CPA Marriage Correspondence 1900 - 1904

      Chief Protectors Correspondence
      Marriage Correspondence 1900 - 1904
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      Marriages 1904

      1.  John McLellan                  Mary Fuller
      R   Cooranga & Boondooma Stns
      A   33 yrs                         20-21 yrs
      B   Jimbour                        Chinchilla
      F                                  Thomas Fuller
      M                                  Jessie Fuller
      Approved 1904 Maryborough

      NB John previously lived with Ada (H/C) who died about
      6 years ago. He has a daughter Clara McLellan aged 12 yrs
      in the Nudgee Orphanage.
      Mary's parents have 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys.
      Mary is the eldest and is pregnant.

      2.  Willie                         Mina (Meena) White
      A                                  18 yrs
      B   Pentecost
      Correspondence 1904 Bundaberg

      NB Mina has a child to Willie.
      Correspondence from E McKenzie of Bundaberg states
      Nina, 19 yrs, and Meena, 18 yrs, were found at Goodwood
      near Bundaberg. Meena has a child aged 5 months. Its 
      father is Willie.
      There is no objection to the marriage of Meena and Willie
      at Bundaberg.
      Also mentions Louisa who wants to marry Dick.

      3.  William Walter Mahoney         Topsy
      R   Boulia
      A                                  18-20 yrs
      B                                  Boulia
      Correspondence 1904 Boulia

      NB Local blacks gave Topsy a husband named Charlie.
      She refused him. William is a white man.

      4.  Francis Gale Casseldine        Sissie Tie
      R                                  Winton
      Approved 1904 Winton

      NB Francis is an ex-Constable.

      5.  Johnny Lena                    Dolly McFarland
      A                                  22 yrs
      B   Pialba                         Gympie
      F   SSI                            White
      M   SSI                            Abor
      Approved 1904 Pialba

      NB Dolly has lived with Johnny since 1903 and has a child
      to him which was born on 30. 4.1904

      6.  Wilfred E White                Alice
      R   Blackall
      Permission refused 1904 Mitchell

      NB Alice was sent from Mitchell to Brisbane in 1903

      7.  Charles Carrington             Ada
      R   Winton
      Approved 1904 Winton

      8.  Toby Curran (Koran)            Minnie Thompson
      R   Torumbel                       Rockhampton
      C   Bachelor                       Spinster
      A                                  23 yrs
      B   Port Oopney, Pentecost, SSI    North Rockhampton
      F   Wara (SSI)                     King Buckley
      M   Tow-Tow (SSI)                  Kate Buckley
      Married 5. 6.1896 Rockhampton

      NB Minnie was removed to Durundur in 1903. Minnie Thompson
      is the sister of Gracie at Frazer Island.
      Minnie was removed from Rockhampton on 29. 5.1902.

      Minnie and Toby had a male child aged 5 yrs in 1904.
      Minnie was sent to Durundur and forced to live with
      George Thompson as his wife. Her child King is still
      on the settlement in the care of either her sister
      Bunda Maggie or George Thompson.

      9.  Jimmy Howis                    Maggie
      R   Mossman
      Legally married. Date & place unknown. Port Douglas.

      10. John Glannan                   Unnamed
      R                                  Dubbo Downs Stn
      A   50 yrs                         16-17 yrs
      Approved 1904 Mitchell. Does not want to marry now.

      NB Charles Burns says he is the father of a H/C gin at
      Dubbo Downs St. Debatable. The girl is pregnant to
      John Glannan who was last heard of in Western Australia.

      11. (John) Serovoy Mota            Lucy
      C                                  Widow
      A                                  22 yrs
      B                                  Scrub Creek
      Correspondence 1904 Geraldton

      NB Lucy's previous husband has been dead for about 3 years.

      12. (Harry) Warsal Mostalap        Lucy
      C                                  Single
      A                                  19 yrs
      Relates to No 11. Place Geraldton.

      13. (Jack) Searva Tanna            Becca
      C                                  Single
      A                                  22 yrs
      Correspondence 1904 Geraldton
      14. Matthew Spies                  Maggie
      R   Charleville                    Charleville
      A   60 yrs
      Correspondence 1904 Charleville

      NB Maggie has an 8 year old female child to Matthew.
      Also mentioned is Legerwood, H/C, who lived with Maggie some
      years ago. In 1903 Legerwood was about 40 years old.

