Final Report of the Royal Commission on the Aborigines

Final Report of the Royal Commission on the Aborigines, together with Minutes of Evidence and Appendices (Proceedings of the Parliament of South Australia, Volume II, 1916) Aboriginal Witnesses to the Commission Frome Charlie, Mt. Serle Dick Davey, Koonibba Mission Station Alex. Kent, Koonibba Mission Station Joe Miller, Koonibba Mission Station Ted Thompson, Koonibba Mission Station Susie Wilson, Mt. Serle Statement showing names and ages of Native children at Mt. Serle, also names of mothers, etc. (1914) Parent Child Age Remarks Jessie McKenzie Angas 15y 0m Half-caste married to Elsie 12y 0m half-caste Dorothy 10y 8m Archie 8y 6m Lillie 6y 0m (girl) 2y 5m (boy) 0y 4m Rexie Johnson Edie 16y 0m Half-caste married to Donald 14y 0m half-caste Morris 11y 0m Mabel 8y 0m (girl) 5y 0m (boy) 0y 10m Alice Coulthard Sam 14y 0m Half-caste married to Walter 10y 0m full-blood Richard 6y 7m Dolsie 4y 0m Madge 1y 8m Kitty Elliot Barcoo 13y 5m Full-blood married to Lorna 7y 0m full-blood Leslie 4y 0m Febie 1y 3m Kitty Coulthard Andy 10y 0m Full-blood married to Tim 5y 0m half-caste William 4y 0m Abbie (girl) 3y 0m Martha 2y 0m Winnie Coulthard Steve 7y 0m Mother half-caste, Stanley 4y 6m father full-blood; Hience 2y 0m married to half-caste Nellie Driver Eva 3y 11m Full-blood married to Phyllis 1y 9m full-blood Cissie James Ruby 1y 9m Mother half-caste, father white man; married to full-blood Susie Warrick Percy 14y 0m Mother full-blood, Rufus 5y 7m father white man; married to full-blood Nicholas Phillipson Cecil 16y 0m Full-blood Ernie 14y 0m ) Hughie 11y 11m ) mother a half-caste May 5y 0m ) Clem 6y 0m ) Leases and Licences to Aboriginals or Descendents of Aboriginals Name Remarks Peter Gollan Aboriginal Napoleon Bonaparte Aboriginal Joseph Walker Half-caste William McHughes Half-caste married to a white woman Amy Gibson Aboriginal Joseph Koolmatrie Aboriginal Harry Weetra Aboriginal Abel Rankine Half-caste John Solomon Half-caste Harry Watson Half-caste Johnny Watson Half-caste George Muckray Half-caste married to a white woman George Karpaney Half-caste Sarah Karpaney Half-caste Matthew Kropinyerie Half-caste Mrs. Margaret Love Half-caste married to a white man William Stewart Half-caste