      Seek permission to marry 1911 Rockhampton.

      24. Guching (H/C SSI)                 Sally

      B                                     Murray Is
      Seek permission to marry 1911 Thursday Island.

      25. Samuel Browning

      Ilfracombe 1911. Looking for a wife on behalf of his boy Billy.

      26. Samuel Browning (H/C Maori)

      A   23 yrs
      Tweed Heads 1911. Looking for a H/C wife to marry.

      27. Christie Williams                 Jenny Pero

      R   Merivale Stn, Mitchell            Barambah
      C   Bachelor                          Spinster
      A   27 yrs                            30 yrs
      B   Boralla Stn, Hungerford           Boonara, Kilkivan
      F   Billy Williams                    ----- Graham
      M   Mary Ann                          Kitty
      Married 16. 1.1911 Salvation Army Temple, Brisbane.
      Jenny's father was a station manager.

      28. Coon Goo                          Lucy

      R   Dry River, Herberton
      A   46 yrs                            30 yrs
      Married 23.12.1910 Dry River, Herberton.

      29. Coon Goo                          Leesy Craig

      A                                     18 yrs in 1908
      Seek permission to marry 1908 Herberton. Permission granted 1908.

      30. Coon Goo                          Kitty

      R   Dry River                         Herberton
      C                                     Spinster
      A   45 yrs                            24 yrs
      B   Canton, China                     Geraldton
      F   Day Jung     
      M   (nee Ah Chong)
      Married  3.10.1901 Herberton.
      This is a previous marriage of Coon Goo. Kitty died 4 years
      after marriage.

      31. Tony Whitton                      Cissy

      R   Barambah                          Barambah
      A   39 yrs                            25 yrs
      C   Bachelor                          Spinster
      B   Bowen                             Bowen
      F   Boney                             Billy
      M   Dinah                             Winnie
      Married 30.11.1910 Barambah Presbyterian.

      32. Yesai                             Sibisop

      B   Samoa
      Married 22.10.1910 Thursday Island.

      33. Episaio (H/C SSI)                 Charlotte

      B   Mabuiag Is                        Mabuiag Is
      Permission to marry granted 1910 Thursday Island.

      34. Charlie                           Norah

      B   Malay                             Aloomba
      Married  6.10.1910 Cairns.

      35. Peter Quinn                       Kitty

      Permission to marry not granted 1910.
      Kitty has a daughter to Peter Quinn. It was 10 days old
      on 27. 9.1910.

      36. Bob Gayton                        Lily Mitchell

      R   Barambah                          Barambah
      C   Bachelor                          Spinster
      A   23 yrs                            18 yrs
      B   N.S.W.                            Roma
      F   Dick Gayton                       Jack Mitchell
      M   Jinny                             Lizzie
      Married  3.10.1910 Barambah Presbyterian.

      37. Charlie Bekno                         Ada Thompson Fiddler

      Married  3. 9.1910 Kingaroy Methodist.
      Ada's mother and sisters are at Barambah. She used to live at the
      settlement with Jim Fiddler and his three children.
      Ada's sisters at the settlement are Jessie and Lizzie.

      38. Lawrence Patterson                Cecilia Conway

      A   55 yrs
      B   Danish
      Married 23. 8.1910 Rockhampton Baptist.

      39. Arthur Smith                       Annie Simpson

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   28 yrs                             25 yrs
      B   Kilkivan                           Stradbroke Is
      F   Tommy Smith                        Jack Simpson
      M   Victoria                           Tilly
      Married 20. 8.1910 Barambah Presbyterian.

      40. Robert McDonald                    Maud Jeffries

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   45 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Tarong                             Cloncurry
      F   Alex Clepperton ?                  Jack Jeffries
      M   Nancy                              Gladys McKenzie
      Married 20. 8.1910 Barambah Presbyterian.

      41. Matoka                             Annie

      A                                      22 yrs
      B   Japan                              Johnstone River
      Married  4. 8.1910 Geraldton.
      Annie's husband died 18 months ago.

      42. George Gorringe                    Nuncleer

      A                                      28 yrs
      Married  3. 5.1910 Birdsville.
      Also mentions Clara aged 20 years.
      Nuncleer has 3 children, a 3/4C boy aged 8 years, 
      a black boy aged 4 yrs and a 3/4C girl aged 12 months.
      The girl's father is George Gorringe.

