Kingaroy 1950s

Director of Native Affairs Health and Home Affairs Department Batch Files Item ID 717468 Previous System Location A/58878; SRS4356/1/622 Access Category 30 years Kingaroy 1950s Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 File 56/3425 Native Affairs - General Kingaroy - Living Conditions of Coloured Families 31. 8.1954 Lists Coloured people in Red Hill area of Kingaroy Bill de Sagy (Satge) Margaret Costello Their four children Les Bligh Maud Bligh Their nine children, six of school age Richie Campbell, making arrangements to marry Sarah Malley Eliza Malone and Alice Jerome, Old Age Pensioners Bertie Doolan, Bobby Jerome and Bill Bone, all exempt The following three people were not living in the Red Hill area but claim exemption Dolly Williams Arthur Bundai Eric Gyemore (not actually exempt) 30.12.1954 Aboriginal families at Kingaroy Les Bligh, 48 yrs Maud Bligh, 38 yrs, his wife Margaret Ida Bligh, 15 yrs, their child Esther Joyce Bligh, 13 yrs, their child John Leslie Bligh, 12 yrs, their child Michael Bligh, 9 yrs, their child Richard Bligh, 7 yrs, their child Rodney Bligh, 6 yrs, their child Allan Bligh, 4 yrs, their child Elizabeth Bligh, 2 yrs, their child Lynette Bligh, 13 months, their child William de Satge, 32 yrs Margaret Costello, known as Mrs de Satge, 33 yrs Lillian de Satge, 14 yrs, their child Peter de Satge, 11 yrs, their child Anthony de Satge, 10 yrs, their child Robert de Satge, 6 yrs, their child Irene de Satge, 2 yrs, their child Enid White Jennifer White, 9 yrs, her child Brian White, 7 yrs, her child Ian White, 3 yrs, her child Geoffrey White, 2 yrs, her child 22. 8.1955 Aboriginal families at Kingaroy Mr and Mrs Les Bligh and 9 children Mr William de Satge, his de facto wife Margaret Costello and five children Mrs Vera Law, 45 yrs Cedric Law, 13 yrs, her child Barbara Law, 11 yrs, her child Ian Law, 8 yrs, her child Laurel Law, 6 yrs, her child Husband works at Googa for Foresty Department. They are waiting for a vacancy in the married quarters. Vera lives in Enid White's house. Mrs Enid White and family now live in a house in another part of Kingaroy