Stirling Station 1961 - 1965

National Archives of Australia Series F1 Item 1965/2371 Stirling Station Child Endowment 1961 - 1965 Copyright Paul Mackett 2009 14. 8.1961 From Darwin to Alice Springs Endowment 12. 4.1961 - 4. 7.1961 Edie Narpta, children George and Jim Eileen Umpujaelthla, children Elsie, Harry, Sandra, Susan Evelyn Wuda, children Rosalyn, John Gloria Ulanda, children Michael Ivy Numenah, children Beryl, Gladys, Michael, Eileen Lucky Narpta, children Sarah, May Polly Numbala, children Jean Shirley, children David 4. 7.1961 Endowment 1. 1.1961 - 4. 7.1961 Ivy, children Kenny, Peter, Beryl, Gladys, Michael, Eileen Ruby, children Harry Evelyn, children Rosalyn, John, Jennifer Topsy, children Barbara Shirley, children Geofery Lucky, children Sara, May Gloria, children Michael Eileen, children Elsie, Harry, Sandra, Susan Janie, children Christopher 11. 9.1961 From Social Services Adelaide to Darwin Re Child Endowment Ivy Numenah of Stirling Station. Claim received from Ivy Pananka for her two children Kenny (1. 7.1948 (or 1951)) and Peter (1. 7.1948). Child endowment already paid to Ivy Numenah for Beryl, Gladys, Michael and Eileen. Both state husband's name is Lame George. 22. 9.1961 To Alice Springs from Darwin ROW DSS Adelaide Answer to Query Lame George Numaid Julana ROW p4 Lame George (husband) Lame George Julama Ivy Analunga Pananka ROW p4 Ivy Pananka or Ivy Pananka Ivy Numenah Patsy Alea Kenny (1. 7.1948) Gladys Kamana (1. 7.1951) Kenny Andra (1951) Peter (1. 7.1948) Beryl Kamana (1. 7.1957) Gladys (1954) Beryl Michael (8. 8.1958) Kwatja (1956) Gladys Eileen (11. 9.1960 Michael Eileen Please advise (1) Is Ivy Pananka same as Ivy Numanah (2) Complete list of all children of Ivy Pananka and/or Ivy Numanah. 12.10.1961 From Alice Springs to Darwin Ivy Pananka and Ivy Numanah are the same person. Children are :- Patsy, born October 1946 Kenny, born March 1951 Peter, born December 1952 Gladys, born September 1954 Beryl, born 5. 4.1956 Michael, born 17.11.1958 Eileen, born 11. 9.1960 13. 7.1962 From darwin to Alice Springs Child endowment Bushy Park Station 5. 7.1960 - 26. 9.1961 Ivy, children Gladys, Eileen, Arthur ??, Beryl Child endowment Stirling Station 19.12.1961 - 5. 6.1962 Ivy Numenah Pananka, children Beryl, Gladys, Michael, Eileen, Peter, Kenny 21.11.1963 From Alice Springs to Darwin Mentions Running Janie and son Christopher who were at Neutral Junction 21.11.1962 to 30. 7.1963