Queensland Parliamentary Papers Mixed Marriages 1903 - 1908

Queensland Parliamentary Papers - Chief Protector of Aborigines Annual Reports Mixed Marriages 1903 - 1908 1903 Simaki, a native of Samoa, but resident in Torres Strait over ten years; son of the Samoan missionary teacher at Murray Island; engaged in pearl-shelling; has no intention or desire to return to Samoa; has a house at Naghir (Mount Ernest); is about nineteen years of age, and in a position to keep a wife. The girl, Assau, is a full-blood native of Warrior Island; about eighteen years old; father and mother both living at Yam Island. Henry Lewis, of South Sea Island parents, but born in Queensland. Full-blood aboriginal Pauline, of Mapoon (on the application and recommendation of Rev. N. Hey.) John Martin (European), of Gingerilla Station, Rocky Tait, near Chillagoe. Gin Annie on whose account he had been prosecuted for harbouring. John Page (European), woodcutter. Half-caste Minnie, late of Opalton, but latterly of Winton. Juan Santos, native of Guam. Clara Fabian, whose mother is an aboriginal of Two-Brothers Island (Gabbaree) in the Torres Strait. Ibrahim Ben Mahomet, of Calcutta, twenty years' resident at Thursday Island. Agnes Minjoot, the half-caste daughter of an aboriginal (Coen District) woman by an Indian father, Said Abdurrahman. Ponto, aboriginal ex-tracker, a member of the Yarrabah Mission. Half-caste Minnie, lately in the employ of Mr. Connolly, the Police Magistrate at Port Douglas. Cheery, a South Sea Islander, member of the Queensland Kanaka Mission. Aboriginal Kate. Fred. Peachy (European). Aboriginal Lily, of Glendower Station, Hughenden. Wambi (kanaka), a naturalised British subject, of Gum-Hole Station, Staaten River. Aboriginal Mary. There has been upwards of twenty years' cohabitation, and two children, whom the father is very anxious to legitimate. Domingo Xeromenes, a Filipino, of good character, and many years resident at Thursday Island. Eleanor Roas, the fifteen-year-old daughter of Raymond Roas, a Filipino, by Mary Kass, a Torres Strait Islander (the father consenting). Ah Mat (Mahomet) Pablo, thirty-five, a native of Singapore, diver, resident at Thursday Island. Selini, eighteen (age Authenticated), a half-caste native of Mabuiag (Jervis Island), daughter of George Anker, or Anken, a native of Samoa, by Kerisi, his wife, an aboriginal native of Mabuiag. Robert Athow, thirty-seven, native of Api, Pacific Islands, a boardinghouse-keeper at Thursday Island, and resident in Queensland for twenty-three years. Rebecca, seventeen, native of Errub (Darnley Island), daughter of Gimai, a Darnley Island female native, by Sela, a native of Lifu; both parents consenting. Lucio Rosario, a Filipino, twenty years resident of Thursday Island, and of good character. Sepe, a Murray Islander. George Hooper, half-caste aboriginal, stockman. Aboriginal Polly, of Walgra (out-station of Carandotta). Delamo, a Malayta boy, of Geraldton. Nellie (Nuibra). Urimboh, also a Malayta, Geraldton. Nellie (Dingarra). Macario, a Filipino, of Cooktown. Maggie, of the Starcke River. Pelay, a Filipino, eleven years'resident at Thursday Island, and of good character. Johanna Favian, a Filipino aboriginal half-caste minor. Thomas Fuller (European), timber-getter, Geraldton. Lucy, an aboriginal employee at the Imperial Hotel; it was she that first wrote for permission to marry the man. Charley Ah Sing, Normanton. Helen Ah Sam, a China-aboriginal half-caste; her father consenting. Ah Gim, Chinaman, gardener, Burketown. Minnie, with whom he has been living for upwards of ten years, and who has borne him two children. Mulgobbie, of Malo, New Hebrides, working at Innisfail Plantation. Bearie Gingarra, of Mulgrave River. This couple have been living as man and wife for three years past. Qualla-fare-better, of Malayta, Solomon Islands, working at Innisfail. Nellie Cavoo. These people have been together for one year. Dessemah, of Motlap, New Hebrides, working at Innisfail. Laura Yarringa, of Mulgrave River. Living together for nine years past. They have two children. Gee-arlo, of Santo, New Hebrides, working at Mundoo. Annie Sui-arie. They have been together for five years. Minambeera, of Malayta. Nancy Mara-mere, of Mundoo. Living together for two years past. I refused the applications for marriage with aboriginal females made on behalf of Pimbolo, a South