Marriage Application Correspondence 1905, 1907 & 1908

      Marriages 1905, 1907 & 1908                
      Chief Protector of Aborigines
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      Access Category 100 Years 
      Marriage Application Correspondence for 1905, 1907 and 1908

      Copyright P.J. Mackett, 1995

      NB R  Residence
         C  Condition
         A  Age / Born
         F  Father
         M  Mother


      1.  Johnny Santo                  Bally
      R                                 Herberton
      B   Pacific Islands
      Correspondence 1907 Herberton
      NB Bally has a child whose father is another Kanaka who
      is dead. Bally and Johnny haved lived together for the 
      last few years.

      2.  Eulalio de Lopreyis           Topsy
      A   43 yrs
      B   Cabbo, Phillipines
      Correspondence 1907 Georgetown

      3.  Baird                         Nora
      R                                 Morestone Downs
      Correspondence 1907 Cloncurry

      4.  Edwin Henry Russell           Jessie Fox
      Married Stonehenge 1890
      NB Edwin deserted Jessie.

      5.  Arthur Bridge                 Jessie Russell
      R   Stonehenge
      A                                 38 yrs
      Correspondence 1907 Stonehenge
      NB Jessie has 4 children aged 9 yrs, 7 yrs, 5 yrs and 3 yrs.
      She also has a child aged 13 yrs by her first husband who
      deserted her.

      6.  John Henry Triscott           Langlo Louise
      R   Ambathalla near Charleville   Mt Morris Stn
      Correspondence 1907 Adavale

      7.  Mick                          Kitty
      R   Cairns                        Cairns
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      8.  Minnie                        Rouey
      R   Cairns                        Cairns
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      9.  H A Ellis                     Nora
      R   Camooweal                     Morestone Downs
      A   50 yrs                        16 yrs
      M                                 (dec)
      Correspondence 1907 Cloncurry
      NB in 1906 there was a removal order for Nora to Yarrabah.
      It was not carried out.

      10. Sam                           Jessie
      R   Barambah Stn                  Brisbane
      Correspondence 1907 Barambah
      11. William John Russell          Mary Seawood Smith
      A                                 18 yrs
      B   Collarenabri, NSW             Canobie
      F   (white)                       (white)
      Married 5. 2.1907 Maryborough


      12. John Wesley                   Lily
      B   Samoa                         Yam Is
      Correspondence 1908 Thursday Island
      NB They have lived together for many years

      13. Jim Abraham                   Jessie
      B   Malay
      Married 1.10.1908 Atherton (?19.10.1908)

      14. Harry Ross                    Mary Ann
      B   Malay
      Married 19.10.1908 Atherton

      15. Joe Aming (Anning)            Lena
      B   Malay
      Married 19.10.1908 Atherton

      16. Joe                           Fanny
      B   Malay
      Married 19.10.1908 Atherton

      17. Podmore                       Polly
      B   Malay
      Married 12.11.1908

      18. John Pead
      Application to marry an Aborigine 1908 Charleville
      NB Mentions Ida Morgan of Barambah who has children.

      19. Patchy                        Bella
      B   Santa Claus Is                Mulgrave
      Marrried   20.?.1908 Cairns

      20. George Kapiere                Lata
      B   Rotumah Is              
      A                                 20 yrs
      Married 14.10.1908 Thursday Island

      21. Walter Oran (white)           Monica
      R   Blackwater
      A   32 yrs                        20 yrs
      Married 18.11.1908 Emerald
      NB They have a child about 2 years old which lives
      in the Blackwater Camp.

      22. Tommy Chong                   Sarah Ah Sam (Ah Quon)
      A                                 16 yrs
      B   China
      F                                 Will Monks (Lawn Hill Stn)
      M                                 Minnie
      Correspondence 1908 Burketown
      NB The parents of Sarah married at Burketown about 
      20 years ago.   Emma, the sister of Sarah, married about
      2 years ago.

      23. San Nabo (Nebo)               Gertie Bulong
      A   43 yrs                        24 yrs
      B   Tanna Is                      Gayndah District
      Married 30.10.1908 Gayndah
      NB Gertie has 2 children. Sam is the father.

      24. Albert Ware                   Maria Cooke
      A                                 19 yrs
      B   French Pacific Is             Darnley Is
      Married 13. 9.1908 Thursday Island
      NB Maria is pregnant.

      25. James Taylor (white)          Topsy
      A   30 yrs                        26 yrs
      B   Australia
      Did not marry 1908 Springsure

      26.                               Mary Morton
      Letter dated 7.10.1908 from Eton Vale in Mary's hand
      stating she wants to get married. She has a baby girl.

