Home Secretary Various Correspondence 1902, 1904

      Home Secretary's Office Batch Files
      Various Correspondence 1902, 1904
      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright  Paul Mackett 1995

      1. About E E de Satge circa 1904

         Had at least three children with Aboriginal Nellie Arthers
         who is currently at Devenport Station. The children are

         1. James Ernest Arthurs
            Born     18. 9.1895
            Baptised 18. 9.1896
         2. May Arthurs
         3. Thomas Phillips at Rochedale

      Re shooting of Aboriginals Peter, Johnny, Old Bob and
            Topsy's father near Cooktown about  8. 4.1902

            On  2.10.1902 at Cooktown the following are mentioned
            Gunner Joe
            Tick Tick

       Correspondence about Marie Yaamba in 1890's

         1. 24. 9.1894  Mentions

         Smut     Normanton boy aged about 30 years
         Peter    Aged about 16 years
         Micky    Aged about 12 years, orphan
         Blucher  Aged about 10 years, orphan
         Peter, Mickey and Blucher were here in 1893

         Gussy    Aged about 14 years
         Mary     Aged about 14 years

         Connie   Aged about 16 years
         Polly    Aged about 12 years
         Rose     Aged about  9 years

         Willy    Aged about 12 years
         John     Aged about  8 years
         Albert   Aged about  5 years

         2. 27. 2.1895  Mentions
         Rumour that Mr Waite is the father of Connie and several 
         other half-caste girls in the district.

         3. 25. 7.1899  Mentions

         Martha   Aged about 14 years
         Aaron    Aged about 35 years