Native Housing, Hervey Bay and Urangan 1962

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      Native Housing, Hervey Bay
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      Letter dated 5. 9.1962 lists some families at Hervey Bay

      Thomas Robe, aged 53 yrs, SSI extraction, born Nambour, parents from Tanna Island, New Hebrides
      Gladys Robe, wife, 49 yrs, SSI extraction, parents from Gara Island, New Hebrides
      Kevin Robe, son married, 28 yrs
      Lynette Robe, daughter, 18 yrs
      Barry Robe, son, 14 yrs
      John Tanna, nephew, 6 yrs
      Bronwyn Tanna, niece, 5 yrs
      John and Bronwyn Tanna are being brought up by the Robe family. 
      Their mother left and father, George Tanna, works away from home.

      Leslie James Williams, 34 yrs, H/C, born at Gympie, father Henry Williams (Aborigine), mother SSI
      Olive May Williams (late Tanna) , 32 yrs, wife, SSI, grandfather came from Tanna Island, New Hebrides
      Ian Williams, 9 yrs
      Jan Williams, 7 yrs
      Denise Williams, 5 yrs
      Ross Williams, 2 1/2 yrs
      Lisa Williams, 6 weeks

      Frederick Davis, 69 yrs, born Warra Qld, H/C Aborigine / SSI, father SSI
      Elizabeth Davis (late Ober), wife, 70 yrs, SSI
      Alfie Davis, son, 30 yrs, single
      Sydney Tanna, grandson, 15 yrs, mother dead
      Frederick Ross, 77 yrs, born Emu Park, father white, mother Fanny Lohse (Aborigine)
      Maidie Ross, wife, 67 yrs, father Garry Owen (Black Tracker at Woodford), mother Jenny Bowman (European)
      Albert Ross, son, 32 yrs, single
      Garry Ross, grandson, 13 yrs, son of daughter Joyce Smith, wife of Ronald Smith (white man), 
      Douglas Curry, grandson, 15 yrs, son of daughter Audrey Curry, wife of Frank Curry H/C

      Letter dated 6. 6.1962 listing families at Urangan

      Property of Mr Fred Ross, owner and head of family

      No 1 shelter
      Fred Ross, 77 yrs, SSI extraction
      Mrs Fred Ross, wife, 67 yrs, Aborigine
      Albert Ross, son, 32 yrs, H/C
      Gary Ross, grandson, 13 yrs H/C
      Douglas Curry, grandson, 15 yrs, H/C

      No 2 shelter
      Mrs Frank Clarke, housewife, H/C, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ross
      June Clarke, daughter, 9 yrs, H/C
      Mr Frank Clarke

      No 3 shelter
      Mrs Burns, H/C, deserted wife, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ross
      Malcolm Burns, son, 13 yrs, H/C
      Albert Burns, son, 11 yrs, H/C
      Robbie Burns, son, 7 yrs, H/C
      Ah Wang, de facto husband of Mrs Burns

      No 4 shelter
      Four single daughters of the Clarke family
      Irene Clarke, 21 yrs, H/C
      Frances Clarke and infant, 19 yrs, H/C
      Roslyn Clarke, 18 yrs, H/C
      Marilyn Clarke, 14 yrs, H/C

      Gala family
      Ben Gala, 70 yrs, SSI
      Mrs Ben Gala, 60 yrs, may have some Aboriginal blood
      Phillip Gala, son, H/C
      Mrs Phillip Gala, wife, European
      Willie Gala, single, 26 yrs, H/C
      John Gala, single, 24 yrs, H/C
      Richard Gala, single, 19 yrs, H/C
      Masie Gala, single, 20 yrs, H/C, and her 4 children namely
        Carolyn May Gala, 6 yrs, H/C
        Leonne Gala, 4 yrs, H/C
        Michael Gala, 2 yrs, H/C
        Margaret Gala, 8 mths, H/C