Sea Islander, a member of the Queensland Kanaka Mission, Geraldton, and C.O. Fong, of Fossilbrook, against both of whom there had been convictions for harbouring. A school teacher at Calcifer sought permission to marry a female half-caste, but subsequently changed his mind. 1904 Pirmines Monmarible, Filipino, ten years resident at Thursday Island; of good character. Margarita Maria, of Yam Island. Charles Kowat, native of Rotumah, seventeen years resident at Thursday Island; good character. Wasi (widow), of Darnley Island. W. Buchanan, European, scalper. Half-caste Ada, of Nive Downs. J. Glannan, European. A half-caste minor on Dubbo Downs; conditional on permit from guardian or magistrate being obtained. Fiddle, native of Rotumah, eighteen years in Queensland. Catalina Hoy, widow, Yam Island. Rainbow, South Sea Islander. Lizzie Ke-oola, a Geraldton aborigial. James Stanley, European, scalper. Half-caste Rosey Gordon, of East Woodlands, Maranoa River. William Thorpe, half-caste. Pippa, of Carandotta. William Pitt, son of a Jamaica man and Lifu woman. Mary, of Murray Island. Matthew Spies, carrier. Maggie, of Charleville. John Serovoy Mota (S.S.I.). Lucy, twenty-two years, Mulgrave camp. Harry Warsal Mortalap (S.S.I.). Lucy, nineteen years, Mulgrave camp. Jack Searva Tanna (S.S.I.), Mulgrave. Becca, twenty two years, Nelson. Charles Carrington, European, carrier. Half-caste Ada, of Winton. Willie Pentecost (S.S.I.). Mina White, seventeen years, Bundaberg. A child had already been born to this couple. W.W. Mahoney, European. Topsy, of Boulia. Yellow George, half-caste. Rosey, of Bourketown. The respective local Protectors were informed that there were no objections to the proposed marriages between Johnny Lena (S.S.I.) and half-caste Dolly McFarlane, Pialba; half-caste John McLennan and quadroon Mary Fuller, Gayndah; Albert Howard, European, and half-caste Dina Cameron, Moray Downs; George Carlisle, European, and half-caste Mary Tie, Diamantina; F.G. Carseldine, ex-constable, and half-caste Cissie Tie, Winton. Permission for celebration of marriages was refused in the case of Sam Nabo, kanaka, with half-caste Gertie Bulong, of Gayndah; and W.E. White, European, with half-caste Alice. 1905 Risil, daughter of a Mabuiag woman and a South Sea Islander: Billy Rotumah (S.S.I.), Thursday Island. Declassie, half-caste: Sevivu, a Rotumah man. Thursday Island. Sarah, aboriginal: Burke Attenborough, half-caste. Burketown. Mary, aboriginal: Jimmy Motloff (S.S.I.). Mapoon. Libby Savage, half-caste, of Moa: Charles Corrie, half-caste, Gilbert Islander. Thursday Island. Annie Aboriginal: Joseph Connolly. Normanton. Susie Roonie, half-caste: Bob Dow (S.S.I.). Childers. Mary Gala, half-caste: Bob Rumbo (S.S.I.). Maryborough. Louisa Forbes, half-caste: Charlie Tarrashool (S.S.I.). Childers. Susie, half-caste, of Wide Bay: Bob Ambrym (S.S.I.). Childers. Caroline, half-caste: Willie Api (S.S.I.). Childers. Nelly Sykes, half-caste: Samuel Sullivan (S.S.I.). Thursday Island. Alit, half-caste, Mabuiag native: Jimmy Yevie, Tanna Islander. Thursday Island. Helen, half-caste, of Charlotte Plains: W.B. Hamilton, of Bindebango West. Tangua, half-caste: Nelson, a fisherman. Ayr. Dinah Henry, half-caste: John Ah See, half-caste. Taroom. Toney, aboriginal: Edward Davis, shearer, of Nappamerry. Lucy Bolton, half-caste: John Nip, half-caste. Taroom. Genua, half-caste, a minor: Charlie Wollie (S.S.I.). Thursday Island. Louie Hickson, half-caste: W. Kruger. Winton. Lizzie Sullivan, aboriginal: Thomas Hill. Rockhampton. Ah See, half-caste: Peter Rouse. Deebing Creek Mission. Jessie Pig-Pig, half-caste: Bob Terare, half-caste. Bundaberg. Lizzie, half-caste: Ah Sam. Boulia. My permission was refused in the case of: Rosie, aboriginal, of Noble Island: Pausto Billows, Manila man, of Cooktown. Alice, aboriginal: Charles Ross, a German, of Amby. Maggie, aboriginal: Ah Soon. Burketown. Yambatonga, aboriginal: Tom Solomon (S.S.I.). Archer River Mission. Alice Free, half-caste: N.C. Hood. Claverton. ----, half-caste, of Fossilbrook: Charlie Out Fong 1906 Emily Graham, a half-caste woman, to a South Sea Islander. Childers. Rosie Ann, an aboriginal woman about 30 years of age, to a white man. Duaringa. Beena, a half-caste girl, 19 years, to a Tanna man. Bundaberg. Latta, a half-caste girl, about 17 years, to a Rotuma man. Thursday Island. Baill, a