Aboriginal Case Files Victoria

National Archives of Australia Series B357 Item 192 Aboriginal Aboriginal Welfare Board Field Notes Murray Valley Survey This file consists of prepared standardised sheets with a large amount of items to be filled in - either numeric or ticked. Details as follows Violet Kenniwell and Mervyn Stead, Riverbank, Merbein (Mrs) Florence M Bradham nee Stewart, Cardross Trevor and Judith Williams nee Johnson, Robinvale Harry and Lalla May Pettitt nee Kelly, Robinvale Bill Charles (Sampson crossed out) and (Mrs) Jean Sampson, Robinvale Sydney Sampson and Miss Nola Charles, Robinvale Kathleen May Cooper nee Colger and Bill Mansefield Tom and Violet Pearce nee Kirby, Robinvale Alexander and Elsie Maud Baxter nee Packer, Robinvale Joe Morgan and Noreen Charles 'Albert' Herbert Murray and Sarah nee Kelly, Robinvale Mrs Emily Morgan, Robinvale Hartley and Rose Kirby nee Smith, Robinvale Tom and Margaret Farrant, Robinvale