Home Office Register of Letters Received 1906 - 1911

Home Office Register of Letters Received, 1906 HOM/B15 Queensland State Archives Register of Letters Received, 1907 HOM/B17 Queensland State Archives Register of Letters Received, 1908 HOM/B19 Queensland State Archives Register of Letters Received, 1909 HOM/B22 Queensland State Archives Register of Letters Received, 1910 HOM/B24 Queensland State Archives Register of Letters Received, 1911 HOM/B39 Queensland State Archives Extracts Copyright Paul Mackett 2012 1906 Name Reason for Correspondence John Brown H/C Died in Barcaldine Hospital on 19.11.1905 J Collins Exemption Certificate Sarah Staff, Kitty, Bessie Richards Half-castes, absconders A Daylight Girl. Request remission of sentence Kitty Being supplied with drink Charlie Symyon & Mary Ann (Abor) Re: marriage Rosie and Jeanie Half-castes, ROs to Yarrabah Alice Free Half-caste. Refuses to live with her husband Mrs. Brown Re: her H/C children being allowed to go to school at Esk Lucy Sullivan and Dick RO Arthur RO to Deebing Creek Lily and Moura H/C girls at Redcliffe Stn. Cant recommend Exemptions Charlie and Turner Trackers Kitty H/C and Spider Escapees from Barambah Martin Bligh Barambah Kitty H/C and Spider Order for return to Barambah Tommy Tomahawk Recommend send to Yarrabah Minnie Maud Anderson and Bartie Best Alleged seduced by Bartie Best Ada and John Jeffrey Inmates of Yarrabah Industrial School Albert Hazzart H/C boy Mary Thorpe Billy Walker Re: burial of Abor. pauper Bartie Best and Maud Anderson Edward Bradford Maintenance by Salvation Army Sandy Burrigie Re: T'port Townsville to Cairns Beatrice Turner H/C and Lilly Lake Re: tribal marriage at Barambah to Lilly Lake, Tracker Jacky Flinders Mary Thorpe Edward Bradford Annie Daylight Tommy Larill RO Rockhampton to Barambah Willie Boy H/C Annie Healey H/C Bessie Morris H/C Dolly Griffith H/C Sarah Kendall H/C Ruby McPie H/C Janey Wiseman H/C Emily Annie Healy Cobbo H/C Lilly H/C Maud Thompson, Mary Daylight, Lilly Logan Inmates at Magdalen Asylum Jimmy Normanton Hospital Jessie Arthur E Bradford To orphanage from Salvation Army Home Robt Miller H/C Sally Woods Exemption Certificate Esther MacDonald Eleanor Re: burial of Chas Civens and Julia Heria (Abor) Request for marriage Tommy Horrigie Returned to Cairns Charley, Turner, Patar Queensland trackers Anderson Moving from Barambah Christina, Queenie, Amy } Re: Remission of sentences to allow them to take situations Amy of Deebing Creek } Re: Remission of sentences to allow them to take situations Mary Cavins Victor Johnson Barambah Industrial School Charlie Johnston (SSI) & Tidie Jerry (Abo) Recommend Marriage Willie Re: burial at Jundah Sally Woods Cancellation of Exemption Dick H/C. Re: remission of sentence Spider and Captain Cheque from Victoria for trackers Dora Griffith Niney and Theresa Native children. Re: coming to Brisbane at Christmas. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1907 Name Reason for Correspondence Minnie Removal from Luanda Point Adam Townsville Hospital, TB Lizzie Lane Croydon Paddy, Jacky, Niney, Chloey Recommend remission of sentences, Deebing Creek Nellie RO Longreach to Barambah Oscar RO Stewart Ck Gaol to Barambah Mrs Talland H/C. Has daughters Paddy Atherton Lily Livingstone ) H/C Rockhampton Moura Dawson ) Exemption certificates Matilda Williams Re: Remission of sentence. Deebing Creek Mission Martin Bligh Sydney Clark H/C Lily Wray Exemption