Wrotham Park Correspondence 1927

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  Aboriginal Reserves, General
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  (1) Wrotham Park Correspondence

  Case of Jerry Croydon, Aboriginal, versus Constable Daniel Doyle.
  Dated March / April 1927. The following names came from various
  correspondence, statements, etc.

  (a) Larry, native of Palmer River, aged about 28 years
      Tommy Tiger
      Billy Charcoal

  (b) Jerry Croydon
      Tommy Tiger
      Dick Callighan
      Sambo Pluto
      Mitchell, tracker of Maytown
      Gracie Doherty
      Katie Tiger
      Charlotte Doherty
      Billy Doherty
      Monty Doherty

  (c) Jerry Croydon
      Tommy Tiger
      Dick Callighan
      Katie Tiger
      Charlotte Docherty
      Grace Docherty
      Nancy Brickery
      Billy Charcoal
      Sambo Pluto
      Nelly Brumby
      Jack Brumby
  (d) Katie Tiger, 18 years, born Highberry Stn, married 
      to Tommy Tiger

      Nancy Brickery, 21 years, wife of Brickery. Had a half-caste
      baby recently. Father is Ronald Mackay (white man)

      Mitchell, lives at Maytown. Constable Doyle's tracker

      Charlotte, married to Alick

      Nellie Brumby, married to Brumby. About 40 years

      Jack Brumby, married to Nellie Brumby

      Alick, 22 years, born at Gamboola. Father half-caste.
      mother full blood

      Billy Charcoal, 35 years old

      Gracie Docherty, not married. Now lives at Chillagoe. Lived
      with her father last year at Wrotham Park

      Jerry Croydon, 23 years, born on Palmer River

      Tommy Tiger, 26 years, born at Wrotham Park

      Brickery, about 40 years, married a gin Nancy

      Dick Callighan, about 30 years, married to a gin Maggie.

  (e) Police Station, Chillagoe, 15. 4.1927
      Report on books and accounts of the P. of A., Maytown
       4. 5.1925 - 13. 4.1927

      Brickery, age 30 years
      Billy Docherty
      Dick Callighan, age 35 years
      Smithy, age 21 years
      Tommy Fox, age 37 years
      Banjo, age 26 years
      Sambo, age 38 years
      Sambo Gordon, age 19 years
      Frank Gordon, age 18 years

  (f) Cairns District, Cooktown Station
      27. 8.1927   Supply of alcohol to Aboriginals

      Lakefield Station

      Billy Noble, 21 years
      Paddy Noble, 18 years
      Harrigan, 19 years
      Martin, 24 years, partly crippled
      Jenny, 32 years

      Maggie, gin of Jimmy Waldon, aged about 55 years

      Toby and his gin, Minnie

      Dolly Palmer and Daughter
      Dolly is married to Jacky and was married to Palmer McLean (dec)
      Daughter is married to Banjo

      26. 6.1927  Statement by Harrigan

      He is a half-caste about 16 years old. Thinks he was born
      in Cooktown.
      Father was Short Billy
      Mother was Maggie, full blood
      Also mentions that Aboriginal Jenny used to be married
      to Jack who went mad a long time ago.