native of Murray Island, about 23 years of age, to a native of Lifu, South Sea Islands. Thursday Island. Mary Ann, a half-caste girl, 22 years of age, to a Manila man. Atherton. Millie, an aboriginal woman, to a South Sea Islander. Mackay. Lavinia, a native of Yam Island, to a Manila man. Thursday Island. Lucy, an aboriginal girl, about 25 years of age, to a white man. Springsure. Nelmarinda, an aboriginal girl, 24 years of age, to a white man. Ingham. Lizzie, a half-caste girl, to a Chinaman. Boulia. Annie Morton, a half-caste woman, to a white man. Mackay. Nida Huggins, a half-caste, to a South Sea Islander. Townsville. Maude Harvey, a half-caste woman, to a white man. Croydon. Rosey Harper, an aboriginal girl of 20 years of age, to a white man. Cairns. Julia Heria, an aboriginal girl of about 25 years of age, to a native of France. Cairns. Fanny White, a half-caste woman, to a white man. Brisbane. Rosie Homarlee, an aboriginal woman, to a South Sea Islander. Cairns. Taom Tierna, a Mabuiag woman, to a Samoan. Thursday Island. Alice, an aboriginal aged 25 years, to a white man. Mitchell. Kitty, an aboriginal, to a South Sea Islander. Townsville. Nellie, an aboriginal, to a South Sea Islander. Townsville. Daisy, a half-caste girl, to a South Sea Islander. Cairns. Eva, an aboriginal girl, to a native of Malay. Normanton. Alice, an aboriginal, about 20 years of age, to a half-caste native of Queensland. Springsure. Sidie Jerry, an aboriginal woman, about 25 years of age, to a South Sea Islander. Charters Towers. Permission to marry was refused in the case of: Maggie, an aboriginal girl, to a Chinaman. Normanton. Katie, an aboriginal, to a South Sea Islander. Ingham. 1907 Nay, a Murray Island woman, to a South Sea Islander. Thursday Island. Nellie, a native of Port Douglas, to a Pacific Islander. Cairns. Lena Solomon, a half-caste, to a Cingalese. Cairns. Bella, an aboriginal, to a Pacific Islander. Nelson, Cairns. Sarah Purcell, a half-caste, to a white man. Croydon. Maggie, an aboriginal, to a white man. Georgetown (1). Maggie, an aboriginal, to a white man. Georgetown (2). Biddy Milwah, an aboriginal, to a native of Malayta Island. Cairns. Barney, a female aboriginal, to a native of Malayta Island. Cairns. Polly, an aboriginal, to a native of Singapore. Cairns. Maggie, an aboriginal, to a native of Mulgrave district. Cairns. Nellie, an aboriginal, to a Pacific Islander. Bowen. Susannah McCauley, to a white man. Hebel, Roma. Dolly Griffith, a half-caste, to a quadroon. Brisbane. Ellen Fitzpatrick, a half-caste, to a European. Charleville. 1908 Female Type District Married To Nation. Rem. Maudie H.C. Cloncurry George Cummins British Langlo Louise A. Mount Morris John Triscott British C. Rosie A. Cairns Peter Malay Nellie A. Cairns Harry Singapore Malay May Davies H.C. Brisbane Albert Malezieaux N. Caledonia Leesy Craig A. Cairns Goon Goo China Nellie Dillon H.C. Longreach Harry Grey --- Maggie A. Bowen --- S.S.I. Maggie Turnbull A. Brisbane Jack Nongfon Rotumah Nina H.C. Bundaberg Joe Ambrym P.I. Maria A. Mapoon Tom Solomon P.I. Mary A. York Island Charley Daley P.I. Jemina A. Rockhampton Alfred Duce --- Ruby H.C. Dunwich Barney Delaney Caboolture Judy H.C. Atherton Charlie Malay Topsy H.C. Springsure James Taylor Europe S.R. Nellie A. Hambledon Jack Ah Mat Malay Fanny A. Atherton Joe Malay Lena A. Atherton Joe Auning Malay Mary Ann A. Atherton Harry Ross Malay Ruby A. Hambledon Charles Ah Mat Malay Gertie Bulong H.C. Gayndah Sam Nebo Tanna Anne Harnet A. Darnley Island Josiah Sela S.S.I. Jessie A. Atherton Jim Abraham Malay Eliza A. Atherton Jim Palmer Melanesia Kitty A. Atherton Taenguin Malayta Matilda Brown H.C. Brisbane Alfred Martin Malayta Maria Cooke A. Darnley Albert Warde F.P.I. Essie A. Murray Island Teetou Rotumah Polly A. Kuranda Podmore Malay Latu A. Yam Island George Kapiere Rotumah Monica A. Emerald Walter Oram European Lucy McCullogh H.C. Brisbane Edward Ruska H.C. Portugese Sarah Ah Quom H.C. Burketown Idunny Chong China (or Sam) Lizzie Tamlin A. --- Goolin Hosien India Bella A. Mulgrave Patchy P.I. Lily A. Yam Island John Wesley Samoa Nina Amos H.C. --- Joe White Morven H.C. Nuncleer H.C. Bedourie George Gorringe Europe Lucy A. Mapoon Bob Ling P.I. Mary A. --- Jome Sweenay Qld. H.C. N.B. A. Aborigine H.C. Half-caste S.S.I. South Sea Islander P.I. Pacific Islander F.P.I. French Pacific Island