Some Bank Accounts to Brisbane 1933

      Director of Native Affairs Office
      Health and Home Affairs Batch Files 1939 - 1966
      Papers re Transfer Protector of Aboriginals General Savings Accounts to Brisbane
      Item ID 716280 
      Previous System Location A/58916; SRS4354/1/71 
      Access Category 30 years
      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright  Paul Mackett 1996

      List dated 12. 5.1933 giving accounts which might be closed or transferred
      Alice Smith, married
      Eileen Davidson, married, had child in Home
      Elvie Hutchinson, exempt
      Eileen Edwards, married
      Hector Tommy, exempt
      Jean Piggott, married
      Lily Crowe, married, child in Home
      Mabery Richards, married
      Maggie Kee, exempt
      Mary Marloo, dead
      Maud McGowan, married
      May Bowda, with Mr Tucker
      Nellie Williams, married
      Percy Ford, in N.S.W.
      Rachel Kelly, with Mr Zacka
      Rose Schauman, missing
      Violet Lennie, at Cherbourg
      W F Loxton, missing