Queensland Exemption Correspondence 1909,13,14

Chief Protector of Aborigines Exemption Correspondence 1909, 1913, 1914 Item ID 336326 Previous System Location A/58730; RSI14961/1/340 Access Category 100 Years Queensland State Archives 1914 14/480 Albert Hill, Charleville 1912 Hometown, Bollon 1914 Albert hill, 23 years old, H/C Chinese, single 1914 Granted exemption 14/652 Harold Gainsford, Charters Towers 1914 Not granted exemption 14/731 Fanny, Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet 1914 Fanny, 19 years old, native of Ingham, father European Fanny has a 2 year old child to a white man Exemption not granted 14/801 Dinah Cumway, Indooroopilly 1914 Dinah Cumway, mother nearly white, father white, grandmother H/C, aged 18 years. Parents dead. Exemption granted. 14/823 Curtis Ford, Gympie 1914 Curtis Ford, aged 26 years, parents H/C Exemption recommended 14/1119 John Williams, Davenport Downs, Winton 1913 Willie McCormack and Archie Shaw are halfcastes employed at Davenport Downs. 1914 John Williams, aged 19 years Archie Shaw is Exempt Exemption granted 14/1154 Kitty, Indooroopilly 1904 Bond for Kitty to be returned to Longreach Bond for Linda to be returned to lawn Hill 1905 Bond for Kitty, H/C, 33 yrs, to be returned to Longreach Bond for Linda, H/C, 18 yrs, to be returned to Longreach 1906 Bond for Kitty and Linda to be returned to Muttaburra 1910 Mentions Kitty's friend Jinny 1914 Kitty born at Tower Hill Stn, Muttaburra 47 years ago. Exemption granted 14/1352 Frank Mickelow, Alec Smith, Charles Campbell, St Lawrence 1914 Frank Mickelow , 21 yrs Alec Smith, 22 yrs Charles Campbell, 40 yrs All work at Yatton Stn Exemptions Granted 14/1585 Esther Ford 1914 Esther Ford is a native of NSW, father is a NSW H/C, and mother is a native of Southport, Queensland. Esther has 2 married sisters at Beaudesert. Has a brother at Beaudesert. Exemption granted 14/1825 Bessie Johnson, Springvale Stn, Boulia 1910 Bessie Johnson, 16 yrs old, Exemption granted 1913 Exemption revoked 1914 Bessie Johnson, 20 yrs, ran off with a man named Walter Brown Lloyd and the are living together on Diamantinta Lakes Stn. Married in 1914. Doesnt need exemption while she stays with her husband. 14/3668 Lucy, Cardwell 1914 Lucy is 11 - 12 years old. Father is Charlie Solomon, SSI. Mother was a F/B, now deceased. 14/3549 Thomas Williams, Millie Stn, Charleville 1914 Tom Williams, 22 yrs old Exemption granted Tom Williams was actually married to Gracie about 2 years ago. Exemption revoked 14/3283 Tommy Watson, Aberfoyle Stn, Muttaburra 1914 Exemption not granted 14/2827 Charles Victor MacDonald, Cardwell 1914 Charles Victor MacDonald, mother Aborigine, father Scotch. Married to a white woman named Carter at Townsville and they have a 7 year old boy. Married 9 years ago. another child died of diptheria. Exemption granted 14/2863 Barney Black, Springsure 1914 Barney Black, 29 yrs, native of Wealwandangie near Ayr Exemption granted 14/2828 Fanny Constantine, Albion, Brisbane 1914 Fanny Constantine, 29 yrs Exemption granted 14/2386 Charles King, also known as Genter, Dunwich 1914 Charles King, 45 yrs Exemption granted 14/2385 Boota Graham, Gayndah 1914 Exemption granted 14/2138 Lily, Cerito via Nebo 1914 Exemption not granted 14/2042 Charley Mummin, Kingaroy 1914 Charley Mummin has a wife and one child. Charley is the son of Harry and Harriet Mummin. Sister of Charley is Sophia Mummin. Exemption not granted 14/1958 Molly Muller, Merinda, Townsville 1914 Molly Muller lives with the Muller family. Exemption not granted. 14/1883 William Hart, Charleville 1914 William Hart, 35 yrs, born Warrego district Exemption granted 14/263 Bertie Dixon, Goatlands Stn, Springsure 1914 Bertie Dixon, 22 yrs Exemption granted 14/136 Billy Clubbin, Goondiwindi 1913 Billy Clubbin (William Clyburn, Clibborn) has a wife and 2 or 3 children. 1914 Billy Clubbin has a H/C wife and 3 children. Exemption granted 14/114 Lizzy Hickson, Bowen 1914 Exemption granted 14/17 May Sandy, Deebing Creek 1913 Albert Sandy and May Sandy are husband and wife. May Sandy, 25 yrs old, lives apart from her husband Exemption granted Exemption revoked 1913 13/2391 John Corkran, Charleville 1913 Exemption granted 13/2180 Lily, Glen Eva St, Ukalanda 1913 Exemption granted 13/1779 Emily Yorke, Sandgate, Brisbane 1913 Emily Yorke, 18-19 yrs old, born Alpha Stn, Central Queensland. Also mentions Kate Edwards Exemption granted 13/2060 Joseph Selim, Turn Off Lagoons 1913 Joseph selim, 22 yrs old Exemption granted 13/1168 Joe Brown, Longreach 1913 Joe brown, 23 yrs old, native of Morven near Charleville. Now at Crothers, Tower Hill, Muttaburra Exemption granted 13/1419 Dolly, Herberton 1913 Dolly, born at Herberton, aged 9 years. Dolly's mother was deaf and dumb and was sent to Yarrabah where she died. Exemption not granted 13/1409 Joe Barnet, Brisbane 1913 Joe Barnet, 22 yrs old Exemption granted 13/1208 Ivo Bligh McKenzie, Herberton 1913 Exemption not granted 13/1066 Matilda Drumley, Sandgate 1913 Matilda Drumley born 1892 in Beaudesert. Father was William Drumley and mother was Mary Drumley. Aunt is Mrs Graham at Southport. Also mentions Julia Bell at Beaudesert Exemptions granted for Matilda Drumley and Julia Bell. 13/1008 Frederick Lucas, Cloncurry 1913 Frederick Lucas, 51 yrs old, native of NSW, married to an Aboriginal woman legally. 13/591 F Wondunna, Frazer Island 1913 Exemption not granted 13/ 544 Herbert Chili, Buderim Mountains 1913 Herbert Chili, 23 yrs, father SSI, mother Aborigine still living at Maroochi. Has 2 brothers and a sister who is married to a South Sea Islander. Exemption not recommended 13/425 Selina Mitchell, Maryborough 1913 Selins Mitchell, 21 yrs old Exemption granted 13/262 James Craigie, Boulia 1913 James Craigie is legally married and has 2 children Exemption not granted 13/396 Nellie, Atherton 1909 Mentions Nellie 1911 Application for exemption. Nellie's father was a Kanaka and her mother was a native of the Murray River. 26-27 yrs old. 1913 Exemption granted 1909 1909/1576 Harry Gray, Longreach 1908 Nellie Dillon, Bandon Grove, Arralalah, wants to get married. Been engaged for 3 years. Nellie 22 yrs old. The man Nellie is engaged to is Harry Grey, 22 yrs old. Nellie also known as Nellie Longreach. 1909 Nellie Dillon and Harry Grey were married on 18. 3.1909 at Longreach. Harry Grey is a native of Blackall. Exemption granted