Tennant Creek 1959-1971

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series E155 Item 1960/148 Tennant Creek Census Wards in Town Area Census extracts for 1959 to 1961 and 1971 only. Others available elsewhere. Kelly Well Census and Family Groups as at 16. 5.1959 Name Native Name Group Tribe Born Notes Johnny Natajerie Jabalyi Wailbri 1920 Kitty Arkubra Nabad Anmatjira 1925 Edna Nalyeri Wailbri 1956 Born Wauchope Susie Nalyeri Wailbri 1958 Born Kelly Well (Both children born near Wauchope - considered "little bit" Warramunga because born in Warramunga country.) George Wauchope Takamara/Jagamara Wailbri 1906 Nary Nabaldjari Wailbri 1926 Teddy At school Warrabri Peggy At school Warrabri Greg Juburula Wailbri 1955 Toby Yalla Jakamara Wailbri 1915 Cassie Nabaldjari Kaiditj 1922 ROW says Kathleen P32 Amy Nambula Wailbri 1946 Now at Wauchope Peggy Nambula Wailbri 1951 At school Warrabri Daisie At school Warrabri Billy At school Warrabri Alfie Jaduma Wailbri 1954 Alec Kananga Kamara Aranda 1937 Son of Molly at Wauchope Register of Wards Employed in Town Area - Undated Name Employer Accomodation Limerick Jangala J Bethel Tent Bobbin Ninagu Brian Harry Angus Simon Ted Charlie Driver Jiburula F J Kittle Tent fly Big Jack Jangala M Rogers Nil Maggie Nungarai Jack Jumbajimba M Rogers Nil Freddy Jiburula M Rogers Nil Alec Jangala J Traylen Nil Gordon Jabananga K Stanfield Tent Helen Nuralama / Naburula Mary Nabungardi Logan Jagamara Health Dept. Hut Rita Nabaljari Health Dept Paddy Jungarai Police Dept Hut Topsy Naburula Banjo Jabananga Welfare Tent Teresa Nabarula Georgina Nabangardi Audrey Nabangardi Mary Nugamara TB Patient Hospital Census 4. 8.1960 Slaughter Yard Tennant Creek Name Native Name Group Tribe Born Notes Toby Jugamara Jugamara 1915 Kathleen (Cassie) Nabaljari 1922 Amy Nabarula/Nambula 1946 Peggy III Nabarula/Nambula 1951 At Warrabri Daisy Nabarula/Nambula 1949 At Warrabri Billy Jabarula/Jaduma 1954 At Warrabri Alfred Jabarula 1. 6.1956 Tennant Creek Marjorie Nabarula/Nambula 19. 1.1960 Turn Left-eye George Jugamara/Jakara Kaiditj 1918 Mary Nabaljari/nalyeri Kaiditj 1924 Teddy Julama/Jabarula Kaiditj 1949 Peggy I Nabarula/Nambula Kaiditj 1950 Gregory Jabarula Kaiditj 1. 6.1955 Census 25.11.1960 Tennant Creek Township Name Group Tribe Born Notes Gordon Jagananga Yanula 1931 Helen Nuralama Kambain? 1943 Mary Nungarai Yanula 1959 Toby Jagamara Wailbri 1915 Logan Jagamara Wailbri 1909 Rita Nabaljari Wailbri 1924 Alfie Jungarai Warramunga 1938 Ruby Nabarula Warramunga 1942 Moreland Bulangi Yanula 1918 Belle Brandon Minama Yanula 1925 Limerick Jangala Wagaia 1925 Bobbin Ninagu Wagaia 1938 Brian Yagamari Wagaia 1953 Harry Yagamari Wagaia 1957 Angus Yagamari Wagaia 1951 Simon Yagamari Wagaia 1955 Ted Yagamari Wagaia 1959 Toby Jabarula Wailbri 1924 Johnny Jabidji Warramunga 1945 Group also Jambadjimba Malcolm Jangala Wailbri 1943 Tommy Ross Jibarula Wailbri 1939 Freddy Jabanunga Wailbri 1930 Charlie Jugamara Wailbri 1911 Ruby Nabaldjari Wailbri 1916 Adam Jibarula Wailbri 1956 Vera Nabarula Wailbri 1953 Jack Jambidjimba Wailbri 1938 Jack Jangala Wailbri 1912 Maggie Nungarai Wailbri 1916 Banjo Jabananga Wailbri 1921 Teresa Nabarula Wailbri 1937 Georgina Nabangardi Wailbri Audrey Nabangardi Wailbri Margaret or? Annie Nabangardi Wailbri 13.11.1962 12. 