      27. Podmore                       Polly
      A   45 yrs                        35 yrs
      B   Malay                         Kuranda
      Correspondence 1908 Herberton

      28. Laurie                        Gipsy Rangis
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Spinster
      A   27 yrs                        19 yrs
      B   Cooktown                      Cooktown
      F   Jack
      M   Rosey                         Nora
      Married 5.10.1908 Barambah Presbyterian

      29. Frank Blair                   Bessie Morris
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Spinster
      A   22 yrs                        22 yrs
      B                                 Cloncurry
      F   Quicksilver                   Bill Morris
      M   Rosey                         Maggie
      Married 5.10.1908 Barambah Presbyterian
      30. Teefow                        Essie
      C                                 Widow
      B   Rotumah Is                    Murray Is
      F                                 Oroto
      M                                 Patali
      Correspondence 1908 Thursday Island

      31. Josiah Sela                   Annie Hamet
      A                                 14 yrs
      B   Pacific Is                    Darnley Is
      Married 2. 9.1908 Thursday Is
      NB Annie may be pregnant.

      32. Jimmy Palmer                  Eliza
      B   Melanesia
      F                                 Melanesian
      M                                 Aborigine
      Correspondence 1908 Ingham

      33. Taequin                       Kitty
      B   Malayta, Pacific Is
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns

      34. Jim Abraham                   Jessie
      R                                 Atherton
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Herberton

      35. Alfred Duce                   Jemima
      R   Springsure                    Springsure
      A                                 40 yrs
      B                                 Warrego
      Married 31. 8.1908 Springsure
      NB Jemima was married to Ned Collins who died about
      12 months ago.

      36. Charley Ah Mat                Ruby
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns

      37. Harry Ross                    Mary Ann
      A                                 25 yrs
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns
      NB Mary Ann was married to Dick, an Aborigine, who now
      lives up Herberton way.

      38. Joe Anning                    Lena
      A   38 yrs                        30 yrs
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns
      NB Joe married a Malay in Mossman and there is one child to
      that marriage. His wife died some years ago.
      Joe and Lena have 2 children aged 6 yrs and 2 yrs.
      39. Joe                           Fanny
      A                                 35 yrs
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns
      NB Fanny's native name is Norea.
      Fanny has an eight year old child whose father is an 
      Aborigine named Bobbie. 
      Also mentions Tracker Murtie.

      40. John Cavanagh                 Ada Mary Morgan
      R   Barambah A S                  Barambah A S
      C   Bachelor                      Spinster
      A   38 yrs                        21 yrs
      B   Thargomindah                  Cloncurry
      F   Richard Cavanagh              Edward Morgan
      M   Judy                          Kate
      Married 11. 8.1908 Barambah Presbyterian

      41. Jack Ah Mat                   Nellie
      B   Malay                         Hambledon
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns

      42. Charlie                       Judy
      B   Malay
      Correspondence 1908 Cairns

      NB Also mentions
      Billy Podmore

      43. Charlie Daly                  Mary
      A   37 yrs                        17 yrs (born 1891)
      B                                 Badu Is
      F                                 Billy McKellar
      M                                 (dec)
      Correspondence 1908 Thursday Is

      44. Barney Delaney                Ruby Enoch
      R   Caboolture
      A                                 19 yrs
      M                                 Emma Enoch
      Correspondence 1908 Dunwich

      45. George Cummings               Maudie
      Married 19. 4.1908 Cloncurry
      NB Maudie had a child born on 19. 4.1908.
      The child's father is Norman Kennedy.

      46. Tom Solomon                   Maria
      B   Solomon Is
      Correspondence 1908 Mapoon
      NB Tom previously wanted to marry Ellen of Mapoon.
      Did not go ahead.

      47. Joe Ambryn                    Nina
      R                                 Bundaberg
      B   SSI
      Correspondence 1908 Maryborough

      48.                                Maggie
      B                                  Bowen
      Correspondence 1908 Townsville

      49. King Sing Woo Tie              
      B   Canton, China
      Wants a wife 1908 Red Cap, North Queensland

      50. Brisbane Jack                  Jane O'Brien
      R   Merivale Stn, Mitchell
      Permission refused 1908 Mitchell
      NB Jane has an illegitimate infant

      51. Alfred Maleza                  May Dawes
      Correspondence 1908 Brisbane

      52. Ghoolam Hossen                 Eliza
      A   38 yrs
      B                                  Bendeena near Bollon
      M                                  Kitty (blind)
      Correspondence 1908 Bollon
      NB Eliza has had a husband Harry for years.
      Eliza has a son Robert McDougal aged 17 years. His father
      is supposed to be Willie McDougal, a white man.

