Native Affairs Ravenshoe 1950s

Item ID 717789 Previous System Location A/69639; SRS4356/1/943 Access Category 30 years Native Affairs Ravenshoe Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 File Native Affairs Ravenshoe 66135/64 Letter dated 26. 8.1953 mentions Mick Lucy, wife and 3 children aged 13, 10 and 9 years Jimmy McMillan, wife and 2 children aged 16 and 6 years King Sandy Hughes, exempt, receiving Old Age Pension Toby Bolton, grown son of Sandy Hughes Letter dated 15. 9.1953 mentions removing the following Mick Lucy Philema Lucy, his wife and 3 children Jimmy McMillan Rosie McMillan (Gardner), his wife and 2 children Toby Bolton Letter dated 27.10.1954 lists the following in the Ravenshoe area Exempt Natives Alick Cross David Mitchell Joe Mitchell Lena Mitchell Mabel Mitchell Poindy Harry Leisha Harry Ida Mears Natives under control of the Department Jimmy McMillan Jessie McMillan, his wife Jean Gardner Johnny Clumpoint Biddy Clumpoint, his wife They have no children Mick Lucy His wife and family Rita Bolton, single Toby Bolton, an old man Correspondence dated 11.12.1961 lists the following living on the Ravenshoe Reserve. They are the only people controlled by the Department living at or close to the reserve. Jean Gardner Jimmy Gardner Rosie Gardner John Moran Biddy Clumpoint, pensioner, lives at Tully falls Rd, Ravenshoe Kitty Collins, pensioner, lives at Tumoulin Rd, ravenshoe _____________________________________________________________________