Miscellaneous Yarrabah Correspondence 1900s

Location Unknown 11.11.1901 From Yarrabah Mission to Northern Protector of Aborigines. Petition against removal of Annie Noble from the Mission. Annie Noble John (King) Ernest R Gribble Ernest Field ....... W Reeves ...... Gribble Pompo Katchewan Fanny Lizzie Johnson Jeanie Brown Kate Ada Mary Monaghan Dora Turner Lena Minnie Mays Mary Forbes Albert Maywe Bertie James Noble Frank Clement Alick Bybee Harry Fred Ernest Sam Edgar Wilfred Brown Philip Richard Yimbunyni George Christian Marian Lizzie Moore Maude Cora Merighee Minnie Willie Ambrym Location Unknown 5. 7.1905 Inspector of Police Cooktown to Chief Protector of Aborigines. Removal Orders. Nellie Smith and child already on warrant. The following absconded from Yarrabah Amelia Sarah Nellie Percy Midgi with infant and small child ) Edwin ) Sent from Fraser Island Daisy ) Location Unknown 6. 1.1907 Yarrabah Mission to Chief Protector of Aborigines. Inmates of Yarrabah Industrial School 1907, month unknown. Name Age (y) Committed Year Tarbucket (Peter) 13 Cooktown 1901 Albert (Vincent) 10 Cooktown 1901 George (Edwin) 11 Mareeba 1901 Arthur Brackenridge 6 Mossman 1901 Mulla (Oliver) 9 Mossman 1901 Rosie Murray 10 Ma... 1902 Lily Carroll 10 Cooktown 1901 Harry 8 Mossman 1900 Blutcher 9 Mossman 1900 Arthur Hodgkinson 3 Herberton 1903 Mick Madigan 5 Herberton 1903 Cissy 7 Cooktown 1904 Charley 6 Ma... 1904 Sandy 7 Ma... 1904 Jennie 8 Ma... 1904 Ada Jeffrey 6 Win... 1905 John Jeffrey 3 1905 Minnie 11 1905 Smith Creed 12 1905 Annie 12 C... 1905 Johnny 14 1905 Jack Baker 14 1905 Nebo 12 1904 Tottie 14 Co... 1905 Julia 8 1906 Lily Abraham 7 Charters Towers 1905 Lizzie Abraham 8 Charters Towers 1905 Johnny Abraham 13 Charters Towers 1905 George (@ Spooks) Mar... 1907 Location Unknown 1. 2.1907 Report on Yarrabah Mission Station, Sanitary Matters, Water Supply, Health of Inmates, etc Patients and Complaints Jack Deemera Millie Barbara Cissie Tadana Minnie Graham Alban Hope J Sands G Noble Harry Mosman Junna Merga Ocky Lannoy Charlie Coates David Harold Patteson Peter Martha Sambo Maudie Luke Walter Cardwell Nebo Barnabas Lewis John Mitchell (infant) Lena Nell McKenzie Amy Sam Minnie Graham Doris Alice Jinnie Brown Rose Naleen Lucy Long Minnie Winton Charlie Chambers Jacky Joimba and 4 infants Smith Creek