Argadargada Station 1952 - 1954

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1952/862 Argadargada Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2009 9. 7.1952 From Patrol Officer Penhall to Alice Springs Report on inspection of Argadaragada Station 24-25. 6.1952 Census (All natives Alyuwarra tribe.) Barney Naldadjuggudi, Djungarai, 45 yrs Polly Imbulgul, Nangala, wife, 38 yrs Sandy Ilgurica, Bitjara, child, 17 yrs, employed Bundy Charlie, child, 10 yrs, training Lennie, child, 5 yrs Wally, child, 7 yrs Ivy, child, 2 yrs Ruby Innunilgur, Nangala, wife, 30 yrs George, Bitjara, child, 13 yrs, training Jimmie Imunidiugud, Vula, 35 yrs Bessie Aginduldjug, wife, 25 yrs Margaret, Kumara, child, 6 yrs Lily, Kumara, child, 4 yrs Dorothy, Kumara, child, 2 yrs Ginnie Awadirica, wife, 30 yrs Jane, Kumara, child, 7 yrs Jackie, child, 5 yrs Jack Undarica Columbidjee, 80 yrs Bunney Albeda, wife, 60 yrs George Iralgi Uncera, 35 yrs Ida Agurungaga, wife, 15 yrs Charlie Ildjinninin, 70 yrs Minnie Cargu, wife, 70 yrs Molly Narbita, 70 yrs Florence Hanson H/C, 7 yrs, training Adult males 6 Adult females 8 Boys 5 Girls 5 Total 24 20. 7.1953 Inspection of Argadargada Station Situated 320 miles NE of Alice Springs Owners R N D Miller and M Willick Manager S Calder Employees :- Philomac, stockman Camel Jack, stockman Census (All natives Alyuwarra tribe.) (1) Part Aboriginals Dick Campbell H/C, 14 months ?, mother Myall Nellie (2) Working natives Philomac Apungard, 30 yrs Mabel, Kamara, wife, 28 yrs Toby, Ngarai, child, 10 yrs Georgie, Ngarai, child, 5 yrs Alf, Ngarai, child, 8 yrs Dave Ngarai, 7 yrs Camel Jack, 55 yrs Darby Apungard, 48 yrs (3) Non working natives (single) Mad Tommy, 25 yrs Knock-up Tommy, 65 yrs Gilbert Kamara, 60 yrs Myall Nellie Aputjara, 22 yrs, mother of Dick Campbell Rosie Ngarai, 40 yrs Lily Ngarai, 55 yrs Jenny Agamara, 50 yrs Sarah Abananga, 70 yrs (4) Non working natives (married) Tommy Purula, 65 yrs Ruby Ngarai, wife, 40 yrs Cabbage Mick Aputjara, 75 yrs Ruby Kamara, wife, 30 yrs Left Hand Mick Ngarai, 75 yrs Eva Angala, wife, 55 yrs Old Freddie Aputjara, 60 yrs Nora Kamara, wife, 40 yrs Charlie Purula, 70 yrs Minnie Abananga, wife, 70 yrs Branch Dependants Alf, 7 yrs, 2nd child of Philomac Dave, 8 yrs 3rd child of Philomac Georgie, 5 yrs, 4th child of Philomac Mad Tommy, 25 yrs, mentally deficient Knock-up Tommy, 65 yrs, Aged and Infirm Gilbert Kamara, 60 yrs, Aged and Infirm Myall Nellie, 22 yrs, mother of H/C Dick Campbell Rosie Ngarai, 40 yrs, widow Lily Ngarai, 55 yrs, son in law is Tommy Purula Jenny Agamara, 50 yrs, D. of Charlie Purula Sarah Abananga, 70 yrs, S. of Minnie Abananga Tommy Purula, 65 yrs, F. in law Philomac Ruby Ngarai, 40 yrs, W. of Tommy Purula Cabbage Mick Aputjara, 75 yrs, Aged and Infirm, blind Ruby Kamara, 30 yrs, W. of Cabbage Mick Left Hand Mick Ngarai, 75 yrs, Aged and Infirm Eva Angala, 55 yrs, W. of L.H. Mick Old Freddie Aputjara, 60 yrs, Aged and Infirm Nora Ramara, 40 yrs, W. of Old Freddie Charlie Purula, 70 yrs, Aged and Infirm Minnie Abananga, 70 yrs, W. of Charlie Births and Deaths No births to register. H/C Dave Campbell's birth was registered by Lake Nash Police Officer. General Comments The H/C baby was born on 5. 5.1952. Young Toby works around the place but is not old enough to be employed yet. 13. 7.1954 Inspection of Argadagada Station 13-14. 7.1954 by Patrol Officer Lovegrove. Situated 320 miles NE of Alice Springs Owners R N D Miller and M Willick and S Calder Manager S Calder Employees Alec MacDonald H/C Freddy Abindawagga, gardener Walter Julama, stationhand Jack Kamara, stationhand Tiger Pulthara, pumper Nugget Pulthara, stationhand Bushranger Jack Kamara, stationhand Ned Purula, stationhand Philomac Bungada, stationhand Mabel Ngalgooga, housegirl Angelina Pulthara, housegirl Rosie Nyalbugga, housegirl Ruby Araja, housegirl Part Aboriginals Alec MacDonald, aged approximately 35 years. Mother Aboriginal, father European. Branch dependants Darc Jabanunga, Alfie Jabununga, George Jabanunga 2nd, 3rd and 4th child of Philomia and Mabel Old Tom, Aged and Infirm Ruby Rumulyurug, Aged and Infirm, wife of Old Tom Lilly Rungabugga, Aged and Infirm, spinster