      15. William Pitt                   Mary
      B                                  Murray Is
      F   Jamaica
      M   Lifu
      Correspondence 1904 Thursday Island

      16. James Stanley                  Rosey Gordon
      A                                  23 yrs
      B                                  Wee Waa, N.S.W.
      F                                  White man
      M                                  Ada Jackson
      Approved 1904 East Woodlands (6 miles from Surat)

      NB Rosey's uncle is W Jackson, selector of East Woodlands.
      James and Rosey have lived together for the last 2 1/2 years
      and have 2 children.

      17. Willie Thorpe                   Pippa
      Correspondence 1904 Carandotta Stn

      18. Robert Buchanan                 Ada
      A   50 yrs in 1903                  22 yrs
      F                                   Herbert Hart
      Married 13. 2.1904 Tambo

      NB Ada used to be the gin of Andy of Nive Downs.
      Andy died in March    1903.
      Ada has a 1/4C child aged 2 1/2 years whose father is
      Vernon B Brodie late of Nive Downs.
      Herbert Hart is late of Nive Downs.

      19. Rainbow                         Lizzie Ke-oola
      B   Malayta, Solomon Is
      F                                   Bolman (of Mourilyan)
      Correspondence 1904 Geraldton

      NB They have been living together for about 18 months
      and have a baby about 2 months old.

      20. Fidele                          Catalina Hoy
      C                                   Widow
      A   28 yrs                          23 yrs
      B   Rotumah                         Yama Is
      F                                   Karaking (dec)
      M                                   Magunia         
      Correspondence 1904 Thursday Island

      NB Catalina's parents are both from Yama Is.
      Catalina is the widow of a Rotumah man named George Hoy
      by whom she has a son.
      21. James Weeroopoo Lackon          Maggie
      F                                   Loughlin (Scotsman) (dec)
      M                                   Barm (dec)
      Correspondence 1904 Geraldton

      NB Maggie was previously married to Moses Tanna (dec). They 
      had 2 children, both now married and in the Isis district.
      Also mentions Joe Romulo, a Kanaka.

      22. Charles Betters                 Jessie
      A   39 yrs in 1903                  25 yrs
      B                                   Paroo
      Permission refused 1904 Charleville

      NB Letter dated 2. 2.1904 states Charles has left the state.
      Jessie gave birth to a female H/C child about the middle of
      December, 1903 at Caiwarro Stn in the Hungerford District.
      The father was Charles Betters.

      23. Peter Graham, tracket at Tambo, wants a wife.
      Correspondence 1904 Longreach

      24. John Epico                      Maggie
      A                                   21 yrs
      B   Tanna, SSI
      F                                   Robert Wessan (French Is)
      M                                   Binnie
      Correspondence 1904 Yandina

      25. Charles Kowat                   Wasi
      C                                   Widow
      A   30 yrs                          28 yrs
      B                                   Darnley Is
      F                                   Kuri (dec)
      M                                   Daamu
      Correspondence 1904 Thursday Island

      NB Wasi's father is a native of Darnley Island and her mother
      is a native of Hogar, Stephens Island.

      26. Permines Monmarible             Marguarita Maria
      A                                   18 yrs
      B   Filipino                        Yam Is
      F                                   Charlie (dec)
      M                                   Batwan
      Permission granted 1904 Thursday Island

      NB Marguarita's parents natives of Yam Island.

      27. George Carlile                  Mary Tie
      Correspondence 1904 Diamantina Stn

      28. Yellow George                   Rosey
      Approved 1904 Burketown

      29. Jeremiah Garnier                Annie
      A   39 yrs                          18 yrs
      B   France                          Warraber Is
      F                                   Jimmy Pindai (Pacific Is)
      M                                   Native of Warreber Is
      Correspondence 1902 Thursday Is

      30. John Tonis                      Mary
      B   Maratta, Solomon Is             Murray Is
      Broken off 1902 Thursday Is

      31. Jimmy Rooka                     Polly Tadrane
      Want to marry 1902

      32. James Nicols (white)            Maggie
      R   Seymour River
      Application 1901 Herbert River

      NB They have a child.

