Bellbrook, My Father's Country

Bellbrook, My Father's Country M Quinlan Aboriginal History Vol 7, Part 1, 1983 (Bellbrook, NSW, Genealogical Chart constructed 1983) The Quinlan Clan
Unnamed Quinlan parents (a) Margaret Quinlan (1), deceased 1983 (b) John Quinlan (2) ------------------------------------------------------- Richard Kelly married Essy Mills. Both deceased 1983. Children were (a) William Kelly, married Margaret Quinlan (1). Both deceased 1983. Descendents are Cohen, Lockwood, Kelly. Aremidale area. (b) Dick Kelly, deceasaed 1983, married Annie Wright Descendents in the Newcastle area. (c) Fred Kelly, deceased 1983, married Agnes Heart. Descendents in the Kempsey area. (d) Sady Kelly, married Albert Miranda. Both deceased 1983. (e) Minnie Kelly, married John Quinlan (2). See below. (f) Grace Kelly, married Victor Shepherd (deceased 1983). (g) Ester Kelly (deceased 1983), married Bill Cohen. Descendents in the Kempsey, Sydney, Mirraweeni areas. Briggs descendents in the Armidale area. (h) James Kelly, married Daphne Widders (i) Jim Kelly (i) George Kelly, deceased 1983 ------------------------------------------------------- John Quinlan (2) and Minnie They had children (a) Val Quinlan, married Harold Smith (i) Steven Smith (ii) Lloyd Smith (iii) Richard Smith (iv) Lester Smith (v) Fay Smith, married Garry Davidson (a) Gavin Davidson (b) Chantell Davidson (c) Gary Davidson (d) Michelle Davidson (vi) Charmain Smith, married Lance Moran (b) Denzil Quinlan, married Rosie Davis (i) Patty Quinlan (ii) Rosalie Quinlan (iii) George Quinlan (iv) Martin Quinlan (v) Michael Quinlan (vi) Beatrice Quinlan (vii) Joan Quinlan, married Tom Moran (a) Erin Moran (b) Brian Moran (viii) Gary Quinlan, deceased (c) Fay Quinlan, married Ray Hoskin (i) Kim Hoskin (ii) Debby Hoskin (iii) Claudette Hoskin (iv) Les Hoskin (v) Dianne Hoskin, married Warren Ahoy (a) Kareena Ahoy (b) Karen Ahoy (d) Joy Quinlan, widow (i) John Quinlan, married Margaret Gree (a) Steven Quinlan (b) Gary Quinlan (c) Carol Quinlan (d) John Quinlan (ii) Albert Quinlan (iii) Sadie Quinlan, married Wayne Cook (a) Mathew Cook (b) Bianca Cook (iv) Harold Quinlan, married Shirley Briggs (a) Clint Quinlan (b) Sabrina Quinlan (c) Harold Quinlan (e) Floss Quinlan, married Eddie Lonsdale (i) Wayne Lonsdale, married Robyn Brown (f) George Quinlan, married Ester Scott (g) Elva Quinlan, married Tom Taylor (i) Wally Taylor (ii) Gillian Taylor (iii) Anthony Taylor (iv) Flossie Taylor (h) Pat Quinlan, married Douglas Dixon (i) Graham Dixon (ii) Douglas Dixon (i) Grace Quinlan, married Ralph Close (i) Sandra Close (ii) Ralph Close (iii) Tom Close (iv) Lyn Close (j) Diane Quinlan, married Frank Roberts (i) Frank Roberts (ii) Dorothy Roberts (k) Tony Quinlan, married Gladys Atkins (i) Gladys Quinlan (ii) Ewa Quinlan (iii) Daphne Quinlan (iv) Anthony Quinlan Photo , undated shows William Kelly Sadie Kelly Grace Sherherd (nee Kelly) Minnie Quinlan (nee Kelly) Richard Kelly jnr Richard Kelly snr Ronny Kelly James Kelly George Kelly Ester Kelly Essie Kelly (nee Mills) Fred Kelly