Index to Some Welfare Board Genealogies

National Archives of Australia CRS B357/1 Item 198 Welfare Board Genealogies Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2011 This is an index to the names that appear in this document. Note This Index is not perfect but is better than anything currently publically available. Christian Name Surname Sheet Title McDougall White - Young Dinah White - Young Albert White White - Young Neville White White - Young Ada Edwards White - Young Elsie White White - Young Jim Wandin White - Young Norma White White - Young Billy Gorrie White - Young Stanley Harrison White - Young Joe White White - Young James Young White - Young Lawrence Young White - Young Hilda Egan White - Young Nansen Young White - Young Alice Connolly White - Young Sheet 3 Warburton - see Bull Bob Wandin Wandin Annie Hamilton Wandin Louisa McDougall Wandin Jim Wandin Wandin Bessie Carter Wandin Foster Moffatt Wandin Billy Wandin Wandin Fanny McDougall Wandin Dora Wandin Wandin Bob Andy Wandin Amy Wandin Wandin Julian Hood Wandin Violet Wandin (Nuggett) Wandin Leonard Harrison Wandin Ellen Wandin Wandin Fred Harrison Wandin Frank Wandin Wandin Kathleen McDougall Wandin Mary Wandin Wandin Barry Wandin? Wandin Nancy Wandin? Wandin Alan Wandin? Wandin Jim Wandin? Wandin Robert William Wandin Wandin Evelyn Logan Wandin Joe Wandin Wandin Iris Mobourne Wandin Peter Wandin Wandin Eileen Harrison Wandin Robert Wandin Wandin Martha Wandin Wandin Loretta Wandin Wandin Joe Wandin Wandin Frances Mobourne Wandin Kate Wandin Wandin Jim Wandin Wandin Olive Morgan Wandin Elsie White Wandin (Elsie may be white and surname missing) Alice O'Rourke Wandin Ernest Mobourne Turner Maggie Turner Turner Ethel Mobourne Turner Jack Hood Turner Don Turner Turner Dorothy Isabel McRae Turner Josephine Turner Turner Vera Turner Turner Ed. Moffatt Turner Cedric Parsons jnr Turner Laurie Parsons Turner Thomas (Carl) Turner Turner Linda Gorrie Turner Marina Turner Turner Richard Moffatt Turner Sydney Turner Turner Kate Turner Turner Dan Cortwine Turner Jim Wandin Tregonning Louisa McDougall Tregonning William (Richard) Tregonning Tregonning Hilda Harrison Tregonning Olive Tregonning Tregonning Costy Parsons Tregonning William Terrick Tregonning Bill Coombes Tregonning Bill Riley? Tregonning Violet Tregonning Tregonning William Tregonning Tregonning Lorraine Tregonning Tregonning Diane Tregonning Tregonning Norma Tregonning Tregonning Leonard Tregonning Tregonning Emma (Olive) Tregonning Tregonning Norman Lovett Tregonning Keith Lovett Tregonning Lillian Louisa Tregonning Tregonning Mr Thompson Tregonning (white man) Leonard Thompson Tregonning Stephen Thompson Tregonning Henry Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Julia Scott Thorpe (see Hood 4) Con Edwards Thorpe (see Hood 4) Reg. Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Alice Pepper Thorpe (see Hood 4) George Pepper ? Thorpe (see Hood 4) Joyce Pepper ? Thorpe (see Hood 4) Russell 'Thorpe' Thorpe (see Hood 4) Marjorie Green Thorpe (see Hood 4) Gwen Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) John Edward Atkinson Thorpe (see Hood 4) (Clarry crossed out) Merle Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Kevin Johnson Thorpe (see Hood 4) (white man) Graham Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Jim Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) Gwen Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) Lynette Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) Brenda Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) Nola Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) John Martin Thorpe (see Hood 4) Henry Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Lucy Atkinson Thorpe (see Hood 4) (CN may be Dorothy Grace) Elizabeth Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Henry Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Sharon Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Wayne Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Alister Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Alma Brown Thorpe (see Hood 4) Vernon Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Matilda Mullett Thorpe (see Hood 4) Loretta Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Reg. Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Les. Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Lorraine Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Rhonda Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Richard Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Edna Brown Thorpe (see Hood 4) Annie Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Fred Carmichael Thorpe (see Hood 4) Eliza Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Edward O'Rourke Thorpe (see Hood 4) Rachael Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Henry Alberts Thorpe (see Hood 4) Alice Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Jack Connolly Thorpe (see Hood 4) Lena Thorpe Thorpe (see Hood 4) Percy Pepper Thorpe (see Hood 4) Frank Thomas Thomas George Thomas Thomas Agnes Patterson Thomas Trixie Thomas Thomas (married a white man) Eva Thomas Thomas Herb Murray Thomas Billy Thomas Thomas Violet Ashby Thomas Julia Thomas Thomas Henry Eaton Thomas (white man) Helen Thomas Thomas Mr Gay Thomas Alf Gay Thomas Sam Thomas Thomas Amelia Hayes Thomas Sam Thomas Thomas Len Thomas Thomas Lucy Thomas Thomas Mr Kennedy Thomas (white man) Frank Thomas? Thomas Stella Charles Thomas Anny Thomas? Thomas (married a white