5.1961 Letter from District Welfare Officer Tennant Creek to Welfare Branch tennant Creek This letter includes the following Census and also the following references School and Pre-School Child Attending Father Mother Richard School Jack Walker Fanny Vera School Charlie Ruby Barney School Alec Molly Angus School Limerick Bobbin Brian School Limerick Bobbin Simon Pre-School Limerick Bobbin Harry Pre-School Limerick Bobbin MArgaret Pre-School Willy Molly Adam Pre-School Charlie Ruby Georgina Pre-School Banjo Teresa Alfy Pre-School Toby Katy General Comments Ward Jack Walker has requested that his daughter Elizabeth be brought from Warrabri, where she is attending school, to live with him at Tennant Creek, where she could also attend school.This would appear to be a reasonable request, but I understand that Elizabeth is being looked after by an ex-wife of Jack's, who is her mother, and her attitude would have to be ascertained. As Jack has approached me several tiimes on this matter, I bring this to your notice for your consideration. Census 12. 5.1961 Name Native Name Group Tribe Born Occupation Jack Walker Jugala Wailbri 1924 A Chittock - General Hand Fanny Nabaula Wailbri 1926 Richard Jagamara Wailbri 1951 (Jack Walker works and camps at the Tennent Creek Slaughteryard. Full toilet and working facilities available. Has child Elizabeth (1953) at Warrabri but wishes her to come and live with them and atend Tennant Creek School.) Toby Yalla Jagamara Wailbri 1915 A Chittock - General Hand Kathleen Nagayeri Wailbri 1923 Alfy Jaduma Wailbri 1954 (Toby lives in camp. Has four other children at Warravri Amy (1946), Peggy (1951), Daisy and Billy.) Charlie Jagamara Wailbri 1911 H Mueller - Build. Labourer Ruby Nabaldjari Wailbri 1916 Mrs Lewezko - Housegirl Vera Nabarula Wailbri 1953 Adam Jabarula Wailbri 1956 (Charlie has two older children Lawrence at Warrabri and Charlie at Hooker's Creek.) Johnnie Nelson A-Ma Purula Anmatjira 1920 Welfare Branch - Patrol Assistant Lena Yaula Namana Wailbri 1935 Colin Doreen Lennie Jennifer (Wife and family at Warrabri but moving to Tennant Creek in a few weeks.) Paddy Jungari Wailbri 1931 Police Dep. - Tracker Topsy Nabarula Wailbri 1931 Sgt Metcalfe - Housegirl (Accomodated in Sgt. Metcalfes house, in laundry annex. Clothes and rations issued according to scale. Both content with work.) Victor Williams Jabaljari Warramunga 1939 Tennant Creek Hospital - General Hand Margaret Williams Nagamara Aranda 1947 F Kroon - Housegirl (Accomodated in wards camp in Tennant Creek. Both receive clothes but occassionally only Victor. Margaret appears in the Register of Wards under the name of Margaret Nelson.) Stephen Moreton Jabarula Wailbri 1940 Tennant Creek Hospital - General Hand Lilly Moreton Nalwamut Ngalkbun 1930? Tennant Creek Hospital - Hospital Asst. (Accomodation in camp. Meals provided. Both state receive clothes rarely. N.B. Stephen is in ROW as being born in 1945, this should be 1940. Similarly the following Stephen should read 1945 not 1940. The dates have been transposed.) Banjo Junama Jabananga Wailbri 1921 N.T.A. - Municipal General Hand Teresa Nabarula Wailbri 1937 Mrs Leweszko - Housegirl Georgina Nabangardi Wailbri 1956 Audrey Nabangardi Wailbri 1959 (Satisfied with work. Teresa supplied with dinner, but no rations or clothes. Georgina goes to kindergarten.) Big Jack Wonaywida Jungala Wailbri 1912 M Rogers - Sanitary Work Maggie Malala Nungarai Wailbri 1916 (Satisfied with work. Have children Ruby (1938) at Helen Springs, Freda (1944) at Warrabri, Susie (1947), Georgia (1941) crossed out.) Limerick Yibbawirand Jangula Wagaia 1925 J Bethel - Truck Driver Bobbin Minyimbrube Ninagu Wagaia 1938 Casual Angus Gananju Yagamari Wagaia 1951 Brian Gananju Yagamari Wagaia 1953 Simon Gananju Yagamari Wagaia 1955 Harry Gananju Yagamari Wagaia 1958 Teddy Gananju Yagamari Wagaia 1960 Janet Gananju Yagamarina Wagaia 1961 Marilyn 1963 Added to sheet in Biro (Has worked for Bethel for 15 months and is very satisfied.) Molly Wudup Nanbaid Wailbri 1910 Mrs P Ford - Housegirl Trixie Yalla Nangala Wailbri 1946 D.W.O. - Housegirl Margaret Yalla Nangala Wailbri 1954 (Now has husband Willy, child Margaret is by him. Trixie and Sandy, Lucy, Nancy (all away) are by deceased husband.) Molly Nabarda/Nungarai Warramunga/Wailbri 1931 Jackie Jambijimba Warramunga 1939 M Rogers - Sanitary Work Barney Jumbokka Wailbri 1946 (Molly's husband Alec (1937) is away droving. Jackie claims Molly is his proper moher.) Charlie Rex Poldiko Jabargardi Wailbri 1940 Welfare Branch - Patrol Asst. (Has worked for two months. Clothes and rations issued.) Peggy Naimaraguna Wagaia 1944 Carol Wagaia 4. 