certificate Billy Patterson RO Townsville to Barambah Cubbie Sallie Woods Pauper. Re: burial of Charlie Thompson Passage to Cairns to visit daughter at Yarrabah Alice Lawrie H/C child. Destitute Charcol Re: murder at Cairns Mrs Enoch Myora. Has 2 children Bernard and Norah Hilda RO Stewarts Ck Gaol to Barambah Antonio RO Stewarts Ck Gaol to Barambah Lily Livingstone Exemption Certificate Bella Wallace H/C Exemption Certificate Jimmy RO S Townsville to Barambah Harry Patterson and Monkey RO Coen to Barambah Georgina Turner H/C. Mother is half-Chinese King Peter Boulia John Street H/C. Windorah Jimmy Garvey and Warrey RO Coen to Barambah Sandy RO Brisbane to Barambah Dow Dow George, Tiger, Toby RO Lawn Hill Stn to Yarrabah Emma Holder H/C Georgina Turner Exemption Certificate Harry Ban Ban Barambah Lena RO Stewarts Ck Gaol to Yarrabah Minnie Tommy Lake RO Brisbane Gaol to Barambah Joe Morney Nellie Dillon Rail fare Longreach to Barambah Archy RO Brisbane Gaol to Barambah Tommy, Bumblefoot, Mango RO Normanton to Barambah Thomas B Miller Exemption Certificate Maruy Joe Daisy, Flora, Rosey, Maudie, Clara RO Cambridge Downs to Barambah Teddy Rigby To stay in Salvation Army Home at Riverview for 4 years Billy Lillas RO Gympie to Yarrabah C Loder Laidly. Burial expenses for Aboriginal child Jacky Wilson RO to Barambah Tip Toe (gin) RO Stewarts Ck Gaol to Barambah Emma Holder H/C. Gin with child Warry RO to Barambah Willie Scraggs, Dave Scraggs, Annie, ) RO to Barambah Nellie, Eveline ) RO to Barambah Morgan brothers Two brothers. Deebing Creek to Yarrabah Biddy gin Bismarck and Percy RO to Barambah Johnny At Gayndah with gin Nellie Spies RO Charleville to Barambah Suckamoos (Pac Islander) & Nellie (Abor) Re: permission to marry King Gilbert Normanton Echo RO Croydon to Barambah Biddy At Weipa with 3 H/C children John ______________________________________________________________________________________ 1908 Name Reason for Correspondence John Downs H/C. Exemption Certificate Polly and Mary RO Hughenden to Barambah Johnny Lafu Re: Removal from Myora. A kanaka. Chester Anderson and Charlie Davies Quadroon children. Recommend admission to Dunwich Bennett Buck Request to send to Wattlebra - measles Black Harry RO Nebo to Barambah Fred RO to Barambah Neddy RO Nebo to Barambah Christie Williams With gin. Re: Ticket Brisbane to Murgon Edward Campbell Recommend child be admitted to St. Vincent's Orphanage G. Ward Wondai Polly and Mary Old gins. Cannot be allowed to remain at Prairie Edward Campbell Recommend be placed in Salvation Army Maternity Home. Too young for Orphanage. Nucto RO Torrens Ck to Barambah Sarah Bull Yellow Harry RO Mackay to Barambah Ned Darlo and Polly Recommend 2 daughters be returned to Dalby district Dick or Mainwaring RO Normanton to Barambah. Also 2 others Bella McLean RO Brisbane to Barambah Cecilia Swaby Sarah Bull Cecilia Swaby Fred Wondunna Has white wife at Myora Charlie Blair (H/C boy) & Rosie Blair RO Normanton to Barambah (brother and sister) Florence or Tilly Logan Quadroon girl Elizabeth and child RO Roma to Barambah Jessie Smith H/C Nellie RO Townsville to Barambah George Snelling H/C of Sandgate. Exemption Cert. Jackey and Gilbert RO Normanton to Barambah Amy Turner H/C Albert McDouall RO Rockhampton to Barambah Jessie Smith H/C Fanny Coolagie Jack Re: burial of aboriginal child Jacob Barambah Nellie H/C. Exemption Certificate H/C children at Mossman Recommend Exemption Certificates