man) Adeline (Dolly) Thomas Thomas Christopher Stewart Thomas Henry Thomas Thomas (married a white woman) Violet Thomas Thomas Ethel Thomas Thomas Philip Pepper Thomas Les. Pepper Thomas Lindsay (Jumbo) Pepper Thomas Eileen Pepper Thomas Berny (Skinny) Kenny Thomas Albert (Lardy) Thomas Thomas Mary Austin Thomas Joe Mullett Thomas Rosita Thomas Raymond Mullett Thomas Geoffrey Mullett Thomas Erme (Irma) Thomas Thomas George Pepper Thomas Joan Thomas Thomas Arthur Andy Thomas Mr Thomas Thomas Agnes Hammond Thomas Agnes Gay Thomas (daughter of Helen Thomas and Robert Parsons) Helen Thomas Thomas Robert Parsons Thomas William Stewart Stewart Norman Stewart Stewart Anny Stewart Stewart Christopher (Baker) Stewart Stewart Adeline Thomas Stewart Mavis Stewart Stewart Madge Stewart Stewart Harry Stewart Stewart Leslie Stewart Stewart Leslie Stewart Stewart Melly Mullett Stewart Margaret Stewart Donnolly Stewart (?white man) Charmain 'Stewart' Stewart Leslie 'Stewart' Stewart Charlie Stewart Stewart Wally Stewart Stewart Henry Stewart Stewart Os. Stewart Stewart Susie Patten Stewart Alf Stephens Stephens Evelyn Harrison Stephens Henry Stephens Stephens Margaret Cooper Stephens Campbell Johnson Stephens Beryl 'Johnson' Stephens Jack Hood Stephens Ethel Mobourne Stephens Noel Hood Stephens Dorothy Mobourne Stephens Bert Stephens Stephens Mary Stephens Stephens Mr Hoskins Stephens Clara Stephens Stephens William Foster Stephens Edward Foster Stephens May Stephens Stephens Lindsay Pickella Stephens Cora Stephens Stephens Farnum Stephens (white man) Edgar Green Stephens Milton Moffatt Stephens Errol Stephens Stephens Maude Stephens Stephens Dave Mullett Stephens Gilly Stephens Stephens Blanche Stephens Stephens Con Coombes Stephens Jack McLeod Stephens Jim Coombes Stephens Hazel Coombes Stephens Hugh Coombes Stephens Fanny Stephens Stephens Hector Bull Stephens Edward Solomon Solomon Unnamed Rutherford Solomon Fred Solomon Solomon Barbara Solomon Solomon Dick Kerr Solomon Sid Solomon Solomon Joyce Carter Solomon Valerie Solomon Solomon Bob Andy Solomon Beppe Solomon Solomon Unnamed Thompson Solomon (white man) Raye Solomon Solomon Barbara Solomon Solomon Eileen Solomon / Thompson ? Solomon Allen Solomon / Thompson ? Solomon Rosemarie Solomon / Thompson ? Solomon Unnamed Rix Solomon Mona Solomon Solomon Myrtle 'Dolly' Solomon Solomon Unnamed Woodsworth Solomon (white man) Joyce Woodsworth Solomon Sid King Solomon Noly Woodsworth Solomon 'Little Mick' Voccale Solomon Sam Solomon Solomon Doris Solomon Solomon Peter Mongta Solomon Christine Solomon Solomon Jack Solomon Albert Solomon Edna Parsons Solomon 'Hoppy' Solomon Unnamed Baxter Solomon Alice Solomon Solomon Reg. Cairns Solomon Charles Solomon Solomon Philip Solomon Solomon Unnamed Morgan Solomon Max Solomon Solomon Kathy Solomon Norman (Bay) Solomon Solomon White Solomon Gloria Solomon Solomon Cossons Solomon Merle Solomon Solomon Unnamed Binstead Solomon (white man) Fleet Solomon Solomon Jenny Wright Solomon Laurie Solomon Solomon Unnamed Scott Scott Unnamed Logan Scott Julia Scott Scott Henry Thorpe Scott Cornelius Edwards Scott Tom Scott Scott Martha Hood Scott James Scott Scott Vera Marks Scott Emily Fenton Scott Conway Fenton Scott Edward Fenton Scott Henry Fenton Scott Emily Scott Scott Stan Charles Scott Les Mongta Scott Albert Scott Scott Welby Scott Scott Cyril Scott Scott Sylvia Chapman Scott Winny Scott Scott Bragon Scott Scott Sarah Moffatt Scott Kate Logan Scott Unnamed McReady Scott Wally McReady Scott Robert Scott Scott Robert Hood Scott Maude Barker Saunders Andy Bond Saunders Percy Saunders Saunders Eric Saunders Saunders Rose Andy Saunders John Henry (Terrick) Rose Rose Amelia Egan Rose George Rose Rose Adelaide Austin Rose Ella Austin (Clarke) Rose Roy Rose Rose Jean Hood (Drouin) Rose Lionel Rose Rose (a boxer) Martin Wilson Rose Jim Rose Rose Esther Couzens Rose Grace Rose Rose Jack Winters Rose John (Hookey) Rose Rose Vera Austin Rose 'Blue' Rose (white man) Norma Rose Rose Ralph Hayes Rose Evelyn Rose Rose Stephen Rose Rose Lionel Rose Rose Emily Rose Rose Mary Rose Rose Fred Lovett Rose George Rose Rose Mary Maud Egan Rose George Fary Rose George Fary Rose Olive Clark Rose Thelma Fary Rose Rankin Sheet - see Cameron Percy Pepper Pepper 2 Lena Thorpe Pepper 2 Alice Pepper Pepper 2 Unnamed Atkinson Pepper 2 Sam Thomas Pepper 2 Gloria (Betty) Atkinson Pepper 2 Allan Charles Pepper 2 Sam Pepper Pepper 2 Patricia Atkinson Pepper 2 Unnamed Burley Pepper 2 Phillip Atkinson Pepper 2 Mona Carter Pepper 2 Frances Carter Pepper 2 Sarah Pepper Pepper 2 Dora Pepper Pepper 2 Leslie Green Pepper 2 Gwen Pepper Pepper 2 Unnamed Hudson Pepper 2 (Indian) Clarry Harradine Pepper 2 Philip Pepper Pepper 2 Ethel Thomas Pepper 2 Eileen Pepper Pepper 2 Benny Kenny Pepper 2 Lindsay (Jumbo) Pepper Pepper 2 Leslie Pepper Pepper 2 Archibald Pepper Pepper 1 Jessie Mein (or Moore) Pepper 1 George Pepper Pepper 1 Dora Harrison Pepper 1 Alice Pepper Pepper 1 Watson Pepper Pepper 1 Clifford Pepper Pepper 1 Nelly Pepper Pepper 1 Jackson Stewart Pepper 1 Hermann Pepper Pepper 1 Margaret Pepper Pepper 1 Unnamed Pike Pepper 1 (wite man) Jean Pike? Pepper 1 Jessie Pike? Pepper 1 Nathaniel Pepper Pepper 1 Bessie Flowers Pepper 1 (crossed out) Louisa Arbuckle Pepper 1 Lena Pepper Pepper 1 Philip Pepper Pepper 1 Percy Pepper Pepper 1 Lena Thorpe Pepper 1 Louie Pepper Pepper 1 Unnamed Smith Pepper 1 (white man) Henry Connolly Pepper 1 Emily Connolly Pepper 1 Unnamed Booth Pepper 1 (white man) Unnamed Chapman Pepper 1 Harry Booth Pepper 1 Jack Connolly Pepper 1 Alice Thorpe Pepper 1 Lena Pepper Pepper 1 Eddie Fitzclarence Pepper 1 Charlie Parsons Parsons Jack Chapman Parsons Costy Parsons Parsons Olive Tregonning Parsons Cedric Parsons snr Parsons Louise Logan Parsons Cedric Parsons jnr Parsons Ella Moffatt Parsons Lorna Thomas (nee Parsons) Parsons Ted 'Chook' Mullett Parsons Robert Parsons Parsons Edward O'Rourke O'Rourke Eliza Thorpe O'Rourke Bella O'Rourke O'Rourke John McDougall O'Rourke Haines Cameron O'Rourke Mabel McDougall O'Rourke Robert Harrison snr O'Rourke Roly Harrison O'Rourke Bruce Harrison O'Rourke Lois Harrison O'Rourke Lance McDougall O'Rourke Kathleen McDougall O'Rourke Frank Wandin O'Rourke Alan McDougall O'Rourke Gordon O'Rourke O'Rourke Edwin @ Kirby O'Rourke O'Rourke Evelyn @ Libby Logan O'Rourke Victor O'Rourke O'Rourke Ellen Hood O'Rourke Rupert O'Rourke O'Rourke Audrey Marks O'Rourke Nola O'Rourke O'Rourke Frank O'Rourke O'Rourke Jim O'Rourke O'Rourke Grace Edwards O'Rourke Alice O'Rourke O'Rourke Alma O'Rourke O'Rourke Ted Foster O'Rourke Merrill O'Rourke O'Rourke Robert Harrison O'Rourke Arnold O'Rourke O'Rourke Leslie O'Rourke O'Rourke Laura May Carter O'Rourke Norman O'Rourke O'Rourke Maude Logan O'Rourke Amelia Hayes (Edwards) O'Rourke Edna O'Rourke O'Rourke Alf Harrison O'Rourke Oswald O'Rourke O'Rourke N. O'Rourke O'Rourke Nelly Darby O'Rourke Alice O'Rourke O'Rourke Joseph Wandin O'Rourke Frances Unnamed O'Rourke Herb. Murray Murray Eva 'Baby' Thomas Murray Winnie Murray Murray Eric Onus Murray Delia Murray Murray Jack Kenny Murray Billy Kenny Murray Emma Bryant Murray Diane Kenny Murray Phyllis Kenny Murray Unnamed Hewitt Murray Mick Murray Murray Ada Ashby Murray Herb @ Budda Murray Murray Lal Terrick Murray Edgar Murray Murray Joyce Murray Susie Murray Murray Geo. Patten Murray Oswald Stewart Murray Violet Murray Murray Norman Ashby Murray Jacky Murray Murray Sydney Murray Murray Winny Murray Murray Alec Mullett Mullett 2 Violet Moore Mullett 2 Jim Moore Mullett 2 Dulcie Mullett Mullett 2 Watson Pepper Mullett 2 David Mullett Mullett 2 Euphemia Hood Mullett 2 Roland (Buddy) Mullett Mullett 2 Garry Mullett Mullett 2 Dorothy Mullett Mullett 2 Tom Mullett Mullett 2 Mary Brindle Mullett 2 Jim Mullett Mullett 2 Kate Hammond Mullett 2 Jim Mullett Mullett 2 Ada Foster Mullett 2 Bertha Green Mullett 2 Shirley Mullett Mullett 2 Kelvin Mullett Mullett 2 Daphne Mullett Mullett 2 John Ratzman Mullett 2 Alec Harrison Mullett 2 June Harrison Mullett 2 Charles Harrison Mullett 2 Beatrice Mullett Mullett 2 Harold Hayes Mullett 2 Joe Mullett Mullett 2 Ted (Chook) Mullett Mullett 2 Nora Foster Mullett 2 Mary Austin Mullett 2 Rosita Austin Mullett 2 Raymond Mullett Mullett 2 Geoff Mullett Mullett 2 Winifred Mullett Mullett 2 Albert Thomas Mullett 2 Lorna Thomas (nee Parsons) Mullett 2 Matilda Mullett Mullett 2 V. Thorpe Mullett 2 Leslie Mullett Mullett 2 Valerie Mullett Mullett 2 Ron Cockerill Mullett 2 Dolly Mullett Mullett 2 Everard (Lang) Harrison Mullett 2 Leslie Harrison Mullett 2 Ida Harrison Mullett 2 Albert Thomas Mullett 2 NAA copying process failed Copied from NAA file B357 193 Genealogies Wimmera Gippsland David Mullett Mullett 1 Maude Stephens Mullett 1 Rita Mullett Mullett 1 Unnamed (Norman?) Coombes Mullett 1 Nelly Mullett Mullett 1 Les Stewart Mullett 1 Margaret Stewart Mullett 1 Unnamed Donnolly Mullett 1 Charmain Stewart Mullett 1 Les Stewart Mullett 1 Lottie Mullett Mullett 1 Unnamed Krause Mullett 1 Annie Krause Mullett 1 Rita Stewart Mullett 1 Jim Mullett Mullett 1 Kate Hammond Mullett 1 Alec Mullett Mullett 1 Violet Moore Mullett 1 Ted Mullett Mullett 1 Effie Mobourne Mullett 1 Jack Mullett Mullett 1 Stella Hood Mullett 1 Bertha Morgan Morgan Arthur Firebrace Morgan Ronald Morgan Morgan Ella Cooper Morgan Abel Morgan Morgan Mick Morgan Morgan Maude Ross Morgan Merle Morgan Morgan Alice Jackomos Morgan Ernest Morgan Morgan Eliza Allen Morgan Les Davis Morgan Claude Adrian @ Andy 'Davis' Morgan Christina Baxter Morgan Olga Perry Morgan Sion Smith Morgan Elizabeth Morgan Morgan Jim Charles Morgan Finnemore Jackson Morgan Charles Morgan Morgan Mary Angeline McRae Morgan Lavina @ Girlie Glen Morgan Unnamed Wilson Morgan (white man) Wilbur (Billy) Morgan Morgan Ellen Morgan Morgan Philip Solomon Morgan Raymond Mullett Morgan Tom Williams Morgan Norman Stewart Morgan Kevin Bell Morgan Daniel Morgan Morgan Charlie @ Chicko Morgan Morgan George Morgan Morgan Sarah Morgan Morgan Sarah Morgan Morgan John Morgan Morgan Lindsay Morgan (Reid) Morgan Annie May Hendricks Morgan Madge Morgan Morgan Les McGee Morgan Abel Morgan Morgan Madge @ Queenie Morgan Morgan Edgar Howe Morgan Emma (Lulla) Morgan Morgan Alf Bamblett Morgan Mongta Mongta Rachael Thorpe Mongta Henry Alberts Mongta Wallace Mongta Mongta Peter Mongta Mongta Fay Mongta Mongta Rachael Mongta Mongta Pai? Mongta Mongta Peter Mongta Mongta Doris Solomon Mongta Alan Mongta Mongta Les Mongta Mongta Emily Charles (Scott) Mongta Walter Mongta Mongta Unnamed Logan Mongta Brian Mongta Mongta Margaret Mongta Unnamed Smith Mongta Alec Camp Mongta Judith Tye Mongta Louisa Carter Moffatt 2 Bessie Carter Moffatt 2 Jim Wandin Moffatt 2 Daisy Marks Moffatt 2 Rupert Foster Moffatt Moffatt 2 Edward Moffatt Moffatt 2 Vera Turner Moffatt 2 Laurie Moffatt Moffatt 2 Thomas Lewis Norman Moffatt Moffatt 2 Irene Cooper Moffatt 2 Trevor Morgan Moffatt 2 Daisy Norman Moffatt 2 Marion Edwards (Carter) Moffatt 2 Sarah Moffatt