      43. Jack Charger                       Jessica

      A                                      17 yrs
      B   Solomon Is
      Married  1. 6.1910 Mapoon.

      44. Alna (H/C SSI)                     Matilda Topsy Quaine

      A   23 yrs
      Seek permission to marry 1910 Thursday Island.

      45. Christmas                          Minnie Reed

      R   Barambah                           Barambah
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   45 yrs                             45 yrs
      B   Wondora                            Burketown
      F   Yellowbelly                        Peter Reed
      M   Mandubery?                         Kitty
      Married  9. 7.1910 Barambah Presbyterian.

      46. Phillip O'Brien                    Lucy Dowling

      R   Barambah                           Brisbane
      C   Widower                            Widow
      A   30 yrs                             26 yrs
      B   Barambah                           N.S.W.
      F   Jack O'Brien                       James Graham (stockman)
      M   Jinnie                             Mary Ann
      Married 29. 1.1909 Brisbane Registry Office.

      47. Jack Obaa                          Aggie Santo

      A                                      18 yrs
      B   SSI                                Mossman
      F                                      Johnny Multara (SSI)
      Married 16. 6.1910 Mossman.
      Aggie was the wife of Jack Santo who died at Port Douglas 
      on 16. 3.1910. Aggie and Jack were married on 16. 7.1909.
      Aggie has a male child aged 3 months.

      48. Harry Hodges                       Ellen
      B                                      Mapoon
      Married 24. 5.1910 Thursday Island.
      Ellen had a child that died.

      49. Frederick George Burns

      A   50 yrs
      Yangan 1910. Wants a H/C wife.

      50. Alick                              Rosie

      C                                      Widow
      A   29 yrs
      B   Solomon Is
      Seek permission to marry 1910.

      51. Tommy Black                        Minnie Simon

      R   Wondai                             Wondai
      C   Bachelor                           Spinster
      A   40 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   Charters Towers                    Warroo
      F   James Black                        Simon West
      M   Polly                              Mary
      Married 19. 4.1910 Wondai Methodist.

      52. Gow Sam                            Polly Robson

      A   54 yrs                             25 yrs
      B   China                              Herberton
      Married 24. 3.1910 Herberton.
      Have been living together for 8 years. Have a 
      child 3 1/2 years old.

      53. T W Hayden                         Minnie Fuller

      Married  6. 4.1910 Piggott near Hawkwood.

      54. Bob Loveluck                       Maria Ferguson

      Permission to marry granted Mackay 1910.

      55. Willie Jalaboy (Galaboy)           Nellie Barlow

      C                                      Widow
      Permission to marry granted 1910 Mackay.

      56. Micky Dooley                       Lily

      R   Toowoomba
      Permission to marry not granted 1910 Toowoomba.

      57. Harry Tanna                        Nellie

      B   Tanna Is                           Mulgrave
      Permission to marry granted 1910 Cairns.

      58. Jardine                            Sheo

      A                                      22 yrs
      B   Java                               Darnley Is
      Seek permission to marry 1909 Thursday Island.

      59. Charley Ban                        Ellie

      R   Ombah                              Goldsborough
      Married 15.12.1909 Cairns.

      60. Johnny Ta-Falami                   Beatie

      A                                      18 yrs
      Married 11.10.1909 Geraldton.

      61. Johnny See On                      Uriana

      R                                      Babinda Ck
      B   Batavia
      Permission to marry granted 1909 Cairns.

      62. Jack Ah Win                        Polly

      B   Singapore                          Mulgrave
      Permission to marry granted 1909 Cairns.

      63. Liman                              Lass Minton

      A                                      16 yrs
      B   Singapore
      Seek permission to marry 1909 Thursday Island.

      64. Tommy Niko                         Nellie

      B   Malayta
      Married 23. 8.1909 Cairns.

      65. Toby Henderson                     Nancy Topsy Cangi

      R   Cooktown                           Cooktown
      Married 27. 7.1909 Cooktown.

      66. Dave Ambran                        Winnie

      A   50 yrs                             20 yrs
      B   SSI
      Married 15. 2.1909 Moody's Farm near Atherton.
      Living together for about 3 years. Have one child which died.

      67. Sam Lebo                           Lucy

      A   45 yrs                             25 yrs
      B                                      Barron River
      Married 15. 2.1909 Moody's Farm near Atherton.
      Living together for last 8 years. Have 3 children
      aged 7 yrs, 3 yrs and 10 mths.