Nellie H/C Jimmy and Judy Old aboriginals at Nocundra Fanny Coolagie To Barambah Adelaide H/C. RO Ingham to Barambah Jack Barambah Maggie Jack Treatment at Maryborough Hosp. Cecilia Thompson Myora Mary Daylight RO Brisbane to Yarrabah Bessie Barber H/C. Exemption certificate Billy Newman RO Townsville to Barambah Rose RO Bundaberg to Barambah Zoe and 3 children RO Hughenden to Barambah Valentine Ulingo? Exemption Certificate Harry and King RO Cooktown to Barambah Wattekui RO Townsville to Barambah Ethel Norman H/C. RO Georgetown to Barambah Billy Lillas RO Gympie to Yarrabah Charlie and Judy Re: authority to marry Judy Yow---? Condimingo RO Borolu to Barambah Nellie Tanna Tracker Jonathan and wife Ularia ) Mana McKenzie Re: illegitimate child Jack Scraggs RO Yeulba to Barambah Cecilia Swabey Exemption Certificate Minnie Williams H/C. Exemption Certificate Diebui Boy. Recommend he be removed from Emerald Emma Holder Maintenance of her child Fanny Coolagie Josiah Sela (SSI) and Annie (Abor Recommend be allowed to marry McEvoe Marjorie Slipper Tommy RO Normanton to Barambah Fanny Coolagie RO Clump Point to Yarrabah Biamba RO Clump Point to Barambah Annie Simpson RO Brisbane to Barambah Mickey and Harry RO Townsville to Barambah Harry and King RO Cooktown to Barambah Minnie and Nelly V.D.. To be admitted Garibaldi RO Rockhampton to Barambah Emma Holder Emily Jane Simmonds Exemption Certificate. Diebu RO Emerald to Barambah Henry RO Brisbane to Yarrabah Eliza and Jimmy Palmer (SSI) Need approval to marry Kitty and Tarquin (SSI) Need approval to marry Cooke and Albert Warde (SSI) Need approval to marry Mary Combo Exemption Certificate Paddy RO Cloncurry to Barambah Laura Brown, Gracie Pentecost, Barbara Permits to go to Singleton,NSW Jane Simmonds Not recommend Exemption Cert. Langlo Louise A. Anderson Admitted to B.D.D. Inst. Fred and Johnny RO Croydon to Barambah Mawie S. Williams Exemption Certificate Nellie Douglas H/C. RO Cooktown to Yarrabah Jerome Minnie Thompson and Lily Normanton V.D. Emma Holder With child Captain RO Normanton to Barambah Mary Combo Annie Weazel RO Cairns to Yarrabah Jerome Arrested at Wama Billy and Quincy RO to Barambah Maud Murray and Jessie Walker To Yarrabah Tilly Logan Exemption Certificate Fanny and 2 children RO Cloncurry to Yarrabah Margaret W. Monmaribe RO Thursday Is to Taroom Ulana Murray and Jessie Walker Do not want to go to Yarrabah Annie Weazel Jerome Cancel RO to Yarrabah Peter H/C Swaby and Nelly Swaby H/C Jerry Jerome Exemption Certificate Percy Query Allowed to go to Inglewood Jennie Grouch and Craigie RO Rutland Plains to Barambah Percy Query Paddy and Tom Costello RO Cooktown to Barambah Tottie Lane Sophie Marmion Florrie Thompson Hann V.D. at Jundah Jimmy I Jimmy II Mapoon James Fiddler H/C. Exemption Certificate. James Sweeney H/C. Exemption Certificate. Harry Murray and Jimmy Moore Exemption Certificate. Annie Free Topsy Cloncurry ______________________________________________________________________ 1909 Name Reason for Correspondence Topsy Cloncurry Jerry Jerome Dalby Nellie Hart Sarah Kendal Bubbery RO Brisbane to Barambah Bismarck Charged at Longreach with murder Topsy From Carlton Hills to Cloncurry Sophia Marmion and Florrie Thompson Wages Sandy Old aboriginal at Mt. Perry Tommy Dodd Money due to Barambah Settlement Sunday Recmd RO Kynuna to Winton Mrs Martin & Bethel Martin Dunwich (Mother and daughter) Johny Lifu and Lily Dunwich (She should be moved