Moffatt 2 Bragon Scott Moffatt 2 Neddy Moffatt Moffatt 1 Florence Moffatt Moffatt 1 Charlie Moffatt Moffatt 1 Ronald Moffatt Moffatt 1 Alexander Louis Moffatt Moffatt 1 Regina Harrison Moffatt 1 Athol Harrison Moffatt 1 Margaret Kennedy Moffatt 1 Fred Harrison Moffatt 1 Ellen Wandin Moffatt 1 Rupert Moffatt (Harrison) Moffatt 1 Doris Hayes Moffatt 1 Alf Moffatt (Harrison) Moffatt 1 Edna O'Rourke Moffatt 1 Francis Laurence Moffatt Moffatt 1 Melva Moffatt Moffatt 1 Otto Logan Moffatt 1 Joseph Walsh Moffatt 1 Wendy Logan Moffatt 1 Raymond Logan Moffatt 1 Rupert Foster Moffatt Moffatt 1 Daisy Marks Moffatt 1 Bessie Carter Moffatt 1 Jim Wandin Moffatt 1 Richard Moffatt Moffatt 1 Marina Turner Moffatt 1 Ella Moffatt Moffatt 1 Cedric Parsona Moffatt 1 Lola Moffatt Moffatt 1 Ernie Mobourne Moffatt 1 Milton Moffatt Moffatt 1 Arthur Moffatt Moffatt 1 Sam Mobourne Mobourne Effie Alberts Mobourne Bella King Mobourne Charlie Mobourne Mobourne Ernest Mobourne Mobourne Maggie Turner Mobourne Donald Turner Mobourne Ethel Mobourne Mobourne Jack Hood Mobourne Robert Mobourne Mobourne Arthur Mobourne Mobourne Dorothy Mobourne Mobourne Bert Stephens Mobourne Captain Harrison Mobourne Lilian Harrison Mobourne Lindsay Mobourne Mobourne Muriel Harrison Mobourne Ernest Mobourne Mobourne Lola Moffatt Mobourne Frances Mobourne Mobourne Joe Wandin Mobourne Claude Mobourne Mobourne Ivy Marks Mobourne Lorna Mobourne Mobourne Charles Harrison Mobourne Iris Mobourne Mobourne Joe Wandin Mobourne Cap. Mobourne Mobourne Maisie Hood Mobourne Jack Mobourne Mobourne Pat Pepper Mobourne Lily Mobourne Mobourne Linda Mobourne Mobourne Claudette Mobourne Mobourne Lindsay (@Smokey) Mobourne Mobourne Terrance Mobourne Mobourne Ivan Mobourne Mobourne Effie Harrison Mobourne Len Harrison Mobourne Sophie Karpenny Mobourne Eugene Mobourne Mobourne Angus Mobourne Mobourne Emily Mobourne Mobourne Connolly Fenton Mobourne James Scott Mobourne Effie Mobourne Mobourne Effie Thorpe Mobourne Effie Alberts Mobourne Ted Mullett Mobourne Diane Murray (Arden) Marks 2 Frank Marks Marks 2 Iris Harrison Marks 2 Lorna Harrison Marks 2 Fred Moore Marks 2 Ivy Marks Marks 2 Gladys M Marks Marks 2 Leon Marks Marks 2 Claude Mobourne Marks 2 Phyllis Marks Marks 2 Charles Carter Marks 2 Audrey Marks Marks 2 Rupert O'Rourke Marks 2 Frank Marks Marks 2 Charles Marks Marks 2 Patsy Marks Marks 2 Debra Marks? Marks 2 Janet Marks Marks 2 Alf Marks Marks 1 Clare Cameron Marks 1 Alf Marks Marks 1 Irene Marks Marks 1 Unnamed Douglas Marks 1 (white man) Claude Douglas Marks 1 Norman Marks Marks 1 Dolly Kennedy Marks 1 Daisy Marks Marks 1 Rupert Foster Moffatt Marks 1 Frank Marks Marks 1 Iris Harrison Marks 1 Diana Murray (Arden) Marks 1 Esther Marks Marks 1 Keith Bryant Marks 1 Gordon Marks Marks 1 Lilian Marks Marks 1 Janet Marks Marks 1 Clive Hood Marks 1 Molly Marks Marks 1 Fred Moore Marks 1 Jack Kennedy Marks 1 Daniel Marks Marks 1 Ivy Marks Marks 1 Alexander Michael (Mickey) Marks Marks 1 Captain Harrison Marks 1 Lilian Kennedy Marks 1 Frank Marks Marks 1 Daniel Marks Marks 1 Betsy Hammond Marks 1 Annie Marks (Hammond) Marks 1 Everard (Dave) Kennedy Marks 1 William Alexander Marks Marks 1 Rosemary Kennedy Marks 1 Betty Marks Marks 1 Joyce Marks Marks 1 Sam Kennedy Marks 1 Lester Marks Marks 1 Agnes Marks Marks 1 Robert Harrison Marks 1 Vera Marks Marks 1 James Scott Marks 1 William Thomas (Fisher) Marks Marks 1 Louise McDougall McDougall Jim Wandin McDougall Leonard Tregonning McDougall Billy Wandin McDougall Fanny McDougall McDougall Joe Wandin McDougall Frances Mobourne McDougall Hilda Fenton McDougall Sam Edwards McDougall Kate Wandin McDougall Bob Wandin McDougall John McDougall McDougall Bella O'Rourke McDougall Hains Cameron McDougall Lance McDougall McDougall Kathleen McDougall McDougall Frank Wandin McDougall Philip Savo McDougall (white man) Mabel McDougall McDougall Robert Harrison McDougall Alan McDougall McDougall Roly Harrison McDougall Bruce Harrison McDougall Lois Harrison McDougall Edward McDougall McDougall Dinah McDougall McDougall Joseph McDougall McDougall Louisa McDougall McDougall Unnamed McRae McRae Billy Cooper McRae Sarah Hamilton McRae Alec McRae McRae Mary Darby McRae Frank Darby McRae Elizabeth Carmichael McRae Dorothy Isabel McRae McRae Don Turner McRae Vera McRae McRae Karl McRae McRae Mary Angeline McRae McRae Lavina McRae McRae Charles Morgan McRae Syd McRae McRae Lily McRae McRae Charles Penrith McRae Clem McRae McRae Harry Penrith (McRae) McRae Irene Penrith (McRae) McRae David McRae McRae Tom McRae McRae Josephine McRae McRae Unnamed Cameron Logan William Logan Logan Priscilla Johnson Logan Evelyn Logan Logan R. William Wandin Logan William Logan Logan Otto Logan Logan Melva Moffatt Logan Wendy Moffatt Logan Raymond Moffatt Logan June Harrison Logan Ken Logan Logan Natalie Logan Logan Wallace Mongta Logan Zila Mongta Logan Natalie Mongta Logan Liza Mongta Logan Louisa Logan Logan Cedric Parsons snr Logan Maude Logan Logan Norman O'Rourke Logan Edwin O'Rourke Logan Evelyn @ Sibby Logan Logan Tom Johnson Johnson Kate Hammond Johnson Jim Mullett Johnson Priscilla Johnson Johnson William Logan Johnson Campbell Johnson Johnson Evelyn Harrison Johnson Alf Stephens Johnson Ida Johnson Johnson Fred Johnson Johnson Molly Pearce Johnson Campbell Johnson Johnson Unnamed Slater Johnson Amy Johnson Johnson Billy Johnson Johnson Freda Johnson Johnson Lindsay Thomas Johnson Victor Watts Johnson Unnamed Paton Johnson Len Thomas Johnson Fred Johnson Johnson