      33. Jose de Silva                   Annie
      A   25 yrs                          22 yrs
      B   Rio de Janerio, Brazil          Margaret Bay
      Correspondence 1902 Thursday Is

      34. Tommy Toy                       Maggie Yambiga
      R                                   Cooktown
      Permission refused 1902 Maytown

      35. Jack Kissan                     Gube
      B   Solomon Is                      Yorke Is
      Correspondence 1902 Thursday Is


      36. Eollallu de Los Reyis           Topsy
      B   Manilla
      Permission refused 1901 Georgetown

      37. John Barry                      Nellie
      R   Wollogorang
      Married 21.12.1901 Normanton

      NB They have lived together for 3 years and have 2 male 
      children aged 18 mths and 2 mths.

      38. Aya                             Lizzie
      A   45 yrs                          30 yrs
      B   Cingalee                        Black River near Townsville
      Approved 1901 Cooktown

      NB They live together and have three children namely
      David aged 13 yrs
      Eva aged 10 yrs
      John aged 7 yrs
      Letter dated 10.11.1901 states Lizzie's mother was murdered
      by a black boy Sunday at the Alice River in 1886. Lizzie was
      then about 16 years old. Lizzie was then taken by a coloured
      man Banda who died at Townsville Hospital in 1887. She then
      had a baby boy named David. She then went to live with Aya.
      They children are referred to as Ada and John Riah by the
      State School, Ross Island.

      39. Dick Murray                     Charlotte
      A                                   30 yrs
      B   Kanaka                          Geraldton
      Approved 1901 Cooktown

      NB They have lived together for 6 years. They have an adopted
      H/C girl aged 4 years living with them for 2 years since the
      girl's parents died. The girl's mother died near Ayr.

      40. Sam Lan SSI)                    Fanny
      R   Ayr                             Ayr
      Married 27. 9.1901 Townsville

      41. Charley Tabbard (SSI)           Kate Manschelan
      R   Ayr                             Ayr
      Married 27. 9.1901 Townsville

      42. Jimmy                           Jemima
      R                                   Brandon
      A                                   Under age
      B   Pacific Islands
      Married 21. 9.1901 Townsville

      43. William Emmerson                Martha Friebock (Frieboth)
      R   Breadalbane                     Andromache River
      C   Bachelor                        Spinster
      A   30 yrs                          22 yrs
      B   Crystal Brook                   Myrtle Brook
      F   (dec)                           
      M   Maggie ?Boana                   Polly Comerbijenna
      Married 27. 5.1901 Lower Proserpine, Breadalbane

      NB In 1901 Willie took Martha from Marie Yaamba Mission. 
      Apparently she was supposed to marry Peter from the Mission
      but didnt want to.

      44. Goon Goo                        Kitty
      B   China
      Married 17.10.1901 Cairns or Herberton

      NB Also mentions Topsy from Rocky Creek removed to a Mission.
      Goon Goo and Kitty lived together for 4 to 7 years.

      45. Walter H Cross                  Polly
      Married in 1901 at Croydon

      NB Also mentions the employment of Nelly at Abingdon Downs
      Croydon in 1900.

      46. Ah Man                          Lucy
      R   Augustus Downs Stn
      B   China
      Married 4. 3.1901 Burketown

      NB They have a child.

      47. Jimmy Tanna                     Polly
      A                                   26 yrs
      B                                   Port Douglas
      Married January 1901 Mossman


      48. Prosser         
      Marriage to a half-caste approved 1900 Cloncurry

      49. Ferguson (white)
      R   Ebagoolah
      Marriage to an Aborigine approved September 1900 Coen

      50. James Noble                     Maggie
      A                                   17 yrs
      Approved 1900 Yarrabah

      51. Tommy Ah Low                    Dora
      Married 24. 2.1900 Normanton

      NB They have a male child aged 3 years. They have been living
      together for the past 5 years at Punjaub Stn.

      52. Parker (white)                  
      Marriage to an Aborigine approved 1900 Normanton

      NB They have a child and she is pregnant again.

      53. George Sarameda                 Annie Storey
      Permission refused 1900 Normanton

      NB letter dated 16.10.1899 states they have been living
      together for 5 months. Before that Annie lived with Mahomet.
      Mahomet gave her to George in return for a gin Lily aged
      11 or 12 years. Annie and Lily are sisters.
      Annie has a H/C child.
      Letter dated 27.11.1899 states Annie Storey is under agreement
      with the Police Magistrate at Burketown. Lily and her tribe are
      on the Leichhardt River.

      54. Hassim Noor
      R   Lambledon
      B   Cingalee
      Correspondence 1900 Cooktown about marriage to an Aborigine