5.1961 (From Alexandria Station. Lived in Tennant Creek for 4 moths. Is very light part-coloured.Has husband ward Toby Balyarnji (1905). Looked after by Limerick and Bobbin.) Topsy Binbijbinna Nuralama Wambaia 1945 Peter Bungarinji Wambaia 1961 (Topsy with P/C child Peter, is in Tennant Creek from Brunette Downs, pending investigations into the birth of P/C children at Brunette.) Janet Mingandu Nuralama Wambaia 1948 (Janet is a sister of Topsy and is pregnant with a P/C child also from Brunette.) Wards in Tennant Creek Hospital Arthur Juddi Jamaranga Goodanji 1922 (Infected finger and blood poisoning. Admitted two weeks ago from Brunette.) Dick (Gordon) Jagamara Wailbri 1960 (Malnutrition and infected ear. Admitted several weeks ago, the hospital advises that he will need several months of post hospital care, when he has been discharged. As he comes from Helen Springs. I recommend that both he and his mother (Jeanne (1943), who is boarding at the hospital with him) be moved temporarily to Warrabri, until such time as the Hospital authorities consider him well enough to return to Helen Springs. His father is Shorty Dick (1929).) 31. 3.1969 From Welfare Branch Tennant Creek to Welfare Branch Darwin Census of Tennant Creek, Tennant Creek Village and Tennant Creek Camp. 1. Housing Commission Name Reln Age Employed / Notes Robin Nixon H Welfare Branch Judy Nixon W Kevin Nixon S 2 Danny Fowler H Nobles Nob Mine, Jail Alice Springs Trixie Fowler W Susie Beasley D 16 Husband Johnnie Beasley Amanda Fowler D 15 Robert Fowler S 13 Harry Fowler S 11 Ronny Fowler S 8 Simon Fowler S 2 Joycie Fowler D U 1 Johnnie Beasley Wife is Susie Beasley, entry crossed out Punch Timothy H Geo-Peko Norma Timothy W Josephine Timothy D 7 David Timothy S 2 Valma Timothy D 1 Banjo Patterson H Municipal Teresa Patterson W F(G) Georgina Patterson D 13 Audrey Patterson D 9 Frank Patterson S 7 Marjorie Patterson D 5 Peter Patterson S 3 Andrew Patterson S 1 Patricia Patterson D 3 mths 2. Tennant Creek Village Name Reln Age Employed / Notes Victor Williams H Municipal, House No 2 Margaret Williams W Dion Williams S 4 Glenda Williams D 2 T. Tree Paddy Visitor Teddy Morrison H Hygiene Assistant Welfare, House No 3 Aldy Morrison W Stanley Morrison S 7 Stacey Morrison D 2 Jack Gidigari H Municipal, House No 4 Connie Lovegrove W Sandra D 7 Harrison S 5 Corinna D 3 Willie Wauchope Not employed, House No 5 Leslie Labourer, Taxi Driver Sarah Lewis M Not employed, House No 6 Bibbie Lewis S 12 Damion Lewis S 7 Shirley Lewis D 2 Doris D Domestic Donald Dinnie H Municipal, House No 8 Betsy Dinnie W Danny Dinnie S 6 Tony Dinnie S 4 Edna Dinnie D 3 Terrance Dinnie S 1 Mary M House No 9 Daisy D-M Widow's Pension Clara D 13 Kathy D 2 mths Jack Isaac H Municipal, House No 10 Lilly Isaac W Marked H/C William Isaac S 9 Bradley Isaac S 7 Henry Isaac S 5 Bill Dodd H Unemployed, House No 11 Helen Dodd W Alfie Dodd S 2 Darren Dodd S 1 mth 3. Tennant Creek Camp Name Reln Age Employed / Notes Jack Nothing H On holidays, has been employed for 10 months, intends getting job shortly Emily Price W Boby Martin Municipal Pilot Carr H Peko Trixie Carr W Sally Carr D 4 Michael Carr S 2 Harry Lauder Courts Supermarket Dempsy Geo-Peko Lennis Joe Bethel Darey Joe Bethel Nero Timothy A.I.M. Missionary