Beatrice Johnson Johnson Priscilla Johnson Johnson Thelma Pearce Johnson Alf Carter Johnson Merle Johnson (nee Thorpe) Johnson H. White Johnson Violet Sophia Johnson Johnson Sam Rankin Johnson Sheet 34 Titled Hudson with comment see Ashby. Clive Hood Hood 5 Janet Marks Hood 5 Daisy Hood Hood 5 Jock Kerry Hood 5 Unnamed Stewart Hood 5 Gerald Kerry Hood 5 Grace Kerry Hood 5 Norma Kerry Hood 5 Sandra Kerry Hood 5 Irene Hood Hood 5 Wallace Edwards Hood 5 Graham Edwards Hood 5 Wally Edwards Hood 5 Molly Hood Hood 5 Percy Glass Hood 5 Betty Hood 5 Winifred Hood Hood 5 Alvin Berry Hood 5 (white man) Clive Hood (Berry) Hood 5 Alwyn Barry Hood 5 Robert (Scott) Hood Hood 5 Edward (Eddie) Hood Hood 5 Edrick (Jack) Hood Hood 5 Patricia Dawn Hood Hood 5 Alan Edwards Hood 5 Stewart Hood Hood 4 Dora Harrison Hood 4 Colin Clive Hood Hood 4 Rubina Mavis Kennedy Hood 4 Euphemia Hood Hood 4 David Mullett Hood 4 Ronald (Buddy) Mullett Hood 4 Garry Mullett Hood 4 Dorothy Mullett Hood 4 Daryl Tonkin Hood 4 (white man) Jean Hood Hood 4 Roy Rose Hood 4 Lionel Rose Hood 4 Raymond Rose Hood 4 Lynette Rose Hood 4 Leonard Rose Hood 4 Michael Rose Hood 4 Deidre Rose Hood 4 Herbert Rose Hood 4 Reuben Hood Hood 4 Gloria Andy (Jewell) Hood 4 Cora Hood Hood 4 Rhonda Hood Hood 4 Philip Hood Hood 4 Maureen Hood Hood 4 Judith Hood Hood 4 John Hood Hood 4 Jewell Hood Hood 4 Lorraine Taylor Hood 4 George Pepper Hood 4 Alice Pepper Hood 4 Stewart Hood Hood 4 George Hood Hood 4 Erme (Irma) Thomas Hood 4 Joyce Hood Hood 4 Unnamed Stewart / Hood Hood 4 Adrian (Dusky) Pepper Hood 4 Les Dow Hood 4 (white man) Reg Thorpe Hood 4 Russell Thorpe Hood 4 Vernon Thorpe Hood 4 Merle Thorpe Hood 4 Henry Thorpe Hood 4 Alistair Thorpe Hood 4 Watson Pepper Hood 4 Dulcie Hood 4 Clifford Pepper Hood 4 Jack Hood Hood 3 Ethel Mobourne (Codger) Hood 3 Noel Hood Hood 3 Beryl Johnson (Stephens) Hood 3 Gloria Hood Hood 3 Margaret Hood Hood 3 Joyce Hood Hood 3 John Hood Hood 3 Ellen Hood Hood 3 John Hood Hood 3 Victor O'Rourke Hood 3 Christine Hood Hood 3 Florence Hood Hood 3 Doreen Hood Hood 3 Edith Hood Hood 3 Arthur Hood Hood 3 Robert Hood Hood 3 Julian Hood Hood 2 Amy Wandin Hood 2 William (Jock) Hood Hood 2 Margaret Bryant Hood 2 Stella Hood Hood 2 James Hood Hood 2 Ivy Moore Hood 2 Stephen Hood Hood 2 Nancy Moore Hood 2 Frank Hood Hood 2 Richard Hood Hood 2 James Hood Hood 2 Kevin Hood Hood 2 Rita Bryant Hood 2 Amy Hood Hood 2 Madge Hood Hood 2 Maisie Hood Hood 2 Cap. Mobourne Hood 2 Florence (Bessie) Hood Hood 2 Ray Mullett Hood 2 Barry Hood Hood 2 Malcolm (Matt) Rivers Hood 1 Julian @ Dingo Hood Hood 1 Amy Wandin Hood 1 Jack Hood Hood 1 Ethel Mobourne Hood 1 Stewart Hood Hood 1 Dora Harrison Hood 1 George Pepper Hood 1 Clive Hood Hood 1 Janet Marks Hood 1 Martha Hood Hood 1 Tom Scott Hood 1 Winnie Scott Hood 1 James Scott Hood 1 Harry Hayes Hayes Amelia (Milly) Edwards Hayes Albert @ Choppy Hayes Hayes Ellen Foster Hayes Harold Hayes Hayes Beatty Mullett Hayes Clifford Hayes Hayes Dorothy Foster Hayes Vincent Hayes Hayes Ralph @ Toddy) Hayes Hayes Norma Rose Hayes Kenneth Hayes Hayes Glennette Andy Hayes Doris Hayes Hayes Rupert Harrison Hayes Walter Austin Hayes Lex Darleen Hayes Philip Harrison Hayes Elaine Harrison Hayes Maxwell Harrison Hayes Florence Harrison Hayes Josephine Harrison Hayes Norman O'Rourke Hayes Sam Thomas Hayes Edith O'Rourke Hayes John Terrick Hayes Patricia O'Rourke Hayes Roy Harrison Hayes Jack O'Rourke Hayes Margaret Hood Hayes Lex Austin Hayes Jacob Harrison Harrison 5 Unnamed Blair Harrison 5 Ada Johnson Harrison 5 Norman Harrison Harrison 5 Stanley Harrison Harrison 5 Norma Unnamed Harrison 5 Hilda Harrison Harrison 5 Bill Tregonning Harrison 5 Mona Harrison Harrison 5 Unnamed Coombes Harrison 5 Cliff Pepper Harrison 5 Brian Marks Harrison 5 Captain Harrison Harrison 4 Lilian Kennedy Harrison 4 Dora Harrison Harrison 4 George Pepper Harrison 4 Stewart Hood Harrison 4 Cliff Pepper Harrison 4 Watson Pepper Harrison 4 Alice Pepper Harrison 4 Ada Harrison Harrison 4 Tom Foster Harrison 4 Jim Mullett Harrison 4 Dorothy Foster Harrison 4 Ellen Foster Harrison 4 Phyllis Foster Harrison 4 Teddy Foster Harrison 4 A. Hayes Harrison 4 Colin Clive Hood Harrison 4 Euphemia Hood Harrison 4 Jean Hood Harrison 4 R. Rose Harrison 4 Reuben Hood Harrison 4 Gloria Andy Harrison 4 Jewell Hood Harrison 4 Lorraine Taylor Harrison 4 Jack Harrison Harrison 4 Diane Murray (Arden) Harrison 4 George Harrison Harrison 4 Mary Unnamed Harrison 4 Barbara Harrison Harrison 4 W. Haby Harrison 4 Moira Harrison Harrison 4 C. Douglas Harrison 4 Rosemary Harrison Harrison 4 D. Chester Harrison 4 Desma Harrison Harrison 4 Christine Harrison Harrison 4 Phennell Harrison Harrison 4 Dolly Moore Harrison 4 Cedric Harrison Harrison 4 Maria Carter Harrison 4 Margaret Harrison Harrison 4 Syd Austin Harrison 4 Daphne Harrison Harrison 4 Norman Marks Harrison 4 Eileen Harrison Harrison 4 Peter Wandin Harrison 4 Peter Harrison Harrison 4 Irene Marks Harrison 4 Murray Harrison Harrison 4 Jessica Harrison Harrison 4 Effie Harrison Harrison 4 Len Kaniva Harrison 4 Eugene Mobourne Harrison 4 Angus Mobourne Harrison 4 Leonard Harrison Harrison 4 Violet Wandin Harrison 4 Roy Harrison Harrison 4 Patsy Hayes Harrison 4 Elsie Harrison Harrison 4 John Cooper Harrison 4 Barbara Harrison Harrison 4 Brian Harrison Harrison 4 Maurice Harrison Harrison 4 Eric Harrison Harrison 4 Olive Smith Harrison 4 Muriel Harrison Harrison 4 Lindsay Mobourne Harrison 4 Ernie Mobourne Harrison 4 Frances Mobourne