Queensland Exemption Correspondence 1916

Chief Protector of Aborigines Exemption Correspondence 1916 Item ID 336331 Previous System Location A/69430; RSI14961/1/345 Access Category 100 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 16/3956 Gadd (four brothers of that name) of Alpha 16/3772 Thomas Harrison of Charleville, wife Minnie Smith from Oakwood Station. 16/3714 Ranji Pope (mount Garnet Protectorate), his mother Norah Pope, her parents Polly and Big George from Lyndhurst Stn. Also mentioned Charlie Reid (Tracker), Walter Pope, Paddy Malone apparently father of Ranji and tracker Pluto Crosby 16/3297 Prince Wiseman of Mitchell 16/3207 James Kettle of Augathella 16/3206 Jack Peake of Mungallala (Mitchell Protectorate) 16/2955 Jerry Collins of Mantuan Downs, Rockhampton District 16/2892 Bob Gray of Longreach (Minnie Downs Station) lives with Diana 16/2734 Ruby Cressbrook of Cairns; death of Rosey Cressbrook on 26.2.1916 at Taroom her husband John Cressbrook; their children Ruby, Lorna, Percy Raymond, Violet at Taroom except for Ruby; also mentioned Bob Query and George Cross or Query. 16/2681 Jack Rolfe and wife at Annie Vale via Pentland 16/2680 Flossie True of Eidsvold Station 16/2661 George Barker of Nebo 16/2659 William Perrott of Mt. Garnett 16/2002 Jessie Deshon of Cork, Winton; originally from Comongin South Station 16/1985 Henry Kelly of Jundah 16/1984 William G. Brown of Cairns 16/1886 Roy Oram of Comet his father whiteman named Walter Oram, mother Aboriginal Monica. 16/1734 Bob Wallace of Mt. Spencer Station 16/1472 Walter Simpson of Cairns 16/1407 Tommy Orcher - father Jack Orcher (Roma District) 16/1406 Edward Phillips of Noondoo Station 16/1405 Bert Eckford of Narine Station 16/1404 George Orcher of Noondoo Station 16/1401 Mick Dancie of Angledool 16/1400 Bella of Springsure 16/1369 George Turner of Augathella (Nondowree Station) 16/1280 Gordon Hutchinson of Banana 16/1243 Bessie Hill of Comet, father Tom Hill 16/1140 Abe Woods of Roma, Rollie Rose, Mick Dancie of Narine Stn. 16/1139 Robert Eckford, B. Eckford, M. Dancie, A. Woods and R. Rose of Narine Station 16/1138 George and Tommy Orcher, George Rose and Edward Phillips of Noondoo Station 16/1137 William Barnes of Springsure 16/1096 Maggie Bowie of Cooktown, her parents William Bowie and Annie, also mentioned mabel Hislop and Roy Hislop 16/1002 Joe Terare of Maryborough father SSI name of Jack mother Aboriginal Mary Jane 16/922 Alick Api of Mossman 16/810 Edie (Burketown district) 16/789 Jack Johnson of Mullungera, also mentioned Bob Bend, Willie McMahon. 16/737 Andrew Downs of Comet his mother Maria, her cousin was Peter Ten Mile or Peter III. 16/659 Billy Priestly of St. George father William Priestly 16/658 James Moore and Harry Murray of Merivale Station 16/657 Robert Cameron of Moray Downs also known as Dan Cameron. 16/607 Willie Lee of Comet, father George Lee, mother Jenny. Willie's wife Ivy her mother Aboriginal and Father named Ah Mop 16/605 Jacky Kearns of Barambah 16/582 Peter Edwards of Clermont (Greenvale Station); also mentions Joe Morgensen 16/547 Alpha (known as Alfred Page) and Lilly Paige of Clermont were married 20.10.1908 at Clermont Churh of England 16/501 Ned Butcher of Comet father Jack Bailey mother Biddy 16/417 William Brown at Doongmabulla Station native of Maranoa district 16/416 Frederick Teare (or Tier) of Grosveror Downs of Clermont 16/255 Mrs. Lucy Coolwell, parents William and Nancy Culham, her husband Eddie Coolwell