      53. Billy Roma                     Molly Brooks
      Married 8. 1.1908 Brisbane

      54. Corporal Denny                 Minnie Park
      Married 8. 1.1908 Brisbane


      55. Andee                          Yottie
      Correspondence 1907 Geraldton

      56. Alfred Cato (white)            Ellen Fitzpatrick
      A                                  30 yrs
      F                                  (white)
      M                                  (F/B)
      Married 10.10.1907 Charleville
      NB Ellen's parents lived together for years and had other children.
      Ellen had been living with Alexander Thompson, overseer
      of Comongin Stn. Ellen does not come under the Act.

      57. Sam Nabo (Nebo)                Gertie Bulong
      R                                  Gayndah
      A   43 yrs                         23 yrs
      B   Tanna Is
      Correspondence 1907 Gayndah
      NB Letter dated 5.12.1907 from Gayndah lists the following
      1. Aborigines in the Hawkwood District
      Tottie Pope, 24 yrs
      Lizzie Pope, 22 yrs
      Father is Ernest Pope

      Flossie Barra, 13 yrs
      Violet Barra, 10 yrs
      Brother is John Barra

      Elsie, 15 yrs
      Mother is Maggie

      2. Aborigines near Ban Ban Stn
      Gertie Bulong, 23 yrs
      Winnie Bulong, 19 yrs
      Doreen Bulong, 15 yrs
      Violet Black
      All reside with their parents.

      Gertie Bulong has one child aged about 18 months and is 
      pregnant again. Sam Nabo is the father of both.
      Sam and Gertie applied to marry in 1904 but were refused.

      58. John Bond                       Jane Roberts
      Correspondence 1907 Peel Island

      59. Suckamoos                       Nellie
      B   Pacific Is                      Port Douglas
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns
      NB Nellie ran away from Yarrabah 18 months ago and has
      been living with Suckamoos.

      60. Tiebel (Kanaka)                 Bella
      A                                   30 yrs
      B   SSI                             Nelson, Cairns
      Correspondence 1907

      61. Thomas O'Keefe                  Sarah Purcell
      R   Cloncurry                       Croydon
      A   40 yrs
      B   Tasmania
      Married 3.10.1907 Croydon

      62. Henry Geissler                  Lena Fuller
      C   Widower
      A   31 yrs                          24 yrs
      B   Maryborough
      F                                   Thomas Fuller
      Permission refused 1907 Gayndah
      NB Lena has an illegitimate male child aged 2 months.
      Henry is not the father.
      Henry has 3 children from his previous marriage namely
      William Henry Geissler, aged 7 yrs
      Margaret Elizabeth Geissler, aged 5 yrs
      Henry Evan Geissler, aged 4 yrs
      Lena's sister and brother in law, John McLennan, live 
      at Gayndah.
      Also mentions Mrs Jane Soon 1/4C, widow of a Chinaman who 
      died some 12 years ago. Jane has an illegitimate female
      child aged 8 years.

      63. Charles Henry Thomas            Maggie
      B   N.S.W.                          Georgetown
      Correspondence 1907 Georgetown
      NB They have been living together for some years and
      have 3 H/C children.

      64. Peter Pedrey                    Lena Solomon
      B                                   Port Douglas
      Correspondence 1907 cairns

      65. John McEwing Baird              Nora Baker
      R                                   Morestone
      A   40 yrs
      Will not marry 1907 Camooweal

      66. Sam Savica                      May
      R                                   Murray Is
      Correspondence 1907 Thursday Is

      67. William Marshall                Maggie
      B   Manilla                         Georgetown
      Correspondence 1907 Georgetown

      68. Percy Finney                    Maggie
      R   Hambledon
      A                                   Middle aged
      B   Jamaica                         Mulgrave District
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      69. Billy Keseree                   Barney
      R   Hambledon                       Hambledon
      A                                   21 yrs
      B   Malayta                         Cairns
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns
      NB Barney has a child to Billy

      70. Hilcola @ Jack Maratta          Biddy Milwah
      A                                   25 yrs
      B   Malayta                         Cairns
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      71. Ah Won Jack                     Polly
      A                                   30 yrs
      B   Singapore                       Cairns
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      72. Andrew Poolar (Poollar)         Nellie
      Married 17. 7.1907 Bowen

      73. John Bishop                     Susannah McCauley
      R   Currawillinghi                  Currawillinghi
      C   Bachelor                        Spinster
      A   46 yrs                          28 yrs
      B   Melton Mowbray, UK              Woolerina Stn, Qld
      F   William Bishop                  John McCauley (white)
      M   Mary Healey                     Biddy
      Married 20. 5.1907 New Angledool, NSW
      NB Biddy died in Angledool about 7 years ago. 
      Biddy and Susannah came from the Bollon district
      about ten years ago.