Harrison 4 Claude Mobourne Harrison 4 Lorna Mobourne Harrison 4 Iris Mobourne Harrison 4 Cappie Mobourne Harrison 4 Jack Mobourne Harrison 4 Lily Mobourne Harrison 4 Linda Mobourne Harrison 4 Claudette Mobourne Harrison 4 Lindsay @ Smoky Mobourne Harrison 4 Iris Harrison Harrison 4 Frank Marks Harrison 4 Diane Murray Harrison 4 Lorna H. Marks (Harrison) Harrison 4 Unnamed Kennedy Harrison 4 Ivy M. Marks Harrison 4 Claude Harrison 4 Phyllis Marks Harrison 4 C Carter Harrison 4 Audrey Marks Harrison 4 Unnamed O'Rourke Harrison 4 Charles Marks Harrison 4 Patsy Marks Harrison 4 Jane Marks Harrison 4 **** Regina Harrison Harrison 3 Athol Harrison Harrison 3 Margaret Kennedy Harrison 3 Robert Harrison Harrison 3 Nancy Harrison Harrison 3 Margaret Harrison Harrison 3 Sandra Harrison Harrison 3 Sam Harrison Harrison 3 Fred Harrison Harrison 3 Ellen Wandin Harrison 3 Robert William Frank Harrison Harrison 3 Alias Bobby Bingo Alec Harrison Harrison 3 Wilma Harrison Harrison 3 Brenda Harrison Harrison 3 Joyce Harrison Harrison 3 Heather Harrison Harrison 3 Fred Harrison Harrison 3 Rupert Harrison Harrison 3 Doris Hayes Harrison 3 Walter Austin Harrison 3 Lex Austin Harrison 3 Darlene Austin Harrison 3 Philip Harrison Harrison 3 Elaine Harrison Harrison 3 Maxwell Harrison Harrison 3 Josephine Harrison Harrison 3 Florence Harrison Harrison 3 Alf Harrison Harrison 3 Edna O'Rourke Harrison 3 Alf Harrison Harrison 3 Reg. Harrison Harrison 3 Graham Harrison Harrison 3 Laurie Moffatt Harrison 3 Melva Moffatt Harrison 3 Joe Walsh Harrison 3 Richard Moffatt Harrison 3 Marina Turner Harrison 3 Ella Moffatt Harrison 3 Cedric Parsons Harrison 3 Lola Moffatt Harrison 3 Ernie Mobourne Harrison 3 Milton @ Mick Moffatt Harrison 3 Arthur Moffatt Harrison 3 Robert Harrison Harrison 2 Sarah Kennedy Harrison 2 Everard Harrison Harrison 2 Dolly Mullett Harrison 2 Leslie Harrison Harrison 2 Ida Harrison Harrison 2 Alec Harrison Harrison 2 Bertha Green Harrison 2 June Harrison Harrison 2 Otto Logan Harrison 2 Charles Harrison Harrison 2 Lorna Mobourne Harrison 2 Jim Mullett Harrison 2 Ada Foster Harrison 2 Shirley Mullett / Harrison Harrison 2 Kelvin Mullett / Harrison Harrison 2 Daphne Mullett / Harrison Harrison 2 Unnamed Ratzman Harrison 2 Evelyn Harrison Harrison 2 Alf Stephens Harrison 2 Campbell Johnson Harrison 2 Fred Harrison Harrison 2 Robert Harrison Harrison 2 Agnes Marks Harrison 2 Mabel McDougall Harrison 2 Robert Harrison Harrison 2 Merrill O'Rourke Harrison 2 Lindsay Harrison Harrison 2 May Stevens Harrison 2 Shirley Harrison Harrison 2 Robert William Wandin Harrison 2 Audrey Harrison Harrison 2 Royden Parsons Harrison 2 Des Thomas Harrison 2 Irene Parsons Harrison 2 Max Harrison Harrison 2 Cecily Thomas Harrison 2 Margaret Harrison Harrison 2 (Paternity ?) Billy Dennis Harrison 2 Ron McLeod Harrison 2 Elaine Harrison Harrison 2 (Paternity ?) Hazel Harrison Harrison 2 (Paternity ?) Eunice Harrison Harrison 2 (Paternity ?) Colleeta Harrison Harrison 2 (Paternity ?) Lois Harrison Harrison 2 Roly Harrison Harrison 2 Bruce Lance Harrison Harrison 2 Regina Harrison Harrison 2 Laurence Moffatt Harrison 2 Athol Harrison Harrison 2 Fred Harrison Harrison 2 Rupert Harrison Harrison 2 Alf Harrison Harrison 2 Melva Moffatt Harrison 2 Richard Moffatt Harrison 2 Ella Moffatt Harrison 2 Lola Moffatt Harrison 2 Milton Moffatt Harrison 2 Arthur Moffatt Harrison 2 Richard Harrison Harrison 2 Mary Andy Harrison 2 Frank Harrison Harrison 2 William Harrison Harrison 2 Veronica Harrison Harrison 2 Eileen Harrison Harrison 2 Ernest Harrison Harrison 2 Mervyn Harrison Harrison 2 Captain Harrison Harrison 1 Margaret Wallaby Harrison 1 Robert (Bob) Harrison Harrison 1 Sarah (Sal) Kennedy Harrison 1 Captain (Cap) Harrison Harrison 1 Lilian Kennedy Harrison 1 Jacob Harrison Harrison 1 Unnamed Blair Harrison 1 Ada Johnson Harrison 1 Annie Harrison Harrison 1 George Alberts Harrison 1 Jim Hammond Hammond Betsy Hammond Hammond William Thomas @ Fisher Marks Hammond Anne Hammond Hammond Unnamed White Hammond Kate Hammond Hammond Tom Johnson Hammond Fred Johnson Hammond Molly Pearce Hammond Campbell Johnson Hammond Evelyn Harrison Hammond Alf Stephens Hammond Ida Johnson Hammond Priscilla Johnson Hammond William Logan Hammond Jim Mullett Hammond Ted (Chook) Mullett Hammond Nora Foster Hammond Joe Mullett Hammond Mary Austin Hammond Albert Thomas Hammond Jim Mullett Hammond Bertha Green Hammond Ada Foster (Harrison) Hammond Lydia Mullett Hammond Fred Briggs Hammond Beatrice Mullett Hammond Harold Hayes Hammond Ruth Hayes Hammond Nora Hayes Hammond Joe Hayes Hammond Liza or Lottie Hammond Hammond Tom Fenton Hammond Emily Hammond Freda Johnson Hammond Fred Johnson Hammond Steve Hamilton Hamilton Bert Hamilton Hamilton Annie Hamilton Hamilton Robert Wandin Hamilton Theresa Hamilton Hamilton Joseph (Gingo) Morgan Hamilton Mary Morgan Hamilton Cary James Hamilton Rhoda Morgan Hamilton Gordon Edwards Hamilton Rex Morgan Hamilton Unnamed Thomas Hamilton Malcolm Morgan Hamilton Alma Edwards Hamilton Dick Hamilton Hamilton Aggie Hamilton Hamilton Billy Cooper Hamilton Amy Charles Hamilton Florry Hamilton Hamilton Unnamed Walker Hamilton Fred Walker Hamilton Herb Walker Hamilton Effie Hamilton Hamilton Joe Walsh Hamilton Joe Walsh Hamilton May Walsh Hamilton Allan Walsh Hamilton Theresa Walsh Hamilton Hilton Walsh Hamilton Melva Walsh Hamilton Vera Walsh Hamilton Sarah Hamilton Hamilton Unnamed McRae Hamilton Unnamed Cooper Hamilton Charles Green Green - Taylor Lydia Gilbert