Removal Buildings Peel Island to Dunwich 1964

Director of Native Affairs Health and Home Affairs Department Batch Files Item ID 717788 Previous System Location A/69640; SRS4356/1/942 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 File 1A/430, 1A/231 Native Affairs - Reserves Removal Buildings Peel Island to Dunwich Letter dated 1. 4.1964 lists living conditions of coloured people at One Mile, Dunwich. These people are Mrs Ruska, widow Eric Ruska, her son Florence Coolwell Sidney Coolwell, her husband Two boys working, one girl going to school Emma Webb Daniel Webb, her husband (white man) Two children school age, two children pre-school age Colin Costello Joan Costello, his wife One child school age Mabel Brown Frazer Brown, her son David Richards His wife and one child Vivian Rose Costello Her husband and daughter at High School Alf Moreton His wife and 4 grand-children, one attending High School Mrs Jones Gordon Jones, her son Jane Sunflower