off the Island) Leonard Banks Wishes to return to Beaudesert from Thursday Island Rosie Martin George Tyson RO Boonah to Barambah Friday RO Townsville to Barambah Barbara Permission for L. Henrickson to adopt Minnie Deserted at Mt Surprise King Tommy Noosa Peter Rouse Exemption granted Christina H/C. RO Ingham to Yarrabah Jack O'Brien Infant. Fee for burial. Billy Lillas RO to Barambah Tommy the Rat RO Cooktown Gaol to Barambah Harry and King Recommend cancel removal order Amy King RO Brisbane to Yarrabah Willie Boy Pickering, Tommy Dodd, G. Law Recommend Exemptions be granted Paddy Millchester. Jimmy's brother Gracie Shay, Charley and gin RO Rolleston to Barambah Bull, Peter, Jack To be set free at Cooktown Gaol. Not moved to Barambah Tommy the Rat, Nellie, 2 picaninnies RO Cooktown to Barambah Topsy Banbury Maud Anderson H/C. RO Brisbane to Yarrabah Maudie H/C Child. Recommend Exemption (Also known as Fanny McLennan) Black Bob RO Maryborough to Fitzroy Island Jimmy and Paddy Millchester Ck Jackey Langdon Winton. Recommend Exemption Jimmy, Judy, Granny Nocundra Sally and Caroline Eidsvold Fanny McLennan Not recommend Exemption Billy Wilson RO Townsville to Barambah Euchre Recmd RO Mt Molloy to Barambah at expiry of prison sentence in November, 1909 Charlie Barney RO Townsville to Barambah Mary Ann Jundah Dinah Brodie Longreach. Recommend Exemption Alice Hayes Recommend Exemption Lena Buck Charlie Hickson Elderslie. Recommend Exemption Jane McMullen H/C mother of twin illeg children Jackey RO Cloncurry to Barambah Harry Gray H/C. Recommend Exemption Charlie ? dead. Married Billy Wilson ? dead. married Robin Storey Not recommend Exemption Dinah RO Port Douglas to Yarrabah Charley Barney Expenses in RO Barambah to Cardwell Moira Dawson H/C. RO Goondiwindi to Yarrabah Toby Perry Not recommend Exemption Jacky Brambey RO Oxley to Barambah Charley Barney At Barambah Lena Buck Permission to visit her mother at Barambah for a fortnight Maggie and son Henry RO Wycarbah to Barambah Percy Query King Tommy Noosa Joe Brown Morven. Recommend Exemption Jack RO Cooktown Gaol to Barambah Jack RO Sunnybank to Barambah Archie Fraser RO Brisbane to Barambah Jerry Jerome and Percy Query Maggie Charley Barney Barambah Maggie Cairns. Recommend Exemption Alick King of Jumbooroo Maggie Breene Barambah Fred Query Ben Lever Bollon, with wife Neba Girl. RO Condamine to Barambah Toby RO Cairns to Barambah Billy Wombo, Billy Wagtail, Bella RO Brisbane to Barambah Way Native of Saibai Currie RO Hughenden to Barambah. With Child Ben Lever Morgan brothers Two brothers, Yarrabah Andy Logue N.S.W. Sarah Kendal Not recommend Exemption Clara Carbine and child Jessie Carbine Not recommend child leave Yeronga Industrial School Maggie Breene Not recommend she live with H/C Charlie Thompson G. Law, W. Pickering, W. Pickering Ban Ban. Request Exemption Lizzie Wilson H/C. Recommend she be brought back from island of Malo in the New Hebrides Group. S. Duncan Mapoon Minnie Wairuna. Unmanageable. Harry Eulo and Maude Maker Recommend to Westbrook and Nudgee Industrial Schools respectively Archie Shaw Recommend Exemption Maudie RO Rockhampton to Barambah Minnie and Harry RO Eulo to Barambah Wap Recmd. not to remove to Saibai, but send to a Southern Reserve Jack Morgan RO Yarrabah to Barambah with wife Alick Morgan Recommend stay at Yarrabah Nellie Bocott Recommend Exemption Fanny Constantine Confinement Biddy Cameron Recommend go from Barambah to Brisbane