Green - Taylor Kelly Green Green - Taylor Marjorie Green Green - Taylor Reg Thorpe Green - Taylor Bertha Green Green - Taylor Alec Harrison Green - Taylor Ruby Green Green - Taylor Wallace Taylor Green - Taylor Jim Mullett Green - Taylor Rene Taylor Green - Taylor Frank O'Connor Green - Taylor (white man) Arthur Nelson Green - Taylor Lorraine Taylor Green - Taylor Jewell Hood Green - Taylor Alec Taylor Green - Taylor Molly Cooper Green - Taylor George Green Green - Taylor Alec Taylor Green - Taylor Jack Green Green - Taylor Kate Foster Green - Taylor Edgar Green Green - Taylor Cora Stephens Green - Taylor Malveena Green Green - Taylor Edgar Cooper Green - Taylor Anna Cooper Green - Taylor Reg. Blue Green - Taylor Margaret Cooper Green - Taylor Henry Stephens Green - Taylor Arthur Nelson Green - Taylor Irene Cooper Green - Taylor Tom Moffatt Green - Taylor Bob @ Bluegum Cooper Green - Taylor Kath Colger Green - Taylor W. Mansfield Green - Taylor Wallace Taylor Green - Taylor Charles Green Green - Taylor Lydia Gilbert Green - Taylor Kelly Green Green - Taylor Marjorie Green Green - Taylor Reg. Thorpe Green - Taylor Bertha Green Green - Taylor Alec Harrison Green - Taylor Jim Mullett Green - Taylor Ruby Green Green - Taylor Wallace Taylor Green - Taylor Rene Taylor Green - Taylor Frank O'Connor Green - Taylor Arthur Nelson Green - Taylor Murph Green - Taylor Lorraine Green - Taylor Ruby Green - Taylor Lorraine Taylor Green - Taylor Jewell Hood Green - Taylor Alec Taylor Green - Taylor Alec Taylor Green - Taylor Molly Cooper Green - Taylor George Green Green - Taylor Jack Green Green - Taylor Kate Foster Green - Taylor Edgar Green Green - Taylor Cora Stephens Green - Taylor Malvena Green Green - Taylor Edgar Cooper Green - Taylor Wallace Taylor Green - Taylor Anna Cooper Green - Taylor Reg. Blue Green - Taylor Margaret Cooper Green - Taylor Henry Stephens Green - Taylor Arthur Nelson Green - Taylor Irene Cooper Green - Taylor Tom Moffatt Green - Taylor Bob @ Bluegum Cooper Green - Taylor Kath Colger Green - Taylor W. Mansfield Green - Taylor Sam Pepper Green - Pepper Dora Pepper Green - Pepper Les Green Green - Pepper Lucy Green Green - Pepper Robert Murray Green - Pepper Nancy Green Green - Pepper Kenny Briggs Green - Pepper Les Green jnr Green - Pepper Sam Green Green - Pepper Winny Green Green - Pepper Lester Green Green - Pepper Sam Pepper Green - Pepper Maudie Carter Green - Pepper Lydia Green Green - Pepper Billy Goorie Goorie Emily Fenton Goorie Billy Gorrie Goorie Norma White Goorie Stanley Harrison Goorie Bessie Gorrie Goorie Minnie Gorrie Goorie Theresa Gorrie Goorie Myra Gorrie Goorie Linda Gorrie Goorie Thomas (Karl) Turner Goorie John Gorrie Goorie Ron Gorrie Goorie Robert Gorrie Goorie Betsy Unnamed Foster Edward Foster Foster Tom Foster Foster Ada Harrison Foster Jim Mullett Foster Dorothy Foster Foster Clifford Hayes Foster Ellen Foster Foster Phyllis Foster Foster Robert Wandin Foster Albert (Choppy) Hayes Foster Teddy Foster Foster Alma O'Rourke Foster Kate Foster Foster Jack Green Foster Edgar Green Foster Cora Stephens Foster Rose (Mrs) McLennan Foster Nora Foster Foster Bob Cockerill Foster (white man) Edward (Chook) Mullett Foster Lorna Thomas Foster Lorna Parsons Foster Matilda Mullett Foster Vernon Thorpe Foster Leslie Mullett Foster Brenda Harrison Foster Valerie Mullett Foster Ron Cockerill Foster (white man) Ron Foster ?? Foster William Foster Foster Clara Stephens Foster Edward Foster Foster Connolly Fenton Fenton Emily Mobourne Fenton James Scott Fenton Edward Fenton Fenton Hilda Bull Fenton Mabel Bull Fenton Henry Fenton Fenton Eugene Mobourne Fenton Lindsay Mobourne Fenton Tom Fenton Fenton Lottie (Liza) Hammond Fenton Bill Gorrie Fenton Emily Fenton Fenton Henry Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Polly Briggs Edwards - Carmichael Mary Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Norman Clark Edwards - Carmichael Bert Button Edwards - Carmichael Dorothy Edwards Edwards - Carmichael William Austin Edwards - Carmichael William Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Eliza Coombes Edwards - Carmichael Amelia (Molly) Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Cornelius (Con) Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Harry Hayes Edwards - Carmichael Norman O'Rourke Edwards - Carmichael Sam Thomas Edwards - Carmichael Julia Scott Edwards - Carmichael Henry Thorpe Edwards - Carmichael Reg Thorpe Edwards - Carmichael Marjorie Green Edwards - Carmichael Alice Pepper Edwards - Carmichael Ronald Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Marion Carter Edwards - Carmichael Gladys Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Adam Cooper Edwards - Carmichael Wallace Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Irene Hood Edwards - Carmichael Mabel Grace Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Jim O'Rourke Edwards - Carmichael Ada Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Neville White Edwards - Carmichael Fred Carmichael Edwards - Carmichael Desmond Carmichael Edwards - Carmichael Joan Warburton Edwards - Carmichael Aggie Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Ted Edwards Edwards - Carmichael Mary Darby Darby Alec McRae Darby Frank Darby Darby Elizabeth Carmichael Darby Mary Darby Darby Watson Pepper Darby Nelly Darby Darby Fred Darby Darby Unnamed Coombes Coombes Unnamed Colger Coombes William Edwards Coombes Eliza Coombes Coombes Adam Cooper Coombes Fred Carmichael Coombes Jack