Barrow Creek 1964 - 1969

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office CRS E944/0, Barrow Creek CA 7112 ATSIC Northern Territory State Office Aboriginal Population Records Census Results for Barrow Creek (1) 12. 5.1964 (2) 11. 9.1969 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2000, 2003 Census for 12. 5.1964 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Caste Notes Little Ivy Apunga Ngambula Kaiditj F .1928 Domestic (Husband Dan Umunulga.) Daphney Ngamina Alyawarra Sin F .1943 Topsy 1 Yrimba Warai Amejira F .1918 Domestic (Husband is George, pensioner, at Stirling.) Topsy 2 Purula Alyawarra Wid F .1919 Domestic (This page is extremely hard to read so spelling may be wrong. Both Little Ivy and Topsy 1 are tribally married.) Lena Nabida Kaiditj F .1900 (Employed part time at the Hotel as domestic. Consort Tim Jungala died 13. 6.1963) Gertie Bidjagood Kaiditj F 1922/1927 Domestic (Gertie is tribally married to Horse Tailer Peter at Neutral Junction. Gertie is employed at the Hotel.) Ben Arapulla Jabiard Kaiditj H M .1920 Handyman Eileen/Arlen Wonberra Nabida Kaiditj W1 F .1934 Shirley Unalunga Kaiditj W2 F .1941 Domestic Geffrey Purula Kaiditj Ch M 16. 4.1961 Elsie Myumba Ngamina Kaiditj Ch F .1953 Harry Eleraljira Janama Kaiditj Ch M 10. 6.1955 Sandra Namina Kaiditj Ch F 1. 7.195? David Janima Kaiditj Ch M 7.12.1964 (Ben and Eileen and Ben and Shirley are tribally married. David not registered, now in Tennant Creek.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Census 11. 9.1969 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Caste Notes Dan Julama Kaiditj H M .1905 (Brother of Fred Julama.) Ivy Ngamana Kaiditj W F .1931 Employed at Hotel Fred Juluma Kaiditj H M .1929 (Also lives at Neutral Junction.) Mary Mambugal Kaiditj W F .1931 Sonny Jagara Kaiditj Ch M .1957 Beatrice Wadjula Kaiditj Ch F 29. 7.1960 Doris Wadjula Kaiditj Ch F 20.12.1962 Brian Jagara Kaiditj Ch M 3.10.1965 Valerie Wadjula Kaiditj Ch F 24.11.1968 (Mary has older children but these were not mentioned.) Johnnie Janama Kaiditj H M .1920 Employed at Hotel Nancy Ngambula Kaiditj W F .1928 Casual work (Children Clifford Jabiard and Patsy, both married at Neutral Junction. Children may be Johnnie and Nancy's or just Johnnie's.) Sandy Janama Kaiditj Wid M .1894 (From Alice Springs.) Topsy (Daphne) Wadjala Kaiditj Wid F .1915 (Mother of Ivy married to Slim George at Alice Springs. Santa Theresa is the home of Slim George.)