Third Medical Relief Expedition among the Aborigines of South Australia

Report on the Third Medical Relief Expedition among the Aborigines of South Australia Dr H Basedow 11 June 1921 State Records of South Australia GRG 23/1 1921 330 This report written by Herbert Basedow has the following sections Itinerary Physiographical Features Climatic Conditions Tribal Organisation Population Health Treatment Diseases Anaemia Rickets Jaundice Follicular Tonsillitis Myalgia (Muscular Theumatism) Impetigo Contagiosa Leukoderma Granular Lids (Trachoma) Poisonous Fly - Sting Ambidexterity Alcololism Infanticide and 'Cannibalism' Aborigines Examined Conclusion It is signed by Herbert Basedow and dated 11. 6.1921 The list of Aborigines examined is as follows No. Aboriginal Name European Name Tribe Locality 1 Tauianda Billy Conway Arrabanna Anna Creek 2 Dick Korpanyanno Arrabanna Finniss Springs 3 Jemima Undennega Arrabanna Macumba 4 Baguiandi John Arrabanna Anna Creek 5 Barralda H/C Laura Arrabanna Finniss Springs 6 Florrie H/C Finniss Springs 7 Angas H/C Finniss Springs 8 Uroba H/C Edie Arrabanna Finniss Springs 9 Manna H/C Lila Finniss Springs 10 Nelanguyu H/C Amy Finniss Springs 11 Gulbanuyumaranda Teddy Arrabanna Finniss Springs 12 Kunduba Judy Arrabanna Finniss Springs 13 Warrepaia Sammy Arrabanna Finniss Springs 14 Yanianda Tommy Arrabanna Finniss Springs 15 Fred Arrabanna Finniss Springs 16 Kupabulabilindi Donald Arrabanna Finniss Springs 17 Yutauba Charlotte Arrabanna Finniss Springs 18 Purretanda Annie Arrabanna Finniss Springs 19 Warrunga Jimmy Arrabanna Finniss Springs 20 Yanianda Jack Conroy Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 21 Kitty Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 22 Kataranyi Alice Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 23 Tchundubanda Alice Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 24 Budnubudda Mary Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 25 Parkonandiudarda H/C Lily Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 26 Daribanda Johanna Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 27 Jija H/C Jessie Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 28 Clara Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 29 Yunyildi Fred Kukata Stuarts Creek 30 Ngakommeranda Harry Smart Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 31 Wailbilli Mick Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 32 Kolpamerri Davy Wongkanguru Stuarts Creek 33 Akekelillyika Riley Wongkanguru Stuarts Creek 34 Bassy Wongkanguru Stuarts Creek 35 Warringyilli Jack Wongkanguru Stuarts Creek 36 Merringyilli Archie Wongkanguru Stuarts Creek 37 Gobanakko H/C George Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 38 Ngortikopa Charlotte Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 39 Ngortitolka Linda Arrabanna Stuarts Creek 40 Timbilika James Forrest Arunndta Anna Creek 41 Maninguiya Aggie Arrabanna Anna Creek 42 Tuikopa H/C Jessie Arrabanna Anna Creek 43 Kopanoruyura Lindsay Arrabanna Anna Creek 44 Tarri H/C Louisa Arrabanna Anna Creek 45 Elsie Arrabanna Anna Creek 46 Laurie H/C Arrabanna Anna Creek 47 Maninakurrumaranda Charlie Arrabanna Anna Creek 48 Bakuida Rang Arrabanna Anna Creek 49 Pakungati Toby Arrabanna Anna Creek 50 Kupamiri Rosy Arrabanna Anna Creek 51 Ngakurrabundada Polly Arrabanna Anna Creek 52 Turunguiyu Coolgardie Jack Arrabanna Anna Creek 53 Kurriguppa Sally Arrabanna Anna Creek 54 Kupolbagirralta Dorie Arrabanna Anna Creek 55 Tulka Doris Arrabanna Anna Creek 56 Hurtle Arrabanna Anna Creek 57 Nellie Arrabanna Anna Creek 58 Puyugubba Florrie Arrabanna Anna Creek 59 Ivy Arrabanna Anna Creek 60 Kuanakuterribonni Ruby Arrabanna Anna Creek 61 Kurrarurri Kitty Arrabanna Anna Creek 62 Puntata Patty Arrabanna Anna Creek 63 Noyuka warrumuda Kilda Arrabanna Anna Creek 64 Kubataui Alec Arrabanna Anna Creek 65 Albarroilyiga Mary Arrabanna Warrina 66 Kaalbilli Jimmy Arrabanna Warrina 67 Urrupunda Rosie Arrabanna Warrina 68 Mayubaka Maria Arrabanna Warrina 69 Padukeyi Judy Wongkanguru Warrina 70 King Arrabanna Warrina 71 Terrebilli Jimmy Arrabanna Warrina 72 Jindagu Lily Arrabanna Algebuckina 73 Wibukka Mary Arrabanna Algebuckina 74 Unngali Jessie Arunndta Algebuckina 75 Wapilli Billy Arrabanna Algebuckina 76 Ngameli Harry Arrabanna Algebuckina 77 Tchangalle Monkey Arunndta Allendale 78 Toby Arunndta Allendale 79 Tupintupin Dicky Aluridja Todmorden 80 Tchaima Charley Aluridja Todmorden 81 Makadji