Coombes Coombes Mary Kirby Coombes Billy Coombes Coombes Bridget Johnson Coombes Mary Coombes Coombes Jim Moore Coombes Con Coombes Coombes Blanche Stephens Coombes Jack McLeod Coombes Hugh Coombes Coombes Jim Coombes Coombes Hazel Coombes Coombes Cliff Pepper Coombes Maria Harrison Coombes Emily Connolly Connolly - Booth Unnamed Booth Connolly - Booth (white man) Harry Booth Connolly - Booth Hannah Lovett Connolly - Booth Unnamed Chapman Connolly - Booth Jack Connolly Connolly - Booth Alice Thorpe Connolly - Booth Alice Connolly Connolly - Booth Nansen Young Connolly - Booth Frank Thomas Connolly - Booth Shirley Young Connolly - Booth Eileen Young Connolly - Booth Blondie Young Connolly - Booth Richard Young Connolly - Booth Unnamed Tye Connolly - Booth Annie Thorpe Carmichael Fred Carmichael Carmichael Frank Darby Carmichael Elizabeth Carmichael Carmichael Eliza Edwards (Coombes) Carmichael Desmond Carmichael Carmichael Joan Warburton Carmichael Unnamed Johnson Carmichael Betty Cameron Cameron - Rankin Thomas Bryant Cameron - Rankin Keith Bryant Cameron - Rankin Haines Cameron Cameron - Rankin Mrs McDougall Cameron - Rankin Sam Rankin Cameron - Rankin Violet Sophie Johnson Cameron - Rankin Norman Rankin Cameron - Rankin Kate Cameron Cameron - Rankin Tony Harradine Cameron - Rankin Lola Cameron Cameron - Rankin Nola Harradine Cameron - Rankin Pinkie ? 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Douglas Cameron - Rankin (white man) Claude Douglas Cameron - Rankin Moira Harrison Cameron - Rankin Joyce Carter Carter - Pearce Sid Solomon Carter - Pearce Unnamed Parsons Carter - Pearce Valerie Solomon Carter - Pearce Bob Andy Carter - Pearce Alf Carter Carter - Pearce Thelma Pearce Carter - Pearce Maria Carter Carter - Pearce Cedric Harrison Carter - Pearce Marion (Teenie) Carter Carter - Pearce Ronald Edwards Carter - Pearce Charles Carter Carter - Pearce Phyllis Marks Carter - Pearce Gwenneth Carter Carter - Pearce Brian Marks Carter - Pearce Laura May Carter Carter - Pearce Leslie O'Rourke Carter - Pearce Rosemary Carter Carter - Pearce Walter Pike Carter - Pearce Beverley Carter Carter - Pearce Elvie Carter Carter - Pearce Karen Carter Carter - Pearce Clara Carter Carter - Pearce Bessie Moffatt Carter - Pearce Molly Pearce Carter - Pearce Fred Johnson Carter - Pearce Charlotte Reece Bull Sam Moore Bull Agnes Julia Moore Bull Alfred Marshall Bull Bull Violet Bull Bull Ted Warburton (Donald) Bull Joan Warburton Bull Des Carmichael Bull Lorna Lilian Warburton Bull Unnamed Hyland Bull (white man) Hanlon Hyland Bull Fred Warburton Bull Fred Bull Bull Nelly Egan (nee Clayton) Bull Mabel Bull Bull Henry Fenton Bull Hilda Bull Bull Edward Fenton Bull Keith @ Tom Bull Bull David Bull Bull Herbert Bull Bull Elliott Bull Bull Dennis Bull Bull Connolly Bull Bull Owen Bull Bull Wallace @ Murray Bull Bull Delia Moore Bull Ted Gorange Bull (white man) Jim Moore Bull Mary Coombes Bull Bella Moore Bull Broncho Edwards Bull Sam Moore Bull Minny Kennedy Bull Jack Moore Bull Dolly Moore Bull Phennel Harrison Bull Fred Moore Bull Molly Unnamed Bull Hector Bull Bull Fanny Stephens Bull Keith Bryant Bryant (2) Esther Marks Bryant (2) Margaret Bryant Bryant (2) Robert Harrison Bryant (2) Betty Bryant Bryant (2) Glenis Hood Bryant (2) Keith Hood Bryant (2) Marion Hood Bryant (2) Kevin Hood Bryant (2) Margery Hood Bryant (2) Mary Hood Bryant (2) Norman Hood Bryant (2) William (Jock) Hood Bryant (2) Joe Bryant Bryant (2) Emma Bryant Bryant (2) Billy Murray Bryant (2) Gladys Bryant Bryant (2) Bindi Jack Bryant (2) David Jack Bryant (2) Dorothy Jack Bryant (2) Rita Bryant Bryant (2) Kevin Hood Bryant (2) Amy Hood Bryant (2) Madge Hood Bryant (2) Phillip @ Mick Bryant Bryant (2) Frank Bryant Bryant (2) Roma Bryant Bryant (2) John Bryant Bryant (2) Joan Bryant Bryant (2) Phyllis Bryant Bryant (2) Regina Bryant Bryant (2) Julia Bryant Bryant (2) Donald Cameron Bryant (1) Pelham Cameron Bryant (1) Unnamed Flowers Bryant (1) Betsy Cameron Bryant (1) Thomas Bryant Bryant (1) (possibly white man) Tom Bryant Bryant (1) Bill Bryant Bryant (1) Keith Bryant Bryant (1) Esther Marks Bryant (1) Betsy Bryant Bryant (1) Roy Bryant Bryant (1) Stella @ Priscilla Bryant Bryant (1) Les Hyde Bryant (1) (white man) Roy Bryant Bryant (1) Phyllis Bryant Bryant (1) Haines Cameron Bryant (1) Fanny McDougall Bryant (1) Lance McDougall Bryant (1) Kathleen McDougall Bryant (1) Frank Wandin Bryant (1) Mrs Cameron Bryant (1) Cora Hudson Ashby - Hudson Arthur Ashby Ashby - Hudson Norman Ashby Ashby - Hudson Violet Murray Ashby - Hudson Ada Ashby Ashby - Hudson Mick Murray Ashby - Hudson Rene Ashby Ashby - Hudson Unnamed Eades Ashby - Hudson Gay (Gary) Ashby - Hudson Mary Ashby Ashby - Hudson Unnamed Smith Ashby - Hudson Ada Murray Ashby - Hudson Bert Hudson Ashby - Hudson Walter Hudson Ashby - Hudson Iris Greenwood Ashby - Hudson Walter Hudson Ashby - Hudson Thora Alexie Charles Ashby - Hudson Billy Thomas Ashby - Hudson Violet Ashby Ashby - Hudson Bob Wandin Andy Annie Hamilton Andy Ernie Andy Andy Arthur Andy Andy Joan Thomas Andy Bob Andy Andy Valerie Solomon Andy Basil Andy Andy Veronica Andy Andy Bob Andy Andy Dora Wandin Andy Rose Andy Andy Eric Saunders Andy Glenette Andy Andy Ken Hayes Andy Ernie Andy Andy Mabel Stewart Andy Janet Thomas Andy Gloria Andy Andy Weeny Reuben Hood Andy Mary Andy Andy Richard Harrison Andy Effie Alberts Alberts Sam Mobourne Alberts George Alberts Alberts Annie Harrison Alberts Henry Alberts Alberts Rachael Thorpe Alberts