Rations to Aboriginal Witnesses 1915 - 1924

Police Department, Commissioner's Office Miscellaneous Reports and Correspondence Item ID 86524 Previous System Location POL/J31; PRV10729/1/81 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 Batch 591M - Rations to Aboriginal Witnesses 26. 4.1915 Cairns Police, Maytown Station Mentions aboriginal women Nellie and Dolly, witnesses in the conviction of Ah Gin and Ah Gow. 10. 5.1915 Cairns Police, Thursday Island Station Rex v. Suzuki alias Eto Okita. Witnesses Giui and Addidi, natives of Saibai Island. 29. 5.1915 Cairns Police, Thursday Island Station Rex v. Neilsen. Witnesses from Port Stewart were: Captain Charlie Tarpaulin Mary Ann Ando 8. 9.1917 Cairns Police, Mareeba Station Rex v. J.P. Madigan. Witnesses were: Archie Mitchell Billy Ord 31.10.1921 Cairns Police, Cooktown Station Witness Charlie 15. 2.1924 Townsville Police Witness Julius Caesar.