Estate of James Mills 1915

Chief Protectors Corrspondence A/69511 Queensland State Archives Bundle refers to James Mills Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 Note whole file on deceased estate of James Mills of Naghir who died in 1915. Also mentioned are Philimeno married to Joseph Chinsoon, her father Tipoti and Karuh of Badu who were married about 1888 or 1889. Philimeno was adopted by James Mills of Naghir. Also mentioned Frank and Edward Mills and Olandi, Neru Mills, Sarogo and Songgie, Marie Mills, Sana Mills, Teresa Mills, Victor Mills, Lui Mills, Dick Mills, Kamila Mills. Philimeno's children, Lucina, Josephine, Edward, Irene, Mary, Joseph, Frederick. James Mills' wife, Wagub; sons Ioane and Maanar.