Jinny Unndagerrinya Todmorden 82 Minnie Arunndta Todmorden 83 Narrimulla Mary Ann Arunndta Todmorden 84 Tchalkarre Charley Aluridja Todmorden 85 Unnrubinna Annie Aluridja Todmorden 86 Winnyinga Molly Unndagerrinya Todmorden 87 Milly H/C Todmorden 88 Unndamarra Jane Unndagerrinya Todmorden 89 Katchiwala Kitty Unndagerrinya Todmorden 90 Oraba Polly Arunndta Todmorden 91 Tchinjin Sarah Arunndta Todmorden 92 Mununka Mary Unndagerrinya Todmorden 93 Nomida Lotty Unndagerrinya Todmorden 94 Charley Arunndta Todmorden 95 Paddy Unndagerrinya Todmorden 96 Tchinmanna Charley Unndagerrinya Todmorden 97 Ortunka Old Mary Aluridja Todmorden 98 Nganyurrima Charley Unndagerrinya Todmorden 99 Clara Unndagerrinya Todmorden 100 Lily Unndagerrinya Todmorden 101 Andy Unndagerrinya Todmorden 102 Bulla Arunndta Todmorden 103 Inmandurra Mary Ann Unndagerrinya Todmorden 104 Tuckero Jack William Unndagerrinya Todmorden 105 Louis Unndagerrinya Todmorden 106 Mungudtha Mick Unndagerrinya Todmorden 107 Kilpin Unndagerrinya Todmorden 108 Errimindi Bob Unndagerrinya Todmorden 109 Dick Unndagerrinya Todmorden 110 Mula Brumby Wongkangaru Dalhousie Springs 111 Wirrinka Erringa Mick Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 112 Malbumanneka Finke Harry Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 113 Alliabba Charlotte Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 114 Utyinga Charlotte Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 115 Allenega Polly Brown Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 116 Arrina Judy Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 117 Millyamillya Annie Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 118 Benny Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 119 Abilyake Lady Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 120 Akagelilleka Dolly Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 121 Ngupija alija Alick Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 122 Orennga Mick Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 123 Bingarri Old Man Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 124 Kaputelbarre Alice Arunndta Dalhousie Springs 125 Pingaditti Old Man Charley Unndagerrinya Federal Station 126 IndarraKutta Rosie Unndagerrinya Federal Station 127 Clara Unndagerrinya Federal Station 128 Kokole Jinny Unndagerrinya Federal Station 129 Munyerra Jim Unndagerrinya Federal Station 130 Drummer Arunndta Federal Station 131 Nungerra Tommy Arunndta Federal Station 132 Jimmy Unndagerrinya Federal Station 133 Tjunki Jimmy Unndagerrinya Federal Station 134 Ngorbullye Annie Unndagerrinya Federal Station 135 Allidda Rosie Unndagerrinya Federal Station 136 Tanmangana Polly Unndagerrinya Federal Station 137 Lame Tom Unndagerrinya Federal Station 138 Mick Arunndta Bloods Creek 139 Fanny Arunndta Bloods Creek 140 Jimmy Arunndta Bloods Creek 141 Ngamerri Topsy Arunndta Bloods Creek 142 Wortupiya Tommy Arunndta Bloods Creek 143 Bumerangi Barney Arunndta Bloods Creek 144 Pinjuru Topsy Arunndta Bloods Creek 145 Immananna Judy Arunndta Bloods Creek
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have added the section titled Infanticide and Cannibalism for interest. "Reports have recently again come to hand describing the 'ruthless slaughter' of infants as a result of the 'cannibalistic tendencies' of their mothers. In referring to bare facts without elucidation, a gross injustice is done to the aboriginal. I have already upon several occasions pointed out that in times of dire need, when on the verge of starvation, a mother might kill her babe in order to use its flesh for sustaining an elder child. A gin loves her offspring with undisguised affection and it must be a touchingly painful moment to all concerned when circumstances demand the tragic decision. The particulars of two cases, however, which were certainly of a criminal character came to our knowledge when half-blooded infants had been smothered by their mothers filling their mouths with sand. But these were sequel to a forced concubinage and the murders were committed to escape the wrath of the European men. During certain mourning ceremonies, parts of a corpse may be eaten, principally for the sake of acquiring any special virtues or abilities possessed by the departed. To call the Australian aboriginal a cannibal without these explanations is too drastic altoghether, - the worst that can be justly said of him is that he is a man-eater of the opportunist type."