for Medical treatment George Brackenbridge His two children (sons). Recommend their release from Yarrabah Nellie With two children Maudie Recommend send to Brisbane for treatment Billy Elsdale Recommend Exemption Fred Harry Patterson Recommend RO to Northern Mission on release from prison Wap RO Thursday Island to Yarrabah, with wife and children Harry Patterson RO to Yarrabah or Mapoon _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1910 Name Reason for Correspondence Norman Tully Hero Tommy and Peter RO Cooktown to Barambah on release from jail Billy Brown RO Roma to Barambah Biddy and Maggie Emerald Camp, destitute Lively Broken leg Tommy Perrier Refused admittance to Jundah Hosp. Bob From Gomally near Duaringa Tommy and Peter RO Cooktown to Barambah Minnie, Polly Strahan?, 4 quad. children Wilson River to Barambah } Hero, Lennie, Kitty Billy Gardiner Died Maryborough Hospital Billy Wilson Tommy Dodd Does not need exemption G. Law, W. Pickering Barambah Starlight RO Cairns to Barambah Corporal Osion and his gin Polly Tracker Peggy Patterson RO Esk to Barambah Mabel Jupiter and Norman Cambridge RO Richmond to Barambah Agnes Young Received Exemption Alice Mitchell Has illegitimate child whose father is Douglas Bell Jacky RO Cooktown to Barambah Maria McKenzie Has illegitimate child in Maternity Home Oscar and Polly Aged aboriginals Jerry Jerome Masher and Jessie Ross Abors. from Barambah employed at Proserpine Fred Query Send to Barambah Ada Fiddler Wants to return to Barambah Bulberry and Billy Brown Recmd RO to Barambah Bob C. Burk Wife and children at Deebing Ck Tommy Tommy and Jessie RO Goondiwindi to Barambah Bella and Lottie Hawkwood district. Two white men want to marry them. Deport both to Barambah. Jerry Jerome Revoke exemption Edith Wilson H/C. Order against Percy Silcock for confinement and maintenance expenses Lottie Turner Grant exemption. Allow to visit aunt at Chinchilla Albert RO Rockhampton to Barambah Ada Fiddler Not recmd allow to return to settlement Tommy RO to Yarrabah Lottie Turner Recommend Exemption be granted Tommy Perrier Happy to go to Barambah Billy Stone Duaringa Violet H/C girl Rosie Andrews At Toowong Jacky Norman Recommend send to Barambah Dan and Dave Recmd. RO Rolleston to Consuelo Superbird RO Townsville to Barambah Noble RO Boulia to Barambah Georgie Bath Eumundi. With gin King Tommy Noosa. RO Tewantin to Barambah Rosie Andrews G. Law and Willie Boy Tillie and Lizzie Return to Barambah from Hawkwood Craigie Thursday Island Princey Carlo RO Eidsvold to Barambah with nine H/C children C. Barney Willie Pickering Ban Ban Station Nellie Kelly H/C Jimmy Noble Recommend RO be stayed Kitty and Tommy RO to Barambah. Husband Tommy will follow. Mavis Embury H/C Nellie Bocock H/C Pilot and Wammas Recmd RO Weipa to South Oscar and Polly Roma Mary Surat Jessy and Ivy Recmd RO to Barambah Tommy Removal Billy Brown, Willie Wag, Tom Clancy Recommend Exemption Old Toby Jerry Jerome Edie Hinch H/C. RO to Barambah Harry RO Cloncurry to Barambah Craigie Jack Lifan Release from Gaol and send to Yarrabah Nellie Buried at Charleston Minnie Cairns. Had a still-born child Ethel Cobbo Absconded Bessie Johnson Exemption Jack Lifu RO Thursday Is to Yarrabah Ducie RO Thursday Is to Brisbane Sailor Pacific Islander Jimmy Charlie One Arm Barger RO to Barambah Mrs. Tabby H/C gin Harry and Darby RO to Barambah with gins F.M. Bowman Deceased. Inquest (and Jimmy) Smiler RO to Barambah Jerry