Mosquito Creek 1957

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office CRS E944/0, Utopia 2 CA 7112 ATSIC Northern Territory State Office Aboriginal Population Records Census Results for Mosquito Creek for 20.11.1957 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2003 Census for Mosquito Creek dated 20.11.1957 Name Group Sex Born Remarks Lame Paddy Ngwaria M 1920 Libit Pitjara M 1910 From Epenarra Station Dorothy (Daisy) Kamara F Wife of Libit Dorothy (Daisy) Ngwaria F First child of Libit Molly Ngwaria F Second child of Libit Rosie Ngwaria F Third child of Libit Daisy Ngwaria F Fourth child of Libit Unnamed Ngwaria M 1956 Fifth child of Libit Tim Ngwaria M 1890 Father of Libit Unnamed Ngala F Wife of Tim Jim Pitjara M 1890 Polly Kamara F Lune Pitjara M 1890 From Ammeroo Queenie Kamara F 1927 Wife of Lune Sally (?illy) Ngwaria F 1950 First child David Ngwaria M 9. 7.1952 Second child Unnamed Ngwaria M 1956 Third Child