Charlie Ildjinininin, Aged and Infirm Millie Lyingilya, Aged and Infirm, wife of Charlie Left Hand Mick, Aged and Infirm Eva Lurrangadnigga, Aged and Infirm, wife of L.H. Mick Cabbage Mick, Aged and Infirm, husband of Ruby Araja (employee) Ginnig Balijarinug, Aged and Infirm, spinster Clara Bulana, Aged and Infirm, spinster Maudie Lyiriljilirra, Aged and Infirm, spinster Sarah Pununga, Aged and Infirm, spinster Lena Punula, unemployed Several natives previously claimed for are now absent from the station. These are :- Nellie and Dick Campbell thought to be at Lake Nash Gilbert, Mad Tommy and Rosie now with walkabout natives on Bundy Ck Old Cecil, wife of Old Cecil and Maggie somewhere on the Sandover Ck. Births and Deaths Knock-up Tommy, aged 70 years, died on 1.10.1953 at Argadagada. Census for 13.07.1954 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Birthplace Walter Julama Alauara Sin M .1927 Barrow Creek (Station Hand. Relations at Hatches Creek.) Camel Jack Kamara Alauara H M .1890 Sandover Creek near Elkedra Station Darby Aljunga Pidjara Alauara W F .1900 Amaroo Station (Camel Jack is Station Hand. Darby is blind, right eye. Married approx 1925 Sandover Creek, tribal.) Tiger Pulthara Alauara H M .1914 Amaroo Station Jessie Kamara Alauara W F .1939 Lake Nash Station (Tiger is a Pumper. Jessie has burn scars on both forearms. Married approx 1952 Lake Nash, tribal.) Nugget Pulthara Alauara Sin M .1926 Lake Nash Station (Station Hand. Burn scars L. forearm.) Bushranger Jack Kamara Alauara H M .1900 Sandover Creek near Amaroo Station Ned Purula Alauara So M .1938 Lake Nash Station (Jack is a Station Hand. Large lump L. shin. Wife Polly at Lake Nash. Ned is a Station Hand. Married approx 1930 Lake Nash, tribal.) Billy Purula Alauara Sin M .1942 Lake Nash Station (Mother Alice at Lake Nash. Father deceased. Guardian Bushranger Jack.) Philomac Bungada Warramunga H M .1914 Tennant Creek Mabel Ngalgooga Kamara Alauara W F .1920 Amaroo Station Toby Jabanunga Warramunga Ch M .1945 Lake Nash Station Dave (twin) Jabanunga Warramunga Ch M .1947 Lake Nash Station Alfie (twin) Jabanunga Warramunga Ch M .1947 Lake Nash Station George Jabanunga Warramunga Ch M .1949 Lake Nash Station (Philomac is a Station Hand. Scar L. forearm, 3rd finger left hand. Mabel is light skinned. Married approx 1942 Soudan Station, tribal.) Old Tom Dogalandidda Purula Alauara H M .1890 Elkedra Station Ruby Rumulyurug Pununga Alauara W F .1895 Elkedra Station. (Both unemployed. Tom has tribal scars chest to navel. Mabel has front tooth missing. Ruby mother of Mabel Ngalgooga. Tom and Ruby married approx 1920 Elkedra, tribal.) Lilly Rungambugga Pununga Alauara Sin F .1895 Elkedra Station (Front teeth missing.) Charlie Ildjininin Pununga Alauara H M .1875 MacDonald Downs Minnie Lyingilya Purula Alauara W F .1870 MacDonald Downs (Both have aged appearance. Married approx 1900 MacDonald Downs, tribal.) Left Hand Mick Ainauga Jungarai Alauara H M .1890 Utopia Station Eva Lurrangadriga Purula Alauara W F .1904 Elkedra Station (Eva is blind left eye and boomerang shins. Married approx 1910 Amaroo Station, tribal.) Cabbage Mick Ulda Pulthara Alauara H M .1875 Elkedra Station Ruby Araja Kamara Alauara W F .1920 Amaroo Station (Mick is blind. Married approx 1925 Hatches Creek, tribal.) Ginny Balijarinug Kamara Alauara Sin F .1895 Elkedra Station Freddy Alundawaqgga Pulthara Alauara H M .1895 Near Huckitta Nora Injiriga Kamara Alauara W F .1900 Lake Nash (Freddy is a Garden Boy. Married approx 1920 Lake Nash, tribal.) Lena Purula Alauara W F .1920 Amaroo Bambie Pulthara Alauara So M .1949 Delny Station (Lena is mother of Pussycat Tommy. Husband at Headingly. Married approx 1938 Alice Springs, tribal.) Clara Bulara Ngwarai Alauara Sin F .1895 Ti Tree (Aged appearance.) Maudie Lyiriljilirra Kamara Alauara Sin F .1890 Utopia Station (Blind and aged.) Rosie Nyalbugga Ngwarai Alauara Sin F .1904 Sandover Creek (House girl. Broken finger left hand. Scars both upper arms.) Angelina Pulthara Alauara W F .1936 Amaroo Station (House girl. Husband at Lake Nash. Married approx 1952 Lake Nash, tribal.) Sarah Pununga Alauara Sin F .1885 MacDonald Downs (Sister of Minnie.)