Uluru 1970

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office CRS E944/0, Uluru CA 7112 ATSIC Northern Territory State Office Aboriginal Population Records Census Results for Uluru (Ayers Rock) for circa 1970 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2003 Census for circa 1970 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Birthplace Captain One Akuta Pitjantjara H M .1906 Docker River (Father is Kappi Monofor, deceased Areyonga. Mother is Enaiwa, deceased at Areyonga. Brother is Captain Two / Munkurinnga, at Docker River. Sister is Martina, deceased, date unknown. Captain One should qualify for Age Pension but was not receiving it at time of Census.) Mary Captain Tjimpula Pitjantjara W F .1916 Peterman Range (Father is Sonny Boy, deceased at Mulga Park. Mother is Wungala, deceased at Mulga Park. Sister is Nellie, at Mulga Park. Brother is Polly, at Mulga Park, invalid pensioner. First husband was Andrew, deceased about 1942.) Inpidi Pitjantjara Da F .1938 Ernabella (Husband was Wildear, deceased at Ernabella. Wildear and Inpidi had the following children who are at Ernabella school Daughter is Doris, born about 1960. Daughter is Mukaii, female, born about 1962. Daughter is Margaret, born about 1965.) Aileen Maliyungka Da F .1952 Alice Springs (Attended Areyonga School for seven years.)