RO to Barambah Harry RO to be cancelled Jerry Jerome Billy Lillas Jimmy Died. Syphilis case at Normanton Maudie RO Townsville to Barambah Jessie H/C. RO Charleston to Barambah Frank H/C. Exemption Jemima RO Stonehenge to Barambah Speechaley RO Boulia to Barambah Piggy RO to Barambah ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1911 Name Reason for Correspondence King Bob Bessie Manager Application for Exemption Moss Recommend RO from Coen King Billy Kynuna Dolly McDonald Report about Exemption Latto Wassow Re: confinement and maintenance Moses Re: RO to Barambah Celia Thompson Had illegitimate child to W.H. Smith Sailor Ruby Jones Hungerford Lizzie Jundah Hospital. Later died George Speechley Protests return to Boulia Carbo RO Cairns to Barambah Jessie Cairns Charley One Arm RO Fraser Island to Barambah Quilp RO Dinmore to Barambah Julia H/C Dummy RO Mareeba to Barambah Jerry La Fook, T. Twaddle, Frank RO Laura to Barambah Ruby Jones Quelp Jane Darlow H/C. Exemption application Nellie Marshall Exemption application Polly Bourke RO to Barambah Lorna Cobbo Bundorn and Matilda Southport Chuchey RO Cooktown to Barambah Clara Wagner Lucy Buried at Normanton Janey Bechatt Remission of sentance Daisy McLean Remission of sentance Ah Mee RO Cloncurry to Barambah Long Charlie's gin Prairie. To join him at Barambah W. Marshall Deceased Chalk RO Nebo to Barambah Amy and Billy RO Innisfail to Barambah Queenie Barambah Charley Barney RO Barambah to Tullie Stn Tabby H/C Dora RO Cairns to Barambah Pluto Splinter, Malcolm, Major For authority to bring wives from Mitchell River Mission to Barambah Douglas Pitt Molly Riley and his gin Tully Recmd RO Gordonvale to Barambah Peter and others Recmd return Barambah to Torrens Ck Jack and others Not recommend return Torrens Creek to Barambah Pigeon, Campbell, Snowball Recommend removal to Taroom Harry Jack Street Charleville. Recmd revoke Exemption Spider Tracker. Burial Tommy Karissey Wondai Darby Recmd RO Eulo to a Reserve Jessie Thompson RO Nanango to Brisbane Pluto Batavia Jimmy Martin RO Stewarts Ck to Barambah Emma Spaale Application for Exemption Spider RO Richmond to Barambah May Minnie Release from Yarrabah Geo. Speechly H/C. Allowed to return to Boulia Ida and Nelly H/Cs. RO Barclay Downs to Yarrabah Ruby and Violet RO Goondiwindi to Barambah Bessie H/C. Application for Exemption Billy Mitchell Died. Leaves wife and 7 children. Suggest removal to Barambah. Wabber Application for Exemption Captain Joe Dora RO Hughenden to Barambah Ida Thorpe Application for Exemption. Not recommended. Pluto Discovered gold at Batavia River Lattoo Woosow Has child Quilk Blow RO Nerang to Barambah Paddy Tocal RO Barcaldine to Barambah Paddy RO to Taroom Tommy King of Alice River Bobby Cunnamulla Webber H/C. Application for Exemption A. Williamson Cannot recommend Exemption Nooroom RO Bundaberg to Barambah Snowball and others Recmd wives come to Barambah Noble Re: RO Boulia to Taroom Mrs. Mitchell Hillview with children King Jacky Munburra Mrs. D. Pitt Darnley Island Ida Nellie and Ida That Nellie be kept at Cloncurry May Minnie That she be retained at Yarrabah Lily Boyd RO Dunwich to Barambah Edith Recmd RO Georgetown to Taroom Alice Mitchell Illegitimate child to W. Anderson Teddy Myers, Billy Bowen and family Anxious to go to Taroom Jerry Re: RO Townsville to Brisbane Pluto Alice Nicholson RO Cooktown to Brisbane Polly Temporarily insane. Send to a Mission. Billy Stone Duaringa