Delmore Downs Station 1958 - 1961

National Archives of Australia Series F1 Item 1958/1218 Delmore Downs Maintenance Copyright Paul Mackett 2009 30. 6.1958 Employment of Aboriginals 1. 1.1958 - 30. 6.1958 Charlie Wood, wife Janie Warrabri Charlie, single Donald, single Wauchope Jack Ula-binya, wife Lillian, child Julie approximately 4 years Paddy, wife Alice Ned Brinjalguri, wife Daisy Robin Jaubalda, single Rodger, single Graham, single Toprail Larry Kingston, single Francis Bijaramuji, single Short Bob, single Andy Lubbabubba, wife Audery Janie, wife of Charlie Wood Alice, wife of Paddy Daisy Wagalbalgali, wife of Ned Lillian, wife of Wauchope Jack 31. 5.1961 From Dalmore Downs to Darwin Application for Child Endowment for female ward at Dalmore Downs. Her children are Olive, 8 years Laurie, 6 years Kim, 4 years Keith, 1 year Mother was born in Katherine and has lived there all the time apart from time at Dalmore Downs. 21. 6.1961 From Darwin to Social Services Adelaide Child endowment claim for Manbulloo Barlum, wife of Charlie Manbulloo, in respect of her children Keith, Kim, Laurie and Olive.