      68. Willie                             Annie

      A   56 yrs
      B   Tanna Is                           Atherton
      Seek permission to marry 1909 Atherton.
      Annie died in 1909. They had been living together for 12 years
      and had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

      69. Harry

      R   Allumbah
      Mentioned 1909.
      Has been living with an Aboriginal woman for 10 years. 
      They have 2 children.
      Harry's island name is Abooai.

      70. Dan Connors                        Biddy

      Married 14. 7.1909 Winton.

      71. Jack Santo                         Aggie

      A   30 yrs                             17 yrs
      B   Santo Is                           Mossman
      F                                      Johnny Multara (SSI)
      M                                      Una (dec)
      Married 16. 7.1909 Mossman.

      72. Samuel Jackson                     Nellie

      Cancelled 1909 Cooktown.
      Nellie is now married to an Aboriginal man at Butcher's Hill Station.

      73. Thomas Hassen                      Lulu Mungo

      B   Arab
      F                                      Mungo (step-father)
      Married  6. 7.1909 Cloncurry.

      74. Tommy Bing Chew                    

      R   Delta Station
      A                                      18 yrs

      Permission to marry granted 1909 Normanton.
      Female is described as a H/C Chinese girl.

      75. Bob Ling                           Lucy

      B   SSI
      Married 28. 4.1909 Mapoon.

      76. Watevah                            Lucy

      B                                      Cairns
      Married  4. 5.1909 Cairns.

      77. Lowqui                             Barley

      A                                      20 yrs
      B   Pacific Islands                    Cairns
      Married  4. 5.1909 Cairns.

      78. F C Body                           Caroline

      Married 29. 4.1909 Cloncurry.
      Living together for 20 years. Have a child born at
      Cloncurry Railway.

      79. William Riley                      Trixie

      A   28 yrs                             24 yrs
      Married 16. 4.1909 Emerald.
      Trixie was removed from Blackwater to Barambah in 1909.
      Also mentioned is an old woman Jeanny near Nocundra.

      80. Fred King                          Flora Wheeler

      Permission to marry granted 1909 Maryborough.

      81. Jack Hendra (Hinda)

      Mentioned 1909 Brookfield.
      Wants to marry an Aboriginal girl. He is already married and not

      82. John Charles Smith                 Polly Tottenham

      A                                      43 yrs
      B                                      Tambo
      Seek permission to marry 1909 Hughenden.

      83. John Bourne                        Taom Tirma

      B   Samoa                              Torres Straits
      Seek permission to marry 1909 Thursday Island.

      84. Hussin                             Topsy Sharp

      C   Widower                            Spinster
      A   44 yrs                             21 yrs
      B   British Egyptian                   Camooweal
      F                                      (dec)
      M                                      (dec)
      Married 28. 1.1909 Burketown.

      85. Raufi                              Ruby

      C   Bachelor                           Widow
      Married  9. 6.1908 Barambah Presbyterian.

      86. Edmund Cooche                      Agnes

      C   Bachelor                           Widow
      Married  9. 6.1908 Barambah Presbyterian.

      87. Samuel Jackson                     Nellie

      R   Alice River
      A                                      35 yrs
      B                                      Georgetown
      Permission to marry granted 1909 Cooktown.
      Also mentions
      David Biddell, miner and Rosie Phillips, Aborigine.
      Rosie is 18 years old and was born in Georgetown.

      88. David Biddell                      Rosie Phillips

      R   Alice River
      A                                      18 yrs
      B                                      Georgetown
      Permission to marry granted 1909 Cooktown

      89.                                    Ada Fuller

      Mentioned 1909 Aubourne.
      Wants to marry a white man.

      90. James Tracker                      Lily Normanton

      Permission to marry not granted 1909 Murgon.
      Lily Normanton sent to Barambah with Minnie Simpson.

      91. Harry Tryville                     Sitoe

      Married 10.11.1909 Thursday Island.

      92. Charlie Thompson                   Mary Harrison

      Mentioned 1909 Ipswich.
      Marriage is null and void. Mary is already married to another
      man at Barambah.

      93. Louis Nielson Rosendahl

      Mentioned 1909 Mt Mulgrave Stn, Maytown.
      Wants marriage annulled. Has 3 children.

      94. Jack Cavanagh                      Ada Cavanagh

      Mentioned 1909 Myora.
      Want a copy of their marriage certificate to register child's birth.