      74. Alfred Martin                   Matilda Brown
      Correspondence 1907

      75. Mallicola                       Bertha
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      76. Jack Newfarm                    Maggie Turnbull
      Correspondence 1908

      77. Harry Singapore                 Nellie
      B   Malay                           Geraldton
      Correspondence 1907 Cairns

      78. Corporal Jimmy
      R   Kilkivan
      Wants a wife 1907 Kilkivan

      79. Billy
      R   Marchmont, Ilfracomba
      Wants a wife 1907 Ilfracombe


      80. Thomas Hill (white)             Lizzie Sullivan
      R                                   Springsure
      A   30 yrs
      B   Victoria
      Married 24.11.1905 Springsure
      NB Lizzie is pregnant
      Mentions in 1905 at Springsure
      Snapper H/C

      81. William Kruger                  Louie Hickson
      A   37 yrs
      Correspondence 1905 Winton

      82. Bob Terare                      Jessie Pig Pig
      A                                   15 yrs
      M                                   Alice Pig Pig
      Correspondence 1905 Bundaberg

      83. Peter Rouse                     Ah See
      R   Deebing Creek                   Deebing Creek
      Correspondence 1905 Deebing Creek
      NB Ah See has three children committed and one born
      three months after her arrival at Deebing Creek.

      84. Tom Solomon                     Yambatonyona (Yambatongona)
      R   Archer River mission
      Correspondence 1905 Mapoon

      85. Charlie Wollie                  Genna
      A                                   18 yrs
      B   Gala Is
      F                                   Lifu
      M                                   Darnley Is
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday Is

      86. Paul Weiss                      Patchee
      R   Geraldton                       Geraldton
      C                                   Widow
      Correspondence 1905 Geraldton
      NB Patchee is the widow of Charley Cheevey (SSI).

      87. Edward Davis                    Toney
      R   Mappa Merrie                    Nappa Merrie
      Correspondence 1905 Charleville

      88. Fausto Billows (Billones)       Rosie
      B   Manilla                         Noble Is
      F                                   Jimmy
      M                                   Maggie
      Permission refused 1905 Cooktown

      89. John Nip                        Lucy Bolton
      R   Taroom                          Taroom
      A   22 yrs
      Correspondence 1905 Taroom
      NB Letter dated 1904 states Lucy has a child. Henry Quigley
      will not admit to being the father of Lucy's child.
      Also mentions H/C people named Hadford in Taroom in 1904,
      one of whom is Bella Hadford.
      90. John Ah See                     Dinah Henry 
      R   Deebing Creek
      A   19 yrs                          18 yrs
      F   Chinese                         Mauritius
      M   Aborigine                       Aborigine
      Correspondence 1905 Taroom

      91. Nelson                          Tangua
      R   Ayr                             Ayr
      A                                   25 yrs
      Correspondence 1905 Ayr

      92. W B Hamilton                    Helen
      R Bindebango West via Mitchell      Charlotte Plains
      A                                   17-18 yrs
      F                                   Mr Anderson
      Correspondence 1905 Cunnamulla
      NB Helen is pregnant.

      93. Jimmy Yevie                     Alit
      C                                   Widow
      B   Tanna Is
      F                                   SSI (dec)
      M                                   Mabuiag Is (dec)
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday Is
      NB Alit's previous husband was Cowling (SSI).

      94. Samuel Sullivan                 Nellie Sykes
      A                                   18 yrs
      F                                   (white)
      M                                   Aborigine
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday Is

      95. Willie Api                      Caroline
      R                                   Childers
      Correspondence 1905

      96. Bob Ambrym                      Susie
      R                                   Wide Bay
      Correspondence 1905

      97. Charlie Tarrashool              Louisa Forbes
      R   Aurora or Pentecost             Childers
      Correspondence 1905

      98. Bob Rumbo (SSI)                 Mary Gala
      Correspondence 1905 Maryborough

      99. Bob Dow (Ambrym)                Susie Roonie
      A   Ambrym
      F                                   (white, dec)
      M                                   (Aborigine, dec)
      Correspondence 1905 Maryborough
      NB They have been living together for 2 1/2 years.
      Susie has a child by McLiver, aged 2 1/2 yrs at Pialba.

      100. George Carlisle                Mary Tie
      T    Cork Stn, Diamantina           Cork Stn, Diamantina
      Correspondence 1905 Diamantina Lakes

      101. Joseph Connelly                Annie
      Correspondence 1905 Normanton
      NB They have 2 children.

      102. Burke Attenborough             Sarah
      Correspondence 1905 Burketown

      103. Robert Charles Corrie          Libby Savage
      B    Gilbert Is
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday Is

      104. Jimmy Motloff                  Mary
      Correspondence 1905 Mapoon
      NB Mary was previously married to an Islander who died
      about 2 years ago.

      105. Sevivu                         Declassie
      B    Rotumah
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday is

      106. Billy Rotumah                  Risil
      F                                   SSI
      M                                   Mabuiag Is woman
      Correspondence 1905 Thursday Is